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3D Animation Software search for term
Computer animation is the process of creating animated images and videos with the help of computer graphics. 3D animation is a type of computer animation and includes a combination of modeling, animating, and rendering techniques. Animators model the object, animate it in a 3D environment, and then render the image for the final output. Many 3D animation software products are available in the market and are used to develop 3D images, 3D designs, 3D computer graphics, and 3D video games.
3D CAD search for term
3D CAD reduces design time, errors, and cost. These advantages contributed to the increased adoption of CAD globally. The global 3D CAD market offers software such as DraftSight, Google SketchUp, FreeCAD, Blender, DesignSpark, Inkscape, and MeshLab. However, the high cost of software licenses, maintenance, and implementation makes it difficult for SMEs to adopt the software in product development processes. This has led to the high adoption of open-source and free CAD software globally, which is negatively affecting the demand for 3D CAD.
3D Camera search for term
3D cameras are used to capture or record images or frames in three dimension to enhance the quality of visuals. 3D cameras provide high quality and an in-depth detail to an image. Intel has recently introduced their RealSense 3D depth sensing cameras for tablets, laptops, and smartphones. It has a wide variety of features such as gesture based screen operation, measuring distance between two objects in the picture frame and more.
3D Mapping and 3D Modeling search for term
3D mapping and modeling is widely used in many industries to get a detailed representation of a product. It helps companies to design new products through the development of virtual prototypes. It is used across different verticals such as construction, healthcare, aerospace, defense, and automotive.
3D NAND Flash search for term
Negative-AND (NAND) flash memory is a non-volatile storage technology that enables rapid read and write operations on memory cards. With respect to the design of NAND flash memory chips, the memory cells in the chips are connected in a series that resembles a NAND gate. The series connection consumes lesser space than a parallel connection, which reduces the cost of NAND flash chips and makes it easily scalable to large densities. However, the scalability of these flash cards has become saturated, leading to vendors' increasing preference for 3D NAND flash memory chips. These memory chips allow vendors to accommodate higher memory storage capacity in a compact space by cramping more bits on the chips, thus reducing the cost per bit. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are reliable, faster, and consume less space and power than hard disk drives (HDDs), which explains the increased demand for 3D NAND flash memory. However, the complex design and manufacturing process of 3D NAND flash memory have increased its production cost, thus limiting its adoption to only mid-range and premium range products.
3D Printer search for term
3D printing, also known as AM, uses CAD to create an object. It is a process of making 3D objects using plastic, metal, and composite materials, usually layer upon layer, to build physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components, and production parts. Basically, in 3D printing, the first step is to make a virtual design of the desired object, and this virtual design is made in a CAD file by using a 3D scanner or by using a 3D modeling program. The next step, after getting the 3D file, is to print it; the 3D modeling software in the 3D printer will "slice" the design into numerous layers, and uses the material to create the object layer by layer.
3D Printing in Education search for term
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), involves making a 3D model based on digital data by printing out that model, layer by layer, using 3D printing material. 3D printing technology has shifted from being used exclusively for prototyping purposes to being used widely in conventional product manufacturing in industries ranging from aerospace to consumer products. 3D printing plays a crucial role in helping students to understand concepts practically. It helps them in undertaking Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects and hence helps them for an experiential learning, which has beneficial implications for jobs in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. It also helps teachers in making classroom sessions more engaging and interactive while providing hands-on experiences to students.
3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning search for term
3D scanning is process of capturing digital information regarding the shape of an object through the use of laser or structured light for converting physical objects into digital models. The hardware collects digital information and creates a point cloud, while software converts the point cloud collected by hardware into a digital 3D object representation at high accuracy. 3D offers advantages such as reduction in costs and waste, increased efficiencies, faster project completion times, improved information flow, improved decision making, and enhanced quality control.3D terrestrial laser scanning technology reduces the high costs of operation. Therefore, organizations adopt this technology to reduce risk, speed up task completion, and provide improved quality control.
3G 4G Enabled Mobile Devices search for term
The global 3G/4G-enabled mobile devices market is driven by smartphones, tablets, and data cards markets. 3G/4G technology is more advanced compared to 2G. This technology allows high data uplink and downlink on 3G/4G-enabled devices.
3PL search for term
3PL is a business process through which companies outsource their logistics and distribution functions to a service provider that specializes in handling logistics functions such as transportation and warehousing. Often, 3PL providers go beyond logistics and provide value-added services such as inventory management, cross-docking, door-to-door delivery, and packaging of products. They also provide strategic and operational value to many shippers across the globe. There are currently new and innovative supply chain management techniques to improve overall service quality in the 3PL market.


Ablation catheters search for term
Cardiac arrhythmias are characterized by an abnormal heart rhythm, less than 60 beats per minute, more than 100 beats per minute, or irregularly. Arrhythmia Improper functioning of the electrical systems regulating the heart can cause arrhythmia. Arrhythmias are of various types, including atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, and atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia. Treatment for cardiac arrhythmias involves the use of endovascular catheter ablation procedures. This involves the use of ablation catheters that use various energy sources such as radiofrequency (RF) waves to destroy unhealthy heart tissues or faulty electrical pathways from the heart. The use of minimally invasive procedures has further helped improve catheter ablation techniques. Minimally invasive procedures help reduce blood loss, recovery duration, and hospital stay and offers improved medical outcomes. Implantable cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization therapy devices, and pacemakers are alternatives to ablation catheters. Catheter ablation procedures help remove the triggers of atrial fibrillation and enhance the atrial substrate responsible for managing the disorder. These procedures involve the use of minimally invasive techniques. RF energy is the commonly used energy source for ablation to treat the disorder. The procedure involves the insertion of a catheter through the femoral vein to damage the abnormal foci by direct contact or isolate them from the rest of the cardiac atrium.
Abrasives search for term
Abrasives are materials that are used to grind, abrade, or clean workpieces to give desired shape and finish. They are of different types, but can be broadly classified into bonded, coated, loose abrasive grains, super abrasives, and others. The basic raw materials used to make abrasives are ceramics, diamonds, and naturally occurring elements. Abrasives are used for polishing surfaces, buffing, honing, and sanding.
AC and DC Adapters search for term
An AC and DC adapter is a type of external power supply often enclosed in an AC plug. The adapter is also known as a plug pack, adapter block, line power adapter, domestic mains adapter, power adapter, and wall wart power brick. AC adapters are used to power electrical devices, which do not contain internal components, to derive the required voltage from the mains power. Earlier, the majority of the AC and DC adapters were linear power supplies with a transformer to convert the mains electricity voltage to a lower voltage. Each AC and DC adapter is specifically designed for a certain AC input and converts it to a specific DC output.
AC Drives search for term
AC drives are used to control AC electric motors. A motor cannot alter its own speed since it is designed to operate at a set speed based on the supplied voltage and number of magnetic poles. The speed of the motor needs to be altered depending on loads, and this is achieved using gears, process controls, or AC drives. The use of AC drives is more economical and efficient for industries, as these devices effectively control the speed of motors without any loss of energy. High standards of living in developing nations have also fueled the development of infrastructure and modern amenities, which has contributed to the surging use of AC drives globally.
Accelerator Pedal Module search for term
The accelerator pedal module controls the supply of air in the combustion chamber. The rate of airflow in the engine influences the speed of the vehicle. In the manual transmission systems, the accelerator pedal module is paired with the clutch and brake pedals, while in the automatic transmission systems it is paired only with brake pedals. In earlier designs of traditional internal combustion engines, the accelerator pedal was connected directly to the butterfly valve located in either the carburetor or throttle body, which adjusted the volume of air going into the engine.
Access Control search for term
Access control systems are used to ensure physical and information security. Smartcard access control and biometric access control have emerged as suitable solutions compared to traditional authentication solutions such as personal identification number (PIN)-based access, identity badges, magnetic stripe cards, and token-based electronic access. Organizations are adopting smartcard and biometric access control to accurately verify the identity of users to provide access to physical facilities, networks, devices, and information systems. Smartcard and biometric access control are gaining prominence and acceptance in organizations because of the security benefits they offer. Smartcards are used for both logical access control, such as in PCs, mobile devices, and network access, and physical access control by allowing an individual to use a single card to open a door and access a computer system.
Access Control as-a- service search for term
ACaaS broadly encompasses the protection of mobile devices from malware, data theft, unauthorized access, viruses, spyware, hacking attempts, online identity theft, and accidental loss. ACaaS solutions ensure a secure identity-based access to corporate information on mobile devices from any location in a multi-technology environment. These solutions help enterprises secure information and critical data by permitting employee access with a single sign-on (SSO) password. ACaaS is gaining increased adoption among enterprises due to its simplified management and low cost.
Accessories and Peripherals for Smartphones and Tablets search for term
Accessories and peripherals are devices connected either directly or indirectly and externally or internally to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to enhance their performance. Accessories enhance both the physical attributes and functional performance of the primary system (smartphones and tablets), while peripherals use the primary system as an input source for their operations. In other words, peripherals are dependent on the primary system for input, without which they cannot execute their functionalities. Accessories and peripherals should not be confused with components that are in-built parts of a primary system or device.
Acne Drugs search for term
Acne develops due to the clogging of hair follicles with oil molecules and dead skin cells. These clogged hair follicles create an optimal condition for bacterial growth, generating an inflammatory response on the skin. The exact etiology of acne is unknown, but physicians assume genetic inheritance or the enzyme testosterone to play a major role in the development of acne. The condition usually manifests on the face, neck, and chest. Acne is of four types: mild, moderate, severe, and cystic. Though acne is not a serious health issue, it can lower an individual's self-esteem.
Action Camera search for term
Action cameras are used to capture extreme action sports or activities. Regular cameras are incapable of capturing high-speed action but are not designed for rugged conditions, including extreme weather. In contrast, action cameras are compact, lightweight, designed for rugged conditions, and can be worn on the person, or are mountable on vehicles. These cameras can capture high-speed and high-quality images.
Actuator search for term
Actuators are used to automate industrial valves in a wide range of process plants, including power plants, refineries, mining and nuclear processes, wastewater treatment plants, and pipelines. Valve actuators are integral to automating process control and are a central part of the control valve assembly. Valves used in automation can vary in design and dimension and have diameters ranging from a couple of inches to a few feet.
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia search for term
Acute lymphocytic leukemia (or acute lymphoblastic leukemia) is a malignancy of the blood cells that affects the lymphoblasts or leukemic blasts, which witnesses an uncontrolled cell division. The cancer starts in the early form of the lymphocytes, and spreads quickly to other parts of the body like lymph nodes, spleen, and liver. Some of the risk factors that have been identified are exposure to chemicals such as benzene, radiation exposure, infection caused by Epstein-Barr virus and human T-cell lymphoma/leukemia virus-1, and it is also considered to be an inherited disease. However, the actual cause of acute lymphoblastic leukemia is not known. The disease cannot be cured completely but the risk can be reduced by administering medication. The major signs a patient exhibits are weakness, tiredness, dizziness, fever, shortness of breath, frequent infections, bruising, and bleeding.
Adaptive Content Publishing search for term
Adaptive content publishing has been instrumental in helping educators achieve their goal of providing students with more personalized education content. Consequently, the solutions have a huge potential to alter the overall learning pattern in the education sector. In addition to the embedded assessment and feedback, the solutions include features like multimedia content, collaboration tools, gamification, and simulation to offer enhanced degree of interactivity.
Adhesive Tapes search for term
Adhesive tapes stick to substances when pressure is applied, without the need for solvent, heat, or any other activator. Adhesives are coated on these tapes, either on one side or both sides. Many variants like single-sided, double-sided, adhesive transfer or transfer adhesive, single-coated, double-coated, carton sealing, masking, electrical and electronics are available in the market. Adhesive tapes are used for joining materials and the primary applications of these tapes includes bonding, sealing, packaging, and masking.
Adult Vibrator search for term
An adult vibrator is a sex toy that massages the body to create a pleasurable experience that enhances orgasm. Initially, these vibrators were used by women who had difficulty reaching orgasm during masturbation or intercourse. However, it has been now been observed that vibrators are often used to create sexual stimulation during intercourse. The global adult vibrator market includes a variety of products that differ in design and function. Vibrators can be broadly classified into three types: external vibrators, insertion vibrators, and dual-purpose vibrators.
Advance Energy search for term
Advanced energy is a broad range of products, services, and technologies that allows the sustainable, secure, and affordable use of energy by making use of best available technologies and practices. These products and services use energy resources more productively and hence present US companies with a financially attractive option. Advanced energy works to make existing energy systems work in a more secure, clean, efficient, and affordable way.
Advanced Authentication search for term
Advanced authentication solutions, which were introduced in 2012, use a number of authentication techniques such as hardware OTP authentication, smart card-based authentication, phone-based authentication, and biometrics. Advanced authentication solutions are security systems that require two or more types of authentication to verify a transaction, which act as a security layer and make it difficult for an unauthorized person to access a database or computing device. Increased usage of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets for banking and e-commerce has increased the need for advanced authentication solutions.
Advanced Bipolar Direct Energy Devices search for term
Advanced bipolar direct energy devices are equipment used to perform medical functions such as dissecting tissue, cutting and hemostasis, sealing blood vessels, as well as to control bleeding by using a high-frequency electric current. Bipolar electrosurgical devices use low voltages to perform surgery. These devices contain two metal electrodes to pass the electricity. One of the electrodes acts as passive return electrode and the other acts as active broadcast electrode. This provides enhanced control to the surgeons over the targeted tissue, as the electrosurgical current is restricted just to the tissues and between the arms of the forceps. The device has a limited ability to cut and coagulate tissues and is suitable for coagulating small arterial vessels and controlling blood loss. It is used in general surgical procedures, gynecology, cardiology, orthopedic, and urology.
Advanced CO2 Sensors search for term
Advanced CO2 sensors are used to monitor the intensity of CO2 in any medium such as air or water. These are next-generation CO2 sensors that can adjust automatically to changes in temperature, humidity, and altitude. Moreover, they have a lower error rate than standard CO2 sensors. Thus, advanced CO2 sensors enable end-users in the industrial and building automation sectors to take critical decisions quickly.
Advanced Energy Storage search for term
Energy storage technology is used to store surplus electricity that can be utilized during power shortages, blackouts, and peak hours of demand. Energy stored using batteries or other storage systems is useful when the amount of electricity generated exceeds demand. This surplus electricity is supplied to customers when demand exceeds generation. Advanced energy storage systems (ESS) help power producers negate the intermittent nature of renewables by providing smoothing and supply shift for renewable energy sources. Thermal storage, batteries, compressed air energy storage (CAES), molten salt, and flywheels are some advanced and effective energy storage technologies.
Advanced HVAC Control search for term
Advanced HVAC controls play a significant role in enhancing the operability of high-performance HVAC systems. These systems involve computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the HVAC systems. Advances in technology allow integration, automation, and optimization of HVAC systems. Advanced HVAC controls can efficiently reduce operational and maintenance costs and energy consumption of HVAC systems. The traditional building management system (BMS) is the key focus of advanced HVAC controls since the advent of direct digital control (DDC) systems. The need for advanced HVAC control systems is growing in tandem with the development of smart buildings. Advances in design and integration capabilities of individual HVAC control system of buildings will play an integral role in achieving energy efficiency.
Advanced Packaging search for term
Advanced packaging is intended to increase the shelf life of products enclosed in it and provide a protective barrier against the external environment. Intelligent packaging solutions monitor and provide information about the condition of the food product in the packaging. While active packaging solutions are in direct contact with the food material, intelligent packaging is placed on the outer surface and is separated from the food by an additional layer.
Advanced Process Control (APC) Software search for term
APC software is an integrated tool used to enhance the efficiency of process management and plant operations. Several organizations across several industries such as chemicals, oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, and food and beverages use APC software to enhance their productivity. Effective deployment of APC software enables organizations to reduce downtime and increase productivity by enabling optimum resource utilization.
Advanced Process Control (APC) Software in Oil and Gas Industry search for term
APC software is an integrated tool used to increase the efficiency of process management and plant operations. Several organizations across various process industries such as chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and food and beverage use APC software to optimize their resource utilization and enhance their organizational productivity. Effective deployment of APC software enables organizations to reduce downtime and increase the productivity of industrial facilities. APC software helps in reducing the variability and inefficiency of processes in the oil and gas industry, whether upstream, midstream or downstream. It assists in producing a high-quality product and maximum utilization of assets by pushing the constraints of production to the limit. This also leads to high throughput as well as improved energy usage, raw material usage, and safety.
Advanced Process Control Software Market in Chemicals Industry search for term
APC software is an integrated tool that boosts the efficiency of process management and plant operations. Many organizations across process industries such as chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, and F&B use APC software to optimize resource utilization and enhance organizational productivity. Effective deployment of this software also enables organizations to reduce downtime in industrial operations. In the chemical industry, companies are required to reduce operational costs and raise productivity because operations require high capital expenditure, and return on investment (ROI) can take years. Reduction in the number of errors as well as the amount of process re-engineering and raw materials consumed, and high product quality are the main requirements of this industry. The use of APC software should help vendors achieve these parameters by continuous monitoring and improving process efficiency.
advertising search for term
Advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication of information about a product or service to a target audience. It is persuasive in nature. To attract the target audience, advertisers use different media platforms such as television, print, Internet, radio, posters, events, visuals, and endorsements. To advertise their products and services, companies hire advertising agencies that convert the ideas into a visual form such as posters, messages, themes, and colors to communicate them effectively to the audience. After being approved by the clients, these ads are then executed.
Advertising Displays search for term
An advertisement attracts consumer attention and stimulates their desires to purchase products or services offered by the company. Despite increased spending on outdoor advertising and digital signage, television advertising still holds the highest share of advertising expenditure. In addition, the booming online segment is shifting the focus of advertisers to explore online advertising. Digital signage offers companies provide its customers with the best shopping experience by incorporating the latest technological trends. The hardware aspect of the medium is increasing in step with improving standards of advertising displays. The advertising display service segment includes services and maintenance required for proper functioning of advertising displays. Though digital signage is a powerful advertising tool for companies, it is vulnerable to wear and tear. Its functioning can be affected by heat, dust, and chemicals that are used in the display rig. The transportation industry is the fastest growing application for advertising displays due to growing popularity of transit advertising
Aerial Work Platform Truck search for term
AWPs are used at electrical and telecommunication infrastructure construction sites, where an elevated work platform is required and are supported by scissors, masts, or booms. These devices are easy to use and are typically safer when compared to scaffolds and ladders. They are usually powered by gas, electricity, pneumatic, or hydraulic systems. AWPs are mobile platforms used by workers and technicians to manually or physically reach inaccessible areas. These platforms are supported by lifting mechanisms, typically on vehicle-mounted equipment or cranes. AWPs are widely used in the telecommunication and construction sectors, owing to the nature of work, complexity in structural design, and the need for elevation.
Aerospace Fastener search for term
Aerospace fasteners have evolved over the years with the continuously transforming aerospace industry. They are widely used in commercial and military aircraft, ballistic missiles and rockets, and also offered in aftermarket service. The aerospace industry makes use of a wide range of fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, pins, and hi-locks.
Aerospace High Performance Alloys search for term
HPAs are a special type of alloy that are developed for extremely high-temperature applications, like aircraft gas turbine engine components. HPAs can be classified into three categories by base element, namely, iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), and nickel (Ni). Modern aircraft jet engines consist of a multistage compressor, combustion chamber, nozzle, and turbine. These engines operate under extremely high stress and extremely high temperatures. Thus thermally stable materials such as HPAs are heavily utilized in jet engine components. Moreover, HPAs are highly resistant to corrosion, which makes them suitable for aerospace applications.
Aerostat Systems search for term
An aerostat system is a balloon-borne radar, used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance by military, civil bodies, and law enforcement agencies. Aerostat includes powered airships and unpowered balloons, which is tied to the ground station to provide necessary information to control staff. The Aerostat systems market is segmented into six types of payloads such as electro-optics, thermal imaging camera, communication intelligence, electronic intelligence, surveillance radar, inertial navigation system. These payloads are attached to the aerostat and are cost effective when compared to UAV.
Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices search for term
Aesthetic procedures based on energy devices are used majorly for skin tightening and body contouring purposes. Laser and energy-based aesthetic devices which cover a range of indications such as acne and pigmentary treatments, rejuvenation applications, and skin tightening are becoming increasingly popular among physicians and patients. The aesthetic energy-based devices use energies such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser, and light. Energy-based aesthetic procedures are done for nearly every skin defects such as acne, pigmentation/ redness, scars, sun damage, vascular lesions, leg veins, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and even tattoo removal. The energy-based aesthetic treatments are virtually painless and quick and may lead to better-toned, clearer, and younger-looking and tighter skin. The popularly used aesthetic energy-based therapy is medical laser treatment, which are widely used in the treatment of skin diseases.
Affordable Housing search for term
Affordable housing is the segment of the housing units, which are affordable for a particular section of society whose income is below the median household income. It enables a particular segment of the population to be able to afford houses. Affordable housing provides the middle and low-income population with the opportunity to own independent houses.
AFIS search for term
AFIS can electronically capture data and analyze and identify a fingerprint pattern among millions of patterns. Automated fingerprint identification involves automatic matching of one or more unknown fingerprints against an existing database of fingerprints. AFIS is mainly used by law enforcement agencies for identifying criminals. The global AFIS market can be broadly categorized into civil AFIS and criminal AFIS segments. Civil AFISs are used for border control applications such as national identification (ID) cards, e-passports, visa issuance, tax IDs, and refugee tracking. Criminal AFISs are used to ensure public safety and in other legal issues.
Agricultural Enzymes search for term
Agricultural enzymes are complex protein molecules derived from sources such as plant tissue, animal tissue, and microbes. They accelerate chemical reactions and catalyze biochemical reactions that do not occur naturally. Based on type, agricultural enzymes are segmented into carbohydrases, proteases, lipases, and others. They are used in fertility, and growth-enhancing and control products, among other uses.
Agricultural Equipment Finance search for term
Equipment financing refers to the credit, including leasing, government loans, and other small business administration loans, which are disbursed to different businesses in the automotive, construction, agriculture, and other industries. It also includes sale and leaseback, which help individual customers raise cash for equipment purchase by selling off collateralized existing equipment. Advances in technology have enhanced consumer experience in the agricultural equipment market. Traditional models of conducting business are no longer sustainable. Vendors that deal with equipment finance are improving customer service by leveraging the technology to optimize their delivery and fulfilment systems. Innovations in technology, like business intelligence, are influencing the market in a big way, initiating demand for agricultural equipment. The need to replace obsolete or outdated agricultural equipment will arise during capacity expansion by small and mid-sized agricultural farmers in order to meet operational demands. ?
Agricultural Films search for term
Agricultural films are new age films that are a component of modern farming technologies used to increase farm productivity. They are generally made from a variety of plastic resins such as PE, EVA, PVC, and PVOH. They offer a wide range of benefits in mulching, silage, and greenhouse applications such as controlling temperature and moisture of soil, elimination of weeds, enabling lesser use of herbicides, storage and growth of crops in greenhouses, and prevention of soil erosion, apart from protecting fodder in silage bales. However, due to disposal and pollution hazards, they are facing competition from non-biodegradable alternatives.
Agricultural Machinery search for term
Agricultural machinery has evolved over the years and modern agricultural machines have enhanced the speed, volume, and efficiency of agricultural practices; the machineries are designed and configured to suit the varied needs of end-users. The market depends on agricultural land and farm output and grows in tandem with demand. Agricultural machinery is becoming increasingly cost-effective owing to the use of intelligent production technologies to maximize yield while minimizing costs. Rising input costs, higher competition in agriculture, and limitations on land use have prompted efforts to boost field productivity. Agricultural machinery manufacturers are collaborating with other players in the supply chain and sharing on-farm management expertise and information on optimizing agricultural processes. They are providing solutions that better integrate and allow tailoring of inputs such as fertilizer and seeds, with agricultural machinery and farm implements.
Agricultural Micronutrients search for term
Agricultural micronutrients are vital nutrients, which are required in trace amounts, to control certain physiological activities in crops to increase the yield and improve quality. The deficiency of these micronutrients causes deterioration in the growth rate, withering of buds, and yellowing of leaves in crops. Molybdenum, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, and iron are the most commonly used agricultural micronutrients. The application of agricultural micronutrients to crops is completely dependent on the necessity of the crop, time of application, and type of crops. They are commonly used with fertilizers or water-soluble micronutrients are sprayed with water. The properties of agricultural micronutrients directly affect the mode of application. Therefore, modes that are most effective are employed in most practices.
Agriculture M2M search for term
M2M applications enable farmers and agriculture businesses to monitor equipment, precisely manage their crops, assess the environmental impact of production, and monitor status of tractors, harvesters, and other vehicles. M2M applications help farmers to make informed decisions and improve yields. Also, they contribute to increased transparency and efficiency within wider agricultural value chains. Agriculture is a primary activity in rural locations where network coverage plays a vital role for M2M communications. Mobile operators have been investing more in high-frequency capacity bands that are ideally suitable for urban areas where traffic intensity is immense.
Agriculture Tire search for term
Agriculture tires are designed for specific vehicles and equipment used in farms, including tractors, sowers, and harvesters. The use of advanced equipment has resulted in significant improvements on crop yield and more use of automation in farms. Agriculture tire manufacturers face procurement problems, production concerns, and logistics and distribution problems. Agriculture tire manufacturers need to implement more cost-effective strategies to reduce input costs and improve profitability as they face stiff competition from cheaper tires, mostly from China. Agriculture tire manufacturing is a complex process and involves a number of steps. The process starts with the procurement of rubber and other raw materials and ends with labeling and packaging.
Agrochemicals search for term
Agrochemicals are products manufactured through chemical or biochemical processes that contain an active ingredient in a definite concentration, along with substances that improve the performance and increase the safety of crops. They are diluted with water in recommended doses and then used on seeds, soil, and crops, as well as added to irrigation water to prevent damage from pests.
Agroscience search for term
The rise in the global population and the economic development in several countries has led to an increase in the per capita disposable income globally. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for food, especially high-quality nutritious food, propelling the demand for agroscience products to improve crop yield and prevent the loss of crops from pests and insects. The global agroscience market is largely dependent on agricultural land and farm output. Global agricultural production grows in tandem with demand for food. However, in various phases, variations in demand for agricultural products have led to the fluctuations in production worldwide. Environmental changes are also significantly affecting agricultural production.
Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) System search for term
AMDRs are devices that facilitate early detection of approaching aircraft or missiles so that necessary countermeasures can be taken. Air defense radars have a range of over 300 miles, and can detect missiles, locate their position, and determine their speed. The actual life cycle of an AMDR system is approximately 20 years. However, with midlife advancements in its software and hardware systems, the radar can become more reliable and efficient throughout its service life. Growing terrorist threats and encroachment activities have resulted in increasing investments by governments and defense authorities to develop or procure AMDR systems.
Air Cargo search for term
Air cargo services ship different kinds of goods by air to both international and domestic customers at competitive rates. Such services are provided by air cargo companies that arrange for a transfer, customs clearance, and tracking of consignments. The cargo is transported by passenger or charter aircraft. Air cargo suppliers are dependent on freight forwarders to ship their cargo. There are many air cargo freight forwarders in the market. Therefore, it is easy for air cargo suppliers to switch from one freight forwarder to another
Air Cargo Security and Screening Systems search for term
Security checks for cargo shipments are traditionally carried out through physical inspection by humans or canines (threat detection dogs). However, due to increase in global air cargo traffic, there is increased need for effective security and screening systems. Adoption of new sophisticated screening techniques that are more efficient and effective in screening large volumes of cargo has increased. Also, advanced air cargo screening systems provide enhanced threat detection capabilities. Key screening systems currently in use include screening systems based on X-rays, and ETD and EDS technologies.
Air Compressors search for term
An air compressor is a machine that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and compresses it within a holding chamber resulting in the delivery of high-pressure compressed air. Air compressors are used in several areas such as commercial businesses and jet engines, as well as in the manufacturing, chemical, and petroleum industries. Air compressors can be segmented into portable and stationary in terms of type and based on operations they can be segmented into rotary, reciprocating, and centrifugal compressors.
Air Conditioning search for term
Air conditioning systems, or air conditioners, are deployed in buildings to manage temperature and humidity efficiently. These systems have transformed along with innovations in compressor, cooler, filter, and drying agent technologies. These advancements enhance performance, reduce the noise produced by the machines, and decrease energy costs. Air conditioning systems have become standard in developed countries and are approaching the same status in developing economies.
Air Filter search for term
Air filters are used to filter the incoming air by trapping particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, smoke, debris, and bacteria from the air. They find use in in a wide range of applications in which air quality is crucial. Energy, automotive, mining, and cement industries are the major sectors where air filters are extensively used. Declining indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a major factor fueling the use of air filters in HVAC. Poor IAQ leads to health problems and affect the productivity of the building's occupants. This concern has not only accelerated the use of HVAC systems but also of more efficient air filters. Evolution of the next-generation efficient engines is closely linked with the growth of air filters as these devices are crucial components in determining the performance and efficiency of an automobile engine.
Air Gas Leak Detectors search for term
Air and gas detectors are used to detect the presence of multiple gases in an area. The detectors help in detecting any flammable gases (such as methane and propane), kerosene or toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulphur dioxide), and oxygen depletion. These detectors are used to monitor gas leaks so that a process can be shut down in the event of a gas leakage. The detector also sounds an alarm upon detecting a leakage so that workers can escape. Air and gas leak detectors detect leaks with the help of sensors.
Air Handling Unit search for term
An air handling unit is a device used to filter, condition, and circulate air as part of HVAC equipment. The basic function of air handling units is to inhale outside air, condition it, and supply the same to the building. Air handling units comprise a fan, heating and cooling elements, sound attenuators, filter racks, and dampers. Air handlers are connected to a ductwork system through which conditioned air is distributed throughout the building and returned to the air handler. Air handling units are used for heating and cooling, depending on the weather condition of an area. Based on temperature requirement, the air inhaled is either heated up by the heating coil or cooled by the cooling coil.
Air Hockey Table search for term
Air hockey is one of the most popular and enjoyable arcade games. Air hockey games are fast, require very little skill to learn, and can be played by people of all age groups. Air hockey is played by two people trying to score points in the opposing player's goal using a table. An air hockey table comprises of a large smooth playing surface, an adjoining rail to prevent the puck from leaving the table, and slots at either end of the table that serve as goals. Additionally, these tables will usually have some machinery that produces a cushion of air on the playing surface through tiny holes, for reducing friction and increasing play speed.
Air Purifier and Humidifier search for term
The air treatment products market attracts demand from the residential, commercial, and industrial consumer segments. The market comprises products meant for cooling, humidifying, filtering, and purifying the air. These products include air conditioners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and other air treatment products and related accessories. A humidifier is a device that helps to regulate humidity levels in enclosed spaces by adding moisture to the air. They are used in the industrial, commercial, and residential segments. They can be categorized into portable and whole-house humidifiers. Products that act as both air purifier and humidifier are a major threat to the humidifiers market. Most of such variants are humidifiers with marginal air purification benefits. These products humidify the air and filter out dust mites, pet hair, and other pollutants. Another threat can be from hybrid three-in-one purifiers, which combine the features of air purifiers, humidifiers and coolers in one device, might obviate the need for standalone humidifiers in the future. Some hybrid products also have features of purifiers, humidifiers, and revitalizers in one device. In the case of hybrid devices, features like multi-functionality, good return on investment, and economy of space might attract more customers.
Air Traffic Control Equipment search for term
ATC equipment plays a vital role in the safe operations of carriers, as it provides communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) facilities using different equipment for air traffic management (ATM). The primary job of an ATC equipment is to avoid collisions and expedite air traffic flow by providing information to pilots. ATC equipment provides services to the private, commercial, and military sectors within a defined airspace. The emergence of the software-defined radio (SDR) technology in ATC communication systems has resulted in achieving effective communication among ATCs and pilots.
Airborne ISR search for term
Airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) is a crucial factor in military and security operations. The ISR market is segmented into AEWC, maritime patrol, sensor, and emergency warfare systems. The defense authorities invest heavily on ISR systems to enhance national security and extract data from potential enemies.
Airborne Laser Obstacle Avoidance Monitoring Systems search for term
Airborne capabilities are determined by the success of pilot's efficiency combined with advanced technologies. Traditionally, radars were used for the safer operation of the fleet by maintaining a safe distance from the ground level and the aircraft trajectory. However, they lacked the angular resolution to detect small, natural, and fabricated obstacles such as trees, cables, and poles. In order to enhance airborne security, industry experts developed laser-based technology to combat-critical tasks and ensure crew safety. LOAM establishes better angular resolution and accuracy and employs wide range and angles to function even in harsh weather conditions. It also decreases fake echo detection and increases the system sensitivity for better flight operations. It allows the pilot to choose different angles of surroundings to improve situational awareness.
Aircraft Component MRO search for term
Aircraft component MRO services are essential for the smooth operation of an aircraft. MRO providers and companies are accompanied by large repair stations and facilities with many technicians to perform the necessary tasks. These organizations are regulated by different aviation authorities such as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The aircraft component MRO services include avionics and electronics, mechanical actuators, fuel systems and carburetors, and landing gear and auxiliary power units (APUs).
Aircraft De-Icing search for term
The global de-icing market consists of three major products: de-icer trucks, snow blowers and sweepers, and de-icing chemicals and fluids, which enable the safe flight operation of an aircraft. Government organizations such as FAA have mandated the de-icing of each and every aircraft, before flight operation, to ensure the safety of the passengers and the airline.
Aircraft Fuel Systems search for term
A fuel system consists of storage tanks, valves, pumps, filters, metering devices, fuel lines, and monitoring devices. It allows the fuel to pass to the auxiliary power unit (APU) and propulsion system. These devices are designed, developed, and certified under the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) guidelines. Fuel systems largely depend on the size and complexity of the aircraft. Aircraft fuel systems manufacturers are required to comply with stringent regulations related to the design, engineering, and production.
Aircraft Ground-Handling System search for term
Aircraft ground handling system (GHS) involves the ground support equipment (GSE) required for the operations that are conducted while an aircraft arrives at the apron and till the time it departs for the next hop. It is associated with aircraft handling, passenger handling, and cargo handling. GHS provides efficient and optimal quality of service and minimizes the turnaround time. It also reduces the ground-handling cost, and it is responsible for the safety of passengers and cargo. Its positive impact on the aviation industry, in terms of both passenger and cargo handling, has generated a high demand in the GSE market. Numerous factors like globalization, regional economic development, tourism, e-commerce trading, and national competitiveness have encouraged air transport. This has, in turn, increased the frequency of flights and also fueled the GHS market.
Airfreight Forwarding search for term
Airfreight forwarders are intermediary agents that arrange shipments for industries from manufacturers to the final point of distribution. They are usually used in the movement of light, expensive, and perishable cargo that needs quick transportation. These freight forwarders have long-term contracts with major airlines, and provide consolidation services that allow them to secure cheaper freight rates. They act as supply chain experts, with services ranging from packaging and labeling, documentation and PO management, charter services, transportation, and warehousing to VAS. The airfreight forwarders offer integrated solutions that facilitate end-to-end cargo delivery processes and enable exporters to focus on their core competencies. Customized solutions are developed for customers from various industries, especially for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage (F&B), and chemicals industries.
Airport Information Systems (AIS) search for term
Airports are constantly seeking new methods to improve their operational efficiencies and enhance passenger air travel. AIS support the business goals of providing an efficient, passenger-friendly, and cost-effective airport operation. They also interface and integrate the majority of electronic information within the airport, thus ensuring the smooth flow of information for operations, management, and security. Such systems assist the airport authorities or the senior officials to monitor operations and address business-critical issues efficiently. They are also labeled as the precursors to the next-generation of airports due to their advantages.
Airport IT Spending search for term
Airport IT involves monitoring, regulating, and improving airport structures, such as airfields, terminals, roadways, people movers, and rails. Such actions ensure the smooth flow of passengers between baggage counters, airplanes, automobiles, rentals, cars, and trucks. The use of IT ensures staff efficiency and enhances the passenger experience inside airport premises. In the past, IT was largely used in finance functions and management information systems (MIS). However, airports are boosting investments in adopting new technologies to achieve effective capacity management and deal with growing passenger traffic. Airports are making investments in new technologies, such as geo-location, near-field communications, iBeacons, 3D face recognition, video analytics, and thermal sensors. Self-service options, mobile technologies, and web services will be major IT investment targets.
Alcohol Ingredients search for term
Alcohol ingredients are prepared through the extraction of yeast, enzymes, colors, and flavors from natural sources such as plants, vegetables, and fruits. These ingredients are used in a wide range of beverage applications, especially in the production of alcoholic beverages. From a global perspective, interest in alcohol ingredients is expected to increase in developing regions, where consumer spending on these beverages is rising.
Alcohol Prep Pads search for term
Alcohol prep pads are sterile, non-woven alcohol pads used to prepare skin prior to skin puncture. They are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and typically used to disinfect skin before an injection. These pads are contained in sealed, foil-laminated pouches.
Alcoholic Beverage search for term
Alcoholic beverages are broadly categorized into three types: beer, spirits (distilled beverages), and wine. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. It is brewed from malted cereals, predominantly barley and wheat, which are mashed and the resultant liquid fermented with yeast. Hops are then added as a preservative and to impart flavor. Spirits, or distilled beverages, such as vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and tequila, are produced by fermenting or distilling grains, vegetables, and fruits. The distillation process purifies the spirits and increases the alcohol content in the product. Distilled beverages contain more alcohol and are thus called hard liquor. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grapes or other fruits such as cherries, plums, and apples. Different varieties of fruits and strains of yeast yield different types of wine.
Alcoholic Drinks search for term
Alcoholic drinks comprise beer, spirits, and wine. Beer is the highest-consumed alcoholic drink in the world and third-most popular drink after water and tea. The consumption of beer has other advantages, such as it prevents kidney stones. Wine is an alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of grapes and fruits. The alcohol content in wine by volume ranges between 12% and 15%. Spirits, or distilled beverages such as vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and tequila, are produced by fermenting or distilling grains, vegetables, and fruits. Consumers are switching to low-calorie alcoholic drinks, especially spirits such as rye whiskey, because of an increase in health and skin concerns.
Alkaline Battery search for term
Alkaline batteries contain basic (alkaline) electrolytes of potassium hydroxide and the battery performance depends on the chemical reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide. The purity level of manganese dioxide used also decides the battery performance. These batteries are available with an output voltage of 1.5 V, but at a higher energy density of 6.5 Wh per cubic inch.
Allergic Rhinitis Drugs search for term
Allergic rhinitis is caused by the interaction of airborne allergens with specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) type antibodies on the surface of mast cells. This interaction causes mast cells to release and synthesize chemicals, causing inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Typical symptoms include rhinorrhea, nasal itching, sneezing, and nasal congestion. Extranasal symptoms such as allergic conjunctivitis, itchy ears and palate, and asthma may also occur. Allergic rhinitis is treated using medications such as antihistamines, intranasal corticosteroids, or immunotherapies. Alternative forms of treatment are also employed in certain cases.
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Drugs search for term
Alpha-1 antitrypsin, also known as an alpha-1 protease inhibitor (A1PI), is a glycoprotein produced in the liver that helps in the inactivation of enzymes such as elastase, which break down proteins during inflammation induced by some injury. The decline in alpha-1 antitrypsin levels in the blood results in a rare genetic condition known as alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD), which leads to the development of respiratory and liver diseases, and severe skin infections. The disease is passed on from parents to an offspring through mutated genes. Augmentation therapy using drugs derived from human plasma helps in maintaining levels of alpha-1 antitrypsin in the blood, helping in remission of the condition.
Aluminium Extrusion search for term
Aluminum extrusion is a method in which aluminum alloy is heated to 800-925 degrees Fahrenheit to form objects with a cross-sectional profile. Extruded aluminum includes mill finished, powder coated, and anodized. Aluminum extrusions are used in the construction, transportation, electrical, machinery, and consumer durables sectors due to their high strength, flexibility, durability, and sustainability. Aluminum extrusion products are 100% recyclable and do not emit significant hazardous gases during processing. This helps builders and other manufacturers to attain green status for their projects.
Aluminium Powders, Pastes and Flakes search for term
Aluminum powder is produced by the atomization of pure molten aluminum metal, which is converted into fine droplets, solidified, collected, and used for various applications. Aluminum flakes are derived from aluminum powder using the dry ball milling process, while aluminum paste is obtained from aluminum powder through the wet ball milling process using solvents (or by mixing a milled flake powder) such as isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, and xylene, among others.
Aluminum Castings search for term
Aluminum cast components are used in the manufacturing of sub-assemblies of planes, vehicles, and trains. They are also used in industries such as construction, mining, and electrical equipment. The demand from small appliance part manufacturers, lawnmowers, and the automotive and other machinery industries will boost the growth of the global aluminum castings market. Automotive manufacturers are using aluminum casting to comply with the stringent emission norms set by government authorities such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Aluminum is increasingly used for die casting in the aerospace, automobiles, and home appliances industries because of its properties such as lightweight, corrosion resistant, and high thermal and electrical conductivity.
Aluminum Composite Panels search for term
Aluminum composite panels are made of three layers. The panel consists of two aluminum sheets and one non-aluminum core in between the two sheets. Non-aluminum core is usually a low density material such as polyethylene (PE). The aluminum composite panels are also known as aluminum composite materials. Aluminum is used with a number of alloying elements in order to increase its hardness. Physical and mechanical properties can also be changed depending upon the required applications.
Aluminum FRP search for term
Aluminum FRP include sheets, plates, and foils. Aluminum FRP are used for their strength, flexibility, durability, and sustainability in various sectors such as packaging, electronics, transport, defense, and consumer durables. Aluminum FRP are 100% recyclable and emit no significant hazardous gases during processing, thus helping builders and other manufacturers to attain green status for their products.
Aluminum Wire Rods search for term
An aluminum rod is a trapezoidal bar-shaped cast form of the liquid metal, which is further reduced to obtain a diameter of 9.6 millimeters up to 32 millimeters by the roller and drawing processes through a series of dies. Aluminum wire rods are used in various applications such as cables and conductors, because of their high electrical conductivity, low weight, and resistance to corrosion.
Ambient Food Packaging search for term
Ambient foods are basically stored and retailed at room temperature. They undergo rigorous heat treatment to destroy potentially harmful microorganisms and have a long shelf-life. Pasteurisation and sterilisation are the two primary heat treatment processes used in the packaging of ambient food. An increase in demand for ambient food has brought about a transformation in the packaging industry. The vendors in the global ambient food packaging market are continuously inventing new packaging materials that can prevent contamination of food products and extend their shelf-life.
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems search for term
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring systems are portable devices that help measure and monitor the blood pressure in the human body. These devices obtain blood pressure readings for a set of time during a 24-hour period. The device records blood pressure readings every 20 minutes. It consists of an arm cuff attached to a lightweight monitor by an elastic rubber tube. The device is encased in a pouch attached to a waist belt or shoulder strap. Measuring blood pressure through ambulatory blood pressure monitoring systems is a non-invasive method of obtaining blood pressure readings. The procedure helps physicians obtain blood pressure profiles during an individual's daily activities.
Amino Acid search for term
Amino acids are organic compounds made up of amines (NH2) and carboxylic acid (COOH) functional groups. They act as building blocks of proteins and as metabolic intermediates. Amino acids are the core of all biological processes, as they are crucial for every metabolic process. Additionally, they aid in the development, repair, and maintenance of body tissues. Even though the human body can produce some amino acids, it requires certain other essential amino acids that can only be obtained by consuming food rich in them. Amino acids such as lysine, methionine, and threonine are used as animal feed additives. Certain amino acids such as proline, glycine, and arginine are also used as ingredients in pharmaceutical products.
Amphibious Landing Craft search for term
Amphibious landing craft have the ability to patrol coastal areas and help security agencies counter national threats, such as smuggling, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and maritime piracy and terrorism. Landing crafts are boats or crafts used to transport troops, equipment, and military vehicles from sea to shore during amphibious assault. Amphibious operations are a feature of modern day warfare. Modern day landing crafts were first developed in the US and are segmented into three categories based on product type: LCAC, LCM, and LCU. Changing customer requirements and advances in technology have led to the manufacture of advanced landing crafts that can move easily on different types of terrain, and carry troops, vehicles, weapons, and equipment. They are designed to transport these directly to the war zone without causing any casualties.
Ampoules Packaging search for term
An ampoule is a small vessel made of glass or plastic. It contains a medicinal solution, drug, or powder, which is used for injections. Ampoules are the most prevalent healthcare packaging solutions. Since packaging of medicines is a complex process because of their molecular and chemical structures, they need to be packed in protective and durable materials to prevent contamination. The evolution of new diseases and increased health awareness have brought a transformation in the ampoules packaging market. Companies are making use of high-tech glasses and green plastics to keep medicines safe and are prioritizing environmentally friendly products.
Analog ICs search for term
Analog ICs are used in most electronic devices due to their power management function. Analog ICs are very small in size and are developed on a semiconductor material. The voltage and current levels vary. These ICs consist of logic components that allow them to connect and communicate with the microprocessors of the electronic devices in which they are embedded. Analog ICs are crucial semiconductor components for all electronic devices. Analog ICs are widely deployed in most electronic devices because of their power management function. Analog ICs also have certain functions that make them suitable for use in communications, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, computer hardware, and healthcare sectors.
Analytics as a service search for term
AaaS emerged from the integration of cloud computing and analytics solutions. It acts as a service model that involves analysis taking place using analytics software and being delivered through web-based technologies. AaaS providers offer services under subscription-based or pay-per-use models. AaaS products include cloud-based BI solutions and SaaS-based social media AaaS. Cloud BI solutions involve effectively delivering business analytics solutions to customers at low cost. SaaS-based social media AaaS involves remote positioning of different tools, which helps collect data, analyze the trends and patterns of visitors, and find better ways to serve customers. Other benefits of AaaS include monitoring traffic on inbound marketing and search engine campaigns, determining the best return on investment (ROI) from different marketing strategies, and monitoring the cash flow of an organization.
Anesthesia Delivery Systems search for term
An anesthesia delivery system is designed to deliver a gaseous anesthetic agent during surgeries. The gaseous anesthetic agent is an inhalant and is mixed with a carrier gas, usually oxygen alone or oxygen combined with nitrous oxide. The most commonly used device in anesthesia delivery system is the anesthetic machine, which provides a continuous flow of air containing a regulated supply of medical gases. Modern anesthesia delivery system have monitors and touch screen displays integrated into them, which help in monitoring the heartbeat and other vital parameters. The anesthesia delivery system consists of three major components, namely compressed gas supply, anesthetic machine, and breathing circuit.
Anesthesia Face Masks search for term
Anesthesia face masks help to deliver an anesthetic mixture of gases and oxygen. These masks play a major role in resuscitation and are effective in ventilating patients. Vendors are developing high-quality, flexible face masks to enhance patient comfort during surgical procedures. Some vendors also develop scented face masks. Masks meant for pediatric use come in appealing colors that increase their acceptance among children. Advanced anesthetic masks are made of soft materials such as plastic compared to their conventional counterparts. These devices enhance patient comfort, help minimize complications associated with sedation, and improve medical care.
Anesthesia Laryngeal Masks search for term
Anesthesia is administered to make an individual temporarily lose their sensation so that they do not experience pain during surgery or treatment by using anesthetics. The temporary loss of sensation is due to neurologic dysfunction or pharmacologic depression of the nerve function. The medicines used as anesthetics also help in controlling breathing, blood flow, heart rate, and blood pressure. An anesthesia laryngeal masks is a supraglottic airway device, which is used extensively in emergency medicine. The masks help in providing excellent ventilation without going through the normal visualization and intubation process of the laryngeal inlet. The masks in endotracheal tube shaped on the proximal end, which connects to an elliptical mask over the distal end.
Anesthesia Video Laryngoscope search for term
Anesthesia video laryngoscopes allow physicians to visualize the larynx indirectly through video technology. Laryngoscopy using these devices involves their insertion transnasally or transorally. The video feed from these devices is displayed on a monitor for clinicians to view, helping in the detection of medical abnormalities. The video feed or images can be recorded and magnified when displayed on the monitor for clear examination of the larynx. Advanced anesthesia video laryngoscopes are portable with rechargeable options and provide high-resolution color display video feedback compared to direct laryngoscopes.
Animal Antimicrobials and Antibiotics search for term
Antimicrobials and antibiotics are used to treat these infections. Farm owners also use these drugs to accelerate the growth of animals, especially in the farms of North America and Europe. Similar to medicines used by humans, animal antimicrobials and antibiotics require authorization from the governments of the countries where it is being marketed.
Animal Health search for term
Animal healthcare refers to guarding, preserving, and providing veterinary services to animals to enhance their quality of life, increase their lifespan, and increase yield. Animal healthcare is provided using pharmaceuticals, feed additives, and biologicals. Animal pharmaceuticals consist of parasiticides, anti-infective products, tablets, and other pharmaceuticals used to treat or prevent diseases in animals. Animal feed additives improve the quality of animal food, thereby improving the health of animals. Animal biologicals are vaccines, immunostimulants, allergens, bacterins, antibodies, antitoxins, toxoids, and antigenic or immunizing components of microorganisms, used in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in animals. These products can be natural or synthetic in origin.
Anti Money Laundering Software search for term
AML software enables financial institutions and other enterprises to detect suspicious transactions and analyze customer data. It provides real-time alerts and tools for financial enterprises to automatically report suspicious events. It is becoming essential for institutions that are involved in financial activities to understand the importance of compliance and to invest in AML technology to reduce the risk factors in business operations.
Anti-collision Sensors search for term
Anti-collision sensors are mainly used to detect obstacles in the way of a vehicle and alert the driver, thus preventing a potential accident. The rising number of road accidents across the globe has led to increased awareness of the need for safety among governments, automobile manufacturers, and consumers. This has increased the demand for anti-collision sensors.
Anti-Collison Sensors search for term
Anti-collision sensors keep a check on vehicle speed, if any object is detected nearby they alert the driver. This also helps avoid collisions when parking. Demand for these types of sensors is rising. The high cost of anti-collision sensors, such as long-range radar and LiDAR-based sensors, tends to discourage small automotive players from using them in their automobiles.
Anti-counterfeit Packaging search for term
The process of improving safety to packaging from counterfeiting or imitation by giving secure packaging is termed as Anti-counterfeit packaging. Counterfeit products have harmful effects to consumers as well as manufacturers. For example counterfeit drugs may be contaminated and containing unauthorized trademark brand resembling to the original one. Thus impacting health of end user and profitability of manufacturing company. Therefore anti-counterfeit packaging helps consumers as well as manufacturers. Anti-counterfeit technology can be broadly classified as covert and overt features, forensic techniques, and serialization. Governments in various nations are taking strong steps to stop counterfeiting and spread awareness among consumers to identify and reject counterfeit products. The practice of counterfeiting is more often seen in developing countries. Consumers in remote or urban areas in these regions are the major buyers of counterfeit products, owing to a lack of awareness about product authentication. Anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies are thus developed to help consumers buy authenticated and reliable products.
Anti-Lock Braking System search for term
An ABS is an automobile safety system that helps motor vehicles maintain tractive contact with the road surface while braking. ABS is broadly classified under active safety systems that work on cadence-braking and threshold-braking principles. It prevents the wheels from locking, thereby avoiding uncontrollable skidding after the application of brakes. The installation of ABSs in motor vehicles improves vehicular control and reduces the stopping distance on both dry and slippery surfaces. ABSs can increase the braking distance while retaining enhanced vehicle control over loose gravel or snow. Current ABS technologies not only prevent the locking of wheels under braking, but also control the front-to-rear brake bias electronically. ABSs consist of a central electronic control unit (ECU), four-wheel speed sensors, and two or more hydraulic valves within the brake hydraulics. The speed of rotation of each wheel is continuously monitored by the ECU.
Antibacterial Drugs search for term
Antibacterial drugs are chemical compounds used to treat infections caused by bacteria either by killing or inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The term "antibiotic" is often used synonymously with antibacterial. However, antibiotics are agents that work against microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites, but are not effective against viruses. The term "antibiotic" was originally coined to refer to any compound of microbial origin, which is antagonistic to the growth of the microbe. Antibacterials act via various mechanisms such as the inhibition of cell wall synthesis, the inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis, the disruption of the cell membrane, and the inhibition of protein synthesis. They can be bacteriostatic or bactericidal in nature, i.e., they either block vital processes in bacteria, kill the bacteria, or halt them from growing. Antibiotics that affect a wide range of bacteria are called broad spectrum antibiotics (e.g. amoxycillin and gentamicin). Antibiotics that affect only a few types of bacteria are called narrow spectrum antibiotics (e.g. penicillin).
Antibody-Drug Conjugates search for term
ADCs were used over a century ago when the German physician and scientist Paul Ehrlich invented that the concept of selectively transporting a cytotoxic drug to a tumor using a targeting agent. ADCs were previously used as murine polyclonal antibodies, which were more immunogenic. However, developments in antibody engineering have brought about the production of humanized mAbs that has significantly avoided the issues of immunogenicity. ADCs, empowered monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), use chemical linkers with labile bonds to attach biologically active substances. ADCs target mAbs with the cancer killing ability of cytotoxic drugs, allowing sensitive discernment between healthy and diseased tissue.
Anticoagulants search for term
Anticoagulants are the first line of defense for clotting disorders such as DVT, PE, AF, and acute coronary syndrome. Traditional therapies have now been replaced by novel oral anticoagulants, which have better safety and efficacy profiles. Anticoagulants, also referred to as blood thinning agents, are drugs that aid clot formation, helping in the free flow of blood in the body. Though they are referred to as blood thinning agents, they do not make the blood thinner, but interrupt the process of blood coagulation. Anticoagulant therapy is associated with complications such as excessive bleeding, which can be reversed by administering anticoagulant reversal agents. However, the unavailability of reversal agents has limited the use of anticoagulants for applications such as stroke prevention in individuals with AF and other cardiac disorders.
Antifouling Coatings search for term
Antifouling coatings are applied to boats, yachts, or ships to reduce the growth of organisms on the hull and prevent corrosion. Such coatings help in improving the durability and performance of the vessel. These coatings are also used in fixed and floating offshore oil rigs. Antifouling coatings are used for the maintenance and protection of machinery and structural infrastructure in rigs.
Antistatic agent search for term
Antistatic agents are additives that are added to polymers to reduce the build-up of static charge in various materials. Build-up of static charges on the surface of materials affects their functioning. Antistatic agents attract moisture to the surface of the materials. While the amount of moisture from the surroundings may not be enough to wet the surface, it is sufficient to dissipate the static charge. Antistatic agents reduce the attractive, cohesive, and adhesive properties of polymers and make them conductive by altering their conductivity or by absorbing the surrounding moisture.
Antivirus Software Package search for term
Antivirus software comes with virus detection abilities such as signature-based detection, heuristics-based detection, behavioral detection, and cloud-based detection. Signature-based detection is the most common technique in antivirus software to identify malware. It can only identify a limited number of emerging threats and is not greatly effective for new and unknown malware. Heuristics-based detection involves the identification of suspicious behavior in a file that would indicate a potential risk. This technique is an effective way to locate unknown threats and provides real-time protection. Behavioral detection integrates with the OS of a host computer and monitors program behavior in real time for malicious actions. This technique blocks potential malicious actions before they affect the system. Cloud-based detection identifies malware by collecting data from protected computers instead of performing the analysis.
Anything-as-a-service search for term
Anything-as-a-service (XaaS) is a cloud computing term that delivers a variety of services and applications to users via the Internet. XaaS also known as everything-as-a-service refers to the increasing number of services delivered through cloud over the Internet rather than providing locally or on-premises. The most common service types of XaaS are software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Other examples of XaaS include UCaaS, STaaS, MaaS, NaaS, DRaaS, SECaaS, and BaaS. XaaS offers a wide variety of services and applications to users on demand. It enables businesses to reduce cost by purchasing services from cloud providers on a subscription basis. Its pay-per-use model shifts the cost from capital expenditure to operational spending. Enterprises are increasingly embracing XaaS with the rapid evolution and adoption of cloud computing.
Apheresis Equipment search for term
Apheresis is an invasive process that involves the separation of platelets, red blood cells, plasma, and other blood components from whole blood. A donor or patient's blood is passed through an apheresis equipment or a blood cell separator. The equipment separates specific blood components from the blood via centrifugation. The remaining blood components are transfused back into the donor or patient. Along with separation technologies, apheresis also involves the use of devices and disposables for centrifugation and membrane filtration. Apheresis equipment can be manual or automated.
API as a Service search for term
API as a service allows businesses to attain digital transformation and drive revenue channels. A large number of businesses adopt API management services, which exposes their internal services to internal developer communities to drive application development consistency, promote the standard use of enterprise-approved services, and reduce IT costs across organizations. API as a service enables the development of applications and services used to provide cloud software, hardware, and platforms. It works as a middleware that offers direct and indirect infrastructure and software services to end-consumers. APIs ensure seamless connectivity among disparate systems. They allow mobile apps to link to enterprise data and transactions for customer engagement. Through APIs, internal and third-party players can collaborate to deliver consistent customer value and improve customer experience. APIs facilitate the exchange of disparate information (process optimization, predictive analytics, IoT, and new revenue streams) from multiple systems between and within organizations. API management solutions help organizations to secure, implement, and manage their growing use of APIs.
Applicant Tracking Systems search for term
An ATS is an application that manages the recruitment needs of an organization. It can be compared to customer relationship management systems, but it is specifically designed for recruitment tracking purposes. ATS collects and stores resumes in a database and gives recruiters an online view of job seekers after scanning and indexing those resumes. Most organizations use some form of ATS to handle job applications and manage their large volume of resume data. The data is either collected from internal applications via ATS or is extracted from social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. ATS solutions also enhance candidate experience by providing easy access, transparency, and step-by-step processes to apply for a suitable job.
Application Processor search for term
An application processor is a SoC, designed to support applications running in an operating system environment such as Android, Apple iOS, Windows CE, or Symbian. As a battery occupies the maximum space in a mobile device, central processor unit, graphics processing unit, memory, as well as other sub-processors are integrated onto a single chipset, referred to as SoC. The ARM provides the architecture for the mobile application processor, and manufacturers use the architecture as the base for developing chipsets.
Aramid Fiber search for term
Aramid fiber is usually marked under various brand names such as Kevlar, Twaron, Technora, and Nomex. This man-made fiber known for its heat resistance, chemical inertness, and superior mechanical properties is rapidly gaining popularity in ballistic, heat resistant, automotive, and aeronautical applications. The fiber is poised to replace many of its substitutes including carbon fiber and glass fiber in various end-uses.
Archery Equipment search for term
Archery is popular as a sport that men and women of all ages can enjoy in the country. Archery associations and manufacturers are promoting archery sports through social media platforms and games, realizing the interest this sport can generate among new customers, especially the youth. Manufacturers offer a variety of bows that can be used for both target archery and bowhunting. The global archery equipment market is driven by many factors. The Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show is one of the major drivers. The influence of the media, especially movies and the broadcasting of archery in Olympic sports, has also increased the demand for archery equipment worldwide. Another major factor is the increased interest in adventure activities, which include archery.
Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) search for term
AEC solutions include both software and services for the construction of large and complex residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. It includes features such as designing, building, operations, and management. The major end-users of AEC solutions include architects, engineers, and contractors. There is widespread adoption of AEC solutions because it helps to reduce the capital and time spent on the construction of buildings. AEC solutions include BIM, CAD-based design solutions, design analysis solutions, and collaboration and construction management solutions.
Ariel Imaging search for term
Aerial imagery has a broad range of applications in industry verticals such as oil and gas, sustainable energy, forestry and agriculture, military and defense, media and entertainment, and infrastructure and buildings. The aerial imagery business is changing across varied commercial applications due to inexpensive software solutions that enable end-users to derive additional value from aerial photography. Technological advances in digital camera systems and the web control access to aerial imagery have created scope for new industrial applications. Aerial image processing is done using patented technologies to deliver detailed and high-quality images.
Armored Vehicles Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems search for term
In the defense sector, automatic fire extinguishing systems (AFES) are used in armored vehicles to protect the crew from hazards such as improvised explosive device (IED) threats and fuel explosions. They preserve the cabin and engine compartment of the vehicle with the help of sensors, which detects and suppresses fire using extinguishing agents. The US Army initially used AFES in its M1 Abrams main battle tank.
Array Instruments search for term
An array is the technology used in laboratories that quantitatively and simultaneously monitors the expression of thousand genes. The high-throughput approach of microarrays help locate mutations in genotype, measure and detect gene expressions at the mRNA or at the protein level, and locate chromosomal expressions. They work on basic aspects such as hybridization, coupling biomolecules to a platform, sample preparation for detection, data analysis, and scanning. Over the years, array instruments have helped in refining molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and molecular pathology; synthesizing or sequencing nucleic acids; and accelerating drug discovery processes.
Articulated Robots search for term
An articulated robot is a robotic arm that uses rotary joints to perform precise movements. The articulated robot includes at least three rotary joints, which help the robotic arm to move in multiple planes. Articulated robots are widely used in manufacturing industries for various applications such as welding, sealing, assembling, material handling, picking, cutting, painting and spraying, and machine tending.
Artificial Grass Turf search for term
Artificial grass turf is a surface made of plastic pellets, and the grass consists of filaments threaded into the surface. Currently, artificial grass turf is offered in different colors, designs, and infill materials to suit customer needs. It is being used for residential as well as commercial applications. The use of artificial grass turf in landscaping is boosting the demand for artificial grass turf in many countries. Its use is very popular in areas where environmental conditions are arid and hostile. The maintenance and operating costs of artificial grass turf are less than those of natural grass. This factor leads to the use of artificial grass turf in many residential and commercial applications.
Artificial Sweetner search for term
Artificial sweeteners are synthetically produced sugar-alternatives that are sweet in taste. They do not add any calories to the diet but they are much sweeter than sugar. Some of the prominent artificial sweeteners are aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, cyclamate, Ace-K, and Neotame. Neotame is almost 8,000 times sweeter than sugar. These sweeteners help diabetic patients maintain low blood sugar levels. Artificial sweeteners find varied application in different areas, such as the beverage industry, the food industry, table-top sweeteners, and the pharmaceutical industry. The rising number of obese and overweight people, about 24.9% of population, i.e., 16 million people, has led to an increase in demand for low-calorie foods, which has fueled demand for artificial sweeteners.
Aseptic Packaging search for term
Aseptic packaging refers to the packaging of sterile products in pre-sterilized containers in an aseptic external environment, to ensure that the products remain free from contamination for a long period of time. The aseptic external environment includes filling machines and equipment required for packaging. This kind of packaging involves flash pasteurization of products so that they retain their original texture, aroma, and organoleptic characteristics. The containers are sterilized by heat, chemical, or gamma ray treatment. They can be pouches, bags, vials, ampules, or pre-fillable syringes and can be of varying dimensions. They contain no additives or preservatives and can have a shelf life of more than two years. The key customers of aseptic plastic packaging products are the dairy, food and beverage (F&B), and pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.
Assembly-Line Robots search for term
Assembly line robots are used in both automotive and non-automotive applications. In non-automotive applications, the electrical and electronics and industrial machinery industries are the major end-users due to the increased implementation of assembly lines in their manufacturing processes.
ASSP search for term
An application-specific standard product (ASSP) is a semiconductor device used for a specific application by multiple units. It is a general purpose IC that implements a specific function and caters to a wide market and not just to one customer. Consumers prefer ASSPs as there is no need to design the required IC from scratch, making them cost-effective. They are used in communications, automotive, consumer electronics, computers, and industrial applications.
Augmented reality search for term
Augmented reality is an emerging technology that permits the overlay of computer graphics on the real world. It includes scanning the physical real-world environment and enhancing/augmenting it by adding virtual computer-generated information. End-users can make use of this technology through applications developed for mobile devices. It involves blending digital content with the physical world.
Auto Electronics search for term
The automotive electronics industry is a segment of the much larger automotive industry and has been expanding since the mid-1980s. The industry has evolved in step with the trend of growing electronic content that is replacing existing mechanical content inside vehicles. This segment registered several advances in the use of technology, wherein it borrowed heavily from the aviation sector (drive-by-wire technologies and HUD technologies). The automotive electronics industry has registered growth in the past 20 years, riding on focus areas such as safety, laws and regulations, and electrification (powertrain, interiors, and safety).
Autoimmune Diseases search for term
Autoimmune diseases are immunological disorders that occur when the immune system attacks and destroys healthy tissues in the body rather than foreign bodies, causing significant pain, inflammation, and organ damage. These diseases can affect the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal system or individual organs, including the skin, lungs, kidneys, glands, and joints. Autoimmune diseases occur due to genetic, infectious, or environmental factors. There are over 80 autoimmune diseases, including AS, IBD (CD and UC), MS, RA, SLE, and PsA. DMARDs, NSAIDs, corticosteroids, analgesics, and immunosuppressants are the major drug classes used to treat autoimmune diseases.
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) search for term
ATMs are computerized machines that allow customers to access their bank accounts with a magnetically encoded plastic card and a code number. This enables customers to perform various banking operations and functions without any help from an advisor. The ATM is used by customers to withdraw and deposit cash, pay bills, obtain bank statements, and effect cash transfers, among others. It is also known as the automated banking machine, or remote service unit. With financial institutions encouraging the customers not to access the banks for any transactions, the demand for off-site banking implementation has increased. ATM is one part of the off-site banking trend and is anticipated to gain widespread traction owing to the integration of mobile banking and marketing with self-service channels.
Automatic Data Capture search for term
ADC uses barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, optical character recognition, RFID, and speech recognition to capture data automatically. Requiring no human involvement, ADC recognizes objects, gathers information about them, and feeds it to computer systems. Advantages of ADC include error reduction in data entry, inventory management, and less time consumption.
Automatic Door search for term
Automatic doors operate using sensors. They can accommodate high pedestrian traffic in busy places such as shopping malls, airports, and hospitals. They also provide accessibility for people with disabilities and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and disease transmission, as touching the doors is not required to pass through them.
Automatic Espresso Machines search for term
An automatic espresso machine is a device that automates the process of preparing espresso coffee. Automatic espresso machines are used in residential as well as commercial segments. This report focuses on the automatic espresso machines for the residential segment. Purchasing an automatic espresso machine can be beneficial to consumers since they can prepare coffee quickly and at a low cost. Compared to espresso prepared at coffee chains and other food outlets, espresso prepared at home is significantly less expensive.
Automatic Lubrication Systems search for term
Automatic lubrication systems are also known as centralized lubrication systems that deliver exact quantity of lubricants either oil or grease to moving parts, such as bearings, to minimize wear and tear and friction. These systems are vital in maintaining functioning capacity, productivity, efficiency, and compliance with environmental standards of industrial machinery, heavy equipment, and vehicles. They are used on stationary as well as mobile industrial equipment and production lines to name a few. A basic system comprises a reservoir to store the lubricant and a pump that will provide the flow rate of the system. It also includes a metering valve that guides the lubricant to the components, which need lubrication; a control valve to guide lubricant across various lines; and a relief valve that allows excess lubricant to be directed back to the reservoir. Controllers, notably PLC, govern this system. The correct design and proper installation play an important role in the functioning of automatic lubrication system.
Automatic Palletizer and Depalletizer search for term
Automatic palletizers are machines used to place finished products on pallets in a specific order, while automatic depalletizers are used to unload products from the pallets. These machines, which are either semi-automated or fully automated, can handle any kind of objects, including bags, crates, drums, and cases. Fully automated palletizers do not require any kind of operator intervention and can be either conventional or robotic. Automatic palletizers and depalletizers are commonly used in industries such as F&B, pharmaceuticals, personal care or cosmetics, consumer durables, and chemicals.
Automation search for term
An automation solution helps organizations in the processing and discrete industries to optimize operations by streamlining processes. There are five major types of industrial automation solutions, namely, DCS, MES, SCADA, APC, and PLC, all of which improve organizational efficiency, provide real-time information, improve efficiency metrics, and reduce the total cost of ownership.
Automation AfterMarket Services and Outsourcing search for term
Industrial automation refers to automating a manufacturing plant's facilities and machinery using control and monitoring products such as drives, actuators, PLC, SCADA, and DCS. These products help plants reduce human intervention in operations, increase process efficiency and aid in effective monitoring and control. Industries such as automotive, oil and gas, power, chemical, and F&B typically use industrial automation solutions to increase productivity and efficiency. These industries either procure automation solutions and obtain aftermarket support from a single source vendor or outsource their automation needs based on their requirements and budgetary allocations. The outsourcing activity involves all operations from consulting services to spare parts management. End-users are increasingly adopting automation to optimize overall operational costs. The effective deployment of automation services helps companies take advantage of the service provider's expertise to reduce plant maintenance and operation costs. However, automation solutions and services require heavy investment. SMEs find it difficult to budget for high initial investments for automation solutions.
Automation Market in Automotive Industry search for term
The automotive industry has great scope for automation solutions because the dynamic nature of consumer demand requires improved safety standards in vehicles and the use of advanced technologies such as connected and automated cars. The growth of automation solutions in the automotive industry will be driven by the expansion of plant capacity in countries such as the US, China, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. Moreover, the concept of smart factories and the use of predictive analytics is helping tap emerging market requirements and power the growth of automation in the automotive industry.
Automation Market in the Automotive Industry search for term
Automation solutions such as MES, DCS, and PLM enable automakers to integrate long supply chains into production lines. Such integration raises the visibility and flexibility of the plant, while the use of automation can help automakers achieve greater insights by integrating advanced analytics and predictive modelling, and plant-specific data generated by automation solutions. Automation solutions provide better control and visibility of the entire production plant, which encourages manufacturing companies to adopt these solutions. These solutions provide accurate operational information and so, reduce operational errors and human interference. This improves overall organizational efficiency. Automation industries are making use of cloud technologies in response to the need for real-time data and remote access to systems in different locations.
Automation Solutions in Shale Gas Industry search for term
Automation solutions vary from field devices, mechanical, electrical components, software, and services. Shale gas is extracted through hydraulic fracturing or fracking, in which sand, water, and chemicals underground are pumped into shale rock formations at high pressure. However, the water used for the process is contaminated and cannot be restored for natural water supply. The scope of automation in the shale gas industry improves operational efficiency and vigilant monitoring, reduces downtimes, facilitates early repair, enhances safety, and minimizes the overall expenditure. However, automation solutions such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, and MES in the shale gas industry have suffered a major setback in the last 18 months due to the repercussions of fall in the crude oil and natural gas prices.
Automotive Active Safety search for term
Automotive active safety refers to safety systems that are active or present in a vehicle to reduce or prevent the chances of an accident. These active safety systems may range from ABS (anti-lock braking system) and brake assist to ESC (electronic stability control) and NVS (night vision systems). Most of these active safety systems are often classified as ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems).
Automotive Camera Module search for term
Automotive cameras are an essential component of driver assistance and safety systems, as they provide blur-free and crisp images of blind spots and the vehicle's surroundings. However, though the replacement cost of automotive cameras is not high, the total cost of repair, which includes the removal or replacement of the camera and image sensors, is time-consuming and involves high labor costs.
Automotive Camshaft search for term
The global automotive camshaft market is gaining momentum in many countries with the growing car parc at the global level. Camshaft is a critical component that is necessary for the functioning of an engine. The camshaft market is directly proportional to growth in the automotive sector. The automotive camshaft market is highly dependent on the sales of vehicles and the demand from the replacement market. The OEM segment forms a major portion of the automotive camshaft market and an important source of revenue.
Automotive Catalytic Converter search for term
A catalytic converter is a device used to convert exhaust emissions such as CO, HC, and NOx into less harmful emissions such as CO2, water, and N2. Precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, and vanadium are used as a catalyst coat on the ceramic beads in the catalytic converter for the conversion. The automotive catalytic converters are highly priced because of the expensive nature of the precious metals. To meet the growing need for fuel economy and to comply with the stringent emissions norms, manufacturers are developing more efficient automotive catalytic converters. The rising demand for and sales of automobiles across the world contributes to the market growth.
Automotive Coolant search for term
Automotive coolants form an integral part of vehicles and are used in the engines and HVAC systems of the automobiles. They are used to prevent freezing and heating, and provides protection from corrosion. Generally, most of the automotive coolants are made of ethylene glycol, but due to high toxicity of the ethylene glycol, automotive manufacturers are shifting their preference to coolants made from propylene glycol.
Automotive Crankshaft search for term
A crankshaft follows a simple mechanism. Combustion in the engine causes pistons to move up and down; this energy is transferred to crankshafts through connecting rods that are attached to the crankshaft-bearing surface, called a crank pin. Crankshafts convert the reciprocating motion of pistons to rotatory movement, thereby providing the power necessary to spin the wheels. Crankshafts are generally made of cast iron/steel and forged steel. Billet-machined processes are used to make crankshafts for high power engines used in racing cars and heavy-duty vehicles.
Automotive Emission Sensor search for term
Automotive emission sensors are expensive in nature. As a result, the emission sensor manufacturers are expected to focus on reducing the cost of these sensors, owing to the increasing demand from the consumers and to suffice the stringent emission norms. The emission sensor manufacturers are shifting their focus toward the development and manufacture of wideband sensors and sensors with heaters, as they are more accurate in detecting the emissions compared to conventional emission sensors. To adhere to the increasing stringency of emission norms, the number of emission sensors installed in vehicles is consistently increasing. Automotive emission sensors are widely used in all types of automobiles from passenger cars to HCVs. O2 sensors and NOx sensors are the widely used sensors in modern vehicles today. Among these gas sensors, the adoption of O2 sensors is found in almost all automobiles manufactured today.
Automotive Emission Sensor search for term
Automotive emission sensors are widely used in all types of automobiles from passenger cars to HCVs. O2 sensors and NOx sensors are the widely used sensors in modern vehicles today. Among these gas sensors, the adoption of O2 sensors is found in almost all automobiles manufactured today. The endurance of automotive emission sensors is very low due to their working in unfavorable conditions and the fact that they are exposed to different conditions in different vehicles. Emission sensors located upstream, or before the catalytic converter, are more exposed to harmful exhaust PM and they work in high temperatures, which reduces the life span of these sensors.
Automotive Financing search for term
The automotive financing business is creating new revenue generating opportunities for banks. This market's pricing and distribution strategies are very different from other forms of consumer finance asset classes. Automotive lending is one of the fastest-growing asset classes in retail banking. Automotive financing differs in fundamental ways, particularly in pricing, from most forms of consumer finance. Automotive financing has become more competitive with an increase in the number of car showrooms and used-car outlets. Buyers have easy access to pre-approved credit from direct lenders. So, it is important to leverage analytics to build risk-based pricing models that ensure wider profit margins during the loan origination phase.
Automotive Fuel Injector search for term
Automotive fuel injector manufacturers are investing in low-cost manufacturing processes and improved fuel nozzle designs to gain a competitive edge. Such developments help vendors create products that adhere to emission regulations and fuel economy standards. A fuel injector is primarily used to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce emission levels, and enhance engine performance.
Automotive Gasoline Direct Injection Systems search for term
An automotive gasoline direct injection system injects fuel (diesel or gasoline) into the combustion chamber of an engine. The main components of an automotive gasoline direct injection system are the fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, and sensors. The gasoline direct injection technology begun from the need to improve the thermodynamic efficiency (reducing fuel consumption) and power output of spark ignited engines. Emissions levels are more accurately controlled with the GDI systems. This is achieved by the exact control over the amount of fuel and injection timings that are mixed according to engine load.
Automotive Haptic Technology search for term
Automotive systems are becoming increasingly complex, and major car manufacturers are trying to come up with differentiating features for their car models. Automotive designers are looking into innovative interface solutions that can support dynamic interfaces. There has been an increase in the usage of haptics in user interfaces by automobile manufacturers. Haptics enhance the safety and usability of telematics systems. Manufacturers are increasingly trying to integrate haptics in consumer devices, from gaming controllers to touch screens.
Automotive Head Gasket search for term
Head gaskets are a vital part of engines and perform the critical function of sealing the engine block to the cylinder head. They have undergone several changes in their design and material composition to cater to changing technological trends and adapt to evolving specifications. In internal combustion engines, a mixture of air and fuel is ignited by a spark plug, leading to combustion of fuel. This creates pressure in the combustion chamber and moves the pistons. Head gaskets are responsible for sealing the joint between the engine block and the cylinder head, and retaining this pressure inside the combustion chamber. There are different types of head gaskets available in the market, such as MLS, solid copper, composite, and elastomer.
Automotive Heads-up Display search for term
An HUD is a display indicator that displays information onto a transparent screen, a combiner or windshield. The major application sectors for HUDs are Automotive and Aviation. HUDs help to increase the situational awareness and enhance safety margins in these sectors. The primary components of HUDs include the following: combiner, projector unit, display panel, and video generator.
Automotive Infotainment search for term
Automotive infotainment is the blend of entertainment and information systems in automobiles. An infotainment system includes in-vehicle navigation, audio, video and internet. It also includes embedded and mobile navigation systems, telematics systems and video systems that are used by passengers or when the car is parked. The key benefits of infotainment systems such as increased driver productivity, improved routing and scheduling, and reduced operating costs are driving the Global Automotive Infotainment market.
Automotive Instrument Panel search for term
An automotive instrument panel, the panel located in front of the operator of an automobile and the co-passenger, houses the instruments and the controls for the operation of an automobile. The instruments located on the instrument panel include the fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, speedometer, tachometer, fuel-economy gauges, odometer, infotainment systems, and various indicators such as seat belt warning, parking brake engagement, TPMS, and an engine malfunction indicator. It also has storage spaces that the automobile owner may use to store some everyday needs.
Automotive Intercooler search for term
An intercooler is a mechanical component used to cool air that has been compressed by the turbocharger. It is placed in between the turbocharger and the engine. As intercoolers increase the air density, the oxygen content in the air increases and the air's ability to accommodate more fuel increases, which ensures better fuel combustion, which in turn helps in reducing the exhaust emission content.
Automotive Interiors Materials search for term
Automotive interior materials are the key components that enhance the ambiance and comfort of an automobile. Automotive interior materials find wide application in all kinds of passenger vehicles, medium commercial vehicles (MCVs), heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs), and buses and coaches.
Automotive LED Lighting search for term
The automotive LED lighting technology has improved significantly in terms of heat-light ratio. Reduced power consumption, high shock resistance, and longer lifespans are some of the benefits of LED lights. These features have helped manufacturers develop lighting as per customer requirements to ensure safety, and add aesthetic and functional value to the vehicle.
Automotive Lighting search for term
Lighting in an automobile is considered to be an important system, as it is vital for safety and comfort and, in modern cars, is an important feature of vehicle appearance. Automotive lighting includes lighting and signalling devices located in the front, sides, and rear of a vehicle. The primary uses of automotive lighting are to ensure visibility for the driver, improve vehicle conspicuity, and indicate the presence and position of the vehicle to others.
Automotive Multi-wheel Drive Systems search for term
The global automotive industry is focusing on the usage of technologically advanced drivetrain and safety systems to minimize accidents and mitigate the impact of accidents on both passengers and pedestrians. Subsequently, to ensure enhanced control and stability of the vehicle, OEMs developed multi-wheel drive systems to achieve the aforementioned objectives. A drivetrain is a group of components that delivers power to the driving wheels. 4WD and AWD are the systems used in vehicles to allow four or all wheels of a vehicle to receive necessary torque from the engine. The AWD system has a differential, whereas the 4WD system does not have it. The growing demand for SUVs, especially in the emerging markets such as Mexico, India, and China, is booting the growth of the market. Also, the acceptance of AWD systems in hybrid EVs and the growing awareness among consumers regarding the active safety features are propelling the growth of the market.
Automotive OEM Coatings search for term
Automotive coatings are products that enhance the appearance and durability of a vehicle by protecting it from external factors such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and foreign particles such as stones, rubble, and debris. Automotive OEM coatings are used by automotive manufacturers for the production of new passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles.
Automotive OLED search for term
An OLED is an LED that emits light in response to an electric current. In an OLED, the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound, which is responsible for the emission of light on application of electricity. OLEDs are used to create digital displays is various electronic applications such as TV screens, PC monitors, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. An OLED can display deep black levels on screens and is lighter and thinner compared to an LED. An OLED achieves a higher contrast ratio than an LED in low ambient light conditions such as a dark rooms. OLED in the automotive sector is in a dormant stage and would require several years to develop the market into the maturity stage. Automotive OLED lighting has a faster response time and consumes less power compared to other lighting options.
Automotive On-Board Diagnostics search for term
In order to address the increasing complexity and the associated complications of vehicle operation, automotive manufacturers started investing in developing efficient tools to diagnose vehicle issues and proactive maintenance indicators, which enhance fuel economy and the durability of vehicle in the long run. As a result, an automotive OBD system (also known as OBD-1) was introduced. The OBD-I is an integrated system with technology that helps automobile engineers and technicians identify and diagnose issues with the engine systems. The system consists various sensors and circuits that can detect system or component failure and indicate the system malfunction through predefined diagnostic codes. The complexity of engine designs and functions, and usage of automated computerized systems to control various functionalities of the vehicle increased. To address the increasing complexity, automotive manufacturers introduced an upgraded OBD system (known as OBD-II) with added functionalities. Most of the OBD system manufacturers are focusing on technological developments and exploring other applications of the systems. The primary areas of focus are remote diagnostics, OBD software, and OBD telematics.
Automotive Optoelectronic search for term
Optoelectronics is the study of various electronic devices that interact by transmitting and receiving signals through light. In the recent past, a vast number of applications have evolved that utilize optoelectronics, especially in the fields of semiconductors, consumer electronics, and electronic storage devices. Due the vast amount of research in the field of optoelectronics, we expect it to be adopted in areas such as electro-optics communication, material sciences, medicine, and computing.
Automotive Park Assist Systems search for term
PAS are the systems with the capability to analyze and detect parking space, monitor driver actions, and assist the driver in parking the vehicle. They help in protecting the pedestrians and vehicles in the rear by adjusting the parking angle and displaying the rear image on the display unit. These systems are enabled with ultrasonic sensors and cameras, which provide real-time information about the rear of the vehicle and assist the driver while parking the vehicle.
Automotive Remote Diagnostics search for term
Automotive remote diagnostics can be used to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) but the customers' perceived fear of security or privacy breaches must be tackled for the technology to attain market acceptance. Remote diagnostics will enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to monitor the performance of vehicular systems for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Remote diagnostics helps to prevent breakdowns by a timely alert of vehicle malfunctions. Such technologies help to manage actual breakdowns by coordinating with the service provider (at times, the fix may involve a remote software update from the OEMs). The technology also helps to reduce defects during the production phase of a car (by providing valuable information from test fleets). Further, remote vehicle diagnostics offer distinct advantages for OEMs/dealers by accelerating quicker reaction time for breakdowns, prevention of failures, and readiness of services. Remote diagnostics can be of mutual help to the dealer and repair shop because of the intelligence of the remote diagnostics systems. Remote diagnostics may be viewed as a necessity in the rapidly expanding logistics business as a result of rapid proliferation of several markets (such as e-commerce, cab aggregation, and the need for increased mobility for goods, among others).
Automotive Rocker Panel search for term
Rocker panels are long strips of metal or fiber that are ideally used to provide protection to the vehicle's lower body. Rocker panels ensure enhanced protection to the door panel of the car by preventing it from all kinds of road debris hazards such as rock clings, chips, scratches, and peeling. Rocker panels provide an additional support to the structure of the vehicle, preventing it from crumpling in collisions. In addition, rocker panels also help to enhance the appearance and style of the vehicle.
Automotive Rubber Hoses search for term
Automotive rubber hoses are widely used in radiators, heaters, automatic transmission systems, brake systems, fuel and emission systems, lubrication systems, and AC systems in automobiles. Molded and extruded hoses are the two main types of rubber hoses used in the automotive industry.
Automotive Seals search for term
Automotive seals are devices used to fill the gap between two components to stop leakage of compression or pressure. Automotive seals are of different shapes and sizes, designed as per the component geometry. They are manufactured using various materials depending on the requirements of the application. Automotive seals are used in the powertrain between rotating components located in the engine, camshaft, gearbox and wheel hub, stopping leakage of oil or lubricants and preventing dirt, water, and other contaminants from entering. Body seals are used in doors, windshields, sunroofs, and hoods of vehicles to avoid entry of water, dust, and wind, as well as to reduce noise.
Automotive Sensors search for term
A sensor is a device that detects changes in its immediate environment by picking stimulus changes and updates the system electronically. Sensors are engineered to detect chemical, physical, and process changes. A sensor sends out electronic signals, which are measured and recorded, and based on the information a corrective change is executed. There are many types of automotive sensors, such as pressure sensors, wheel speed sensors, temperature sensors, fluid-level sensors, and emission sensors, among others. The adoption of sensors increased in the late 1990s. One of the most notable automotive sensor technological advances microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology was developed well before the 1990s. The number of automotive sensors that monitor on-board conditions in a vehicle has grown steadily. The conditions or parameters that are measured include temperature, pressure, fluid levels, speed, acceleration, and oxygen flow, among others.
Automotive Steer-by-wire System search for term
An automotive steering system acts as a direct line of control and communication between the driver and the vehicle. From being rigid mechanisms, automotive steering systems have evolved to more technologically advanced, reliable, smooth, and easy-to-use systems. Modern automotive steering systems are equipped with advanced safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as airbags (in steering wheels), anti-lock braking system (ABS), autonomous cruise control (ACC), and electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) to ensure safe and smooth driving and to provide improved directional stability and agility to the vehicle. SBW is the latest in vogue steering system innovation, which replaces the steering column and linkages with sensors and wire connections. Input from the steering wheel is translated to a value, which results in the required turning angle of the wheels. The SBW system is space economical, as it eliminates the steering column and saves a lot of space (which may be reutilized for some other purpose), and it is also a step toward better fuel economy. The removal of the steering column reduces the weight and by proxy the fuel consumption, as the power needed to pull the weight of the vehicle is reduced.
Automotive Steering System search for term
An automotive steering system acts as a direct line of control and communication between the driver and the vehicle. Automotive steering systems have evolved from rigid mechanisms into technologically advanced, reliable, smooth, and easy-to-use systems. Modern automotive steering systems are equipped with advanced safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), such as airbags (in steering wheels), anti-lock braking system (ABS), adaptive cruise control (ACC), and parking assist system (PAS), to ensure safe and smooth driving and provide improved directional stability and agility to the vehicle.
Automotive Switches search for term
Automotive switches cannot be substituted by touchscreen sensors completely. Push button, rotary switches, and push-pull switches are few types of switches used in infotainment system to access entertainment, multimedia, and driver information as well as navigation. Manufacturers are introducing new products like illuminated LED switches and touchpads to make switches look better and for smarter interiors of a vehicle.
Automotive Tappets search for term
The tappet, also called a cam follower or valve lifter, is a component that runs on the camshaft, and is made to move vertically by the action of a rotating cam. It is a small part interposed between each camshaft lobe for the valve-lifting mechanism, which raises the valve off the seat. The side valves lift upward where the overhead valves are depressed to lift or open the side valves, and vice versa. As a camshaft rotates, each lobe produces both a vertical and a side thrust. In an overhead valve engine, the tappet is used low down in the engine block. From there, it drives a long thin pushrod up to the top of the engine, above the cylinder head.
Automotive Telematics search for term
Automotive telematics is defined as an integrated usage of information and telecommunications, in turn allowing the information to be sent and received automatically from vehicles. It is a system in which electronic devices communicate with other electronic devices through a connected network. Telematics uses telecom equipment to send, receive, and store information in a vehicle. The connectivity can be machine-to-machine or machine-to-human. This technology is used primarily for tracking and communication. It can be either integrated with various other systems of the vehicle or used separately and operated using mobile applications
Automotive Timing Belt search for term
A timing belt is one of the most critical components in an internal combustion engine (ICE). It operates and controls the number of revolutions of the camshaft that defines the power generated by the engine. The timing belts are placed close to the engine cylinder, where the fuel air mixture combusts and generates a significant amount of heat. A major reason for timing belt failure is the corrosion or wear and tear of the belt due to high temperature generated from the combustion chamber.
Automotive Turbocharger search for term
An automotive turbocharger uses the exhaust air released from the combustion chamber of a vehicle. The exhaust air strikes the turbine blades, which cause the turbine to rotate and provide intake air to the turbocharger. A compressor is connected to the turbine through a shaft, which sucks in the air and compresses it. The compressed air then passes through a charge-air cooler and enters the intake manifold of the engine. This allows better combustion of fuel in the engine, thus increasing the power and enhancing fuel efficiency. Automotive turbochargers help boost engine power by increasing intake of air in the combustion chamber. For instance, a four-cylinder engine fitted with a turbocharger can produce the power equivalent of a six-cylinder engine.
Automotive Upholstery search for term
The automotive upholstery industry is among the most sustainable in the world today. The use of upholstery in the automotive industry comprises floor mat, seat upholstery, trunk liner, seat belts, window frames, seat trim, sunroof, saloon roof, door panel trim, headrest covers, filter, insulating material, under shield, outer wheel arch liners, anti-rattle pads, airbags and cladding, and column padding. In terms of material, the global Automotive upholstery market can be classified as cotton upholstery, carded and combed cotton upholstery, acrylic upholstery, rayon upholstery, man-made fibre upholstery, vinyl upholstery, and leather upholstery.
Automotive Whiplash Protection System search for term
Automotive safety systems are designed to comply with the standards and regulations prescribed by government agencies and transport authorities worldwide. WHIPS (an occupant protection system) is a passive safety system designed to protect passengers and drivers against neck and spine injuries. Due to growing safety concerns and increase in road fatalities, government agencies and organizations such as Euro NCAP, US NCAP, and NHTSA are mandating the inclusion of WHIPS in all new automobiles.
Avalanche Safety Gear search for term
Avalanche safety gear has gained popularity among backcountry and sidecountry travelers. The growth in the global snow sports industry is positively impacting the avalanche safety gear market. Industry participants, including equipment manufacturers, governments, and forecasters, are collaborating to increase awareness about avalanche safety. Avalanche safety gear manufacturers are operating on very low profit margins due to the fluctuating prices of raw materials used to manufacture shovels and probes, such as steel, aluminum, and plastic.
Aviation Actuation Systems search for term
Actuation systems control a broad range of applications in an aircraft. Almost every movable part in an aircraft is comprised of an actuator; for example, actuators extend and retract landing gears. They are also used to monitor and control velocity and engine speed by adjusting levers and flaps. Different sources of energy such as electricity, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure that convert energy into motion are used to operate actuation systems.
Aviation Cyber Security search for term
The Aviation industry faces threats from multiple dimensions considering the various stakeholders in the industry. The threat is targeted to airports, service providers, and air traffic control systems. The global aviation system is targeted by attackers focusing on cyber terrorism, information theft, and other similar objectives on a larger scale. Cyber threats are internet-based attempts to disrupt or damage IT systems and hack critical information using spyware, malware, and phishing. Cyber security solutions help organizations in the Aviation sector detect, monitor, report, and counter cyber threats while maintaining the confidentiality of IT systems. Aviation cyber security solutions help protect critical data or any kind of digital asset stored on a computer or in a digital memory device. In the current scenario, increased internet penetration has given rise to sophisticated attacks on IT business infrastructure. Cyber threats are a major concern for the Aviation sector because of the increased use of mobile devices and applications.
Aviation Security search for term
The global aviation security market consists of access control, digital surveillance, passenger and cargo screening, and perimeter fencing systems, which enhance the safety and security of the passengers, employees, air cargo, airlines, and airport infrastructure. The growing air travel industry, stringent regulatory requirements, and continuously growing sophistication of threats have required airports to become highly vigilant and integrate smarter security solutions to keep up with current and future demands. The above factors are driving investments in the development of identification and screening technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, biometrics systems, and prototype screening devices to strengthen security at airports.
Aviation Test Equipment search for term
Aviation test equipment find their application in the regular checks conducted for maintenance of hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic systems in an aircraft. These controls are necessary for the aircraft to retain its airworthiness. These equipment are also essential during the assembly of a plane, during its aftermarket services, and to check for its proper functioning.
Azoxystrobin search for term
Azoxystrobin helps in protecting crops against prevalent fungal diseases including Septoria leaf blotch, rye leafrust (Puccinia triticina), stripe rust, powdery mildew, wheat leaf rust (Puccinia recondita), and downy mildew. The specified concentration of azoxystrobin is 25-400 grams of active ingredient per hectare. The chemical is a preferred fungicide for crops such as wheat, rice, grapevine, banana, and pepper. Azoxystrobin is sold as a water formulation or a suspension concentrate in varying concentrations. The chemical is applied as a foliar spray as it has an extensive residual effect. The toxicity level of azoxystrobin is moderate for bees, mammals, and insects as it is broken into its sub-components. Azoxystrobin finds extensive application in wheat farming as it helps in providing a strong protection to wheat crops against diseases such as Septoria leaf spot, wheat Septoria, and wheat leaf rust.


Baby Bath Soap search for term
Baby bath products include bubble baths and shower gels, soaps, and accessories such as bathtubs and bath cradles. Bathtubs and bath cradles are also registering increased demand, as these products make bathing easier and keep babies comfortable and safe while they are being bathed. Some bathtubs also have an optimum reclining angle for hair washing, which makes these products even more popular. Selecting baby bath soaps that are safe is of utmost importance, as some of these products contain chemicals that may affect a baby's skin and scalp negatively in the long run. Constant use of such products can cause skin irritation. Medicated baby bath soaps are mostly used in cases of rashes, inflammation, and cradle cap. While medicated baby bath soaps are effective in combating the aforementioned skin and scalp issues, they are not harsh on a baby's skin.
Baby Bottle Sterilizers search for term
The baby care products market is one of the most sensitive markets globally, due to the emotional value attached to such products. This notion is no different for baby bottle sterilizers. Parents are always concerned about getting the best and the safest products for their children. However, marketing strategies of such baby products prove that parents are much more moved by the emotional appeal generated by the vendor rather than their logical and point-based appeal. Developing countries have witnessed rapid urbanization in the last ten years, which has led to a rise in disposable income and dual-income households. The number of working women has also increased. As a result, awareness and spending on baby bottle sterilizers have also increased worldwide. All these factors have been playing a pivotal role overall in propelling the baby bottles sterilizers market.
Baby Bottles search for term
The glass baby bottles segment is the fastest-growing category compared to the other materials used for the manufacture of baby bottles. The glass baby bottles segment dominated the market till the plastic baby bottles segment took over in the 1950s. Plastic bottles are preferred over glass bottles mainly due to the convenience provided by the lightweight property of plastic.
Baby Diaper search for term
Diapers are generally made of synthetic disposable materials or cloth. However, this category is expected to lose significant share to new categories such as biodegradable baby diapers over the next five years. One of the trends in the market is the increase in R&D investment by vendors, aimed at enhancing the biodegradability of diapers by using raw materials that do not cause damage to the environment. Technological advancements have allowed for the development of smart diapers, which can track the health of a child. Diaper alert systems integrated with smartphone applications are also trending in the market.
Baby Food and Infant Formula search for term
Infant formula is either a partial or a complete replacement for breast milk for infants aged under one year old. It is available in concentrated liquid, powder, or ready-to-use formats. It is provided to meet nutritional needs and encourage the healthy physical and mental development of infants. Baby food products are provided to children up to four years of age. These are easy to prepare, soft, and have the right nutrient balance for the healthy overall development of babies. The different kinds of baby foods include cereals, soups, juices, and snacks, comprising grains, vegetables, and fruits in mashed form to enable easy consumption. Manufacturers of baby food and infant formula provide a number of products in various forms of packaging, flavors, sizes, and nutritional value.
Baby High Chairs and Booster Seats search for term
Baby high chairs are free-standing chairs that elevate the child for the purpose of feeding them. The models of baby high chairs available in the market vary in terms of shape, size, and type. As a result of product enhancements, baby high chairs are now available with a wide range of features such as adjustable height, multiple trays, casters for mobility, and reclining padded seats for infant feeding. Baby chairs are typically built using metal, plastic, and wood. Baby booster seats are similar to high chairs but do not have legs and, therefore, need to be attached to regular chairs for elevating the child at mealtime. Compared to baby high chairs, booster seats are lightweight, easy to clean, and less expensive. In addition, booster seats are smaller in size, occupy less space, and are easier to store.
Baby Oral Care search for term
Oral hygiene products are used to prevent dental problems such as tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath, and building of plaque and germs. They are designed to clean teeth, remove plaque, floss, clean the tongue, and massage the gums. A large number of oral hygiene products are available in the market such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, flosses, powders, and demineralization agents such as whitening strips, trays, and whitening sprays. The growing hygiene consciousness, pushed by major brands and government organizations, is encouraging more frequent use of oral care products, as well as frequent replacement of toothbrushes. Developing countries have seen rapid urbanization in recent years, which has led to a rise in disposable income and an increase in the number of dual-income households. These factors have had positive influences on overall spending on baby oral care products.
Baby Powder search for term
The global baby powder market is witnessing several innovations to improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of baby hygiene products. The global baby powder market is characterized by the presence of well-diversified international and regional vendors.
Baby Shampoo and Conditioner search for term
The global baby shampoo and conditioner market can be segmented into medicated and non-medicated on the basis of product type. Latin America and APAC are among the most attractive retail targets globally and represent high potential for baby shampoo and conditioner. The regions have the largest population of children in the world and have contributed to the high demand for baby hygiene products, including baby shampoo and conditioner. Manufacturers and retailers are constantly involved in product innovations and marketing strategies to develop and widen their baby shampoo and conditioner offerings in the market.
Baby Stroller and Pram search for term
Strollers and prams are used to carry babies. There are different types of stroller and pram depending on the weight and age of the child. Specifically, prams are used to carry infants in a lying position, while strollers are used to carry babies aged 1-4 years in a sitting position. Prams are heavier and bulkier than strollers. With the latest advances, baby gear technology is making it easier for parents to carry infants and babies comfortably and conveniently.
Baby Walker search for term
The global baby walker market is quite prominent in many parts of the world, and is driven by several factors. The growth in organized retail is facilitating the penetration of international brands and is also helping to enhance product visibility. Although sit-in baby walkers are popular among parents in most countries, research studies have proved that using these baby walkers for a long period of time can be detrimental to the development of a child's mental and motor skills. These walkers, if not used properly, can also result in accidents that can be harmful or even fatal to infants. Owing to such risk factors, these walkers are limited with stringent government rules and regulations, and in countries like Canada, they are entirely banned.
Baby Wipes search for term
Baby wipes are made from non-woven fabrics similar to those used in dryer sheets and are saturated with a solution of gentle cleansing ingredients. They are typically sold in plastic tubs that allow moisture retention and easy dispensing. Baby wipes are highly absorbent materials and enhance convenience of use, particularly during travel. The preservatives commonly used in baby wipes can lead to allergic skin reactions. The raw materials used in the manufacture of most baby wipes, such as elastics and superabsorbent polymers, take a long time to degrade, leading to soil pollution for many years. Eco-friendly baby wipes are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, sustainably harvested, and made of natural fibers, making them safe for use on the human body.
Back Office Outsourcing in the Financial Services Sector search for term
Back office outsourcing has become a key strategic tool for companies across all industries to stay ahead in the competition. Similarly, the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector is adopting the outsourcing strategy to outperform the competition. Organizations in the financial services sector outsource both regulated and non-regulated activities to third-party service providers to reduce costs and identify key investment areas. Back office outsourcing is a contract of a specific business task such as payroll to a third-party service provider. Typically, it is adopted as a cost-saving measure for tasks that are not core to the company. Many companies prefer outsourcing back office activities, especially when the services are delivered from offshore countries, where the cost of labor is less.
Back Office System Integration search for term
System integration solutions are used to integrate multiple systems, applications, and components in the information, communications, and technology (ICT) infrastructure of organizations. System integration solutions can be applied on the IT architecture of front office and back office to connect sub-systems and devices to exchange information within the functional department. Back office system integration tools connect back office functions such as accounts management and order and inventory management with front end systems to provide connectivity to access data at any point of time by employees and the management of the firm. System integration solutions help organizations integrate sub-systems installed in the back office department for operational efficiency. System integration solutions also help organizations integrate the back office with the front office to gain significant benefits. Data integration tools integrate enterprise systems with the back office systems for flexibility in database management systems and support enterprise to implement new business models.
Bacterial Conjunctivitis search for term
Bacterial conjunctivitis, which affects either one or both the eyes, is an extremely contagious eye condition wherein the conjunctiva is infected. Staphylococci, streptococci, gonococci, and Chlamydia are some of the causative agents of bacterial conjunctivitis. Extremely pathogenic bacteria such as Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhea cause severe bacterial conjunctivitis. Antibiotics help in eradicating the microbes, resulting in faster clearance of the symptoms. Broad-spectrum antibiotics such as Besivance, Zymaxid, Maxitrol, and AzaSite, in the form of antibiotic pills, ointment, or eye drops help treat the infection. Fluoroquinolones, macrolides, aminoglycosides, and phenicols are among the different classes of antibiotics that are commonly prescribed to treat the condition.
Badminton Equipment search for term
Badminton is the second-most popular racquet sport, preceded only by tennis. As more advanced technology and raw materials are being used to design and manufacture badminton equipment, the prices of these equipment are also increasing. Large specialty and sports shops offer popular brands of badminton equipment, making them attractive shopping destinations. Launching advertising campaigns by famous badminton players is a successful marketing strategy practiced by almost all well-established badminton equipment manufacturers.
Bakery search for term
Bakery products are popular worldwide. Breads and biscuits are the most consumed products, but demand for other bakery items such as cakes, pastries, and cookies is also increasing. The demand for traditional bakery product has deteriorated in the matured markets of Americas, and bakery manufacturers are expanding and experimenting with innovations in products such as whole wheat breads, gluten-free products, and high fiber biscuits.
Banking and Financial Smart Cards search for term
A smart card is a pocket-sized card with either an embedded integrated circuit called a microcontroller chip, which has an internal memory, or a secured memory chip. Smart cards are used mainly for security purposes for authentication, identification, data storage, and application processing. With an embedded microcontroller chip, smart cards store large amounts of data; carry out their own on-card functions such as decryption, data storage and management, digital signature calculations, and encryption; and interact quickly with a smart card reader. In the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector, smart cards are used as credit or debit cards, authentication cards for payments, fuel cards, access control cards, and high-security identification cards. They can be used as electronic wallets by loading the smart card with funds that can be transferred to a vending machine or an account using cryptographic protocols. The portability, ease of use, security, and convenience offered by banking and financial smart cards have led to the increased adoption of smart cards in the BFSI sector.
Banking IT Spending search for term
The IT setup of a banking organization comprises hardware, software, and services. The IT department handles storing, safeguarding, processing, transmitting, and retrieving an organization's information. IT enables the smooth flow of information across organizations and manages a gamut of related services, software, and solutions, and integrates and streamlines them with various processes, thus facilitating a smooth flow of organizational information. It also helps an organization to align its business processes with various technologies, and improves overall operational efficiency. The hardware segment includes desktops and laptops, storage, and security devices, and servers and networking equipment. The software segment includes infrastructure and security software, design and development software, and application software. The services segment includes IT management, development and integration, process management, hardware maintenance and support, IT consulting, and software development and support.
Bath and Shower Products search for term
Bathing and showering activities are important for the health and hygiene of an individual. Selecting safe bath and shower products is equally important; because of the availability of various bath and shower products that may contain toxic and harsh chemicals, which might harm the skin and scalp of the user. Bath and shower products include: bar soaps, bath additives, liquid bath products and shower products.
Battery Charger search for term
Battery chargers are devices that integrate charge control circuitry to charge batteries for electronic devices. A battery charger is distinct from an external power supply, which is an external electrical device that is used to convert household AC electric current into DC current or low-voltage AC current to provide power to a device. Over the years, battery chargers have become more powerful, safer, and faster, yet increasingly smaller and affordable. Battery chargers are used by numerous devices such as laptops, smartphones, feature phones, EVs, tablets, DSCs, music players, portable gaming devices, and smartwatches.
Battery Energy Storage Market for ESS search for term
Energy storage systems (ESS) store surplus electricity that can be utilized during power shortages, blackouts, and peak hours of demand. They use batteries to store the generated electricity when it exceeds demand. The surplus electricity saved in these systems is supplied to the customers when the demand exceeds the supply. Technologically advanced batteries such as Li-ion-based, lead-based, and sodium-based batteries, along with other advanced battery technologies, are available for energy storage. Previously, lead-acid batteries were increasingly being preferred for energy storage because of their inherent advantages such as high dynamic charge acceptance, longer shelf life, reliability, and lower total cost of ownership.
Battery for Solar PV Inverters search for term
The solar PV inverter is an effective technology for sustainable renewable energy-based power generation. Increased solar PV installations worldwide have resulted in high demand for inverter batteries, especially from residential solar PV systems. The global battery market for non-residential solar PV inverters mainly caters to the commercial, industrial, and government sectors.
Battery Market for Invertors search for term
A power inverter converts low-voltage direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The inverters are powered by low-powered DC sources such as batteries, mostly lead-acid batteries, because the technology is inexpensive, reliable, and mature. Two types of batteries are used in inverter systems: non-renewable inverter batteries and renewable inverter battery systems. The former are used in residential and small commercial offices as power back-ups. Renewable inverter battery systems include solar PV inverter systems.
Battery Monitoring Solutions search for term
Battery monitoring solutions comprise monitoring unit, sensors, and software to monitor and maintain battery health at an optimal condition so that it can perform to its full potential. The advantages that batteries offer over other similar storage technologies and the technological developments over the years have increased the adoption of batteries for energy storage used in emergency and grid-scale applications. The use of these batteries in conditions where they consistently operate outside the specified state leads to faster degradation of the cell and increases the chances of failure. Typically, 75% of UPS failures are due to battery failure; this can have disastrous and costly consequences. This disadvantage has made batteries a weak link in power systems. Therefore, battery monitoring solutions are being adopted to prevent such failures. Battery monitoring solutions have gained a lot of importance over the years and have become a necessity in applications where large batteries are used, such as in electric cars, power grids, and in mission-critical power systems. Battery monitoring solutions consist of both hardware and software components.
Battlefield Management Systems search for term
A battlefield management system (BMS) provides the military unit with an integrated common operating picture (COP) that utilizes collaborative planning tools to enhance decision-making skills of the troops. This system provides the flexibility to manage and control events at combat level and also increases the probability for the mission success. The main purpose of BMS is to provide real-time tactical information of the battlefield to increase the survivability of troops.
BB and CC Products search for term
BB and CC products are developed to protect the skin and hair from harmful UV radiation and to be used as a multifunctional beauty product. Based on functionality, they can be categorized into three segments: BB and CC skin care products, BB and CC color cosmetics, and BB and CC hair care products. UV radiation, especially UV-A and UV-B, is harmful to human skin and can cause problems such as excessive tanning, irritation, allergies, and premature skin aging. It can also have adverse effects on the immune system and may even lead to skin cancer. Awareness of these issues among consumers has led to an increase in the demand for BB and CC products as sun care products.
BCD Power IC search for term
BCD technology is a combination of bipolar components and CMOS and DMOS power transistors, and is used for smart power management. It combines analog, logic, and power output stages onto a single chip. Bipolar chips ensure accurate analog functions, CMOS takes care of digital framework, and DMOS looks after power and high-voltage management. BCD power ICs improve a device's performance while reducing the cost and complexities involved in the technology. . In the semiconductor space, BCD power ICs are increasingly becoming a necessary product due to factors such as high demand for voltage regulators in portable applications like cellphones (predominantly smartphones). In addition, the need for more power-efficient and higher-performance solutions in portable battery-powered devices presents a large number of opportunities for power management ICs.
Beauty Drinks search for term
A beauty drink is any type of drink that includes contains nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants providing beauty benefits. Beauty drinks are product of a strongly emerging trend called beauty from within. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body that leads to skin elasticity and suppleness. However, after one crosses the age of 25 years, the collagen formation gradually reduces, causing sagging and wrinkles. Therefore, beauty drinks are mainly consumed to decelerate the aging signs of one's skin. In addition to preventing aging signs, the drinks are taken for sustaining skin radiance, skin vitality, and skin detoxification.
Bedroom Furniture search for term
The global bedroom furniture industry is highly fragmented. It is also labor-intensive and includes craft-based local firms and mass volume producers and retailers. With the emergence of flat-pack and ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, mass production has become viable, allowing for larger quantities of shipments. Furniture that uses regional and cultural influences from different parts of the world is becoming increasingly popular due to growing tourism. Artists and designers are incorporating international designs in bedroom furniture including European, African, and Asian designs. These patterns are commonly used in upholstered and wooden bedroom furniture. Large organized retail stores stock many brands and a variety of bedroom furniture products under one roof, providing more options to consumers. Consumers usually purchase bedroom furniture when setting up a new bedroom or moving into a new house, adding storage due to changing family needs, replacing worn out or old bedroom furniture, or for redecoration. These products are meant for long-term use and generally do not require frequent replacement.
Beer search for term
Beer is considered to be the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. It is also regarded as the third most popular drink, after water and tea. Beer is an alcoholic beverage manufactured by the hydrolysis of starch and fermentation of the obtained sugar. The starch and enzymes are generally obtained from malted cereal grains such as malted barley and malted wheat. In addition, most beer is also flavored with hops, which add bitterness and act as a natural preservative; however, other flavorings such as herbs or fruit might be included. This process of preparation of beer is called brewing.
Behavioral Biometric search for term
Behavioral biometrics helps in uniquely identifying an individual based on measurable patterns of human traits such as keystroke analysis, voice authentication, and signature verification of an individual. Keystroke biometrics allows an individual's identification based on the manner and rhythm of typing on a keyboard. Thus, keystroke analysis can be used for an individual's identification and authentication. Voice biometrics digitizes an individual's voice to match it against a stored voiceprint template. Acoustic features of an individual's voice such as pitch, cadence, and tone are compared to distinguish between individual voices. Voice verification systems require minimal hardware installation, as most PCs have a microphone, and authenticate individuals remotely for various transactions. Signature verification is needed for several application areas such as bank cheques, authorizing documents and contracts, validating credit card transactions, and verifying activities through signatures for accurate identification and verification.
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Devices search for term
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a condition characterized by non-cancerous proliferation of prostate gland cells. This causes the gland to enlarge and, as a result, press against the urethra, constricting urine flow. It is associated with aging, hormone imbalances, and abnormal cell growth. Benign prostatic hyperplasia device is used to perform invasive and MI surgeries to remedy a blocked urethra.
Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler search for term
The advancement in technologies and changing preferences of consumers have revolutionized the designs of kitchen and home appliances. Consumers are more likely to use sustainable products. Vapour compression is the technology which is used in traditional refrigerators and thermoelectric technology is typically used for smaller appliances like beverage refrigerators. Consumers in developed counties like the US and Western European countries have adopted the trend of incorporating entertaining rooms in their homes. In order to make serving and storing beverages convenient, consumers are investing in wine coolers and beverage centers. A growing trend towards alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining has also propelled the demand for appliances that can store a large quantity of beverages in one place as per the assigned storage requirements. As the beverage market grows with newer and healthy beverage varieties for consumers, the off trade sales of beverages will also see a burgeoning trend. This in turn will propel the beverage cooler market for the residential segment.
Bicycle Crank Motor search for term
Pedelecs (pedal electric cycle)/e-bikes are bicycles equipped with torque sensors that engage and initiate the motor without the rider operating a throttle. Typically, pedelecs or e-bikes consist of a battery pack, electric motor, and a user control attached to the handle bar. The motor converts the electric energy from the lithium ion/lead-based battery into mechanical energy that aids a rider in pedalling the bicycle. A crank motor, also called a mid-drive motor or a central motor, is a centralized motor that is placed inside the seat tube of a cycle. Crank motors are widely used in Europe. The demand for crank motors is rising as customers prefer them to hub motors.
Bicycle Crank Motor search for term
Pedelecs (pedal electric cycle)/e-bikes are bicycles equipped with torque sensors that engage and initiate the motor without the rider operating a throttle. Typically, pedelecs or e-bikes consist of a battery pack, electric motor, and a user control attached to the handle bar. The motor converts the electric energy from the lithium ion/lead-based battery into mechanical energy that aids a rider in pedalling the bicycle. A crank motor, also called a mid-drive motor or a central motor, is a centralized motor that is placed inside the seat tube of a cycle. It is connected to the crankshaft through interlocking gears. The gear at the bottom of the motor locks into the gear ring, which is placed on top of the crankshaft.
Big Data search for term
Big data refers to a wide range of hardware, software, and services required for processing and analyzing enterprise data that is too large for traditional data processing tools to manage. These data are generated from various sources such as mobile devices, digital repositories, and enterprise applications, and their size ranges from terabytes to exabytes. Big data solutions have a wide range of applications such as analysis of conversations in social networking websites, fraud management in the financial services sector, and disease diagnosis in the healthcare sector.
Big Data Enabled search for term
Big data refers to a large and complex data set that is difficult to manage with conventional data management tools or traditional processing applications. Big data is complex because of its volume, variety and velocity required to manage it. Big data solutions are used for the storage and analysis of a large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data that are generated in organizations on a daily basis. Big data includes a wide variety of data ranging from enterprise data in ERP, SCM, and CRM applications; patient data in electronic medical records; data from sensors and network devices; and data from business transactions. Big data is increasingly being cited as a top priority of many industry leaders because of peer pressure as technology advances and has the potential to create a competitive edge.
Big Data in Oil and Gas Sector search for term
Big data solutions are the wide range of solutions required for processing and analyzing enterprise data, which are too large for traditional data processing tools to manage. The oil and gas sector generates various types of structured and unstructured data. The type of data ranges from terabytes (10^12 bytes) to zettabytes (10^21 bytes) in size. Big data solutions are used in the oil and gas sector to provide a fast consolidated view of organization-wide information. Big data solutions also help organizations to improve their operational performance and maximize profitability.
Big Data in the Manufacturing Sector search for term
Big data solutions refer to the wide range of hardware, software, and services required for analyzing and processing enterprise data that is too large for traditional data processing tools to manage. This type of data is generated from different sources such as mobile devices, digital repositories, enterprise applications and ranges from terabyte to exabyte in size. Big data solutions help process and analyze this large volume of data. They have a wide array of applications such as analysis of conversations in social networking websites, fraud management in the financial services sector, disease diagnosis in the healthcare sector, and supply chain management in the manufacturing sector. Organizations in the manufacturing sector need big data solutions to automatically track the performance and behavior of the information stored in their IT systems. They also require data analytics to develop innovative business strategies and improve overall operational efficiency. Big data solutions help identify the risks and opportunities, enabling organizations to plan and perform accordingly.
Big Data IT Spending in Financial Sector search for term
Big data solutions can be used in the financial services sector for applications, including risk, regulations and compliances, and product innovation. The solutions enhance overall customer experience considerably. Financial organizations have started using big data solutions to make use of large volumes of data stored in their databases and then subsequently derive meaningful insights from this data.
Big Data Spending in Healthcare Industry search for term
Healthcare data ranges from patient data medical records, clinical data, data from sensors monitoring vital signs; news feeds to social media data. This high volume of complex electronic health data is difficult to manage with conventional data management tools. Big data in healthcare can be used to predict epidemics, support clinical decisions, improve the quality of life and avoid preventable deaths. The synergy between big data and cloud computing will help the healthcare sector reap benefits from government incentives for the use of EHRs. As most of the big data would be stored in the cloud, healthcare organizations would also be able to access it using mobile devices reducing overhead costs.
Bike Car Rack search for term
A bike car rack consists of a set of bars mounted on the roof, hitch or trunk of a car that secures bikes for transportation. While some vehicles include factory-installed car racks, others need to be fitted with aftermarket parts. Since most bike car racks are temporarily fitted, aftermarket parts are used. Vendors are focusing on modern product designs with more features. The increasing use of bikes has positively influenced the sales of bike car racks. There are three types of bike car racks: roof-mounted, hitch-mounted, and trunk-mounted.
Binders Excipients search for term
Binders are used to hold or bind materials close enough so that they form a cohesive unit; binders also act as adhesives. Binder excipients are used during medicine or drug formulations. They are used to form granules of medical powders, which under compaction can take various shapes to form a compact mass, known as tablets.
Bio Pharma Cold Chain Packaging search for term
Biopharma products, also called biological medical products, include temperature-sensitive drugs, blood or blood components, vaccines, gene therapy products, and tissues. To maintain product sterility, and to prevent breakage, spillage, and contamination, these products require specialized packaging. Packaging protects the product during distribution, storage, sale, and usage. Packaging also assists in advertising and differentiating the product.
Bio Pharma Logistics search for term
The biopharmaceutical industry uses logistics for the complete management of the way resources are acquired, stored, and moved to different end-users. The use of logistics helps the pharmaceutical industry have a continual supply of drugs, equipment, and devices from suppliers and distributors in different locations.
Bio-alcohols search for term
Bio alcohols are sustainable organic chemicals that possess important physiological properties through the fermentation of sugar or cellulose. Bio-alcohols are environment-friendly and mainly used in transportation as an alternative to gasoline.The growing scarcity of non-renewable resources is a key driver of this market. Bio-based chemicals are increasingly replacing petroleum-based products owing to a rise in crude oil prices.
Bio-based Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) search for term
Bio-based PET is a biodegradable product made from materials such as monoethylene glycol (MEG) and terephthalic acid (PTA). About 30% of bio-based PETs are composed of monoethylene glycol (MEG), a product of sugarcane ethanol, and the rest is composed of purified terephthalic acid (PTA), a chemical-based product of crude oil.
Bio-based Polyurethane search for term
Bio-based polyurethanes are manufactured by the reaction of bio-based polyols with synthetic di-isocyanates. The primary raw materials for bio-based polyols are sunflower oil, castor oil, soybean oil, and rapeseed oil. Adipic acid, a petroleum-based compound, and few other di-acids are the commonly used conventional raw materials for manufacturing polyurethanes. However, natural oil polyols or bio-polyols derived from vegetable oils can also be used for manufacturing polyurethanes. These products are called bio-based polyurethanes.
Bio-based Propylene Glycol search for term
Bio-based propylene glycol is considered as an alternative for petroleum-based propylene glycol. It is produced from plant and animal sources and is more reliable and comparatively pure than petroleum-based propylene glycol. The chemical is used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, unsaturated polyester resins, and antifreeze agents. Propylene glycol is sought for the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins. Propylene glycol is used as a delivery ingredient and as a humidifying agent in cosmetics, and it is also used as a solubilizer for many pharmaceutical agents. The preference for bio-based products is increasing in the cosmetics industry, as these products are safer than the synthetic products.
Bio-Polyamide search for term
Polyamides are polymers that can be used to structurally and characteristically replace metal, wood, glass, or ceramic in various applications. Bio-based polyamides are in high demand as these are made from renewable and bio-based feedstock. These materials are likely to exhibit a superior environmental profile and deliver applicative performances at a competitive price.
Bio-Surfactants search for term
Bio-surfactants are an assorted gathering of active molecules that can be produced by integrating living cells or micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Bio-based surfactants can be produced from oleochemical raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal fats, sucrose, and glucose. Due to their excellent foaming, wetting, emulsifying, and detergency traits, bio-surfactants have emerged as the most versatile bio-process chemicals and are widely in various industries such as cosmetics, personal care, bioremediation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food processing.
Bioactive Ingredients search for term
Bioactive ingredients are bio-molecules added to food products in order to help in the metabolic process for better health. Bioactive ingredients are useful for various metabolic activities and for beneficial effects in numerous lifestyle diseases. They also play an important role in filling the gap for the lack of balance diet and insufficient intake of nutritional food. Bioactive ingredients can be segmented into types based on fibers, vitamins, omega-3 PUFA, plant extracts, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants, probiotics, and others.
Bioadhesives search for term
Bioadhesives are natural polymers that are used as adhesives. These are synthetically produced using organic monomers such as sugars. Bioadhesives materials build a resilient interface between two categories of materials such as soft and hard materials, which display certain characteristics that make them different from synthetic adhesives. Proteins and carbohydrates are the primary raw materials used to make bioadhesives. Gelatin (proteins) and starch (carbohydrates) are used as general purpose adhesives. Bioadhesives are primarily used in the paper and packaging and personal care sectors. They are used in the healthcare sector as alternatives to synthetic polymers. This is attributable to their biocompatibility with biological fluids and living tissues. They are also used as binding agents in construction applications.
Biobanking search for term
A biobank is a biorepository for the preservation of biological materials used for the diagnosis of diseases, biodiversity studies, and research. It is used to store different kinds of samples such as tissue, blood, serum, DNA, and RNA. These banks vary significantly in size: biobanks in medical institutions hold relatively moderate numbers of samples while national biobanks contain a large number of samples. They are commonly used to support research, particularly those into genetic disorders, personalized medicine, and stem cell research for the treatment of genetic conditions, and to maintain and update age demographic databases.
Biochips search for term
A biochip is an example of a bio-microsystem; it is a collection of microarrays organized on a solid substrate, allowing thousands of complex biochemical reactions, including decoding genes, in less time. The different types of biochips available in the market include lab-on-a-chip (LOC), DNA chips, and protein chips, which are used for different applications. Biochip-based analysis is primarily used for on-site diagnosis. Biochips are used for diverse applications, including research in biotechnology such as proteomics and genomics, molecular diagnostics, and drug screening and development. They also provide other diagnostic applications such as microarray, microfluidic technologies, and biosensors. A biochip can also provide an analysis of organic molecules associated with living organisms. It helps in identifying airborne toxins, environmental pollutants, gene sequences, and other biochemical constituents.
Biodiesel search for term
Biodiesel feedstock should help countries that rely on agricultural income, which will lead to optimal usage of agricultural wasteland and boost employment opportunities. However, the feedstock used for the production of biodiesel is also used as food, which has created a conflict with the food sector, leading to an industry-wide food versus fuel debate. The use of feedstock to produce fuel has led to a shortage of food, thereby raising food prices. This conflict has given rise to the development of second- and third-generation biodiesels that can be extracted from non-food crops. The large-scale production of biodiesel and scientific advancements have improved fuel quality, increasing the scope of biodiesel use from conventional road transport to aviation, public transport, railways, and military. The cost of production of biodiesel is relatively high (compared to conventional fuels), but the subsidies offered by many governments strengthen the market prospects for biofuels and continue to drive the demand for biodiesel in many countries.
Biofuels search for term
The biofuels policy is highly focused on improving the energy security, food security and reducing pollution to controllable levels. The transportation sector has been identified as the highest contributor to pollution in urban areas. By implementing biofuel blending mandates the government intends to improve pollution control as well as reduce the reliance on conventional fuels. Biofuel like biodiesel reduces GHG by 60-70% depending on the quality of the fuel. The amount of biofuels used is directly proportional to the reduction of conventional fuels, thus reducing the reliance on conventional fuels and reducing the need for importing. The main reasons for switching to biofuels are the local availability of feedstock and jobs creation through the manufacturing process. Biodiesel is another biofuel that is largely used as an alternate fuel across the world. It can be produced using various feedstock and can be used in motor vehicles without modification to the engine.
Bioinformatics search for term
Bioinformatics is a field of science that includes computational analysis of biological data, which consists of information stored in DNA form and protein sequences in various biological databases. Biology, information technology, and computer science merge into single discipline in bioinformatics. This field is deep rooted in molecular biology and surrounds subject areas from structural biology, genomics to gene expression studies. Bioinformatics is commonly used for identifying SNPs and candidate genes. Bioinformatics analysis focuses on three data set types: macromolecular structures, genome sequences, and functional genomics experiments.
Biologic Therapeutics search for term
Biologic therapeutics include viruses, therapeutic serums, toxins, allergenic products, antitoxins, blood or blood components or derivatives, vaccines, and proteins (except any chemically synthesized polypeptide). These also include analogous products, arsphenamine, or derivatives of arsphenamine (or any other trivalent organic arsenic compound) for the prevention, treatment, or cure of a disease or condition. Biologics differ from small molecules in their molecular weight, structure, procedure of synthesis, and immunogenicity. Biologics have a high molecular weight and a complex molecular structure, are usually derived from living entities, and are vulnerable to extreme temperatures (thermolabile) and light.
Biological Safety Cabinet search for term
Biological safety cabinets, or biosafety cabinets, are enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspaces that are designed to protect the laboratory workers, the experimental material, and the surrounding environment from harmful biological agents, contaminants, or other potentially hazardous materials. Biological safety cabinets allow laboratory workers to work safely with substances that may be contaminated with pathogens and require a defined biosafety level. There are several types of biological safety cabinets depending on the degree of the biocontainment (physical containment of pathogenic organisms or agents) required.
Biolubricant search for term
The term biolubricants refers to all lubricants that are nontoxic as well as biodegradable. The rapid depletion of crude oil reserves and issues related to energy conservation and environmental protection have put an emphasis on the development of renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly industrial fluids, such as biolubricants. Biolubricants have a minimum impact on human health and aquatic environment. Lubricants are a key element for industrial and transport applications and more than 95% of the lubricants market is dominated by the low-cost mineral oils. Around 30% of these mineral-based lubricants inevitably end up in the ecosystem and are harmful for environment. Hence, biolubricants being biodegradable are preferred over mineral-based lubricants in terms of environmental safety.
Biomass Boiler search for term
A biomass boiler is used to generate heat or power from biomass, with less impact on the environment than conventional fuel. Heating and cooling account for almost half of the world's energy consumption. This requirement is fulfilled using conventional sources such as electricity, which is generated from fossil fuels. Power generation from fossil fuels results in the emission of a large amount of CO2, negatively affecting the environment. Biomass has proven to be highly efficient in controlling carbon emissions; it produces 60%-80% less carbon emissions compared to conventional fuels. District heating centers and zero energy buildings will play an important role in the future of biomass boiler installations. Biomass boilers are deployed to meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals at the city, regional, and national level for a sustainable future.
Biomass Power Generation search for term
Biomass power generation comprises power generation from human and natural carbon-containing waste. These waste products are derived from various sources, including by-products from the timber industry, sugarcane crops, woody plants, agricultural residue, oil-rich algae, and organic municipal and industrial waste. Power generation through biomass is gaining popularity. Recovering energy from garbage has evolved over the years from simple incineration of waste in an uncontrolled environment to controlled combustion of waste, which ensures environment friendliness. Biomass is an ideal substitute for conventional fossil fuels used for heating and power generation. There are a number of processes that generate energy from a wide variety of biomass products. Conversion technologies release energy directly in the form of heat or electricity, or convert biomass into other forms, such as liquid biofuel or combustible biogas.
BioMEMS and Microsystem in Healthcare search for term
BioMEMS and microsystems play a vital role in the clinical and biomedical applications by monitoring some of the most critical health-related challenges such as the cost of health care and disease prevention techniques. Moreover, with the introduction of BioMEMS devices there is a massive possibility of improving the delivery systems of the transdermal drug, which, at present, are limited to passive diffusion devices.
Biometric in Workforce management search for term
Biometrics include the authentication of an individual by evaluating one or more unique biological traits such as voice recognition, hand geometry, fingerprint identification, facial recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition. In addition, biometrics technologies are more reliable than physical devices and numeric codes. With advances in hardware, sensors, readers, pattern recognition, signal, and image processing technologies, a number of biometric technologies such as vein, keystroke, ear, electroencephalography (EEG), or electrocardiogram (ECG), gait, and palm print recognition have been developed to deal with identification of individuals. Biometrics in workforce management organizations gain a better insight into the employee's work and time spent on the work. This information helps organizations allocate workforce appropriately and process accurate payroll, as tracking employee's time, attendance, and performance on time cards and sheets are time consuming and expensive.
Biometrics search for term
Biometrics is a technology that measures and analysis physiological or behavioral patterns of humans for authentication or identification purposes. Fingerprints, irises, voice patterns and the spatial geometry of the face are some of the most widely used characteristics for biometrics recognition process. Physiological patterns include fingerprints, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, and iris recognition, whereas behavioral patterns are signature, keystroke dynamics, and voice recognition. The data obtained from these sources are used for security and authentication purposes. Biometrics is mainly used for banking authentication, law enforcement, and providing physical access.
Biometrics as-a-service search for term
Biometrics as a service is implemented on the premises of a service provider and enables end-user access to solutions through a cloud-based system. This is a cost-effective solution for end-users, as all the hardware, software, and implementation costs are borne by service providers. Biometrics as a service provides scalability, security, round-the-clock monitoring, and reliability. Biometrics as a service is used in the BFSI sector to provide employees and customers access to secure premises such as lockers. A number of payment gateways are also using biometrics as a service to restrict access to financial transactions. Biometrics as a service can also be used to identify students for cashless vending. Biometrics as a service is used for employee identification in the government sector to avoid data theft.
Biometrics Market in Retail Sector search for term
Biometrics in the retail sector is seen as the most accurate and reliable system because it eliminates manual input, identity card exchange, and time theft. Biometrics include the authentication of an individual by evaluating one or more unique biological traits, such as voice recognition, hand geometry, fingerprint identification, facial recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition. In addition, biometric technologies are considered to be more reliable compared with physical devices and numeric codes. As a result of the advances in hardware, sensors, readers, pattern recognition, and signal and image processing technologies, a number of biometric technologies, such as keystroke, ear, electroencephalogram (EEG)/electrocardiogram (ECG), gait, and palm print recognition, have been developed to deal with the identification of individuals. Biometrics in the retail sector help organizations to gain complete and accurate visibility regarding the workforce by having real-time information regarding their reporting and leaving time.
Biometrics Market in the Government Sector search for term
Biometrics involves the authentication of an individual by evaluating one or more unique biological traits. This authentication can be done through voice recognition, hand geometry analysis, DNA analysis, gait recognition, fingerprint identification, facial recognition, iris recognition, signature verification, and vein recognition. Biometric technologies are considered to be more reliable for authentication compared to physical devices and numeric codes. With advances in hardware, sensors, readers, pattern recognition, and signal and image processing technologies, a number of biometric technologies have been developed to deal with the identification of individuals. The government sector is a prominent user of fingerprint recognition, DNA recognition, facial recognition, voice recognition, and iris recognition. The law enforcement divisions of governments across the globe use biometrics to identify criminals accurately from a large number of people. Governments have increased their spending on more reliable biometric techniques and reduced the adoption of non-biometric technologies. Due to the rising instances of terrorist attacks, governments are deploying biometrics at airports to verify individuals based on their behavioral and physiological characteristics such as iris pattern and fingerprint pattern that are embedded into passports and visas. This will improve the operational efficiency and enhance security checks at airports.
Biometrics Monitoring Systems search for term
Biometrics includes the authentication of an individual by evaluating one or more unique biological traits such as voice recognition, hand geometry, gait recognition, fingerprint identification, facial recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition. Also, biometric technologies are considered to be more reliable compared to physical devices and numeric codes. With the advances in hardware, sensors, readers, pattern recognition, and signal and image processing technologies, a number of biometric technologies such as vein, face, iris, retina, voice, signature, hand geometry, keystroke, ear, EEG/ECG, and palm print recognition have been developed to deal with the identification of individuals. The adoption of biometrics monitoring systems is gaining prominence worldwide in law enforcement, financial institutions, access control, immigration, national ID, time and attendance monitoring, border control, hospitals, retail, and airport security.
Biometrics POS Terminals search for term
Biometric technology is widely preferred among enterprises and educational institutions for payment at POS terminals over traditional authentication methods involving passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs). This is because biometrics is difficult to replicate unlike passwords and PINs, which can be easily hacked. Biometric POS terminals, integrated with biometrics technology, are primarily used as a payment solution. However, biometric POS terminals are used to track employee time and attendance as well. With technological advances in hardware and sensors, a number of biometric technologies, such as keystroke and electroencephalogram (EEG), have been developed for the identification of individuals. These biometrics are mainly used by government authorities for identity verification.
Biopesticides search for term
Bio-pesticides are developed using pathogenic microorganisms, and are used to target a specific pest, which offers an eco-friendly and effective pest control solution. The mostly utilized biopesticides are living organisms that are pathogenic in nature and can destroy the target pest. The following benefits offered by bio-pesticides make them preferable than conventional synthetic pesticides: (i) Bio-degradable in nature, providing less harm to the environment, (ii) specific mode of action, and (iii) negligible amount of residues produced.
Biophotonics search for term
Biophotonics is a process that involves the use of light (photon) to identify, preserve and manipulate the biological materials, such as properties, conditions, and changes at the molecular, cellular, and subcellular levels in living organisms. It is an emerging technology that has varied application in industries like diagnostics, therapeutics, agriculture and biotechnology.
Biorefinery search for term
Biorefineries convert the feedstock through the technological process to produce, fuel, electricity, heat, and various other by-products that can be used in other industries. Globally there is an increase in biorefineries as they play an important role; they are sustainable by using feedstock that is renewable in nature thus increasing energy security. The technological improvements in biorefining will increase biodiversity in the environment.
Bipolar Disorder Therapeutics search for term
Bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by intermittent mood swings. The individual suffering with this disorder experiences extreme poles of either mania or depression or both. The disorder severely affects the personal, social and professional life of an individual. The symptoms usually include drastic changes in mood, either as a manic episode or a depressive episode. There is no complete cure for the disorder. Atypical antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants are being widely used in the treatment of the disorder. It is considered a lifelong disease and the discontinuation of the medication can lead to the relapse of the condition.
Bisphenol A search for term
Bisphenol A (chemical formula: C15H16O2) is a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. It is a colorless solid and poorly soluble in water, though soluble in organic solvents. The plastic made from bisphenol A is used to manufacture water bottles, sports equipment, and eyeglass lenses.
Blind Spot Detection search for term
Blind spot detection (BSD) is also known as blind spot information, side assist, side blind zone alert, blind spot warning, and active blind spot monitoring. BSD systems consists of ultrasonic or radar sensors or cameras installed on the side and rear of the vehicle. These track the rear of the vehicle as well as vehicles coming alongside. The alert by the BSD remains active until the vehicle in the adjacent lane has either moved ahead or is directly alongside, that is, out of the blind spot. By employment of this technology, automakers not only make driving safer, but also justify higher prices and distinguish themselves from the competition.
Blister Packaging search for term
Blister packaging is a type of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, pharmaceutical drugs, and medical devices. A blister pack is made up of aluminium foil or plastic with a cavity or pocket made from thermoformed plastic. It helps protect products from contamination and external conditions such as humidity. Blister packs are manufactured primarily through two processes: thermoforming and cold forming.
Blood Bank Refrigerators search for term
Blood bank refrigerators are used to store and preserve whole blood, blood derivatives, and blood reagents. Blood bank refrigerators play a significant role in the requirements of the medical and research industry. Since blood and blood products can be effectively stored only under a specified temperature range, standards of quality and safety for the refrigerators is key to ensuring that blood used in transfusions is safe and protected. Blood bank refrigerators are available in different sizes, depending on energy use, and are designed so that they are able to extend services even to limited energy locations. On the basis of the technology used or compressor type, blood bank refrigerators can be of different types such as standard electric, solar powered, or ice-lined. A typical blood bank refrigerator system usually consists of a compressor, a capillary tube, a condenser, an evaporator, and interconnecting tubes.
Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analysers search for term
A blood gas and electrolyte analyzer (or blood gas analyzer) is used for testing blood. It measures the concentration of hydrogen ions to measure the acidity level in the blood. It also measures the pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen present in the blood. The pressure of carbon dioxide helps in accessing the efficiency of acid elimination in the body, and the pressure of oxygen measures the oxygen absorption efficiency of the body. Blood gas analyzers also measure electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, chloride ions, and bicarbonate ions.
Blu ray Media and Devices search for term
Blu-ray discs (BD) use a blue-violet laser, which has a shorter wavelength than the red laser used in DVDs. This allows these discs to store a large amount of data more accurately in a relatively limited space. The penetration of Blu-ray technology is rapidly increasing in developing countries due to growing awareness of the technology. Blu-ray is considered to provide an enhanced home entertainment experience by providing better viewing experience. Blu-ray media refers to the video or audio content that can be stored in the Blu-ray format. The technology uses a blue-violet laser, which has a shorter wavelength than the red laser that is used in DVDs. The blue-violet laser focuses on intricate details, enriching the media content.
Blu-Ray Media and Devices search for term
Blu-ray is considered to provide an enhanced home entertainment experience by offering better viewing experience. Therefore, the demand for high-quality digital content has grown exponentially in-line with latest technological trends. Blu-ray is considered as one such technology which can enhance the home entertainment experience. Blu-ray discs (BD) use a blue-violet laser, which has a shorter wavelength than the red laser used in DVDs. This allows these discs to store a large amount of data more accurately in a relatively limited space. Most Hollywood movies are released in the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray media refers to the video or audio content that can be stored in the Blu-ray format. The technology uses a blue-violet laser, which has a shorter wavelength than the red laser that is used in DVDs. The blue-violet laser focuses on intricate details, enriching the media content.
Bluetooth Beacon Device in Retail search for term
Bluetooth beacon devices are developed with the help of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The first version of BLE used for developing beacons was BLE version-4.0. The BLE technology standard for beacons was introduced by Apple Inc. September 2013. Apple launched the beacon technology under the brand name of iBeacon in October 2013. In mid-2015, Google and Microsoft also developed beacon technology standards: Eddystone by Google and Microsoft 10 by Microsoft. These three different beacon technology standards support three different smartphone operating systems. iBeacon supports iOS, Eddystone supports Android, and Microsoft 10 supports Windows.
Bluetooth Beacon Devices search for term
Bluetooth beacon devices are developed with BLE technology. BLE version 4.0 was the first version used for developing Bluetooth beacons. The BLE technology standard for beacons was introduced by Apple for the first time in September 2013. Apple launched its beacon technology under the brand name iBeacon in October 2013. In mid-2015, Google and Microsoft also developed beacon technology standards: Eddystone and Microsoft 10. These different beacon technology standards support three different smartphone operating systems. iBeacon supports iOS; Eddystone supports Android; and Microsoft 10 supports Windows. Bluetooth beacons are enabling companies to increase sales and offer a unique, interactive digital experience to consumers. Bluetooth beacons are considered to be the next big thing in many industries such as retail, transportation, logistics, and healthcare, owing to their effective micro-location, presence detection, and contextual communication attributes.
Bluetooth Headsets search for term
Bluetooth headsets are electronic devices used for listening to audio signals such as music or speech from audio and video devices such as radios, MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, and other portable devices. They are made up of speakers that are placed close to a user's ears. Many Bluetooth headsets are equipped with microphones that enable a user to communicate hands-free.
Body Contouring search for term
Body contouring refers to the procedures used to remove excess fat, skin, or both to alter the shape of the body and achieve a desirable shape. These procedures provide obese and overweight people with quick and immediate results to avoid further complications. Body contouring is mostly performed on body areas that contain high fat deposits such as the torso, chest, thighs, and upper arms. Popular body contouring procedures include breast lifts (mastopexy), upper arm lifts (brachioplasty), liposuction, lower body lifts, and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty).
Bone and Mineral Diagnostic Testing search for term
Bone and mineral disorders are usually caused by abnormalities in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and in bone structure or bone mass. Osteoporosis, Paget's disease, and osteogenesis imperfecta are the most common bone diseases. Other diseases, such as arthritis and cancer and their respective treatments, also have adverse effects on bone. Bone and mineral diagnostic tests are used for the diagnosis and assessment of changes in response to bone disorder therapy. These tests are performed using various technologies such as the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA), and radioimmunoassay (RIA) techniques.
Bone Grafts and Substitutes search for term
Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves replacement of missing bone with bone from another part of the patient's body, or an artificial or natural substitute. Bone grafting is feasible because bony tissue has the ability to regrow. As natural bone grows, it replaces the graft completely, resulting in a completely integrated region of new bone. It is seen in prosthodontic procedures, such as dental implants and denture fabrication, where minimal amount of bone needs to be replaced.
Border Security search for term
Border security forces restrict trans-border crimes, including smuggling and infiltration by illegal immigrants. These forces also aid in collecting trans-border intelligence. Border security includes air and marine forces, artillery regiments, and commando units. Manned systems are an essential part of any border security force. Manned systems include combat aircraft, vehicles, ships, and submarines. Unmanned systems and perimeter surveillance and detection systems are also gaining popularity, as they aid in ISR missions to collect enemy information and strategies.
Bottled Water search for term
Bottled water comes from sources such as wells, springs, artesian wells, and the municipal water supply. It typically undergoes a purification process before being packaged in plastic or glass bottles. Bottled water can be categorized into mineral water, still water, flavored water, and sparkling water. However, its two primary forms are still and sparkling. Still water is similar to ordinary tap water and has not undergone any carbonation. Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water, soda water, seltzer water, or fizzy water, is water that has been artificially carbonated. Bottled water is one of the most profitable beverages in the beverage industry, and its consumption is growing rapidly. Many consumers consider bottled water to be their primary or only source of water because it is perceived to be safer than tap water and other sources. They prefer bottled water brands that are considered trustworthy, rather than unbranded bottled water.
Bottled Water Packaging search for term
Bottled water comes from sources including wells, springs, artesian wells, and municipal water supplies. It typically undergoes a purification process before being packaged in plastic or glass bottles. Bottled water can be categorized into mineral water, still water, flavored water, and sparkling water. Bottled water is one of the most profitable beverages in the beverage industry, and its consumption is growing rapidly because of its convenience and appeal. Bottled water packaging provides product support, external environment protection, and is tamper resistant. It aids in the reliable distribution of bottled water on the value chain and reduces post-production damage. The different types of materials used in packaging of bottled water are plastic, glass, other packaging materials like metal, and paperboard.
BPM as a service search for term
BPMaaS refers to business processes integrated with cloud services such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). BPMaaS helps improve business process visibility and helps in decision-making. BPMaaS has shifted the focus from traditional business processes to service providers who deliver the BPMaaS services and solutions. The enterprises no longer need a high budget or to take a risk in deploying large and unfamiliar infrastructure in the organization for development, test, and production processes. BPMaaS optimizes business processes and increases profitability through process design, process engines, and process analytics. It is also used to simulate, automate, and monitor business processes in sectors such as human resources (recruitment, training, and performance management), sales and marketing (pre-sales and post-sales), manufacturing (invoicing), customer relationship management (CRM), and R&D (improved infrastructure and effective management of processes). Organizations can benefit by integrating their technical and management capabilities. BPMaaS helps to align the objectives with the client requirements. It ensures flexibility and technical integration through a comprehensive management platform.
Brain Monitoring Devices search for term
Brain monitoring devices record abnormal brain wavelengths, helping in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders and conditions such as epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. These devices are also used to check the depth of anesthesia to analyze alveolar gas concentration values. They reduce intraoperative drug consumption and restrict the incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting in individuals under anesthesia. Brain monitoring devices can be invasive or non-invasive in nature. A wide range of brain monitoring devices is used to treat individuals with brain disorders.
Brandy search for term
Brandy is a part of the larger spirits market that comprises other beverages like whiskey, vodka, rum, among others. The brandy spirits are classified based on their quality after blending and also the length of time that they are rested. These ratings enable consumers to know the aging of their brands. The most common ratings are Very Special (VS), Very Special Old Pale (VSOP), and Extra Old (XO) based on the duration for which the brandies are rested. Other such ratings that help identify the age of brandy are Napolean cognac, Extra, Vieux, Vieille Reserve, and Hors d'Age.
Bread and Rolls search for term
Artisanal bread and rolls as a product category under global bread and rolls market accounted for the majority of the sales in 2015. The growing number of fast food chains has increased the consumption of bread and rolls. Artisan bread offers fresh produce at competitive prices, and comes in different varieties. These products are used in ethnic cuisines across the globe, and most often all the artisan bread and rolls are sold within two days of manufacturing. Manufacturers produce bread and rolls on a large scale for sale under retail labels that are then distributed to multiple retailers, such as hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.
Breakfast Cereal search for term
Breakfast cereal is a food made from processed grains such as wheat, rice, oats, or fruits and is often eaten as the first meal of the day. It is available in both cold and hot format and can be consumed dry and in combination with milk, water, and yogurt.
Breastfeeding Pumps search for term
A breastfeeding pump is an automated or manual device that can extract milk from a lactating woman. Most of the breastfeeding pumps permit direct expression of pumped breast milk into a bottle, which can be kept for later use to feed babies. Breastfeeding pumps may also be used to stimulate lactation in mothers having an irregular milk flow.
Breastfeeding Supplies search for term
Breastfeeding supplies are used to assist lactating mothers to express and store milk for later use. Most breastfeeding supplies permit a direct expression of pumped breast milk into a bottle, which can be stored for later use. These supplies may also be used to stimulate lactation in mothers who have an irregular milk flow.
Brush Cutter search for term
Brush cutters are of two types, namely gas brush cutters and electric brush cutters. Gas brush cutters were the first to be introduced in the market. These traditional gas brush cutters were heavy, and therefore, with time, manufacturers have started devising lightweight brush cutters. The demand for electric brush cutters is increasing worldwide, since they are easy to use, lightweight, eco-friendly, and less noisy than gas brush cutters.Brush cutters have replaced axes that were used to cut shrubs, grass, or bushes.
Brushless DC Motors search for term
Brushless DC motors are used in the industrial machinery, automotive, consumer durables, aerospace and defense, and healthcare industries, among others. A rapid rise in demand for smaller machines with high functionality, high output power, and low energy cost has driven the brushless DC motor market in recent years. These machines offer easy installation, connection, and operation, and such attributes have contributed to their popularity. Brushless DC motor is used by green car manufacturers and organizations, such as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), owing to its fast motor response. The small-diameter magnetic rotor used in a brushless DC motor helps reduce the inertia of the armature. This leads to high acceleration rates, low rotational loss, and smoother servo characteristics. The improved motor response ensures constant speed, instant speed regulations, and a quieter drive system.
Building Automation and Control Systems search for term
Automation and control systems are widely used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, and in institutional buildings. Building automation and control systems effectively monitor the energy usage, productivity and the security and access control of the buildings. It plays a key role in improving the level of energy efficiency in building structures by saving operating cost. Automation systems help reduce CO2 gas emission by providing energy integration solutions such as Honeywell's BAS R'enwl. The market is witnessing a high demand for leveraging refurbishing and upgrading existing equipment and systems. Building automation makes this process highly cost-effective and scalable.
Building Information Modelling search for term
BIM is a software solution that enables the creation of vector-based representation in 3D formats for construction projects such as buildings, railways, and roads among others. Governments in countries such as the US, the UK, and Singapore are encouraging and promoting the awareness and use of BIM in the construction sector. The implementation of BIM software helps in minimizing errors and saving time during the execution of construction projects.
Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) RF Filter search for term
BAW filters support RFs in the range of 1.5-16 GHz in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and dongles, as well as Bluetooth devices including GPS. These filters can be small in size or have a lean shape and apply either framework base or ladder formation. Two major types of BAW filters are film bulk acoustic resonators and solid-mounted form of bulk acoustic resonators. LTE networks are based on a wide range of wireless spectrum frequencies. More than 43 bands are used for LTE that support network communication. RF filters or BAW filters are essential for each of these bands to ensure precise signal reception and processing.
Bulk Container Packaging search for term
Bulk containers are standardized containers used in industrial packaging. They are used for the protected storage, transportation, and handling of goods in large quantities from manufacturing centers to distribution centers, where the goods are finally packaged for the customers. The containers are available in a wide variety of types and structural forms and are suitable for numerous applications in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and F&B industries.
Bulldozer Tractor search for term
Bulldozer are also referred to as crawler dozers or track dozers. They are equipped with a blade and have the ability to push rocks and debris and to remove trees and clear ground. Bulldozers are used for different types of infrastructure-related activities in the construction of structures, in mines and quarries, and in other engineering projects.
Bunker Oil search for term
Bunker oil refers to the fuel that is utilized by the shipping and marine industries. Bunker fuel expenditure account for approximately 65-70% of the total trip expenses for a vessel, and ship operatives prefer buying bunker fuel from ports where the price is lower. Some operators prefer purchasing a major portion of the total fuel requirement for the voyage from a single port that offers bunker fuel at an economical price. However, this is not an industry wide situation as operators may spread their total fuel procurement over numerous ports.
Business Intelligence search for term
BI is a combination of tools and techniques used to transform raw data into meaningful information for the critical business decision-making process. It helps users to analyze data, receive information from various channels or business activities, and use the information in organizational opportunities and to improve business efficiency. Social media and social CRM generate a huge volume of data and BI helps organizations to compile and interpret data to generate insightful reports that can be used by marketers and chief strategists. The BI solution, when integrated with analytics, is capable of handling a large amount of unstructured data to help identify and analyze business patterns. This technology helps users analyze current and historical data. In recent years, BI has evolved into self-service BI, which acts as a comprehensive and enterprise-wide platform for organizations.
Business Process Management as a Service search for term
BPMaaS refers to business processes integrated with cloud services such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). BPMaaS helps improve business process visibility and helps in decision-making. BPMaaS has shifted the focus from traditional business processes to service providers who deliver the BPMaaS services and solutions. The enterprises no longer need a high budget or to take a risk in deploying large and unfamiliar infrastructure in the organization for development, test, and production processes. BPMaaS optimizes business processes and increases profitability through process design, process engines, and process analytics. It is also used to simulate, automate, and monitor business processes in sectors such as human resources (recruitment, training, and performance management), sales and marketing (pre-sales and post-sales), manufacturing (invoicing), customer relationship management (CRM), and R&D (improved infrastructure and effective management of processes).
Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce search for term
Online retail is a part of B2C e-commerce and refers to commerce activities over the Internet. A wide range of products is sold in the B2C e-commerce market, and these broadly fall under one of these product categories: apparel, footwear, and accessories; consumer electronics and electricals; beauty and personal care; infants and mothers; publications; food and beverages; and other products. Social networks are an essential part of B2C e-commerce.
Butterfly Valve search for term
Butterfly valves are quarter-turn regulating devices that govern the flow of air, gas, or fluids in agricultural and water or wastewater treatment applications. The construction of these valves centers around a metal disk positioned perpendicular to the flow in the closed position. The disk is rotated one-quarter of a turn to be parallel to the flow in an open position. Intermediate rotations allow regulation of liquid flow. These valves are preferred owing to their lightweight and low costs.


CA Fuel Nozzel search for term
Commercial aircraft are heavy-duty machines that are built to cope with extreme stress. Engines are the mainstay of aircraft, and modern high-performance engines need to be fuel-efficient and reduce noise and emissions. The fuel nozzle in an aircraft engine is a pipe or tube that controls the rate of flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, and the pressure of the fuel that exits or enters an enclosed chamber or pipe.
CAD search for term
CAD is an effective and efficient tool for modeling and designing products and components with ease and accuracy. These solutions enable end-users to digitally prototype their products before production. They help engineers, architects, and other design professionals draft industry-specific products to enhance the development of products. CAD solutions are widely adopted by several industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, electrical and electronics, and others. These solutions enable end-users to digitally prototype their products before production.
CAD in Electrical and Electronics Sector search for term
CAD is an effective and efficient tool for modeling and designing products and components with ease and accuracy. These solutions enable end-users to digitally prototype their products before production. They help engineers, architects, and other design professionals draft industry-specific products to enhance the development of products. CAD solutions are widely adopted by several industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, electrical and electronics, and others. These solutions enable end-users to digitally prototype their products before production.
CAD in the Automotive Sector search for term
CAD is an effective and efficient tool for modeling and designing products and components with ease and accuracy. These solutions enable end-users to digitally prototype their products before production. They help engineers, architects, and other design professionals draft industry-specific products to enhance the development of products. CAD solutions are widely adopted by several industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, electrical and electronics, and others. These solutions enable end-users to digitally prototype their products before production.
CAD Market for VARS search for term
CAD is a software tool package for modeling and designing products and components with ease and accuracy. The CAD software package helps engineers, architects, and other design professionals digitally prototype products prior to production and draft industry-specific products. The automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, and electrical and electronics industries use CAD. The adoption of CAD enables engineers and architects to reduce design errors, reworks, cost, and time and provide high-quality product design. VARs, which has led to innovative value addition to CAD software. VARs are providing low-cost consultation, training, and certification services along with the software package.
CAE search for term
CAE is the practice of using a broad range of software products to assist in engineering tasks. These software products support a wide range of tasks, such as simulation, validation, analysis, and the manufacture of engineering products. CAE includes two major tools: FEA and CFD. FEA helps evaluate the functionality of a given product design before its prototype is produced. It is used in various manufacturing industries for the estimation of structural strength and behavior, modeling, simulation, and design optimization. CFD analyzes flow, turbulence, pressure distribution, and the interaction of liquids and gases with various structures. Both FEA and CAE are widely used across various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, electrical and electronics, industrial machinery, and others.
Calcium Carbonate search for term
Calcium carbonate is an inorganic mineral that can be classified into GCC and PCC. It is used in the paper and plastic industries as a filler and as an additive for thermoplastics. It is also used in PVC applications with flexible compounds such as tubing, wire and cable insulation, latex gloves, and trash bags. It is also used in rigid compounds such as extruded pipes, conduits, and window profiles. Calcium carbonate fillers enhance paper quality and provide good printing properties. After mining limestone, further treatment is essential to process natural calcium carbonates of the premier quality, known commonly as GCC. The production process retains the carbonate very near to its original state, eventually producing a finely ground product in dry or slurry form. Processing comprises washing and sorting of unwanted impurities, crushing, size grouping of particles and is followed by drying. Many commercial producers employ recarbonization technique for PCC production. In this technique, limestone is converted into calcium oxide (lime) and carbon dioxide by calcination at high temperatures. The lime is slaked with water, and the resulting milk of lime is filtered and recarbonized with the carbon dioxide obtained directly from the calcination process.
Calcium Stearate search for term
Calcium stearate, one of the most commonly used metallic stearate for industrial and commercial applications, is a nontoxic and non-irritating carboxylate of calcium. It is commercially produced by the reaction of stearic acid with calcium oxide. It is sold in the form of a white waxy powder. Although calcium stearate has numerous applications, most of it is used as a lubricant in the plastic and rubber industries during the production of PVC, HDPE, and PP; and as an anti-caking agent in rubber processing. Calcium stearate is listed as ""generally regarded as safe"" in the FDA database, and is used in the production of oral drug formulations and candies in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Apart from the aforementioned uses, calcium stearate also finds usage in the construction, personal care, and paper industries.
Camera Module search for term
Camera module is the integration of a lens module, an image sensor chip, and a module case. Lens module help zoom in or zoom out an image that has to be captured, image sensor is used to detect and convey information from an image, and module case protects the image sensor and lens from damage. A camera module is integrated into devices such as camera, smartphones, tablets, laptops, automotive and gaming consoles to capture images or for video recording.
Camp Kitchen search for term
The global camp kitchen market is dependent on weather conditions, as unfavorable weather can prevent consumers from engaging in camping activities. Manufacturers are introducing collapsible and foldable cookware products like foldable spoons, fork, collapsible cooking pot, and other products. This ensures that the campers can easily and conveniently carry camp kitchen items in their backpacks. The increasing popularity of online retail can help leading camp kitchen products manufacturers to expand their consumer base.
Camping Sleeping Bags search for term
A sleeping bag is a bag used as a bed by those who engage in outdoor recreation activities such as camping, hiking, or climbing. It is similar to a blanket and used as a protection against wind, cold weather, and rain during outdoor expeditions. The camping sleeping bags vary in terms of size, insulation, and design. Two types of insulation materials are used to make camping sleeping bags: natural down fill and synthetic fill. Natural down fill bags weigh less and retain more heat, but they are costlier than synthetic fill bags and cannot be used in moist conditions. Synthetic fill bags absorb less water and are more resilient. However, they weigh more and cannot be compressed easily.
Camping Tent search for term
A camping tent is a dwelling unit made by assembling internal or external structural frames. These frames are anchored to form a base over which fabric is draped. Tents are portable and can accommodate several people. They primarily shelter campers from weather and natural elements. Camping tents are available in various sizes and designs to cater to a wide range of consumer needs. Camping tents have become increasingly specialized with added features, enhanced design, and better reliability.
Cancer Immunotherapies search for term
Cancer immunotherapy works by enhancing the innate powers of the immune system. This has better chances of successfully fighting cancer for a long period. Also, immunotherapies have fewer side effects and can treat different types of cancer. Cancer immunotherapies make up nearly 50% of the cancer drugs market. The prevalence of cancer has led to innovations and technological advances to develop new cancer immunotherapies that are more effective than the drugs available.
Cancer Pain Therapeutics search for term
Cancer pain can be acute or chronic, depending on its stages and types. Cancer pain is caused by the tumor pressing against bones, nerves, or other organs in an individual's body. Pain control is imperative not only for people who have advanced cancer but also for those whose condition remains stable for years. Pharmaceutical interventions such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), opioids, and adjuvant pain medications are used to treat cancer pain.
Cancer Testing search for term
Cancer testing or screening is done for the early detection of cancer, enabling effective treatment measures to avoid spreading of cancerous cells throughout the body. The testing procedure involves testing of samples such as urine, blood, and other bodily substances. Further, cancer testing also involves conducting genetic tests to analyze certain gene mutations which are linked to certain cancer types. The types of cancer tests performed are biopsy, colonoscopy, pap test, and fecal occult blood tests.
Cannabis search for term
Cannabis is popularly known as marijuana. It is prepared from the cannabis plant for recreational (psychoactive drugs) and medical purposes. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It is generally eaten or smoked and it contains at least 85 cannabinoids.
Canned Food search for term
Canned food products refer to edible items that are processed, preserved, and packed in suitable airtight metal containers. Canned foods are consumed across the world because they require less time to cook, less storage space, and have a longer shelf life than fresh foods. Canned foods are preferred by the elderly and those with busy lifestyles.
Capacitive Touchscreen search for term
Capacitive touchscreen displays rely on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where on a display the user touches. Because of this, capacitive displays can be controlled with very light touches of a finger and generally cannot be used with a mechanical stylus or a gloved hand. Capacitive touchscreens are preferred primarily for smartphones, tablets, and laptops because of their responsiveness and low pressure requirement to register touch.
Capsule Endoscopes search for term
Capsule endoscopy is a modern technique used to examine the gastrointestinal tract. Wireless capsule endoscopy is a novel breakthrough in the biomedical industry and is expected to drive the development of the next-generation medical devices in the field of endoscopy. It has a tiny wireless camera to capture pictures of the digestive tract of a patient. The camera is situated inside a vitamin-sized capsule and can be swallowed by the patient, which is used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract (stomach, esophagus, colon, and duodenum). It may also be useful in detecting inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), polyps, ulcers, bowel function, diarrhea, anemia, and tumors of the small intestine. WCE procedure was enabled for the first time as a painless diagnosis to examine the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Car Rental search for term
Car rental is a process where cars owned by a firm or an organization are rented by users for short periods of time. Over the past three decades, car rentals have grown into a popular urban transport industry.
Carbon Capture and Storage Market in search for term
Carbon capture and storage technology stores and captures man-made CO2 without releasing it into the atmosphere. The CO2 is captured at its source and converted into a concentrated stream for transportation and storage. Carbon capture and storage is an emerging technology, which is gaining popularity as companies have increased their investment because of stringent emission regulations and related penalties.
Carbon Fiber Prepreg search for term
Carbon fiber prepregs are made from carbon fibers with thermoset resins such as epoxy and phenols; and thermoplastic resins such as PEEK. Aerospace and defense, wind energy, sports, and automotive are the key application areas for carbon fiber prepregs. The use of composite prepregs in various fields has increased substantially during the last 10 years. A wide range of prepregs are being developed in the market today with advancements in production technology.
Carbonated Drinks search for term
Carbonated soft drinks are popular because of lifestyles and because of its marketing. These soft drinks introduce CO2 under pressure mixed with drinks, which makes these drinks acidic in nature. This also helps in preservation of the drinks for a longer time. Apart from this, manufacturers have to meet different taste demands from customers. Carbonated soft drinks are considered to be the single biggest source of calories all around the world.
Card Printer search for term
A printer is a device that accepts the text and graphics from a computer and prints it onto paper of different sizes. Card printers print and encode national identity cards, employee IDs, gift cards, personalized cards, driver's licenses, and financial cards such as debit, credit, and ATM cards.
Cardiac Medical Devices search for term
Cardiac output such as an irregularity in the ventricular rate can lead to diastolic dysfunction. Hence, to reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat, especially for people that are at a higher risk of arrhythmia or have recurrent arrhythmia, cardiac medical devices such as pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) are used to help the heart's electrical activity and heart rhythm function. These devices are small and are placed below the collar bone. Heart attacks can also cause defects in the heart valves, which can be replaced by mechanical or tissue heart valves.
Cardiac Prosthetic Devices search for term
Prosthetic devices are used to replace or support the function of a missing or infirm part in the body. Cardiac prosthetic devices such as stents and prosthetic heart valves are used to maintain the proper functionality of the heart. Stents are used to maintain the blood flow, which reduces due to blockage in the arteries, whereas prosthetic heart valves are being used by patient with heart valvular disease or dysfunctional heart valve.
Cardiac Rhythm Management search for term
Cardiac rhythm management or electrophysiology therapy helps diagnose and treat heart disorders that cause rhythm complications. These disorders include bradycardia and tachycardia that affect the heart's electrical system. These disorders cause irritation in the heart muscles, causing abnormal heart functions. This can occur during heart attacks. Devices such as ICDs, CRT systems, and biventricular pacemakers help manage these disorders. Aging causes the heart muscles to lose their elasticity and ability to manage different blood pressures. It also causes the immune system to deteriorate. Factors such as high cholesterol levels, hypertension, and smoking can further aggravate heart complications, leading to cardiac disorders.
Carotid Stent search for term
Carotid artery disease refers to the blockage or narrowing of carotid arteries due to plaque formation (Fibrous tissue, cholesterol, and calcium deposits. The carotid arteries are present in the neck and supply blood to the brain. Carotid artery stenting is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to treat carotid artery disease. The technique involves the insertion of a slender metal-mesh tube (carotid stent) through a small incision. The carotid stent expands inside a carotid artery to increase blood flow in areas blocked by plaque. Globally, 90% of carotid surgeries are performed by vascular surgeons.
Cartesian Robots search for term
Cartesian robots contains three prismatic joints whose axes are coextensive with a Cartesian coordinate system. Its working is based on an overhead grid that makes it free up floor space, and is primarily used to provide quick and accurate solutions related to material handling applications. It consists of a work envelope that is rectangular in shape. The work envelope depends on the grid and can be quite large. One of the prime advantages of these robots is their complete linear movement, which facilitates simpler controls and provides a high degree of repeatability, accuracy, and mechanical rigidity.
Casino Gaming search for term
Online gambling is rapidly gaining popularity and is set to become the future of casino gaming. Casino gaming has undergone minor to no innovation since its inception and has consequently failed to attract new audiences. One of the main factors hindering the market for casino gaming is saturation of the player experience. iGaming is the growing trend of gambling on the Internet. It also offers physical casinos the opportunity to establish an online presence and reach a wider customer base.
Cataract Devices search for term
Cataract is the major cause of reversible blindness and visual impairment worldwide. Individuals with cataract can maintain a visual acuity of 20/20. However, over a period, may see cloudy patches in their field of vision that can become larger if the cataract worsens. Cataract can affect one or both eyes. The rise in the number of older people with cataract and evolving surgical techniques such as the use of IOLs and femtosecond lasers will boost the demand for cataract devices. Early detection, regular eye examinations, and treatment can preserve a person's eyesight. In addition, using femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery produces better refractive results and precision.
Caustic Soda search for term
Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is an odorless, highly corrosive, non-flammable white solid. It is generally produced as flakes or shiny pellets that make a slippery solution because it is highly water soluble. The 50% concentration of caustic soda is slightly viscous in nature. It is widely used as a general purpose industrial as well as commercial chemical in several process industries. Caustic soda is usually produced by the electrolysis process of sodium chloride solution. The two majorly adopted processes used to produce caustic soda are diaphragm electrolytic cells or membrane electrolytic cells. The by-products produced during the process are hydrogen and chlorine. Caustic soda is extensively used in the pulp and paper and detergents, soaps, and textiles industries. It also finds wide consideration in the production of alumina, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and other products because of its alkalinity value.
CBRND search for term
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) security comprises of protective and preventive measures to combat situations that involve such perilous agents. CBRN security is a growing market, owing to the concerns regarding the protection of civilian lives and maintenance of economic stability. One of the primary reasons for the continuous demand for CBRN protection, detection, and decontamination equipment is the dual use of CBRN agents in everyday life. The advancement in the fields of biotechnology, nuclear energy, and life sciences can significantly benefit humanity. However, such developments can also be a threat as they are used for hostile purposes, and to execute various instances of bio-terrorism. This makes it indispensable for scientists and the security community to constantly engage with each other, and develop methods to prevent or counter forms of CBRN terrorism.
Cell Counting search for term
Cell counters help to determine the concentration of living or dead cells and to count the blood cells in biological samples. They are used to detect the presence of cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and other conditions. In cancer treatment they are used to identify the cells, find out the disease severity, and for optimal treatment. For instance, leukemia, a cancer in the blood stem cells, happens due to the development of abnormal blood stem cells. During the progression of this disease the RBC and platelet count decreases; however the WBC count increases. The WBCs can be released into the blood stream before they are fully formed. This can lead to symptoms such as frequent fever, bone pain, lump formation in the neck, under the arm, or in the groin, and frequent nose bleeds.
Cellular M2M Connections and Services search for term
M2M technology enables the communication of data and information between electronic devices. In cellular M2M connections, CDMA, 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks are used to establish connections between electronic devices. Cellular M2M has a wide range of applications in industries such as automotive, healthcare, retail, transport and logistics, manufacturing, energy and utilities, and consumer electronics. Cellular M2M connections and services are used for video surveillance, remote diagnostics of vehicles, fleet management, asset tracking, theft recovery, and POS. This service helps industries worldwide to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity by reducing the overall CAPEX.
Cement search for term
As cement is one of the most essential raw materials in the construction industry, the cement market is considered the backbone of the construction market. Cement is one of the vital commodities for development and falls under the likes of oil and steel. The versatile nature of cement makes it suitable for construction of houses, roads, and large-scale infrastructure projects.
Cement Industry search for term
Cement is the most vital binding component in any construction activity and when utilized as a part of the mix with materials like bricks or stones. Cement is a grey-colored inorganic substance with extreme pressure driven binding properties. It is generally used in the production of concrete. Together with mortar, cement functions as the essential building blocks of construction. The cement industry is a capital-intensive, energy consuming, and vital industry that is a significant contributor to the GDP of any country. The global cement market, while constituting a small portion of global industry output, has been developing at a promising rate. Cement, by its nature, is uneconomical for transport over long distances. This is one of the reasons why cement typically does not a play an important role in global trade.
Cephalosporin Drugs search for term
Cephalosporins are bactericidal antibiotics that bind to the penicillin-binding bacterial proteins, inhibiting the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall. They inhibit Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and are considered broad-spectrum antibiotics with activities that are similar to those of ampicillin. They are grouped into five generations depending on their antimicrobial properties, with each generation showing a significant increase in terms of Gram-negative antimicrobial property.
Ceramic Fiber search for term
Ceramic fibers are popular in several end-user industries, including petrochemicals, iron and steel, ceramics, aluminum, and power generation because of their properties. Ceramic fibers are used in the manufacture of high-temperature insulation materials. Various stakeholders are involved in the manufacture of these fibers, starting from raw material sourcing to end consumption. Ceramic fibers have high energy efficiency, superior tensile strength, flexibility, lightweight, thermal shock resistance, high chemical resistance, and high thermal conductivity over other insulating materials. The material has substituted asbestos in the linings of kilns and furnaces and addresses all the insulation requirements in industries such as iron and steel, ceramics, petrochemical and power generation.
Ceramic Tiles search for term
A ceramics tile is an inorganic, non-metallic material made by the application of intense heat on materials such as clay, alumina, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide. The composition of a ceramic tile makes it harder and stiffer than steel. Ceramic tiles manufacturers are investing heavily in new product development. New technology is being applied to ceramic tiles to make customized designs and add antibacterial properties. Ceramic tiles can broadly be classified on the basis of application into two types: wall tiles and floor tiles.
Cereal Bars search for term
A cereal bar is a pre-packaged food item that contains oats, nuts, honey, dry fruits, and puffed rice and is rolled in the shape of a bar. Cereal bars are available in various flavors such as strawberry, peanut butter, honey, chocolate, and banana. They are high in proteins and fibers and low in carbohydrates and sodium, and they contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
Cervical Artificial Discs search for term
Cervical artificial disc is a device inserted between two cervical vertebrae in patients with cervical disc herniation through disc replacement surgery. Disc replacement surgery helps preserve the motion of the disc space and is an alternative to fusion techniques such as plates and screws, and bone grafts that restrict motion. Cervical artificial discs reduce degeneration of adjacent segments of the cervical spine, maintain normal neck motion, and ensure faster return to normal activity.
Cervical Cancer search for term
Cervical cancer is the abnormal growth of cancerous cells in the tissues of the cervix. It is the world's fourth most common cause of death in women. The disease can be classified as squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma originates in the lining of the cervix, while adenocarcinoma arises in cervical cells. Cervical cancer is caused due to the infection of HPV. There are no signs and symptoms to identify the early stages of cervical cancer, but it can be identified through regular check-ups. Vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain are usually observed as signs and symptoms of cervical cancer. Before cancer detected in the cervix, cervix cells go through changes, called as dysplasia, in which abnormal cells start to expose in the cervical tissue. Over a period, the abnormal cells may developed into cancer cells and begin to grow and spread more deeply into the cervix and surrounding areas.
CFD search for term
CFD is a software application that helps end-users analyze the flow, turbulence, and pressure distribution of liquids and gases and their interaction with structures and also helps in predicting fluid flow, mass transfer, chemical reactions, and related phenomena. CFD uses high-speed computers, various numerical methods, and solvers to simulate the flow of fluids (gases and liquids). Simulation refers to the digital prototype of the real-world scenario, which helps in detecting errors in designing before proceeding to production. CFD finds wide applications in industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, and energy. One example of the application of CFD is the software to design fuel systems, engine core compartments, cockpit and cabin ventilation, missiles, submarines, and aerodynamics in the aerospace and defense industry.
Chain Saw search for term
Chain saws are used by loggers and end-users at home for gardening purposes, sculptors for sculpting wood or ice, and carpenters. Chainsaws are of two types: gas chainsaws and electric chainsaws. Gas chainsaws were the first type of chainsaws to be introduced in the market. Traditional gas chainsaws were heavy and required two people to lift them. With time, manufacturers introduced lightweight chainsaws. Gas chainsaws are popular in the market, especially among tree surgeons. They are more powerful than their electric counterparts, and therefore, dominate the market. However, electric chainsaws are more eco-friendly and lightweight compared to gas chainsaws. The demand for electric chainsaws are increasing worldwide as they are easy to use, lightweight, eco-friendly, and less noisy. Manufacturers are investing in R&D to produce efficient chainsaws in terms of power and speed. They are introducing battery-powered chainsaws that eliminate the drawback of limited movement because of the cords in electric chainsaws.
Chains and Sprockets search for term
Chains and sprockets are used in various types of machinery to transmit energy and perform vital tasks during operation. The chains consist of interconnected links that mesh with the teeth of a sprocket. There are many types of chains and sprockets, such as the roller and engineering steel chains and sprockets used in the mining, agriculture, construction, material handling, and automotive industries. Chains and sprockets aid in making mechanical equipment deliver efficient process operations at lower costs.
Channel-in-a-Box search for term
CiaB is an integrated software application that is replacing the traditional model of television channel playout. The traditional model uses a central network of computers to control broadcast-specific devices such as switchers, graphics, servers, and audio, as well as routing and channel branding. CiaB is a part of integrated playout automation, which integrates broadcasting hardware into a single IT-based platform. It enables automatic playout of pre-programmed clips, adds the channel logo, adjusts audio levels, and plays commercials.
Chest and Upright Freezer search for term
Refrigerators and freezers are among the most widely used electrical appliances in the global residential sector. It is estimated that over 1.45 billion refrigerators, freezers, and fridge freezers are used in households around the world. Unlike chest freezers, the ergonomic design of upright freezers eliminates the need to bend or reach out to get food. Additionally, upright freezers are more space-efficient compared to chest freezers, as they need lesser floor space. Users that prefer modular or compact kitchens opt upright freezers. Most chest freezers are only equipped with manual defrost options, which can be inconvenient for users. On the other hand, upright freezers include both manual and automatic defrost options.
Chest and Upright Freezer search for term
Chest freezers are preferred by price-sensitive customers in the middle-income range, as they are available for nearly half the retail price of upright freezers. Additionally, they have longer lifespans and are more energy-efficiency compared to upright freezers. Also, these freezers have lower operational costs. The preference for frozen food will reflect in the sales of cold appliances like chest and upright freezers that are necessary to store these products. Unlike chest freezers, the ergonomic design of upright freezers eliminates the need to bend or reach out to get food. Additionally, upright freezers are more space-efficient compared to chest freezers, as they need lesser floor space. Users that prefer modular or compact kitchens opt upright freezers. Most chest freezers are only equipped with manual defrost options, which can be inconvenient for users. On the other hand, upright freezers include both manual and automatic defrost options.
Chewing Gum search for term
Chewing gum is a product that is mostly bought on impulse. Chewing, especially for a long period, is regarded as indecorous in many countries. Therefore, consumers in such countries often favor consuming mints to chewing gum. The chewing gum segment has always dominated the gum industry. Sugar-free chewing gum is prepared without the addition of sucrose. Manufacturers use artificial sweeteners or organic sweeteners for manufacturing this type of chewing gum. Sugared chewing gum is manufactured with the addition of sucrose, which is used as a bulking agent.
Children Bicycle search for term
A number of organizations and the governments of various countries are launching campaigns and other initiatives, including bicycle training programs, for children. With rising cases of obesity and other health-related issues stemming from the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of children, these initiatives are looking to encourage them to take up physical activities such as cycling. Such initiatives, combined with the improving quality of products and a rise in product innovations, bode well for the market as they generate significant consumer interest.
Children's Footwear search for term
Children footwear is available in various materials such as synthetic, rubber, genuine leather, patent leather, stretch fabric, satin, hemp, sheepskin, and suede among others. It is available in different closure types such as hook and loop, zip, slip-on, lace-up, buckle strap, and elastic band, out of which hook and loop type footwear is the most popular closure type.
Childrens Wear search for term
Children's wear refers to clothing for children aged between zero months and 10 years and includes apparel and footwear. Infant wear includes clothing for those who are up to 12 months; toddler wear refers to clothing for children between one and three years; kids wear is for children between three and 10 years.
Chip on Board LED search for term
COB LEDs overcome the drawbacks of traditional LEDs. These are advanced LED lighting sources, in which many LEDs are packaged on a single module. The manufacture of these LEDs primarily involves die attachment, wire bonding, and encapsulation. Furthermore, COB LEDs do not require a designated circuit for proper functioning, which makes it easier to install. The decline in the ASP of LEDs has increased the adoption of COB LEDs in various lighting applications. These LEDs offer a clear field of high intensity that is suitable for high-power LED applications. Moreover, these light sources are energy efficient than incandescent, fluorescent, and SMD light sources. Governments of many countries are subsidizing the costs of COB LED lights and holders, especially for general lighting, as a measure to increase its adoption. The aforementioned factors have increased the acceptance of COB LED light sources across industrial and government sectors.
Choroidal Neovascularization search for term
Choroidal neovascularization is the formation of new blood vessels in the choroid layer of the eye. These vessels grow through the Bruch membrane into the subretinal space, blocking the proper functioning of retina and leading to vision loss. The condition is often associated with myopia, malignant myopic degeneration, or age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
Circuit Breaker Fuse and Relay search for term
Circuit breakers are electrical switches that protect electric circuit from short-circuiting and overloading. These switches are designed to detect overloading and cut power supply automatically. Fuse prevents electricity overload by melting a wire inside the circuit and thus protecting all electrical and electronic devices connected to the circuit. Switches that open and close a circuit electronically are known as relays.
Civil Helicopter MRO search for term
Helicopters play a key role in remote area connectivity, intra-city movement, law enforcement, disaster relief, search and rescue, and emergency medical evacuation. Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) has become an essential component to ensure a fleet's proper maintenance, airworthiness, and passenger safety. MRO companies perform functions such as repairs, inspections, routine checks, and overhaul. Aircraft utilization, global fleet size, and air traffic volume influence the global civil helicopter MRO market. Operators and OEMs in the market are strictly governed by national and international aviation regulatory bodies to ensure that stringent regulations and practices are adhered to. Companies that conduct such services require approval and certification from the necessary aviation safety bodies.
Civilian Drones search for term
A civilian drone or unmanned aerial vehicle is an airplane that can be flown using a remote. It is controlled either by a ground-based pilot using a remote control device or flies autonomously using onboard computers. Civilian drones are used in numerous applications such as wildlife conservation, environment monitoring, search and rescue operations, inspection of oil and gas pipelines, aerial photography, filming, geological surveys, crop monitoring, law enforcement, and border patrol. They are cost-effective compared to manned aircraft. Also, they do not risk human lives as they do not require onboard pilots.
Classroom Collaboration Management Systems search for term
Classroom collaboration management systems are used as a tool for managing classes using an online mode of teaching through hardware and software. The online classroom structure typically requires students to use digital content and technologies with the help of computers and tablets, which enhances interactivity and real-time knowledge sharing. As learning abilities, learning process, and the level of monitoring required differ for each student, it is essential for educators to implement essential software like classroom collaboration management software to effectively facilitate collaborative learning within the restricted timeframe and curriculum. Also, teachers can easily identify the challenges students face in understanding subjects and complex topics and immediately develop mechanisms to tackle the same. Hence, the software empowers teachers to create classes as per the need of students and tweak it as required. It has huge applications in online education and virtual schools.
Classroom Wearables Technology search for term
Wearable technology has changed the way data is communicated, collected, and analyzed. Wearable devices come in various shapes and sizes and can be mounted anywhere on the body of the user depending on user requirements. The majority of the wearable devices are either wrist-worn or act as head gear. With the introduction of feature-rich and reasonably priced wearable technology in the market, many educators are gradually disposed toward integrating these devices into their classroom programs. The use of wearable technology in education is believed to make students more creative and responsive in comparison to other education technology solutions and help students increase their abilities to interact effectively with each other and with teachers within the learning environment. Wearable technologies that are successfully being used in sync with the classroom settings includes devices such as GoPro, Autographer, Google Glass, Keyglove, Muse, and VR.
Clean Bench search for term
Clean benches prevent particle contamination of a workspace and the materials on it by filtering the air around it. They use a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter to blow air toward the user at constant speeds. A typical clean bench consists of a working space, which is similar to a bench or a table, and air blowing and suction ports. People who work with non-hazardous resources that require clean, particle-free air are the major end-users of clean benches.
Cleanroom Consummables search for term
A cleanroom is a particular room or area that has a setting to provide a controlled environment in terms of the level of contamination by dust, microbes, airborne particles, chemical vapors, and water vapor. It also enables control of environmental parameters, including pressure, temperature, and humidity. Cleanrooms are mainly used to provide a contamination-free environment in the product development process. In the healthcare industry, cleanrooms find wide applications in research laboratories, hospitals, and also in pharmaceutical and biotech product manufacturing, where their use has risen due to growing concerns about the quality of products.
Cleanroom Technology Equipment search for term
Cleanroom is a specific room or area that provides controlled environment to arrest contamination from pollutants such as dust, microbes, airborne particles, chemical vapor, and water vapor. It also enables control of environmental parameters including pressure, temperature, and humidity, thus aiding in high-quality production. Cleanrooms are mainly used in manufacturing facilities that require contamination-free environment for processing products. In the healthcare industry, cleanrooms find wide applications in research laboratories, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotech product manufacturing segments. Cleanroom technology equipment manufacturers need to be flexible and effectively cater to customers' project requirements.
Clinical Diagnostic search for term
Clinical diagnostics involves the use of instruments, assay reagents, and systems in a laboratory setting to diagnose a disease or a medical condition. These systems are classified as Class I, II, and III products based on the level of control necessary to regulate their safety.
Cloud Analytics search for term
Cloud analytics is the integration of cloud computing and analytics solution. It is a service model where all data analysis takes place provided through any deployment model. The service providers offer services under subscription-based or pay-per-use model. Various cloud products include data warehouse, BI solution, and social media analytics. Hosted data warehouse is the data repository system from where the data is being taken. Cloud BI solution involves providing analytics solutions to customers at low cost and in an effective way.
Cloud Backup and recovery Software search for term
Cloud backup and recovery solutions securely copy the files to many servers. These solutions are safe from hard drive failures that are common with PCs. The files are also encrypted so that no one other than the user can view them, protecting the data from viruses and hackers. As well, cloud backup and recovery solutions allow fast and easy access to all backed-up files. Cloud backup and recovery software plays an essential part in intelligent business continuity strategy. The added benefits of security, storage, savings, and virtualization ease the transition to a hybrid cloud solution for enterprises and alleviate data security concerns related to cloud computing.
Cloud Based BPO search for term
Cloud-based BPO services are automated through the cloud. Similar to other cloud-based services, they follow a subscription-based model. Traditional BPO businesses are process-oriented and specialize in the transition of client processes such as finance, accounting, HR, supply chain management (SCM), and procurement. They deliver services with predictable costs, reliability, and quality after careful optimization. Cloud-based BPO services encompass all these service areas with additional cost savings and greater efficiencies.
Cloud Computing in K-12 search for term
Cloud computing is the use of computing resources in which systems are connected by public or private networks to offer scalable infrastructure for applications and file storage. Within the education ecosystem, cloud computing helps students, faculty and education organizations in using software and hardware that are managed by third-party service providers. This model gives access to information and resources, anywhere and anytime with the help of a network connection. It offers a pool of resources that includes data storage, specified applications, and networks and computer processing power. Across regions, governments and private organizations are accelerating education digitization through various profit and non-profit initiatives. In an attempt to ensure equality in education and improve the quality of learning content, educational institutions have begun to implement services such as cloud computing and Learning Management System (LMS). Cloud computing can play a significant role in improving the quality of delivering higher education while still maintaining a regulated and restricted learning environment.
Cloud E-mail Security search for term
Cloud e-mail security can be a suite of products or stand-alone solutions. It focuses on the security of parameters like architecture, compliance, governance, data protection, and identity and access. A typical cloud e-mail security solution offers features such as e-mail encryption, identity and access management, endpoint monitoring, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and messaging security. Cloud e-mail security solutions help in protecting the e-mail content from unauthorized access and data theft. Large and small organizations have started investing in cloud e-mail security. It can also increase workforce productivity, reduce costs, and lend a competitive edge to organizations.
Cloud GIS search for term
Cloud GIS has many advantages such as easy distribution of data to remote users. The implementation of cloud computing technology has been a major milestone in the GIS industry. The advantages associated with the adoption of cloud GIS, such as optimized operations in real time, are encouraging organizations to shift to this technology. Cloud GIS use a virtualized platform, which is beneficial for a scalable, elastic environment. The demand for cloud GIS in the government sector is growing at a high rate due to the increasing need to enhance national security.
Cloud IAM search for term
IAM is a security solution that ensures the accessibility of resources to authorized individuals in a multi-technology environment. IAM solutions provide secure identity-based access to on-premises and cloud-based systems, applications, and information from any location. These solutions help enterprises secure application systems by permitting employee access with a single sign-on (SSO) password. Cloud IAM enables cloud service providers (CSPs) or managed service providers (MSPs) to manage digital identities on the cloud. Providers of these solutions charge a subscription fee for maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading services, including training and support.
Cloud IAM search for term
IAM is a security solution that ensures the accessibility of resources to authorized individuals in a multi-technology environment. IAM solutions provide secure identity-based access to on-premises and cloud-based systems, applications, and information from any location. These solutions help enterprises secure application systems by permitting employee access with a single sign-on (SSO) password. Cloud IAM enables cloud service providers (CSPs) or managed service providers (MSPs) to manage digital identities on the cloud. Providers of these solutions charge a subscription fee for maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading services, including training and support.
Cloud PLM search for term
Cloud PLM provides a fast deployment of work environments and the ability to scale infrastructure according to the project requirements. Cloud deployment works similar to the on-premises development and supports small and heavy operational requirements. Cloud PLM software also provides product knowledge to multiple departments in the early stages of the product development. This helps minimize the cost and scheduling errors from the suppliers, which arises due to late suggestions and concerns of the suppliers. By implementing cloud PLM software, enterprises can reduce costs in different stages of product lifecycle such as product planning, development, manufacturing, and support, enabling them to minimize the cost of products offered. Cloud PLM helps to increase mobility, which helps vendors save time in operation efficiency and marketing activities.
Cloud Professional Services search for term
An increased number of cloud solutions from various vendors have created a complex cloud environment. Cloud customers are struggling with integrating and managing applications, workloads, cloud stacks, and other facets of the shift to cloud. They are spending heavily on consultants and system integrators to educate, plan, and implement their cloud environments. Vendors such as IBM and HCL are providing cloud as well as cloud professional services. However, they often face challenges such as country-specific laws and vertical-specific niche requirements.
Cloud Security search for term
A cloud security solution is a stand-alone solution or a suite of products that provides security to cloud-based services or cloud computing architectures. A typical cloud security solution offers features like encryption, IAM, endpoint monitoring, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and application and messaging security. It helps protect cloud content from unauthorized access and data theft. Despite the availability of several on-premises security solutions, enterprises are opting for cloud security to reduce capital expenditure and support the growing remote workforce.
Cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) search for term
Cloud-based DAM solutions enable users to store, manage, update, and track digital assets such as images, multimedia files, text documents, videos, and other digital files. These solutions are offered through on-premise cloud-based software. Cloud-based DAM solutions can be categorized into two broad segments: digital content management and web content management integration. Technology plays a vital role in the storage, transmission, and retrieval of digital content. Video management software and rich media tool integrations are widely associated with rich content creation, while other services are used to gain customer insights. Web content management integration includes the majority of brand portal management services and media content integration. Cloud-based DAM solutions are delivered over the Internet to store digital data of enterprises. They are delivered in the form of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS cloud computing services. Cloud-based DAM solutions are deployed through the public, private, and hybrid cloud computing models. Cloud computing solutions provide cost-effective and flexible IT solutions to store digital content and media files. Firms integrate their DAM solutions with content management systems (CMS), product information management (PIM), and other information management systems to obtain a centralized access to enormous media content and files.
Cloud-based ITSM search for term
In the world of business challenges and changing technology aspects to run company operations, cloud-based ITSM has become one of the essential platforms. Organizations can implement it easily, utilize it quickly, and operate more economically. Several IT organizations facing high budgetary constraints are also looking for cloud-based ITSM platforms because of the low upfront capital investment in license fees and ongoing support and maintenance fees to keep it running. Traditional ITSM solutions have witnessed plenty of functional capabilities to address business requirements such as specialized skills to deploy, customize, and administer while witnessing pressure to keep operational costs low. Many organizations cannot afford high investment in these skills and, hence, are adopting cloud-based ITSM solutions. ITSM includes the planning, delivery, support, and security of the IT services provided to businesses. It aims to align businesses with enterprise IT services and focuses on delivering the best services to end-users. ITSM also involves evaluating the status of various processes, identifying problem areas and fixing them.
Cloud-based Managed Services search for term
Cloud-based managed services reduce cost associated with implementing new infrastructure and technology in a timely fashion. Also, they reduce the financial burden of owning data centers and hardware. This allows organizations to avert tedious processes such as controlling and managing servers, storage, OS, and applications. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for integrating content management system (CMS) with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other IT systems deployed in organizations. Cloud-based managed services are quickly gaining popularity among SMEs. Changing business dynamics and evolving customer demands have prompted organizations worldwide to keep their existing systems updated with new technologies.
Cloud-based Virtual Learning Platform search for term
Cloud-based virtual learning platform is an online tutoring platform. This platform helps education institutions offer remedial tutoring services to students through a web-based portal instead of traditional face-to-face tutoring methodologies. This platform is database driven, and has content and tutoring delivery with collaboration features for student-tutor interactions. Within cloud computing, cloud-based virtual learning platform provides schools and colleges with a stable, robust, and scalable modern learning environment. It manages formal courses, all forms of digital content, social features, competency-based learning, and assessments, and also integrates with talent management. The content storehouse offered on the platform provides easy access and flexible choices to students and teachers. The cloud-based virtual platform is a collaborative space for students, teachers, and universities for classroom and virtual learning. It aims at fostering cooperation among students and providing effective communication, tests and assignments, and learning paths for students on a cloud-based portal.
CMOS Image Sensor search for term
CMOS sensors were initially used for imaging purposes but they were dropped as the image quality was poor because of inferior light sensitivity. Modern CMOS sensors use specialized technology that has overcome the light inferiority problems. CMOS chips incorporate amplifiers and A/D converters that help in lowering the cost of cameras. They contain all the logic circuitry to produce an image. Every CMOS pixel contains conversion electronics i.e., they convert an analog signal to a digital signal. When compared to CCD sensors, CMOS sensors have better integration possibilities and more functions in devices like smartphones, cameras, tablets, and automotive.
CO2 Lasers search for term
CO2 lasers contain an active laser medium, which is a gas discharge. CO2 lasers are preferred over other lasers such as excimer lasers primarily because they are more reliable, efficient, robust, and easier to operate than other lasers. They are mainly used for cutting and welding in industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare, and Telecommunications because of their superior performance, compact size, high output power, and durability.
Coal Mining Industry search for term
Coal is the modified remains of ancient vegetation that initially accumulated in swamps and peat bogs. It is a combustible rock, which is mostly composed of carbons and hydrocarbons. Coal plays a vital role in end-use applications such as power generation; a large amount of energy is consumed while manufacturing cement in the cement industry; 70% of steel is manufactured using coal as a source of energy globally.
Cobalt search for term
Cobalt occurs in combination with other elements in minerals such as skutterudite (a cobalt-nickel arsenide), carrollite (a copper-cobalt-(nickel) sulfide), and asbolane (a nickel-cobalt-manganese oxide). It is obtained from three main ore deposits: Sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits, magmatic nickel sulfide deposits, and nickel laterite deposits. Cobalt is generally processed as a by-product of processed nickel and copper ores. It can also be produced through recycling. Cobalt and its alloys find application in many sectors and industries, such as battery chemicals, superalloys, defense, and catalysts.
Cochlear Implant search for term
A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted complex electronic device that helps overcome complications in the inner ear or cochlea. This implant consists of two major components: an external component known as the sound processor and an internal component known as the implant. The sound processor receives sound waves and processes them into detailed digital information. The implant converts the digital information into electrical information, which is sent to the auditory nerve from an electrode array placed inside the cochlea. The auditory nerve sends impulses to the brain, where these sound waves are processed and interpreted. Cochlear implants constitute one of the fastest-growing areas of the healthcare industry.
Coconut water search for term
Coconut water is a clear liquid extracted from unripe (green) coconuts. It is technically a fruit juice and is a popular drink among consumers in tropical countries. In countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, the juice is commonly sold fresh by street vendors. A tender coconut is one which is 6-8 months old. Packaged coconut water is prepared by extracting liquid from selected tender fresh coconuts untouched by hand and put through a special process and then packaged in food grade cans, PET bottles, or cartons. Packaged coconut water usually has a shelf life of 9 to 18 months depending on the brand. Coconut water is marketed as being the perfect natural energy drink and having a lot of health benefits. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes which are required by the human body.
Cogeneration Equipment search for term
The cogeneration process involves simultaneous production of heat and electricity from a single source. This technology evolved a century ago along with steam turbine power plants. The world's first central power station was also the first cogeneration plant that was commissioned in Manhattan in 1884. Though the technology is century old, it garnered attention from the 1980s as technological advances led to improved cogeneration cycle efficiency. Over the years, emergence of new technologies for power generation coupled with enhanced cycle efficiency fueled the sales of cogeneration equipment. Cogeneration is considered as one of the finest energy efficiency techniques. It curtails GHG emissions, improves overall efficiency of the cycle, and reduces energy consumption.
Coil Coatings search for term
Coil coating, also known as "prepainted metal coating," is an automated process for coating metal surfaces before fabrication. Coil coatings are eco-friendly processes as there is a minimal emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC's), lesser energy consumption, and limited generation of waste materials. Moreover, coil coatings are more corrosion resistant and possess long-term aesthetic properties compared to post-painted metals.
Cold Chain for Pharmaceuticals search for term
Cold chain is a type of supply chain management (SCM) system that involves the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. The pharmaceutical cold chain market, which is part of the healthcare industry's supply chain, deals with the procurement and supply of temperature-sensitive drugs specifically.
Collaborative Robots search for term
A collaborative robot or cobot can be defined as a machine that work along with employees in industries and assist them in their work rather performing work autonomously. It tracks the work being performed by human in factories and correct them if they deviate or exceed the scope of the task. The continuous advancements in technology such as 3D printing, sensors, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction (HRI), and software and end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) have made it possible for industries to accommodate robots in their fleet of employees. Collaborative robots are smaller in size, flexible, and user-friendly compared to traditionally immobilized industrial robots. They have wide penetration in light duty applications such as line loading and unloading, material handling, welding, painting, and testing and sorting in industries. They are smart tools to amplify human capabilities and can move at their own like an intelligent assist device (IAD). Cobots use advanced technologies such as torque sensing, collision detection, elastic actuators, and follow instructions without the need for a regular programming. New cobots are designed considering the safety standards for humans formulated by RIA, for instance ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, safety requirement for robots and robots systems.
Collision Avoidance System search for term
Collision avoidance systems are systems with the capability to analyze and monitor driver actions, the nearby surroundings of the vehicle, and the road conditions, thereby preventing and minimizing the impact of accidents. These systems, in many cases, either adjust the steering response or increase the braking power to improve driver preventative actions.
Color Cosmetics search for term
Cosmetics are considered to be an impulse purchase among women and despite the economic slowdown in several countries, consumers treated them as an affordable luxury since many cosmetics categories like lipstick and nail polish could be bought in lower price brackets than any other luxury category of non-cosmetic products. In the color cosmetics market, constant change is required in terms of both processes and products. Color cosmetics products have chemicals incorporated in the products to satisfy the needs of the customers. However, there are certain chemicals that have been banned by the administrations. The chemical ingredients in color cosmetics range from cancer- causing compounds like formaldehyde to others that adversely affect the hormones.
Colorectal Cancer Therapeutics search for term
Colorectal cancer is a type of cancer that affects the colon or rectum. It is mainly due to abnormal growth of cells that can be metastasized into other parts of the body. The formation of adenocarcinomas is the common feature of colorectal cancer. An adenocarcinoma starts as a benign or malignant polyp in the innermost wall of the colon or the rectum. The risk factors for this cancer include age, family history, unhealthy lifestyle, genetic disorders, and inflammatory bowel disease. Some of the symptoms of cancer include rectal bleeding, constipation, decreased appetite, nausea, bloating, significant or unexplained weight loss and pelvic pain. To alleviate this disease, chemotherapy, surgical, biologic, and radiation therapies are being developed and administered to colorectal patients.
Colostomy Bags search for term
Colostomy is a surgical procedure that involves the creation of an opening (stoma) in the abdomen and the pulling through a portion of the large intestine, in people with complications with the lower bowel. This allows wastes such as mucus, feces, and urine to drain through the stoma into colostomy bags attached to the abdomen. The stoma may be created temporarily or permanently depending on the disease or injury. Some complications can be rectified by temporarily diverting feces away from the bowel and involves the use of temporary colostomies. If the colon becomes diseased, as in the case of colon cancer, permanent colostomies are performed and the colon may be removed completely.
Combined Heat and Power in Commercial Building search for term
CHP integrates the production of usable heat and electricity in a single, highly efficient process. CHP generates electricity while also capturing the usable heat dissipated during the process. A commercial facility can use CHP to generate both heat and power through one energy-efficient step rather than purchasing electricity from utilities or producing thermal energy from an on-site furnace. This technology has an added advantage of preventing energy loss during transmission and distribution of electricity through national grids or local distribution networks. The high efficiency of CHP technology can result in significant energy savings in commercial buildings.
Commercial Aerospace Coating search for term
Aerospace coatings are products that enhance the appearance and durability of an aircraft by protecting it from external factors such as UV radiation and extreme temperatures. Aerospace coatings are used by aircraft manufacturers for the production of new aircraft as well as overhauling of existing aircraft. Commercial aerospace coatings are coating products used in the commercial airliner industry.
Commercial Aircraft Cockpit Display System search for term
CDS have become effective means for the airline companies to enhance the capabilities of their aircraft. They reduce the aircraft weight and information-management workload, enable power saving, allow easier interaction with air traffic control (ATC), avoid accidents, and result in faster training of new pilots. They also improve the functionality and accuracy along with enhanced situational awareness and safety of both the pilot and the aircraft.
Commercial Aircraft Drive Shaft search for term
A drive shaft is a hollow tube made of steel that is used to connect multiple components within a drive train. The propeller shaft is strong and light and has one or more yoke welded on the end. This mechanical part of the engine is used for transmitting torque and rotation and connecting components that are placed far away either because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them. With advances in technology, composite drive shaft has been widely implemented by aero-engine manufacturers to bring down the overall weight of an aircraft. It also encourages OEMs to develop lightweight structures, thereby reducing fuel bills and reducing emissions.
Commercial Aircraft Flight Control Systems search for term
Flight control systems (FCS) consist of primary and secondary systems. Ailerons, elevators, and rudder constitute the primary FCS and are required to control an aircraft for safe flight. On the other hand, wing flaps, spoilers, leading edge devices, and trim systems constitute the secondary FCS. Secondary FCS enhance the performance attributes of the aircraft airplane and offer relief to the pilot from excessive control forces. Aircraft FCS enables the pilot to control the direction and attitude of an aircraft. The traditional FCS operates with the help of mechanical components such as rods, pulleys, and cables. In some scenarios, it uses chains for the transmission of flight deck control forces to the control surfaces of an aircraft. Aircraft FCS have primary and secondary systems, where the primary FCS are responsible for controlling an aircraft safely during flight, and secondary FCS enhance the performance characteristics of the aircraft.
Commercial Aircraft HMS search for term
Aircraft health monitoring systems collect data in real time from aircraft and make them available to ground operations. This is made possible through sensors installed at various damage hotspot locations throughout the aircraft structure or engine. These sensors allow integrated health monitoring, which enables the early detection of anomalies such as debility or cracks. Necessary preventive measures can thus be implemented on time, reducing the chances of critical damage or major system failure.
Commercial Aircraft Modernisation and Upgrade and Retrofit search for term
Airlines across the world are seeking to retrofit their aircraft with the latest upgrades to improve the operational efficiency, increase the life span of an aircraft, and to be cost effective. Depending on the type of aircraft, the various retrofits, upgradations, and modernizations are performed on avionics and aircraft cabin interiors, which include seats, galley, food storage equipment, windows, windshields and lavatory, and aerodynamic retrofit. Thus, the development of lightweight materials with the use of titanium has led the airlines to achieve the optimum payload-to-range ratio of an aircraft.
Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturer Approval search for term
Aircraft PMA parts are manufactured according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design and production approval process. These parts are approved replacements for the original OEM parts. The production of aircraft PMA parts by third-party companies started in the US in the 1950s. In the absence of PMA manufacturers, OEMs have the monopoly over the design and manufacture of aircraft and aftermarket parts.
Commercial Aircraft Propeller Systems search for term
Commercial aircraft propeller systems find their application in piston-engine and turboprop-powered aircraft. These systems include blades, hubs, and electronic controls. The number of blades in a propeller system ranges from three to six (in a commercial aircraft). These blades are made of either aluminum or composite. Composite-based propeller blades reduce weight, which in turn minimizes the fuel consumption of aircraft.
Commercial Aircraft Seat Actuation search for term
Aircraft seat actuation systems provide comfortable seating for the passengers in commercial aircraft and private jets. The automated systems allow passengers to adjust their seating position as per their comfort level. The seat actuators are an essential component of aircraft cabins in a modern aircraft. With designs to provide correct seating positions for travelers, these systems assist in avoiding lumbar pains over long-haul air travel.
Commercial Aircraft Turbine Blades and Vanes search for term
Turbine blades and vanes make up the turbine section of the modern aircraft gas turbine engine and are present in the high-pressure turbine (HPT) and low-pressure turbine (LPT) sections. Since they operate at extremely high temperature and pressure, they are usually made of superalloys that can withstand harsh operating conditions. The aircraft engines components including the turbine blades and vanes, though being strong, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight, have to operate under high stress and temperature conditions. Thus, thermally stable material such as high-performance alloys (HPAs) is highly utilized in jet engine components.
Commercial Aircraft Video Surveillance Systems search for term
Video surveillance systems in aircraft are used for ground maneuvering during taxi operations, cabin and external security, monitoring of commercial and military aircraft refueling, and flight crew observation of aircraft control surfaces. Commercial aircraft video surveillance systems perform two functions: cabin surveillance and cockpit door surveillance. Cockpit door surveillance system (CDSS) ensures that only authorized personnel enter the cockpit. The components of the system need to be chosen carefully to be able to identify entrants under all kinds of cabin conditions (light, dark, or turbulence). CDSS has three cameras that relay the video to a central processing unit, which in turn sends the video to the cockpit displays. According to the field of view and the position of the camera, more cameras may be installed to provide better situational awareness to pilots. Most surveillance systems allow the simultaneous processing of data from up to six cameras. Cabin surveillance camera (CSC) systems allow pilots to monitor cabin conditions, cockpit access, and cargo areas. Some CSC systems can handle up to 16 cameras simultaneously and automatically switch between a colored day view mode and an infrared night-view mode.
Commercial Airframe Component search for term
Airframe components are one of the most essential part of the aircraft. Aircraft components such as empennage, wings, fuselage, undercarriage, pistons, and turbine engines are made of individual parts that operate in a closed orientation. One of the major problems faced by aircraft designers is to strike a balance in the weight-to-strength ratio in a manner that the aircraft weighs less but has enough strength to withstand all possible loads during its service lifetime. They should also ensure that an aircraft qualifies a healthy safety margin of at least 50%.
Commercial Airport Baggage Handling Systems search for term
Passenger baggage undergoes strict security screening procedures before being loaded on to an aircraft. Due to the increase in passenger traffic, large airports find it difficult to process passenger baggage without it affecting their operational efficiency. Thus, there is a need for effective BHS and infrastructure that can handle the global rise in passenger traffic.
Commercial Airport Lighting search for term
Commercial airports are increasingly taking to new lighting systems while expanding their terminals to ensure a safe and secure passage for flyers. Adoption and implementation of new lighting technology are trending in this market, and it is aggressively being implemented to meet new safety standards and regulatory norms. Airports around the world are upgrading their lighting systems, shifting to more energy efficient LEDs that offer improved lighting conditions while remaining more economical. LED lights offer improved brightness and are instrumental in optimizing working conditions at airports.
Commercial Architectural Coating search for term
Commercial architectural coatings are used to enhance the appearance of buildings, fireproofing systems, offices, and factories, as well as to protect them from moisture, UV radiation, and microbes. Paints, primers, lacquers, varnishes, and stains are some of the main types of architectural coating products. These products are formulated using various types of resins, such as acrylic, alkyds, polyester, and polyurethane. They can be categorized into two major technologies: solvent-borne and waterborne coatings.
Commercial Aviation Crew Management Systems search for term
IT systems are one of the essential parts of the aviation industry to enhance day-to-day operations. They aid in crew planning, rostering, pairing, and training through crew management systems (CMS) for the airlines and airports. Also, they aid in designating crew duties, considering numerous guidelines while overseeing crew activities and preferences in a cost-effective manner
Commercial NextGen Avionics search for term
Next-generation avionics systems include communication systems, autopilot systems, sensors, transponders, FMS, navigation systems, display, and anti-collision systems. The number of aircraft deliveries and aircraft in operation influences the global commercial aircraft next-generation avionics market. The introduction of the A320neo, the A350 XWB, and the B737 Max aircraft has resulted in the integration of next-gen avionics in new fleet. In addition, the development of lightweight avionics has led airlines to achieve optimum payload to range ratio in aircraft.
Commercial Telematics search for term
Telematics is an automated system designed for vehicles that incorporates communication systems for real-time information transfer to achieve efficient solutions. Auto manufacturers have many options for online connectivity in vehicles to deliver two-way communication. These options include embedded telematics, tethered telematics, and integrated smartphone telematics. Currently, various categories of telematics applications are provided commercially by leading auto manufacturers. These applications include eCall, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking (STV), infotainment, connected navigation, vehicle diagnostics, and convenience applications such as door lock or unlock, vehicle preconditioning, and retrieving the last parking position. Telematics provides benefits such as improved safety and customer service, enhanced productivity, and reduced labor costs and operating expenses. Commercial and regulatory aspects drive the adoption of telematics.
Commercial Vehicle Shifter Shaft search for term
Shifter shaft is a component of the gearbox that enables synchronization between the driver and the gearbox. They assist the driver in changing gears and maintaining a proper gear ratio. Shifter shafts and gear boxes are very critical components of transmission systems.
Commercial-purpose Drones search for term
Drones are UAVs. Their flight is controlled with a handheld remote or GPS remote. GPS is used to track the drones. The gyrometer and accelerometer, which are attached to the drones, are used to control the drones during flight. Drones are primarily used for tasks that are of high risk to human life. They are extensively used for surveillance and rescue, emergency response, high-altitude imaging, forest-fire monitoring, flood mapping, humanitarian aid, product delivery, petroleum-spill monitoring, and Internet connectivity, as well as in the photography and film industry. Drones are used for environmental monitoring and mapping, soil-moisture imaging, hyperspectral imaging, plume dispersion and tracking, in situ atmospheric monitoring, and aerosol-source determination, too. The commercial use of drones is restricted due to concerns over privacy rights.
Communication Processor search for term
Communication processors are used in embedded systems like data/voice switched, routers, and wireless base stations for communication processing. They add functionalities to a general purpose processor for enhanced performance. Communication processors are used widely in networking solutions for wired and wireless communication protocols across industries. Human machine interface (HMI) is another key area, where employees use communication processors to communicate with the machine for enhancing industrial automation to manufacture quality products with minimum wastage. HMIs are used to monitor and control electronic systems such as operator panels. Communication processors are used to eliminate errors in harsh environments, common in manufacturing facilities.
Communication Test and Measurement search for term
Test and measurement equipment are used for analyzing and measuring electronic and mechanical devices throughout their lifecycle. Also, they are utilized in the initial design, development, verification, maintenance, and repair of electronic and mechanical products. Communications and test equipment are used to provide consistent and high-quality services to the customers. The growing demand for electronic products worldwide will increase the need for test equipment.
Compressor Rental search for term
Compressors are mechanical devices that compress air or gas in a sealed unit and deliver it at the desired pressure levels. These equipment find application in a broad range of end-user industries such as construction, mining, oil and gas, power, and other industries, including food and beverage and water and wastewater treatment. The demand for compressor rental services is highly influenced by the performance of these process industries. Renting compressors offers cost advantage and can help overcome operational interruptions such as system breakdown.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) search for term
CFD is a software application that helps end-users analyze the flow, turbulence, and pressure distribution of liquids and gases, and their interaction with structures. It also helps predicting fluid flow, mass transfer, chemical reactions, and related phenomena. CFD uses high-speed computers, various numerical methods, and solvers to simulate the flow of fluids (gases and liquids). Simulation refers to the digital prototype of the real-world scenario, which helps in detecting errors in designing before proceeding to production. CFD finds wide applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, and energy.
Computer Numerical Control Solutions search for term
Computer numerical control (CNC) solutions are equipped with high-speed microprocessors to deliver high-precision machining processes with integrated safety functions for a foolproof and safe working environment. The CNC machines are used in milling, stamping, forming, grinding, polishing, punching, and other cutting operations in various manufacturing industries.
Concrete Superplasticizer search for term
Concrete superplasticizers are admixtures formed by linear polymerization of sulfonic acids attached to polymer backbones. They play an important role in construction materials, as they enhance strength, binding properties, flowability, and workability. Concrete superplasticizers are available in two forms: powders and liquids. End-users usually prefer the liquid form, as the powdered form is difficult to add to concrete mixtures and to maintain uniformity. Concrete superplasticizers are used in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, high-performance concrete, shotcrete, and others.
Confectionery search for term
Confectionery comprises of chocolate, sugar confectionery, and gum. Cocoa and sugar are the raw materials for chocolate and latex is the raw material used for gum. Many new varieties of confectionery products have been introduced in the market. Confectionery products are popular among all age groups of people. Further, the sale of confectionery product is not dependent on any season or occasion.
Conjuctivitis search for term
Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye or Madras eye, is an infection in or inflammation of the conjunctiva. It affects either one or both a person's eyes and can be the result of an allergy, bacteria, or a virus. Allergens such as smoke, pollen, dust mites, eye drops, cosmetics, and perfumes can lead to conjunctivitis. It is usually associated with redness of the eye along with the release of mucoid discharges. Although the condition usually heals without medication, antibiotics are commonly used for treatment to avoid complications due to irritation of the eye.
Connected Bulb search for term
Connected bulbs refer to smart bulbs that are embedded with wireless chips to communicate wirelessly with mobile computing devices such as smartphones and smart watches. A connected bulb comprises of the Internet of Things (IoT) interconnected through various networking technologies. The IoT is a network of physical or tangible devices such as smart appliances and smart TVs that can communicate among themselves and with the external environment when required using the internet. Connected devices such as connected bulbs offer benefits like optimized decision-making, ease of handling emergencies, reduced cost, enhanced quality of living, remote control access, effective time management, and improved safety and security. Connected bulbs enable consumers to control their lights via wireless technologies such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Thread, and 6LoWPAN.
Connected Car M2M search for term
Connected cars are equipped with Internet and wireless services that help the cars connect with networks or services. M2M connections are established between two electronic or mechanical devices for automated data transmission. A connected car M2M connection refers to the automated wireless data transmission between a car and another vehicle, an OEM, third-party service providers, enterprises, Internet-capable devices, or an infrastructure. Connected car M2M services help with navigation, infotainment, tracking stolen vehicles, telematics, roadside assistance, video transmission, and making automated calls during emergencies such as accidents, malfunctioning of devices, fuel leakage, and fire. Users can also check the performance of their vehicles with the help of connected car M2M connections and services.
Connected Car M2M search for term
Connected cars are equipped with Internet and wireless services that help the cars connect with networks or services. M2M connections are established between two electronic or mechanical devices for automated data transmission. A connected car M2M connection refers to the automated wireless data transmission between a car and another vehicle, an OEM, third-party service providers, enterprises, Internet-capable devices, or an infrastructure. Connected car M2M services help with navigation, infotainment, tracking stolen vehicles, telematics, roadside assistance, video transmission, and making automated calls during emergencies such as accidents, malfunctioning of devices, fuel leakage, and fire. Users can also check the performance of their vehicles with the help of connected car M2M connections and services.
Connected Car M2M Connections and Services search for term
Connected cars enable drivers to connect with online platforms and obtain real-time communication such as real-time traffic updates during travel. Different factors such as rising demand for constant connectivity, increased dependence on technology, and the growing number of tech-savvy customers have fueled the growth of the connected car M2M connections and services market. Over the years, automotive manufacturers and service providers have been developing connectivity solutions such as M2M connectivity platforms. M2M connectivity enables the interconnectivity between two vehicles. Numerous sensors and processors integrated into a car provide accurate and real-time information about the surrounding environment to the driver.
Connected Devices search for term
Connected devices refer to those that can be connected to the Internet to enhance their performance. The concept is based on the IoT, a network of physical or tangible objects or devices interconnected through multiple network technologies. These devices can communicate with one another and with the external environment when required, using the Internet as a medium. Connected devices offer benefits like optimized decision-making, easy way of handling emergencies, reduced cost, enhanced quality of living, remote control access, luxurious lifestyle, time management, commercial benefit, and better safety and security.
Connected Home Appliance search for term
A connected home is a residence equipped with an IT-based control system that anticipates and responds to the needs of the residents. It enhances the security and provides comfort, convenience, and entertainment by using advanced wireless technologies. Connected home applications include automatic centralized lighting control, HVAC control, security and access control, entertainment control, and household appliance control systems. It allows residents to monitor, control, and connect all the information from the appliances to simple user interfaces.
Connected Home Security System search for term
Connected home security solutions include night-vision 3D video cameras, electronic locks, motion sensors, burglar alarms, and monitoring devices. Home-integrated networks play a vital role in effective functionality of these security systems. High adoption of cloud technologies is increasing the revenues of the connected home security market. Increased adoption of new technology for home security would reduce the costs of connected home security systems. Connected home security systems consist of various types of alarms (fire alarms and burglar alarms), digital electronic locks, sensors, video cameras, video monitoring systems, and detectors (fire detector, CO detector, and HVAC detector).
Connected Vending Machine search for term
Connected vending machines, unlike traditional machines, are engaging shoppers like never before with touchscreen controls, audio, video, scents, gesture-based interaction, and cashless payment. These connected vending machines are used in company facilities, universities, retail stores, and hospitals. Connected vending machines sell a variety of goods such as computer accessories, gold bars, tickets, foods and beverages, and office supplies. The advances taking place in these machines are enabling operators to analyze time- and location-based data pertaining to sales, inventory, and customer preferences.
Connector search for term
A connector is a device that carries electricity or electronic signals, and connects the input/output (I/O) of an electronic or electrical device with the internal controls of a machine or another device. Connectors are important in the initial setup of any industry. Use of cheap or low-grade connectors may result in weaker signals and inefficiency. The lesser the interference produced by the connector, the greater the quality of the connector.
Construction Equipment search for term
Construction equipment is machinery used on construction sites. These machines are used to perform various tasks on the construction site such as hoisting, excavating, hauling, paving, grading, and drilling. Some of the construction equipment performs specific jobs and other equipment has a more basic configuration.
Construction Equipment search for term
Construction equipment is used to perform multiple tasks on the construction site such as hoisting, excavating, hauling, paving, grading, and drilling. Construction equipment has many uses in the building and realty sector. This type of equipment includes excavators, loaders, construction tractors, graders, rollers, scrapers, conveyors, cranes, compactors, and pavers.
Construction Equipment Finance search for term
Equipment financing refers to the credit, including leasing, government loans, and other small business administration loans, that are disbursed to different businesses (like the automotive and construction industries). It also includes sale and leaseback, which help market players raise cash for equipment purchases by selling off collateralized existing equipment. While availing credit, customers can either opt for equipment loans or lease, as these two have different interest rates. The maturity term of a loan depends on the equipment's life, but once repaid, the instrument or machine belongs to the buyer. In case of leasing, the funder or the financial institution is the owner of the equipment but the buyer can use the equipment during the lease period. The technology used in the construction equipment finance market has evolved, and this has led to innovations. Individual customers want to replace old construction equipment to increase efficiency and effectiveness, as this will help them retain a competitive edge.
Construction Equipment Rental search for term
The equipment rental market is either operated by third-party suppliers or equipment manufacturers. Rental companies usually rent used equipment to construction companies based on the duration of the project. Although, there are other substitutes for this market, such as equipment financing and leasing; however, demand for equipment rental is high. Renting equipment not only reduces the ownership cost of the equipment, but contractors can reduce other costs pertaining to the use of equipment, such as maintenance costs and transportation costs, among others. Also, construction contractors focus on the high return on investment of their projects, which makes renting equipment a viable option, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Construction Glass search for term
Construction glass is gaining huge prominence globally. Today, glass is not only limited to windows and doors but is also being deployed as roofing panels and glass fa?ades in buildings. Further, commercial building owners are demanding luxurious design which is in turn spurring the demand for construction glass. Flat glass is the normal construction glass which is used large scale in building construction. However, with the growing trend of energy efficient buildings, glass manufacturers are coming up with energy saving buildings.
Construction Robots search for term
Construction robots are mainly used for basic tasks in building construction and civil engineering projects. These tasks include concreting, building, connecting, attaching, coating, covering, jointing, positioning, finishing, demolishing, drilling, tunneling, earthmoving, scaffolding, inspecting, and repairing elements. Construction robots improve productivity, quality of end-products; reduce manual operations, leading to less errors; shorten construction time; reduce costs; and increase safety in hazardous working environments. The productivity of the construction robots is high when the construction materials are standardized and work processes are repeated. These robots were introduced in 1980s to improve working conditions and enhance productivity and work efficiency. However, the diffusion of robots was slow and the technological progress was low compared to its manufacturing counterparts.
Construction Spending search for term
The construction industry has emerged as one of the largest contributors to the GDP of any country. It belongs to an elite group of industries that are recognized for having a multiplier effect on national economies. With technological advances and globalization, the construction industry has emerged as an increasingly international and mobile business. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way the industry operates, caused by changing customer demands and new investment sourcing mechanisms. To cope with the evolving global scenario, organizations are exploring and implementing new concepts in the different phases of the industry, including sourcing, delivering, and supporting mechanisms. This will result in the industry increasing its hold on the global economies. Construction spending is likely to increase due to the need for large urban infrastructure projects such as the development of high-rise apartments, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, new roads, highways, and building construction.
Construction Tractors search for term
Construction tractors (which include bulldozer tractors and wheeled tractors), are a type of heavy equipment used during construction activities. Bulldozers are also referred to as crawler dozers or track dozers and are mainly used to push rocks and debris, demolish buildings, remove trees, and clear ground. Wheeled tractors are used to move materials in a construction site. They can be used with attachments such as dozer blades, buckets, and rippers.
Consumer Appliance Coatings search for term
Consumer appliance coatings are applied to cooking, laundry, and other home appliances. They serve to protect the appliance from elements like moisture, UV radiation, and microbes. These products are formulated using various types of resins including epoxy, epoxy PE hybrid, and thermoplastic. The market may be broadly classified into two major types of coating technologies: solvent-borne and water-borne coatings.
Consumer Electronics search for term
Consumer electronics are the electronic devices that are intended for day-to-day life in applications such as mobile communication, networking, media, and entertainment. The main consumer electronic devices are smartphones, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles, TVs, and cameras.
Consumer Healthcare search for term
The characteristics of consumer health products vary widely, with the two most important elements being the consumer needs they address and the strength of the claims made. The market for consumer-focused healthcare products is increasingly occupying the space between consumer needs and growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases. As consumer health companies develop a combination of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, they have the ability to engage consumers by proving the clinical effectiveness of their products. These companies recognize unmet consumer needs and develop inventive ways to establish their presence in the marketplace. Allergy care, dietary supplements, feminine care, pain relief, respiratory, and oral health are among the popular consumer health product categories. Some well-known products in the market are Voltaren and Panadol by GlaxoSmithKline; Lactacyd and Dermacyd by Sanofi; and Nexium, Advil, and Caltrate by Pfizer.
Consumer NAS search for term
NAS is a server-based storage system that enables file sharing between enterprise users. It is an independent network node in the LAN that consists of individual IP addresses. In a consumer and SOHO environments, NAS devices are used to create backup and share files among multiple devices. There are several other functionalities of NAS in these environments, which include multimedia streaming. In a consumer environment, NAS devices are used to store and share files such as photos, music, and movies among users. It also facilitates the access of these files through mobile devices connected to the NAS appliances. It offers high performance storage compared to that of DAS and external hard drives. In a SOHO environment, NAS appliances are used to share office files among 5-20 users. It can also be connected to a printer and other mobile devices. NAS appliances provide faster access to stored data and have the capacity to store data at a high rate. It involves low maintenance costs and can be managed remotely.
Contact Center search for term
A contact center is a facility used to manage client or customer contact via email, telephone, web chat, and social media. Recently, many business enterprises have started to use contact centers to manage customer interaction. Contact center management can be done in-house or outsourced to a third party. Contact centers are responsible for managing, prioritizing and reporting through email, voice, web chat, text and social messaging. A contact center acts as a central point where all customer contacts are managed. It plays a prominent role in an enterprise's broad customer management strategy. Currently, contact center providers are adopting new technologies to offer multichannel operations.
Contact Lens search for term
Contact lenses are used for corrective purposes, therapeutic purposes, and cosmetic purposes. The lenses rectify refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (blurred vision because of the shape of the cornea), and presbyopia (inability to see things that are near). Depending on the material used and the design, contact lens can be spherical contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses or toric contact lenses.
Content and Application Provider search for term
Communication has become an essential part of business and the foundation for organizational and personal development. In the Internet era, information is not limited to PC hardware and peripherals. With advances in technology, most enterprises prefer to store content and information in data centers and not in PCs, hard drives, or a local server. With cloud computing, data centers and wide area communications such as hosting of content and applications heavily depend on computing operations. The growing number of end-users, the rapidly increasing number of new devices, high consumption of bandwidth per user per device on a daily or weekly basis, and rising fixed and mobile network content consumption are fueling investment in hosting services. With increased need to fulfill the demand from end-users, content and application providers are investing in cloud data centers in the emerging markets of the Middle East and APAC. Internet traffic is fueling the demand for hosting services that are obtained by cloud-based operations and fastened by content sources present in a relatively few big data centers. In addition, stimulating intra-region communications includes fetching content from outside the local region or area, which boosts the importance of cloud content servers and high-bandwidth networks.
Content Authoring Tools search for term
Content authoring tool are software that developers use to create e-learning content for end-users such as educational institutions and online e-learning platforms. The content created is in various file formats and are offered to consumers through varied delivery methods. Education providers select their authoring tools based on their delivery platforms, e-learning standards, file formats used in their content, and production workflows. It is essential for customers to be well informed of the tools and resources available at their disposal to implement the appropriate content authoring tool.
Content Authoring Tools search for term
Content authoring tool are software that developers use to create e-learning content for end-users such as educational institutions and online e-learning platforms. The content created is in various file formats and are offered to consumers through varied delivery methods. Content creators for educational material generally include instructors, subject matter experts, and designers who use content authoring tools to build content without the involvement of any codes or programming. This helps education providers to reduce their technical overhead in hiring technical professionals to support content creators. Education providers select their authoring tools based on their delivery platforms, e-learning standards, file formats used in their content, and production workflows. It is essential for customers to be well informed of the tools and resources available at their disposal to implement the appropriate content authoring tool.
Content Delivery Network search for term
A CDN is an online system of interconnected computers that rapidly provides web content to a large number of users across the globe. This mass delivery of content is achieved by duplicating the content on several servers that are spread across different regions, and then directing the content to users when requested. Internet service providers use CDNs to optimize web content and web page viewing. CDNs are also highly useful for audio or video streaming and programming Internet TV. Moreover, when numerous users use the same web page simultaneously, CDNs help deliver content to all users without delay.
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices search for term
Continuous positive airway pressure therapy, which uses continuous mild air pressure, is the most common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Continuous positive airway pressure devices are used to keep the airways open during sleep and also to control the output pressure, keeping the airflow pressure constant. The machine delivers a pre-determined level of pressure by releasing a stream of compressed air through a hose to the nose mask, keeping the upper airways open under continuous pressure. Continuous positive airway pressure devices help increase the oxygen flow by keeping the airways open. The device is also used for infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Continuous positive airway pressure devices consist of headgear (strap), filters, a humidifier, tubes, a mask, and a nasal pillow.
Continuously Variable Transmission Systems search for term
CVT is a form of automatic transmission that helps change gears perfectly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios. CVT replaces the planetary gear set of a standard automatic transmission with two variable-diameter pulleys, each shaped like a pair of opposing cones, with a metal belt or chain running between them. CVT systems provide more power, better fuel economy, and a convenient driving experience compared to traditional automatic transmission systems.
Contract Life-Cycle Management search for term
Contract life-cycle management (CLM) software allows companies to streamline the entire contract management process by automating the process of drafting a contract, negotiation, and tracking the deals. The adoption of CLM solutions allows enterprises to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation by providing transparent management controls and reporting mechanisms for their business activities.
Contract Logistics search for term
Contract logistics is a process through which companies outsource their logistics and distribution functions. Often, 3PL providers go beyond logistics and provide value-added services such as inventory management, cross-docking, door-to-door delivery, and packaging of products. They also provide strategic and operational value to many shippers across the globe. Currently, 3PL improves logistics effectiveness by introducing new and innovative SCM.
Contrast Media Injector search for term
Contrast media injectors are medical devices that consist of chemical substances (contrast media) used in magnetic resonance imaging, medical X-ray, computed tomography, ultrasound imaging, and angiography. This allows the radiologists to interpret the images more accurately, and examine the normal and abnormal conditions of the body. Contrast media can be administered into the body through three different ways: orally, administered rectally by enema, or injected into blood vessels (artery or vein). The two most commonly used types of contrast media are gadolinium and iodine-containing agents.
Contrast Media/Contrast Agents search for term
Contrast media/contrast agents are chemicals used in diagnostic imaging procedures such as CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, and related procedures. They enhance the internal structure of the body and provide high-quality images, which help in providing an accurate diagnosis. It is widely used in radiology, interventional radiology, and interventional cardiology.
Conveyor Belt search for term
Conveyor belts are used for the transportation of solid materials. Their main application lies in connecting assembly lines to the final inspection and packing lines. The belt moves over pulleys that are at fixed positions, aiding the transport of materials horizontally or along an inclined slope. Owing to their versatility, light weight, and cost-effectiveness, conveyor belts are the most widely used mechanical handling equipment.
Conveyor Systems search for term
Conveyor systems are advanced mechanical material-handling equipment that aid handling, storage, and distribution of raw materials, loose components, and semi-assemblies between a manufacturing capacity's workstations. They allow rapid and efficient transportation with an increased degree of safety. They are designed to move a variety of loads and can be installed anywhere, leading to proper capacity utilization. They run either based on hydraulic, mechanical, or automated systems, and can be either sensor-driven or controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
COPD and Asthma Devices search for term
COPD is a combination of two diseases, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In chronic bronchitis, the bronchial tubes get inflamed and accumulate mucus. This results in narrowing or blockage of the airways, resulting in shortness of breath. In emphysema, the alveoli (air sacs) are damaged resulting in the loss of elasticity and decrease in surface area for oxygen absorption, leading to shortness of breath. Asthma is a chronic disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Chronic bronchitis, bacterial infections, and breathing in a large amount of smoke cause inflammation of the lining of the airways and increase the secretion of mucus, which consequently cause narrowing of the airways. COPD and asthma devices such as inhalers and nebulizers convert drug suspensions or solutions into aerosolized particles, assisting drug delivery in individuals with breathing problems. These devices deliver an optimum dosage of the medication directly to the site of action (the lungs), preventing inflammation and constriction of the airways and minimizing adverse effects.
Cordless Garden Equipment search for term
Garden equipment such as brush cutters and power lawn mowers is used to maintain a healthy and high-quality lawn. Innovations such as battery-powered brush cutters and lightweight gardening equipment have boosted interest in gardening. This, in turn, has prompted vendors to improve the efficiency and functionality of cordless garden tools.Cordless garden equipment is powered by a battery, ensures user safety and freedom of movement by eliminating the need for a cord, and helps avoid electrical hazards and other inconveniences faced when using corded equipment. Hence, manufacturers are focusing on cordless, battery-operated, garden equipment as a substitute for corded equipment.
Coronary Artery Disease Treatment Devices search for term
Coronary artery disease also known as coronary heart disease is caused by the narrowing or blockage of coronary arteries. Coronary arteries present near the point where the left ventricle and aorta meet in the chest. These arteries provide oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles. PTCA is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove the blockage of coronary arteries. The procedure involves the usage of stents, balloon catheters, and guidewires to remove the plaques and widen the damaged coronary artery. Coronary stents are widely used for treating coronary disease. Balloon catheters, and guidewires act as supporting devices for the treatment of coronary artery disease.
Corporate e-learning search for term
Corporate e-learning comprises all forms of electronically sustained learning and teaching tools used by organizations to facilitate continuous learning and development of their workforce. E-learning allows organizations to switch to advanced models of learning and teaching by integrating information in digital formats. Organizations are developing strategies and allocating funds to train their employees using e-learning tools. The incorporation of e-learning in the business process has reduced operational costs by ensuring fast content delivery to employees at any time and from any location. This has resulted in better employee productivity and quality of work. Also, corporate e-learning is beneficial to organizations that have expanded into the global market and need to train their employees across different geographical locations.
Corrugated Box search for term
Corrugated boxes are paper-based containers used in packaging durable and non-durable goods. These boxes are flexible, durable, and lightweight, and are used as a cost-effective form of packaging. They are used for packaging consumer and industrial goods. Apart from being used as shipping containers, these boxes are also used as shelf-ready packaging boxes by retailers.
Corrugated Box Packaging search for term
Corrugated boxes are paper-based container boxes used in the packaging of different durable and non-durable goods. These boxes are flexible, durable, and lightweight, and are used as a cost-effective form of packaging. They are used for packaging consumer and industrial goods. In addition to being used as shipping containers, these boxes are also used as shelf-ready packaging boxes by retailers in their stores. Currently, corrugated boxes play a key role in packaging and distribution SCM by ensuring the safe transportation of goods and marketing of products.
Cosmetic and Perfume Glass Bottle search for term
Packaging plays an important role in both the functionality and aesthetics of cosmetics and perfumes. Packaging is designed to retain the effectiveness and quality of the product within. Molded glass bottles are widely used in the cosmetics and perfume industry because of qualities such as low electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. With advances in designing technologies, glass bottles can be rendered in appealing designs and shapes. Seen from a marketing perspective, glass bottles provide distinctiveness to a product.
Cosmetic Serum search for term
A cosmetic serum is a product applied externally for a desired cosmetic effect. It is usually a water-based non-greasy and intensive formula that contains a high concentration of active substances. Serums can also be oil and water based but have an oil-free texture (owing to choice and less concentration of oil used in formulation), which helps serums to penetrate deeper.
Cosmetics search for term
Cosmetics can be categorized into synthetic and natural/organic. As the name suggests, synthetic products make use of chemicals for manufacturing whereas products that consist of ingredients such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables are categorized under natural products. Products that are either grown or processed using eco-friendly farming methods without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or any other synthetic ingredients are categorized as organic products.
Counter UAV Defense System search for term
Counter UAV defense systems detect potential unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) threats and find application in industries like military, homeland security, and airports. The system is a combination of radars, infrared cameras, and navigators that recognize drones and limit their risk capabilities. Jamming systems and technologies also play a pivotal role to ensure that signals operating the drone are blocked while other frequencies remain unaffected and operational.
Couplings search for term
Couplings are used to connect two shafts together at their ends for transmitting power. Couplings find a wide range of applications in end-user industries such as oil and gas, steel and rolling mill, pulp and paper, wood manufacturing, mining, and general manufacturing.
CP Sensor for Consumer Applications search for term
CP sensors are an integral part of consumer electronics, essentially in multiple applications such as touchscreens, and, thus, play a crucial role in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. Capacitive sensors are in high demand from the smartphone and tablet segments in the consumer electronics sector. Laptops, cameras, and wearables that include smartwatches and fitness bands are using these sensors. Capacitive sensors offer better accuracy and sensitivity than resistive sensing technology, and are devoid of wear and tear problem. Due to these advantages, they are replacing resistive sensors in many applications.
cPDM in the Automotive Sector search for term
cPDM help in effective product data management, collaborative product visualization, collaborative product commerce, effective integration of cPDM with enterprise applications, and with SRM. cPDM software solutions assist in streamlining manufacturing and production processes for efficient business operations. cPDM helps enterprises to bring innovative and profitable products to market more effectively in the evolving e-business web-enabled environment. These software solutions are adopted by the automotive, electronics, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense, process packaged goods, petrochemical, and shipbuilding sectors, among others. cPDM plays a major role in meeting the various needs of the automotive sector including compliance with requirements imposed by government.
cPDM in the Fabrication and Assembly Industry search for term
cPDM software solutions are business solutions that collaboratively provide effective and efficient methods for managing the functions of PLM. They help in effective product data management, collaborative product visualization, collaborative product commerce, and effective integration of cPDM with enterprise applications. cPDM software solutions assist in streamlining manufacturing and production processes for efficient business operation. cPDM helps enterprises to bring innovative and profitable products to market more effectively in the evolving e-business Web-enabled environment. Industries such as automotive, electronics, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense, process packaged goods, petrochemical, and shipbuilding adopt these software solutions. The global cPDM market in the fabrication and assembly industry is driven by the need for high return on investment (ROI) and the increasing use of cPDM in the manufacturing of industrial machineries.
Craft Beer search for term
Craft beers are defined as flavored beers that are brewed in microbreweries or small, independent, and traditional breweries. Small breweries are those that produce less than six million barrels of beer annually while independent breweries are those where not more than 25% of the brewery is owned and managed by an alcoholic beverage company. Traditional breweries are those breweries where 50% of the volume of beer produced is malt beer that uses higher quality ingredients. There are also many large breweries that brew craft beer. Craft beers have a distinctive taste and come in various flavors and are made with a variety of ingredients. These beers are sold in bottles, cans, and kegs.
Crane search for term
The crane market forms an integral part of the construction equipment market and co-witnesses the market falls. There are broadly three types of cranes: mobile cranes, marine and port cranes, and fixed cranes. Cranes can be categorized as per their load lifting capacity, lift height, and outreach.
CRM search for term
CRM is a software that manages interaction between organizations and customers. It aims to create, develop, and enhance customer relationships that help maximize customer value, profitability, and improve a shareholder's value. The CRM market has expanded rapidly and succeeded in transforming the deployment of CRM software from capital expenditure to pay-per-use models. CRM software helps organizations maintain contact details including name, address, phone numbers, call records, and purchase history of customers (prospective and existing). Other uses of CRM include planning appointments, scheduling callback times, and managing sales-related activities.
CRM Outsourcing search for term
Customer relationship management (CRM) has become one of the most influential factors in building brand loyalty and strengthening of brand image. Call center interaction in CRM is often cited in defining customer service; however, there are many facets of CRM outsourcing that have evolved with rising customer needs and expectations. With the growing digitization in the CRM industry, service providers are innovating on their service offerings to expand their portfolio beyond call centers. These offerings include modern communication, multi-channel engagement of customers, self-service, and analytics solutions.
Crowdfunding search for term
Crowdfunding refers to a practice of generating capital investments or funds for a project, cause, or enterprise by acquiring funds from many individuals. Crowdfunding is adopted when an idea that has the potential to create jobs and generate revenue needs financial support to become a reality. Crowdfunding addresses the shortcomings of banks and offers funds to potential ideas. It constitutes multiple models that are conventional and cater to the needs of investors and entrepreneurs.
Cufflinks search for term
Cufflinks date back to the 1600s and started gaining popularity by the end of the 18th century. Various types of cufflinks are available in the market today, including fixed backing, chain link, ball return, and bullet back, toggle, and whaleback closures. Cufflinks are made from materials such as stone, leather, glass, metal, and combinations thereof.
Curtain Wall search for term
Curtain walls are lightweight, non-structural exterior cladding systems, which are attached to the external walls of buildings. Curtain walls comprise a lightweight aluminum frame containing glass, metal panels, and thin stone. The weight of the curtain walls is borne by the building. Installation of curtain walls is a complex process, involving decisions about the type of material used and methods adopted for proper installation. The materials should be selected according to their compatibility with weather conditions. Curtain walls cover a major portion of the exterior cladding of large buildings and reduce the overall cost of building construction. They are widely used for offices, public buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and residential buildings.
Curved Display search for term
Curved display devices contain an either thick or thin curved electronic display made of glass, plastic, or some other flexible substrate. As the demand for user-friendly and high-quality display devices is expected to rise, many electronic manufacturers are working toward the development of large and high-resolution curved displays, primarily for TVs and monitors. Such displays make the screens of these devices (TVs and monitors) highly durable with better picture clarity.
Cyber Security search for term
Cyber threats are internet-based attempts to attack information systems and hack critical information. These threats include hacking, malware, and phishing, and have the capability to capture all the critical information stored in information systems. Cyber security protects systems from cyber threats by identifying, monitoring, and resolving attacks while, at the same time, maintaining the confidentiality of information systems. It primarily involves the implementation of measures to detect, monitor, report, and counter such threats. These solutions can be deployed as on-site, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions.
Cyber Security search for term
Cyber security solutions enable organizations by monitoring, detecting, reporting, and countering cyber threats to maintain data confidentiality. With an increase in Internet penetration in emerging countries, the adoption of cyber security solutions is expected to grow. Also, with the usage of wireless networks for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, these IT systems have become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Further, with the adoption of cloud-based services and emergence of IoT, IT systems have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


Dairy Alternatives Drinks search for term
Dairy-alternative drinks comprise plant-based milk obtained from cereals, nuts, and seeds. Dairy-alternative drinks are primarily consumed by vegans, people who have lactose or dairy intolerance, and people with milk allergies. Dairy-alternative drinks have low fat and low cholesterol levels. Demand for dairy-alternative beverages is increasing with the growing awareness of the medical benefits of such products, rising health consciousness, and an increasing vegan population.
Dairy Packaging search for term
Dairy products are high energy-yielding products made from raw milk. Since milk can be easily contaminated because of lactose fermentation, dairy products need to be packed in durable materials, so they reach the customer in desirable condition. Increase in demand for milk and dairy products has brought a transformation in the packaging industry. Some of the containers used for packaging dairy products are cups, cans, sachets, bottles, and tubs, which are made as per the convenience of the customer and the requirement of products.
Dairy Whiteners search for term
Dairy whiteners are widely used as a substitute for fresh milk in tea; coffee; hot chocolate; and other food products such as soups, sauces, puddings, and cereal dishes. They are available in fluid and dried forms. The production of dairy whiteners has gone up owing to their being convenient, shelf stable, and ready to reconstitute. Dairy whiteners are used as a substitute for fresh milk in coffee and tea. Their convenience and portability as compared to milk make them more popular among coffee and tea drinkers.
Data Analytics Outsourcing search for term
The data analytics market is seeing huge investments across the globe. Enterprises are leveraging analytics tools and technologies to provide customized offerings and improved digital engagement with customers. Outsourcing the data analytics processes aids organizations in gaining a competitive advantage by maintaining a leaner workforce and reducing overhead expenses for equipment, training, and physical office space.
Data Center search for term

There are many enterprises involved in the construction of data center facilities with modern IT, power, and cooling infrastructure. It includes colocation vendors, who rent data center spaces for large enterprises as well as SMEs. With the evolution of cloud computing and increased use of Big Data analytics, data centers now offer efficient and high-availability services to enterprises to fulfill their computing requirements. Data center facilities consume an immense amount of energy. This has prompted many non-profit consortiums and government agencies to adopt energy-efficient infrastructure.

Data Center Construction search for term
Data centers are used to house enterprise IT infrastructure. They are the backbone of essential business operations. Complexities associated with business applications have increased because of enormous growth in data volumes, triggering an increased need for the construction and renovation of data centers. The construction of a data center encompasses design, architecture, installation of electrical and mechanical systems, and incorporation of security mechanisms. Infrastructure certifications play a vital role in the building of data center facilities. A high-technology data center environment requires steady power supply, cooling, fire suspensions, and physical security solutions to operate effectively. Generally, data centers are constructed in low-cost locations involving minimal electricity consumption; these locations usually have onsite staff, and the probability of power outages is low.
Data Center Cooling search for term
Cooling solutions help lower the heat generated by IT equipment housed in data centers. Many computer room air conditioning (CRAC) and computer room air handling (CRAH) units are operated in data centers, including air conditioners, chillers, cooling towers, economizers, humidifiers, and modern containment systems that furnish rack cooling. These cooling units use air and liquid cooling techniques. The cooling process accounts for 40% of the electricity consumed in data centers. The services offered by a data center facility can be identified based on a tier system, ranking from one to four, which indicates the physical infrastructure, cooling, power, promised uptime, and redundancy levels said facility.
Data Center Cooling Solutions search for term
Cooling solutions are used in data centers worldwide to lower the heat generated by IT equipment. Data centers operate CRAC and CRAH units, including air conditioners, chillers, cooling towers, economizers, humidifiers, and modern containment systems that offer rack cooling. These cooling units involve the use of air and liquid-based cooling techniques. As the cooling process accounts for 40% of the power consumed in data centers, vendors are innovating and testing techniques to reduce the operational expenditure associated.
Data Center Design search for term
Data center design plays a vital role in business continuity. Data center renovation includes the expansion of an existing facility based on the initial design. Currently, the construction of large data center facilities takes about two years. Many enterprises are constructing facilities that will support their business over long periods. Also, they are leaving enough room for future renovations. Data centers are designed in two stages: conceptual design and detailed design. Detailed design includes the specification for architectural, structural, and MEP requirements of the facility, whereas conceptual design includes floor layouts while considering optional outcomes in terms of IT demands, energy efficiency, cost, and availability.
Data Center Fabric search for term
Data center fabric is a network infrastructure in which interconnections between switches and servers are weaved in the form of a fabric. These interconnections are used to create multiple active links. Data center fabric helps meet networking demands such as bandwidth and topology extension, and improves failover time in data centers for cloud and virtualization environments. The technology reduces the IT budget of organizations, and improves flexibility, agility, and efficiency of IT-related operations. It is likely to meet the present and future computing requirements of enterprises, and is popular among cloud-based organizations.
Data Center IT Equipment search for term
Enterprises build data centers to house IT equipment such as servers, storage, and network infrastructures along with security appliances for business operational purposes. These infrastructures and their effectiveness play a vital role in the services offered by enterprises to other enterprises or consumers. Modern infrastructures are designed to support any business environment. Several innovations have been witnessed in this space in the last few years and are expected to continue, to suite every businesses' changing requirements. Stringent IT budgets will prompt enterprises to prefer IT infrastructures that are scalable, reliable, and durable IT infrastructures.
Data Center Physical Security search for term
Data centers house infrastructure such as servers and storage units. Physical security of data centers involves securing these critical infrastructure from external threats or intrusions that may disrupt business activities. Physical security includes video surveillance through cameras, access control systems, and perimeter security. Data centers are expected to grow significantly with a large number of enterprises opting for their services. Data center service providers are adopting innovative products and solutions that facilitate efficient monitoring and management of entry of personnel into the data center facility.
Data Center Power search for term
Power management solutions constitute important support infrastructures for data center operations. These products aid in the distribution of power to the data center racks from the utility grid, and also supply power during power outages. Modern power management products are equipped with features that facilitate efficient data center operations, which lead to reduced energy wastage. These features include real-time monitoring and management through data center infrastructure management (DCIM) integration. There are stringent regulations worldwide to reduce the electricity consumption of data center facilities. Advanced power management products aid in reducing power wastage, and facilitate the distribution of optimal power for sufficient functioning of data center infrastructures such as IT and cooling. Most enterprises are planning to construct data centers in regions having renewable energy sources.
Data Center Precision Air Conditioning search for term
Precision air conditioners are used to control temperature and humidity of data centers. They are reliable and offer round-the-clock service. These units are specifically designed to cool the IT equipment in data centers. A precision air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. It supplies cold air through the cold air inlet of data center racks and dissipate hot air from air outlet. Precision air conditioners can also communicate with BMS.
Data Center Rack PDU search for term
In a data center environment, a rack power distribution unit (PDU) is used to supply power to a server rack. Rack-mounted PDUs are available in different sizes and configured depending on the type of connection and voltage. PDUs are classified based on functionalities, including power filtering, remote monitoring, control by LAN or SNMP, and intelligent load balancing. They are easy to install, configure, and manage. A PDU is designed to distribute power to a rack of servers, storage, and networking infrastructure in a data center. The demand for cloud computing and big data analytics is growing at a rapid pace among enterprises worldwide, leading to an increase in the number of data center facilities. The PDU market is dependent on the growth of the data center market. A rack PDU is often used along with an UPS. The complexity of the networking equipment in a data center environment is increasing, which has increased the usage of PDUs to reduce the risk of power failure.
Data Center SAN search for term
Enterprise data center have started adopting hybrid SAN arrays that comprise of both HDD and SSD drives. However, SSD is highly preferred for applications that require higher performance. HDD drives are used as a storage device and their performance requirement is less as compared to SSD. SAN is a high-speed network of storage devices connected to the server. It provides block level data storage for applications running on networked servers. At the block level, it allows multiple server computers connect to one storage device. SAN is preferred by enterprises as it offers better flexibility, availability, and performance compared to DAS storage systems.
Data Center Security search for term
Data center security solutions safeguard confidential data against unauthorized external access and malicious software. The increased adoption of cloud-based services and virtualization has fueled the need for advanced security mechanisms among data center operators worldwide. Through comprehensive security measures, enterprises can deploy on-demand services quickly and efficiently thereby increasing resource availability.
Data Center Server search for term
Servers are the backbone of a data center operation, and they are used mainly for the transfer of data from a data center to its associated computers. A server operation is dependent on hardware reliability and durability. A typical server comprises of dual-power supplies, RAID disk system, ECC memory, which are tested for operations by vendors. Mission-critical servers are designed and manufactured with fault tolerant for maximum data center uptime. Servers can be powered up, configured, and rebooted remotely using server management software. Servers are also virtualized in the modern data center to increase the utilization of computing resources. The requirements for data center server are driven by the adoption of modern technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data analytics across enterprises to gain a competitive advantage. The number of data centers worldwide is increasing year-over-year along with the installation of modern servers to support business operations that require high computational power.
Data Loss Prevention Applications search for term
DLP applications help in scanning data at rest or in motion to identify if it complies with the security regulations set by the government. They also notify end-users if data encryption and quarantining suspicious files is needed to ensure data security. Due to growing instances of loss of confidential and sensitive data, the requirement for DLP applications has increased. Implementation of stringent government regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is also taking place in sectors such as healthcare, government, and banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI).
Data-as-a-Service search for term
DaaS is a cloud computing service model that refers to the sourcing, management, and provisioning of data in a consumable format to business users over the Internet. It facilitates the delivery of specified data to users on-demand, regardless of any geographical or organizational separation between providers and consumers. The DaaS model transfers the burden of data sourcing and management to a third-party cloud service provider and allows users to gain values from data. DaaS allows separation of data from its associated software applications to deliver meaningful information to users regardless of location or platform. DaaS offers technologies to retrieve data from heterogeneous sources such as data warehouses, transactional databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. The heterogeneous data are aggregated, cleansed, and enriched in a central location and then offered as DaaS to subscribers based on demand. DaaS offers all types of data such as financial, census, geographic, retail, insurance, supplier, distributor, and data from various industries.
DC Drives search for term
DC drives have a thyristor-based controller that helps regulate the speed and torque of DC motors. In a DC drive, armature control and field control techniques are used to control speed. DC drives are preferred in locomotive applications due to their high-power thyristors and simple design. The global DC drives market receives the majority of its revenue from low-voltage drives (less than 500 kW) due to the widespread adoption of low-voltage DC motors across process and discrete industries.
DC Power System search for term
DC power systems supply voltage or current of fixed polarity, either positive or negative. It can be powered from an AC or DC source. A basic DC power system consists of a transformer, a rectifier, a filter, and a regulator. All these components help provide a constant and ripple free DC output. It is used in a wide variety of applications in telecommunication, data centers, and transportation.
DDoS Prevention search for term
A DDoS attack is a web-based attack that attempts to disrupt the normal functioning of a targeted computer network by making network resources unavailable to users. It occurs when multiple hosts flood the bandwidth of a particular network, causing excess traffic that disrupts online applications and services. Attackers cause DDoS attacks either by overwhelming a server's bandwidth or impairing the server. Major targets for DDoS attacks include web servers, domain name system (DNS) servers, application servers, routers, firewalls, and Internet bandwidth. They usually target three types of system resources: computational resources (bandwidth and processor time), configuration information (routing information), and state information. Organizations across countries are investing more and more in dedicated and integrated DDoS prevention solutions to safeguard their networks from DDoS attacks that cause huge losses of information and funds, as well as damage their reputations in the market.
Defense Counter IED Systems search for term
A counter improvised explosive device (C-IED) is an essential piece of equipment in battlefield operations. Battle tanks and mine-resistant and lightweight vehicles are some of the key systems to counter improvised explosive device (IED) threats. Modern-day warfare has also emphasized the use of electronic jammers and detection systems to prevent and locate explosives hidden under the ground. Unmanned systems (i.e., unmanned ground vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and unmanned underwater vehicle) have gained immense popularity to counter these IED attacks. These aid the troops by collecting information and providing high-definition imagery of IEDs even in dense areas.
Defense Drones search for term
A defense drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an airplane that does not require a pilot to be on board. Human pilots control these machines through satellite-powered remote controls or through on-board computers. These drones are an essential tool for modern defense forces because of their endurance and versatility, which makes them suitable for intelligence gathering and for support roles for military operations. Drones are typically operated remotely, which reduces risks for the pilot and for decision-makers. Drones can also be engineered to operate autonomously with on-board instruments with different functionalities, which are controlled and directed by instructors or an analyst operating out of a remote location in real time.
Dental Crowns and Bridges search for term
Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic dental devices used for dental restoration. They help to alter the shape and size of tooth, offer strength, and improve aesthetic appearance. Some of the common dental problems include bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, oral cancer, and tooth sensitivity. Most crowns and bridges are made of porcelain or ceramic material that matches the color of the natural tooth. Other materials include titanium, gold, acrylic, and metal alloys. These are mounted or cemented onto existing tooth, which can only be removed by dentists.
Dental Diagnostic and Surgical Equipment search for term
Dental diagnostic and surgical equipment are used for the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay, dental caries, periodontitis, injury, and other forms of oral cancers. Dental problems and oral diseases have been on the rise globally and have thus facilitated the increase in the use of dental diagnostic and surgical equipment for treatment and care. Advances in diagnostic and surgical equipment have improved the quality of care offered to patients. Dental imaging and surgical devices can also be customized according the specific needs and features.
Dental Hand Pieces search for term
The dental hand piece is a tool or a rotary mechanical device used for simple cleaning to polishing, removal of tooth structures, and shaping of teeth or restoration. It consists of three major parts ? head, motor, and body ? along with other supporting components like a turbine, bur, attachments, chip air, and connector. Dental hand pieces are classified into two types based on speed: high-speed hand piece and low-speed hand piece. High-speed dental hand pieces consist of hard metal alloy bits, rotating at 400,000 rpm and low-speed hand pieces rotate around at 80,000 rpm by an inbuilt motor.
Dental Implant search for term
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are made of metals such as titanium or polymers such as zirconium. These implants are used in case of tooth loss due to tooth decay, congenital defects, gingivitis, injury, root canal failure, and excessive wear and tear. Dental implants are preferred over conventional methods such as tooth replacement due to several advantages such as improved appearance, improved comfort, durability, convenience, customization, and improved oral health. The success rate of these implants is around 85%-90% and thus implants have caught up as the current trend in the field of dentistry. The implants last long compared to conventional tooth restorations. There are various types of dental implants including endosteal and subperiosteal implants. Dental implants are available in various colors and can also be customized. These implants provide strong support to the teeth and jawbone. Dental implants fuse (also known as osseointegration) with the jawbone, which provides permanent stability to the teeth. These implants are used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.
Deodorant search for term
Deodorants are a personal hygiene product that controls body odor. Deodorants include body spray, roll-ons, sticks and solids, pump, creams, and wipes. Deodorants fall under the broad category of cosmetics. Their primary use is to prevent body odor that results from perspiration. Deodorants are categorized into four different variants based on mode of application: sprays, roll-ons, sticks and solids, and other (wipes, gels, and creams).
Department Store search for term
Department stores offer more lucrative deals through their own credit cards than bank credit cards do, with greater discounts, easier installment payment options, and interest-free purchases. These stores also maintain customer information regarding consumer behavior such as frequency of shopping, purchase patterns, and store visits to offer credit options better suited to customer requirements and thus further their market penetration. Sales made through store-based credit cards represent a growing source of revenue for department stores. A wide range of products are sold in department stores, and these products broadly fall under one of these categories: apparel, footwear, and accessories; consumer electronics and electricals; home furniture and furnishings; and other products. The other products include beauty and personal care products; books, gifts, and stationery products; home care products; music, video, and entertainment software; and sports and leisure equipment.
Depression Drugs search for term
According to the WHO, depression is a common mental disorder that contributes significantly to the global burden of disease. It affects people across communities worldwide. It is characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness, and poor concentration. Depression can be roughly categorized into six different types. An individual with severe depression can have suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Depression can be recurrent and can be severely debilitating. Patients with mild depression can be treated with medications, but in cases of moderate or severe depression, the patient needs both medication and professional psychotherapy in the form of counseling. Depression affects men and women equally, but women are more likely to be affected by depression than men. Depression can lead to many adverse behaviors in an individual such as alcoholism, smoking, and sleep disturbance.
Derivatives search for term
Derivative products help in transferring the price risk fully or partially by locking the asset prices. As derivatives are considered to be risk management tools, there is not much influence in the fluctuations of the underlying asset prices. The derivatives industry has helped in hedging the risks and diversifying the portfolios in different asset classes. This has led to the contribution in economic growth and employment across different geographies.
Dermatology Diagnostic Devices search for term
Dermatology diagnostic devices facilitate non-invasive diagnosis. Traditionally, microscopes were used to detect and diagnose skin conditions, but they could not provide accurate results. The need for dermatology services is increasing with the increasing prevalence of dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, melanoma, and acne.
Dermatophytic Onychomycosis search for term
Dermatophytic onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail plate, nail bed, and, in some cases, the skin surrounding the nail plate. It is caused by yeast, dermatophytes, and molds; dermatophytes account for 90% of all cases. The fungus, especially Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Epidermophyton floccosum, infects the skin, hair, or nails. It is often perceived by people to be an active and contagious infection. Onychomycosis may persist or worsen if not treated. The fungi that cause onychomycosis exist in common sites such as floors, soil, socks, and shoes. Therapies for onychomycosis include debridement and drugs. Debridement is time consuming and minimally effective in eradicating the fungal infection. Systemic drug treatment is most effective in treating onychomycosis.
Desiccant and Adsorbent search for term
Desiccants are commonly used to remove excessive humidity that would normally degrade or deform product's sensitive to moisture and adsorbents are materials containing tiny (small) pores of a precise and uniform size that is used as Adsorbents for gases and liquids. The commonly used desiccants and adsorbents are Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon, Molecular Sieves, Montmorillonite clay, and alumino-silicate minerals (Ceramic Balls) or Reactive ?- Alumina (Tabular Alumina).
DevOps Platform search for term
DevOps is an emerging trend in the IT market, which is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. DevOps technology combines software development and operational processes to manage end-to-end systems development lifecycle (SDLC). Organizations are embracing DevOps solutions to innovate their software delivery supply chain processes. DevOps tools are becoming more popular because they provide a holistic IT environment for the automation of software development processes. DevOps works on the principle of collaborative work management systems by combining people, processes, and technology. It is certainly more than a technology and methodology for software developers, as DevOps solutions not only connect development processes and operational processes but also add value at every stage of the supply chain management of software products. The concept of DevOps can be demonstrated as an approach to software development that involves better collaboration among development and operations functions to reduce cycle time between development inception and release, as well as production. The DevOps platform market consists of tools and processes that bridge the gap between software developer teams and operational teams. DevOps technology is the next level of agile software development methodology that helps to automate software development processes to improve the quality of software products.
Diabetic Eye Disease Devices search for term
Diabetes eye diseases consist of a group of eye-related conditions that affect individuals with diabetes. The conditions include diabetic macular edema (DME), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataract. Diabetes is the leading cause of eye diseases and can cause severe vision loss or blindness. These eye diseases are widely treated with laser surgery.
Diabetic Retinopathy search for term
Diabetic retinopathy is a disorder of the eye that damages the blood vessels of the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive inner surface of the eye on which images are formed. Long-term diabetes affects the retina as high blood glucose levels can damage the tiny blood vessels in the retina. Diabetic retinopathy is broadly classified into non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and proliferative retinopathy. Treatment for diabetic retinopathy depends on the stage of the disease and is directed toward slowing down or stopping the progression of the disease. Laser surgery, injection of corticosteroids or anti-VEGF drugs into the eye, and vitrectomy are some of the available treatments. One feature of diabetic retinopathy is diabetic macular edema. This is a serious medical condition involving leakage of fluid from the minute, delicate, and previously injured blood vessels located at the back of the eye, which then collects in the macula. This results in inflammation of tissue and blurry vision.
Diamond search for term
Diamond mines are found in many countries across the world and the majority of the mines are in Africa. The major diamond producing countries are Angola, Australia, Botswana, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Namibia, and South Africa. The diamonds are mostly found in kimberlite rock. Kimberlite rock is a mineral located beneath the sand, or soil, in marine mining, or glaciers. Diamond prospectors mostly search for kimberlite by testing the ground for changes in the magnetic field.
Diamond Mining search for term
Diamond is a scarce, naturally-occurring mineral that is made up of carbon. Each carbon atom in a diamond is attached to four other carbon atoms and these carbon atoms are connected to four other carbon atoms by covalent bonds. This structure is uniform and tightly held; this arrangement forms one of the most durable minerals known to mankind.
Diaper search for term
Diapers are a folded piece of absorbent material comprised of cloth or processed paper that allows the wearer to defecate or urinate in a discreet manner. They require to be replaced after usage. Baby diapers, underpants, and sanitary napkins are different forms of diapers. Adult diapers are usually used by people aged above 55 years. Diapers are immensely advantageous over traditional cloth based variety on account of high absorption, low discomfort, zero maintenance, easy replacement, and high disease prevention ability.
Die Grinder search for term
A die grinder is a handheld power tool used for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining materials like metal, plastic, or wood. It is either powered by electricity or pneumatically driven. These power tools are useful for welders, boilermakers, ironworkers, sheet metal workers such as HVAC technicians, and other fabricators. Die grinders, also called rotary tools, cater to many applications in industries such as construction, woodworking, metalworking, engineering, and fabrication. Growth in these industries subsequently generates high demand for power tools, including die grinders. Leading power tools manufacturers like Dewalt, Bosch, and Makita manufacture die grinders for end-user industries, such as metal fabrication and automotive.
Diesel Common Rail Injection search for term
Common rail injection represents the most advanced technology in the diesel engine fuel injection system. In this system, pressure generation and injection systems are kept separate. This allows fuel to be constantly available in a rail with the required pressure for injection. High-pressure pumps compress the fuel, which is fed to the engine cylinders through a high-pressure pipe inlet of the rail. The rail acts as a shared reservoir for all injectors. The fuel is then distributed equally to individual injectors, which is then injected into a combustion chamber. A common rail diesel injection system allows the delivery of controlled quantities of atomized fuel. This results in increased fuel efficiency, minimal exhaust emissions, and a decrease in engine noise levels during operation. A common rail diesel injection system allows the delivery of controlled quantities of atomized fuel. This results in increased fuel efficiency, minimal exhaust emissions, and a decrease in engine noise levels during operation.
Diesel Generator search for term
Generators are devices that produce electric energy through the conversion of mechanical energy using either diesel or gas as fuel. Depending on their capacity, diesel generators can be used by various end-users in various segments such as Industrial, Infrastructure, Commercial, and Residential for managing power supply. Diesel generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using diesel as a fuel. Diesel generators involve a diesel engine and are often equipped with an alternator. Generators play a significant role in ensuring that end-users receive continuous and uninterrupted supply of power.
Dietary Fiber search for term
Dietary fibers are widely present in fruits, vegetables, and grains. They include all parts of plant foods that cannot be digested or absorbed by the body and are also known as roughage or bulk. Though indigestible, they are proven extremely useful in maintaining bowel regularity and preventing constipation and other bowel abnormalities.
Dietary Supplements search for term
A dietary supplement is a product that aids in ingestion, and comprises of dietary ingredient that further add nutritional value to the supplements. Dietary supplements are available as one or a combination of substances such as minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and herbs. Furthermore, dietary supplements are available in various forms such as powders, pills, tablets, liquids, and gel caps. The aim of using dietary supplements is basically to add nutrients and a few other supplements to the diet to help to improve health and reduce the risk of diseases.
Digital Asset Man search for term
Digital asset management is a business process that organizes, stores, and retrieves rich media content, apart from managing digital rights and permissions. Rich media assets include music, videos, photos, animations, podcasts, and other multimedia content. It consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, cataloging, storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital assets.
Digital Badges in the Education Sector search for term
A digital badge is an indicator of skills and accomplishment earned in a learning environment. Digital badges are also known as open badges, micro-credentials, and educational badges. These badges display interactive images that are posted on web pages and linked to data such as issuer information, criteria, curriculum, rubric, evidence, expiration date, learning pathway, and time of issue. In the education sector, digital badges are primarily used as motivational tools or as evidence of proficiency. Badging systems in education will allow students to gain valid certification of education from associations or organizations other than educational institutions. Digital badges hard-code the metadata for future access. Since the system is based on an open standard, learners can combine multiple badges earned from different issuers. It is essential for educational institutions to emphasize on attainment of digital badges to acquire skills essential to gain employment opportunities.
Digital Ballast search for term
Digital ballasts are used in high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting lamps such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) systems. The digital ballast is a type of electronic ballast equipped with a microprocessor. Digital and electronic ballasts are often used interchangeably in the industry. However, unlike electronic ballasts that are specific to the type of lamp, wattage, and voltage, digital ballasts can be used with different lamps, wattages, and voltages. The microprocessors in digital ballasts are programmed to monitor bulb performance, avoid igniting malfunctioning bulbs, and even alert users of any malfunction or problems. Additionally, digital ballasts operate at a frequency of 20,000Hz-60,000Hz, which is higher than 60Hz operation of magnetic ballasts.
Digital Caliper search for term
Digital calipers display the result on an LCD screen placed at the front end of the device. They have an accuracy of 0.001 inches and a resolution of 0.0005 inches. A typical digital caliper is made of stainless steel and contains a plastic casing for the LCD display. The power source for these devices is usually lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which can power these devices for up to 450 days depending on usage.
Digital Coin search for term
A digitalcoin is a form of electronic currency that uses cryptography to check the veracity of users that attempt to spend the currencies. Such currencies can be used to ensure the stability of national economies, corporations, and individual users. The cryptocurrency can be converted to any real currency, including dollars, euro, yuan, and rubble. Online transaction using digitalcoins is one of the fastest ways of sending or receiving money as the transaction is not subject to any government intervention, chargebacks, or central bank regulations.
Digital Glass Military Aircraft Cockpit Systems search for term
Digital glass cockpit systems have become an effective means for defense authorities to enhance the capabilities of their aircraft. The digital glass cockpit system reduces the aircraft weight and information management workload, enables power saving and allows easier interaction with air traffic control, avoids accidents and results in faster training for new pilots. Also, it improves functionality and accuracy with enhanced safety and situational awareness for both the pilot and the aircraft.
Digital Health search for term
The healthcare industry is witnessing phenomenal changes owing to increased adoption of digital health platforms such as mobile health, telehealth, EMR, and other wireless technologies. Genomics, sensor technology, wireless devices, networks, and the Internet are the essential elements of digital health technology. Digital health platforms help healthcare organizations in remote monitoring of patients. It also increases healthcare delivery efficiencies and improves access to electronic health information. The usage of digital health technology also helps improve the quality of healthcare services and reduce costs. It supports a wide range of healthcare functions such as chronic disease management, clinical decision support, and population health management.
Digital Holography search for term
Digital holography is primarily used for advertising purposes. Digital holography is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare and retail sectors. Applications of digital holography include digital holographic displays and others (digital holographic microscopy and holographic televisions or telepresence). Retailers, restaurants, and event managers are increasingly adopting digital holography as it provides value to its customers in terms of experience. As consumers are always looking for something different and unique in the promotion of a product or a service, digital holography is aiding in delivering a unique customer experience. Ranging from retail outlets to auto shows, digital holography is used to captivate audiences by delivering a unique viewing experience. The possibilities of digital holography are vast. The main advantage of digital holography is that one can view 3D projections without the use of 3D glasses.
Digital Keyboard search for term
Digital keyboards are equipped with multiple pre-loaded sounds, music, genre, and effects that help users in easy tuning and playing music. These instruments are also provided with an electronic storage capacity for storing recordings, modifying playing preferences, and managing settings for a particular genre. As digital keyboards do not require tuning and incur lesser maintenance costs, they can be used for many years without the need for frequent replacements.
Digital Magazine Publishing search for term
A digital magazine refers to a magazine that is published on the Internet. These are preferred by a greater proportion of readers due to their ease of access, cheaper subscription costs, and eco-friendliness compared to their printed counterparts. The digital platform also allows an inlay of other interactive contents such as graphics, audios, videos, and hyperlinks to other websites. Customized advertisements that are displayed according to the search criteria of end-users generate more revenue and higher purchase rates. Many companies prefer these magazines for advertisements, which consequently increase the revenue of the magazine publisher.
Digital Map search for term
Digital mapping is a process by which data is collected and compiled to form a virtual image. Digital mapping technology also provides an option to calculate the distance between different places. Digital maps are being increasingly used for various location-enabled applications such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Foursquare. However, the technology is primarily used in GPS satellite networks of automotive navigation systems. The information on digital mapping devices is continuously updated to include new landmarks and places of interest.
Digital OOH search for term
Digital OOH can be a group of large screen TVs or a single screen installed at places where potential customers are. These units are centrally controlled by context specific content which range from restaurant menus or brand advertising in retail stores. For a successful digital OOH campaign can only be measured based on its audience viewing figures. Nowadays, where touchscreens are used, the number of enquiries can be measured in the form of touches. Interactive campaigns which use Digital OOH allow advertisers to glean a lot more information about the effectiveness of the campaign.
Digital Oscilloscope search for term
A digital oscilloscope uses an ADC to convert the measured voltage into digital information and then acquires these signals as a series of samples, storing them until they are good enough to be classified as a waveform. It then reassembles the waveform for display on the screen. In addition, it stores the processed signals in a digital format for the future reference. There are three types of digital oscilloscope: digital storage oscilloscope, digital phosphorous oscilloscope, and digital sampling oscilloscope.
Digital Publishing search for term
Digital publishing has resulted in significant cost savings and has enabled vendors to provide diversified products with accurate information. This has improved the customer service and is resulting in recurring revenues from the customer for vendors. For instance, Wolters Kluwer offers the digital version of its 65-year-old publication, Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics. The publication includes an index-based search capability with customized navigation and personalization capability. It also has decision support algorithms that provide quick references.
Digital Security search for term
Digital security solutions are gaining importance among large enterprises, government organizations, and SMBs because they protect critical information from unauthorized access and security attacks. They also protect computers and digital devices from malware, worms, and advanced security threats. Digital security has been gaining prominence over the years because of the increase in incidences of hacking. Since traditional defense mechanisms are not able to address complex and sophisticated threats efficiently, many organizations have considered adopting digital security solutions to actively manage and reduce security risks. As cyber attacks and security threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, more organizations are adopting digital security solutions to ensure the security of critical information stored in computers or digital memory devices. Organizations that sell their products over the internet, such as e-commerce companies, will benefit the most from the implementation of digital security solutions. Online banking customers, social media platform providers, app developers, and cloud solution providers are adopting digital security solutions to enhance the security of web-based business applications.
Digital Signage search for term
Digital signage is used in navigation, placemaking, exhibitions, public installations, marketing, and outdoor advertising. It uses technologies like LCDs, LED displays, and projection to display content such as digital images, video, and information. These can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings. Digital signage displays make use of content management systems and digital media distribution systems that are installed on PCs and servers to display information. Digital signage offers benefits such as audience engagement, dynamic content control, cost-effectiveness, and zero paper waste, which have led to their wider adoption in advertising.
Digital Terrestrial Transmission search for term
DTT is a type of broadcast TV service, which is an advanced and upgraded version of analog TV. DTT offers land based broadcasting services, which use a radio signal to transmit the signal from the source without the help of a satellite. These signals are received using antennas and tuners. DTT offers various benefits over analog TV and is the largest free-to-air TV platform.
Digital Video Content search for term
Digital video content refers to videos stored and broadcasted in digital form. It refers to data available for distribution and download on the electronic media. Digital video content can be broadcasted as digital cable TV, IPTV, online videos, and VOD. The popularity of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, along with rising penetration of the Internet has provided a variety of options for average consumers to access the latest digital video content.
Digital Video Recorder search for term
DVR is a consumer electronics (CE) device connects to a television, allowing a viewer to record, play, and rewind cable or satellite TV programs. They are also referred to as personal video recorders. These devices record content in a digital format and save it to the DVR's internal hard drive or to a USB flash drive, disk drive, SD memory card, or another local or networked mass storage device.
Digital X-ray System search for term
A digital X-ray system is a non-invasive medical imaging technique that helps in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. In digital X-ray systems, sensors are used instead of photographic film. This system exposes some part of the body to a slight dosage of ionizing radiation that provides images of the body's internal part. After the image generation, it is sent to a digitized storage archive where it can be manipulated for various effects such as inverting grayscale zooming, and changing the angle. These systems are an adaptable form of medical imaging that can be used to diagnose disorders and disease in almost every part of the body. This system is mainly used to examine fluid build-up in the lungs, broken bones, dental disorders, abnormal growths, and cancers.
Digitization IT Spending search for term
Digitization is the conversion of physical data into a digital format. Information in the digital format is stored as a sequence of 0s and 1s called bytes. This binary data are easily processed by computers and other computing devices. Thus, digitization helps to store, process, and share information easily through networks, electronic devices, and other digital circuits. Digitization is revolutionizing the way companies across several industries work as it is enabling them to stay continuously connected with their customers, offer better products and services, and create new business models. Thus, companies have started building new digital capabilities to take full advantage of this revolution to stay ahead of the competition. Digitization offers huge opportunities for companies as it can help in reducing costs, enhancing business productivity, and generating new revenue streams.
DIN Rail Industrial PC search for term
DIN rail industrial PCs are high-performing computing solutions that offer a flexible input/output interface and display options. They are used for various applications in the medical, military, industrial, and traffic and transportation sectors.
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell search for term
DMFC is a subcategory of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) that uses methanol as the fuel. It was invented and developed in 1990. A DMFC anode can draw hydrogen directly from liquid methanol. This action eliminates the need to have a fuel reformer, allowing the direct use of pure methanol as a fuel. Methanol provides several advantages as it is convenient to handle and easily available. DMFCs are primarily used in the military as they reduce the need for carrying additional batteries. As such, this reduces the weight to be carried by the soldiers to power their gear, when on a mission. In addition, DMFCs are increasingly being used to complement traditional batteries. DMFCs are used to trickle charge the batteries, which prolongs the longevity of operation. They are also used in fuel cell hybrid applications.
Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) search for term
A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is the future weapon system that emits highly focused energy for target destruction. The potential applications of this advanced technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles. The use of DEW systems is much more cost-effective than the massive cost associated with a single missile launch. With fast-track innovations in the military technology, such weapons are tools for future warfare.
Disconnect Switches search for term
Disconnect switches isolate electrical circuits for inspection and maintenance schedules. These include low, medium, and high-voltage disconnect switches. Low-voltage disconnect switches can be mounted on switchboards, panel boards, or wall mounts. Vendors also offer fused or non-fused disconnects and electrically closed and electrically opened devices. Low-voltage disconnect switches serve as the primary circuit breakers in switchboards and may be used as feeder disconnects. Disconnect switches may also be used as a part of a ground fault protection scheme when geared with a shunt trip.
Discrete Semiconductors search for term
A discrete semiconductor device is one which is not bifurcated into different functional components and performs an elementary electronic function. Discrete semiconductors play an important role in making these vehicles more energy-efficient and lightweight.
Dish Detergant search for term
Dishwashing detergents have emerged as a necessary household commodity. They contain chemicals and natural ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. New-age dishwashing detergents are more eco-friendly and cause less harm to the environment compared to their traditional counterparts.
Dishwasher search for term
Dishwashers help in the cleaning and washing of dishes and utensils. There are two types of dishwashers: built-in dishwashers and freestanding dishwashers. Unlike freestanding dishwashers, built-in dishwashers are connected to the flow of other kitchen accessories. Dishwashers not only help save time but also reduce wastage of water and energy significantly. The increased popularity of modular kitchens and the development of countertops and kitchen cabinets are boosting the sales of built-in dishwashers worldwide.
Dispersing Agents search for term
Dispersing agents are surface-active substances that ease the dispersion of an immiscible chemical in a solvent. These are also called dispersants or plasticizers. Dispersants decrease the surface tension, preventing settling or coagulation of particles and ensuring uniform consistency in blends and particles. Adding these agents to a colloid prevents clustering and enhances separation of particles. Dispersants are produced using chemicals such as acrylic acid, polycarboxylate, naphthalene, sulfonate, and lignosulfonates, depending upon their application. Environmental factors such as water salinity and temperature influence the effectiveness of dispersants. Dispersants are used as additives in petrol, paints, detergents, and medicines. These agents have many applications in the automotive, construction, detergents, oil and gas, paints and coatings, and pulp and paper industries. The composition and manufacturing process of dispersants varies for different end-user industries. Polyacrylates and polyurethanes are the two most commonly used high-molecular-weight dispersants.
Display Driver IC for TVs search for term
DDICs deliver predefined currents and analog voltages that activate the pixels to exhibit pixel images on displays. DDICs include gate and source drivers with a range of interfaces, frequencies, voltage, and packages. DDICs are key to higher resolution displays. DDICs are crucial components in ensuring optimum picture quality in all types of LED and LCD TVs such as 4K2K TVs, full HDTVs, and HDTVs. Technological advances have led to the integration of touch sensors into the display and integration of a touch controller and DDIC into a single IC. This unification has become easier with in-cell integration, which utilizes a DDIC and touch controller combination to enhance performance.
Display for Retail Applications search for term
Displays are used to exhibit data or information. They are referred to as retail displays when used in retail applications like POS systems, kiosks, ATMs, and digital signage. They can be both touch-enabled and non-touch displays. A growing number of retailers are using interactive displays to attract customers. Retailers have to make sure that their digital displays are technically perfect to attract customers, given the increased consumer use of high-performance electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. For instance, responsive screens should react quickly to consumer gestures so that shoppers continue to use them and close the sale. Such displays are equipped with features such as motion-activated lighting, computerized pressure sensors, and touchscreens. They can be used for attracting attention, engaging and educating customers, and creating in-store entertainment. Retail displays can incorporate rich multimedia to ensure continued customer engagement and easy browsing. A compelling and responsive multimedia experience can encourage consumers to keep searching until they find the desired product.
Display for Retail Applications search for term
Displays are used to exhibit data or information. They are referred to as retail displays when used in retail applications like POS systems, kiosks, ATMs, and digital signage. They can be both touch-enabled and non-touch displays. A growing number of retailers are using interactive displays to attract customers. Retailers have to make sure that their digital displays are technically perfect to attract customers, given the increased consumer use of high-performance electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. For instance, responsive screens should react quickly to consumer gestures so that shoppers continue to use them and close the sale. Such displays are equipped with features such as motion-activated lighting, computerized pressure sensors, and touchscreens. They can be used for attracting attention, engaging and educating customers, and creating in-store entertainment. Features in digital displays such as the ability to browse products by touching the screen help customers to make purchasing decisions on their own without the input of sales personnel. Retail displays can incorporate rich multimedia to ensure continued customer engagement and easy browsing. A compelling and responsive multimedia experience can encourage consumers to keep searching until they find the desired product.
Dissolved Oxygen Meter search for term
Dissolved oxygen meters are used to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen present in a sample unit volume of water. Unlike nitrogen and ammonia, oxygen does not chemically react with water, rather it gets dissolved in it. These devices employ different types of sensors to measure the dissolved oxygen content per unit volume of a liquid in a given sample.
Distributed Acoustic Sensing search for term
A DAS system is made up of an interrogator unit (IU) situated at the surface of an optical fiber. The IU emits a short laser pulse that travels along the fiber and creates back-scattered signals. The phase lag between two back-scattered signals from two locations close to the DAS channel is examined to determine the deformation. There are no discrete sensors as the phase lag is cross-examined everywhere along the fiber, turning the entire fiber into sensors.
Distributed Control Systems search for term
DCS technologies offer a range of solutions that are designed to control and monitor industrial production. These solutions are widely used across process industries in line with the general trend of using automation to increase overall efficiency and functioning. These systems also offer intelligent command capabilities that allow end-users easily control and supervise plant operations. The use of DCS also reduces the safety threats in hazardous operating environments, and ensures smooth functioning of plant and industrial machinery. It serves to harmonize complex industrial processes with minimum downtime. In addition, the use of IoT and the advances in M2M communications have helped expand the application scope of DCS technologies in factories.
Distributed Performance and Availability Management Software search for term
Distributed performance and availability management software is used to analyze real-time and historical data to assess application performance. It allows application-centric performance monitoring and management of databases, network infrastructure, physical and virtual infrastructure (server and operating system), customer experience with devices and across data centers, and cloud environments (private, public, and hybrid). The software helps to deliver performance to a level demanded by users and organizations to meet service-level agreement. It allows the monitoring of business transactions and reports the response time for a user making a transaction over networks such as mobile and mainframe networks. For quick detection of application issues, it provides visibility into the performance of websites, web servers, application servers, and back-end databases. Digital marketing provides consumers with the convenience of making purchases in any place and at any time and offers numerous product choices. With digital business gaining prominence, there is an increased need for distributed performance and availability management software to identify congestion, eliminate disruption, meet service-level agreements, and lower the overall cost of maintaining applications. The software helps to meet the expected end-user application service level by providing real-time visibility into applications and performing root cause analyses across middleware, complex networks, applications, and infrastructure located both on the premises and on the cloud.
Distribution Management System search for term
A DMS is an integrated system which combines various components of a grid, providing the operator with valued information in a single screen, so that they can take informed decisions in managing and monitoring the grid from a centralised location. The main function/use of the DMS is to make the grid more efficient and reliable by reducing power outages. A DMS is integrated into the grid to receive information and analyze data to provide a real time situation analysis of the grid to its operator. It also performs certain automated functions such as balancing the power flow, finding fault lines and communicating with ground staff to fix faults before they cause any power outage. DMS is widely used in industrial, commercial, and residential segments.
DM in Aerospace and Defense Sector search for term
DM is an inevitable part of the aerospace and defense industry. DM helps to simulate a virtual environment and prototypes for the manufacturing set up. With the help of this simulation designers are able to rectify issues related to design, manufacturing, and maintenance in the early stages. Ergonomic analysis along with simulation for single parts and assemblies helps to reduce costs to a great extent, especially labor costs. DM helps to manufacture parts and components used in the aerospace industry as per the production schedule according to supplier specifications. It is also used for designing tools and fixtures.
DM in the Automotive Industry search for term
Digital manufacturing is playing a key role in standardizing the whole process with the minimal use of resources. The adoption of DM brings down the planning time taken prior to manufacturing by a big margin, and it also helps in the early validation of the manufacturing plan. DM simulation tools help in planning the production of different types of product on a single assembly line. This leads to faster product development and reduces the size of the assembly line, leading to a small shop floor and enhancing labor efficiency. With DM, designers and manufacturing units can communicate and collaborate on shop floor layout, machine requirements, and installation. It also facilitates effective communication and collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers.
DM in the Industrial Machinery Sector search for term
DM solutions help achieve maximum efficiency in the manufacturing process by streamlining production process. Multiple errors or bottlenecks that might arise during the production process can be visualized earlier. The solution is widely adopted by several players in the aerospace and defense industry to enhance the development of innovative products. However, the return on investment (ROI) acts as a major challenge for smaller players in the market in adopting DM solutions. Companies that use DM are able to achieve efficiency in design, process, operation, and production. DM provides both qualitative and quantitative benefits. DM simulates virtual environment and prototypes for the manufacturing setup. With the help of this, simulation designers are able to rectify issues related to design, manufacturing, and maintenance in the early stages. Ergonomic analysis along with simulation for single parts and assemblies reduces labor costs largely. The industrial machinery industry is facing the need for providing highly customized solutions for its end-users. DM is an inevitable part when the customization requirements increase, as it reduces the time for manufacturing the customized product.
DNA Analysis Market in the Government Sector search for term
DNA analysis is mainly being used for forensics to test an individual's biological relationship, familial relationship, and to identify criminals. DNA analysis helps trace any infection or virus carried by the individual at various checkpoints so that the necessary precautions can be taken. The various sources of collecting an individual's samples include blood, hair, saliva, bones, tissue, teeth, and semen. DNA analysis determines an individual's background, which may lead to discrimination against individuals.
Docking Station search for term
A docking station is a hardware frame that enables devices such as laptops and hard disk drives to effectively serve as a desktop computer. The interface allow the devices to communicate with large storage drives, printers, and other devices such as music system. The integration of docking stations enhances the user's experience when they need to connect devices such as laptops and tablets through multiple accessories and other peripherals such as hard drive, keyboard, and mouse.
Document management search for term
A DMS is an electronic solution that helps organizations manage and streamline their document management processes effectively. From unstructured content to structured documentation, a DMS completes each activity in an organization with respect to the creation, distribution, and deletion of documents. Document management includes storing and organizing documents, content creation, and sharing of documents within the organization. These systems allow for unstructured and unmanaged documents to be accessed from a central location. Large organizations often find it difficult to retrieve valuable data and business-related information from unorganized content. The DMS manages the consistency in documents and protects documents from unauthorized use. The use of a DMS helps companies reduce the time and costs associated with document management. It also helps reduce the space required for storage and provides data security. In addition to these benefits, a DMS can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users, which helps achieve rapid process completion.
Document Outsourcing search for term
Organizations today are automating the business processes and leveraging useful data to achieve quick decision-making at the management level and transparent customer communications. With increased need for digital services, companies are adopting multi-channel communications. They find it difficult to implement the proficient document processing due to lack of the skilled workforce, technology, and time to execute and manage these systems and opt for document outsourcing, which helps enterprises reduce costs while providing efficient ways of data conversion and communication.
DoD Training and Simulation search for term
The US DoD training and simulation market can be classified by application area: the US Army, the US Air Force, and the US Navy. Military training and simulations provide soldiers, civilians, and policy makers with the education necessary to carry out missions for the US armed forces. The US DoD is taking significant cost-cutting initiatives across its military to cope with fiscal concerns. Therefore, the US DoD is focusing on attaining efficient and cost-effective solutions for their training requirements.
DRAM search for term
DRAM is a type of random accessible memory used in various electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, music players, laptops, netbooks, and tablets. The DRAM structure consists of capacitors and transistors that store each bit of data in a storage cell. Each capacitor can either be charged or discharged, equating to two values of a bit, i.e. 0 and 1, respectively. DRAMs enable electronic devices to access any part of the system memory directly and instantly, rather than accessing the data in a sequential manner. Since DRAMs are cost-effective, they are increasingly being used in many mobile devices. The increasing adoption of mobile devices worldwide is fostering the demand for DRAMs.
Dried Soup search for term
Dried soup, also known as powdered soup or soup mix, is a type of soup to which boiling water is added just before consumption. It is available in pouch and cup formats. Dried soup products contain preservatives such as monosodium glutamate, potassium sorbate, sodium phosphate, and lactic acid. Most of these preservatives are known to cause harmful side effects. The direct substitutes for dried soup products are fresh soup made at home and soups available at restaurants and food services.
Drill Bits in Oil and Gas Industry search for term
Drill bits are mechanical tools used for cutting or crushing rocks to create well bores for the extraction of hydrocarbon resources. They are mainly used for drilling operations that are carried out on any oil or gas well either onshore or offshore. Drill bits can be broadly classified into two major categories, namely, fixed cutter bits and roller cone bits. Fixed cutter bits mainly include PDC bits and natural diamond bits, while roller cone bits include milled-tooth bits and tungsten carbide inserts or insert bits.
Drill Pipe search for term
Drill pipes are an essential part of the drill string. They form the longest component of the drill string. Drill pipes are hollow thick-walled steel pipes with threaded connections at both ends. The end with an external thread is known as the male end, whereas the end with an internal thread is known as the female end. The basic purpose of a drill pipe is to provide a connection between the surface equipment and BHA for drilling purposes. Drill pipes are generally machined out of solid steel alloy bars as per API specifications. However, aluminium and titanium alloys are also used. The bars of alloys are bored from one end to the other to provide passage for drilling fluids. Drill pipes are segmented into various grades depending on their material properties such as tensile strength and yield strength. Standard drill pipes are about 30 feet to 33 feet in length. Drill pipes are characterized by high tensile strength and resistance to fatigue.
Driver State Monitoring Systems search for term
A DSMS is an in-vehicle tool adopted to analyze driver state while driving, thereby by preventing fatalities or injuries if distractions are observed. It is an electronic system used in automobiles that works based on parameters regarding measuring inactiveness, drowsiness, or fatigue. DSMS are gaining attention these days due to increased fatalities and road crash incidents.
Drug Device Combination Products search for term
Drug device combination products comprise two regulated components, an active pharmaceutical ingredient and a medical device. These two standardized components are combined, either chemically or physically, to develop one component. The drugs present in the device are either impregnated or surface coated. The drug device combination products are considered highly innovative in the area of advanced healthcare such as biomedical nanotechnology and the development of regenerative medicine.
Drug Eluting Stent search for term
Drug-eluting stent is a tiny, expandable metal mesh tube that is covered with a pharmacologic agent (drug). Drug-eluting stent, also known as medicated coronary stent, is used to prevent artery blockages in individuals after angioplasty. After angioplasty, the artery might close again because of the blood clots or excessive growth in the surrounding tissues. A drug-eluting stent is placed inside an artery to avoid this complication, thereby preventing the artery from narrowing or clogging. Also, drug-eluting stent eliminates the need for repeated revascularization procedures to treat restenosis (narrowing of blood vessels).
Duty-free Retailing search for term
Duty-free retailers are those that are exempt from certain local and national taxes and duties because they sell goods to international travelers. However, taxes may be imposed on them once the buyer reaches their country of destination or when the value or quantity of those goods exceeds certain limits. Such retailers are available at international airports, border towns, seaports, train stations, and on board aircraft and ships. These retailers sell full ranges of perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, electronics, accessories, etc.


E Mail Encryption search for term
E-mails are one of the most important modes of communication among employees of any organization. Confidential data of an organization is exchanged through e-mails over different networks. A number of wired and wireless networks are used for data transmission in an organization, and these networks are vulnerable to malware attacks. As e-mails carry an organization's confidential information, the need for e-mail encryption solutions to avoid data theft or the manipulation of data has increased. E-mail encryption prevents unauthorized access to confidential e-mails. E-mail encryption involves the use of the public-key cryptography method to encrypt messages and a private key to decrypt the message. With an increase in the number of enterprises across the globe, the number of business e-mail accounts that are created every year and daily business e-mail traffic have increased significantly.
E-book search for term
An electronic book, or e-book, is a digital publication of a book that can be read on computers or handheld electronic devices like tablets. These books have a lower price range compared to their printed counterparts, and this is one of the major reasons for their growing popularity in the US. They are compatible with most electronic display devices and provide users with a variety of reading options on any of their display devices.
E-Cigarette search for term
An e-cigarette is a battery-powered inhaler that simulates tobacco smoking. It is designed to vaporize e-juice, a flavored liquid that may contain nicotine, which the user inhales and exhales like a regular cigarette. An e-cigarette is also known as an electronic cigarette, an e-vaping device, a personal vaporizer, or an electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS). To vaporize the e-juice, each e-cigarette is equipped with a heating element. The effects of e-cigarettes on the human body are not yet fully known. However, they are considered less toxic than traditional cigarettes because they produce vapor instead of smoke.
e-commerce Logistics search for term
E-commerce logistics has evolved substantially worldwide over the last few years. The key areas driving e-commerce are ICT, electrical, and fashion goods. Four different types of logistic functions evolved with the evolution of e-commerce is mega e-fulfilment centers, parcel hubs, delivery centers, and integrated technology, where, for example, transportation management systems are connected with shopping carts. To reach strategic locations, even e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba are looking for third-party logistics providers. Small firms are not able to afford their logistics, but their growth rate is high, which makes the e-commerce logistics market even more attractive.
E-commerce Packaging search for term
E-commerce helps consumers shop online without having to visit physical stores, saving time and money. B2B e-commerce is twice the market size of B2C e-commerce. E-commerce companies have forayed into multiple businesses apart from their core business of providing e-commerce services. Packaging plays a crucial role in the e-commerce market, as it not only ensures the safe delivery of products but also help in creating a brand image. Damaged products when received creates a wrong perception about the retailer or the company rather than the brand image of the logistic provider. Most of the companies use corrugated boxes for the delivery of products. Most of the packaging used in e-commerce market are corrugated boxes, which are made of paper and paperboard.
E-Commerce Payment search for term
E-commerce (electronic commerce) platforms use electronic modes of payment in exchange for goods and services. The electronic payment mode has transformed the traditional way of business processes. With the advent of e-commerce, there has been reduced paperwork, transaction costs, and labor costs in large as well as small corporates. Such transactions are user-friendly and consume less time than manual processing. The e-commerce industry has made it convenient for even perishables and small-value items to be purchased online. Retailers are a critical component of the global e-commerce payment market. The e-commerce payment is a one-stop platform where an individual can maintain a record of the e-commerce, mobile content, and brick-and-mortar sales transactions.
E-commerce Software and Services Spending search for term
Electronic commerce, commonly called e-commerce, refers to the process of buying and selling products and services over computer networks. With the changing business landscape worldwide, several industries such as traditional retailers, banks, and travel agents have been aggressively embracing e-commerce technology, which can help them operate through channels such as web portals, thereby helping them gain a competitive advantage and reach customers faster. Moreover, the market is also collaborating with mobile and social media networks to further expand the reach of customers. E-commerce software offers advanced capabilities such as searches, order management, cart management, content management, as well as marketing and reporting.
E-Grocery search for term
E-grocery platforms provide consumers the option to purchase grocery products online. These platforms offer a variety of payment modes, including cash on delivery (COD), credit and debit card transactions, and Internet banking solutions. As online grocery shopping eliminates the need to visit stores, the platform provides the freedom to purchase groceries without time and location constraints. E-grocery retails allow 24-hour access to consumers to place orders.
E-learning search for term
E-learning refers to learning using electronic media. It has been widely adopted by the education sector and is becoming increasingly popular. E-learning is also referred to as computer-based learning (CBL), Internet-based learning (IBL), or web-based learning (WBL). This form of learning is cost-effective and helps enhance students' understanding of various subjects and manage the learning curve. As a result, many educational institutions worldwide are blending traditional forms of teaching and learning with e-learning.
e-Learning IT Infrastructure Spending search for term
E-learning comprises of a wide range of electronic educational processes and applications such as computer-based learning (CBL), digital collaboration, Internet-based learning (IBL), virtual classrooms, and web-based learning (WBL). It includes content delivery through the Internet, satellite TV, audio/video tape, and CD-ROM among others. It is widely adopted by both the academic and the non-academic sector, and is gaining popularity with the increased adoption of digital technologies.
E-Marketer IT Spending search for term
E-marketing holds strategic importance in promoting businesses. The medium has wide reach, flexibility, and accessibility. The ability to customize ads as per the requirements of customers makes this a popular choice among businesses worldwide. For instance, e-marketers deploy various marketing strategies wherein ads from Yahoo Search, AdWords, and Google AdSense are seen on other web pages that are browsed by users. Online marketing is the direct consequence of the Internet becoming the key enabler for communication and selling. Marketing via online medium generates more traffic and high customer data. IT plays a very important role in performing e-marketing. E-marketer IT service spending includes consulting services, managed services, and custom application development services. Consulting services in e-marketing are inclined toward technical consulting and implementation services. Social, media, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies have gained huge popularity in different industries, and e-marketers have also realized their importance. E-marketers are increasingly capitalizing on the SMAC trend, but often face difficulty in the technology implementation. IT service providers understand the business requirements of e-marketer clients and offer consulting services based on their requirements.
e-paper Display search for term
EPD is a portable, reusable electronic display medium that has paper-like properties, like a wide viewing angle, flexibility, and no backlight. These displays reflect the incident light, consuming little or no power to retain an image; however, they do suffer from a low refresh rate. EPDs are lightweight, durable, and readable in direct sunlight. With new developments such as increasing flexibility and ability to display all colors, the EPD market is positioned to grow in the future. EPD uses e-ink for printing, which is similar to the pigments used in the printing industry.
e-sports search for term
E-sports is an attempt to make the entertainment value obtained through video games a global phenomenon where people can enjoy the game by competing against the best in the world. E-sports is growing in popularity as E-sports creates an environment where the viewer can experience fame and enjoyment. E-sports on a large scale is considered to be one of the most popular online entertainment pastime in the world.
EAS search for term
Shrinkage is the loss of inventory in a retail outlet due to shoplifting, employee theft, or administrative error. It is a serious concern for the owners of retail outlets. To solve this issue, EAS systems are installed in retail outlets. An EAS system consists of three major components: electronic antenna, a deactivator or detacher, and an electronic tag. Based on application, there are four types of EAS systems: magnetic systems, acousto-magnetic systems, radio frequency systems, and microwave systems.
EDA search for term
EDA comprises software tools that are used to design electronic systems and components like printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (ICs). EDA enables electrical engineers (hardware engineers) and computer engineers (software engineers) to design, analyze, and simulate electronic components and systems. It also encompasses algorithms and methodologies for the design of VLSI circuits. CAE, IC physical design and verification, PCB and MCM, SIP, and services together contribute to the growth of the global EDA market. EDA tools help industries like semiconductor, automotive, and aerospace and defense industries to reduce product development time and increase the accuracy of design.
Education Apps search for term
Education apps have been one of the most successful concepts among other innovations, driving the education technology market. With a rise in mobile connectivity, there exists a huge potential for growth of the global education apps market. Currently, there are more than 3.17 million applications in app stores, of which approximately 15%-16% apps are categorized under education.
Education Hardware search for term
Digitization of education has resulted in trends such as online learning and open education, which emphasize the strong role of technology in the education sector. Growing competition has led to a rise in the standards of education. As a result, educational institutions have adopted digital learning and are using desktops, projectors, and sound systems to enhance the learning experience. These devices are increasingly becoming a part of pedagogical system as they help enhance the quality of education being imparted. The educational tools and devices also have widespread applications in recording and delivery of classroom lectures and improving student teacher interactions.
Education ICT search for term
ICT spending in the education sector is the investment incurred in the deployment of ICT infrastructure in elementary schools, secondary schools, and colleges to improve overall educational outcomes. ICT deployment enables improvement in student's achievements, large data analysis, information management, and streamlined operational processes to increase productivity and efficiency of educational institutions. It also helps educational institutes to develop advanced learning objectives by upgrading all aspects of the learning process ranging from attendance to lecture delivery methods.
Education PC and Tablet search for term
Educational institutions offer PCs to students to aid learning. In the past few years, the use of PCs has increased because of the evolution of teaching and learning methodologies. Educational institutions are developing innovative teaching methods and relevant IT tools for students and teachers to improve efficiencies and learning processes.
Education Technology search for term
A technology-driven education system consists of information, resources, and professional development opportunities to support schools in imparting education to students in a digitally rich environment. In Europe, spending on academic education is more than 15 times higher than on corporate learning. This strong emphasis on academic education indicates the priority of European educators to transform traditional teaching methodologies to enhance learning and improve the dissemination of knowledge by using an array of tools such as digital text, graphics, and audio-visual tools that allow teachers to demonstrate and communicate easily. The use of interactive presentations improves the teaching process and multimedia technologies help in engaging students.
Educational Robots search for term
Educational robots are playing an effective role in shaping the concept of smart classroom in various countries. Educational robots use interactive modules, videos, and presentations to visually improve teaching methods in a classroom and engage students with the use of multimedia technologies. The robots help to store information about the subject or data, relating to the class and enable better communication between students and faculty. However, majority of the institutions are still reluctant to adopt these robots due to the possibility of fatal accidents caused by malfunctioning, overheating, or electrocution.
Egg Packaging search for term
Egg packaging requires strong distribution network and technology that make the entry of new players quite difficult. Extremely secure packaging is required for eggs because of the porous nature of egg shells. Therefore, egg packaging manufacturers need to consider a number of factors, such as the type of eggs, the global standard for egg packaging, and complete traceability of egg packaging. Also, the packaging should be strong enough to prevent breakage, which could lead to contamination.
Electric Bus search for term
Electric buses use electric motors instead of IC engines for propulsion. The electric energy, which is stored in batteries, is converted into mechanical energy to produce the desired propulsion. On the other hand, hybrid electric buses combine a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system (mostly diesel based) with an electric propulsion system.
Electric Fryer search for term
Online sources for easy recipes and cooking channels are making consumers spend more time and resources in home cooking. Consequently, the demand for appliances such as electric fryers that facilitate cooking also increases. Globally, the purchase of electric fryers has mostly been through electrical good retailers and hypermarkets. Hypermarkets and specialty stores for small kitchen appliances are the major distribution channels for the purchase of electric fryers.
Electric Guitar search for term
Electric guitars are popular in nearly every music genre. The demand for electric guitars has been high since their inception in the early 1930s and continues to rise steadily. An electric guitar is built with a transducer to magnify vibrations of the guitar strings. When the guitar is plugged into an amplifier, the electrical signals generated are boosted by an audio-frequency amplifier and sent to a loudspeaker. The volume and resonance of the guitar are controlled by the player. Special effects such as reverb and distortion can also be generated by both the guitar and amplifier. Electric guitars have many neck variants such as the V neck, C neck, and U neck, and folding neck. Tail variants include hardtail and floating tailpieces; string-through body variants are also available.
Electric Guitar search for term
Electric guitars are popular in nearly every music genre. An electric guitar is built with a transducer to magnify vibrations of the guitar strings. When the guitar is plugged into an amplifier, the electrical signals generated are boosted by an audio-frequency amplifier and sent to a loudspeaker. The volume and resonance of the guitar are controlled by the player. Special effects such as reverb and distortion can also be generated by both the guitar and amplifier. Electric guitars have many neck variants such as the V neck, C neck, and U neck, and folding neck. Tail variants include hardtail and floating tailpieces; string-through body variants are also available.
Electric Hand Dryer search for term
Electric hand dryers are widely seen in hotels and restaurants. Gesture recognition and touchless sensing technology are major components for electric hand dryers. Electric hand dryers are quite common in the US and are widely seen in fast food restaurants, train stations, houses, bus stations, schools, office buildings, health clubs, theatres, airports, locker rooms, shopping centers, and sports arenas. The increasing awareness about the environment has allowed consumers to use electric hand dryers. Electric hand dryers also help in reducing maintenance and energy costs.
Electric High Performance Vehicle search for term
An EHPV is propelled purely by electricity and is equipped with advanced electric vehicle powertrain components and Li-ion batteries with high energy density. These are sport battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with top speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour and driving range exceeding 80 miles.
Electric Lawn Mower search for term
Lawn mowers are mainly of two types: gas and electric. The demand for electric lawn mowers is increasing worldwide because they are easy to use, lightweight, eco-friendly, and less noisy. Lawn mower manufacturers are investing in R&D to produce more efficient lawn mowers in terms of power and speed. They are introducing battery-powered lawn mowers that eliminate the drawback of limited movement because of the cords in electric lawn mowers. Also, vendors are focusing on reducing the noise and improving the efficiency of electric lawn mowers.
Electric Motor search for term
An electric motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The advent of motors has helped the world move from being manual to a highly mechanized one. Right from household appliances to industrial machinery, currently everything runs on electric motors. Electric motors can be segmented into different types based on either their output power or on the basis of their type. The most widely used electric motors are FHP based on output power and AC motors based on type of electric motors. Electric motors are now being widely incorporated into electric vehicles. Also, there is a huge demand for electric motors from the HVAC industry; a whole lot of HVAC appliances incorporate electric motors for efficient operation.
Electric Parking Brake search for term
An EPB system is a compact electronic system used in passenger cars to replace hydraulic parking brakes. It controls the actuators integrated into the wheel brakes, which reduce the gross weight of the vehicle, thereby improving fuel efficiency. It also replaces the conventional handbrake with a push button on the instrument panel, which enhances driving comfort, safety, and convenience. In addition, the system offers automatic assistance functions to ensure the safety of both passengers and pedestrians.
Electric Power Washer search for term
Electric power washers offer a perfect solution for everyday cleaning tasks. There is an increase in demand from residential customers for electric power washers to maintain healthy, dense, and high-quality lawns and gardens. Innovations in technology have contributed to people becoming more interested in gardening. With the recovery of the economy, consumers are slowly regaining confidence, are increasing their expenses, and enlarging their living area. There is an increasing demand for outdoor furniture as it provides a comfortable place for relaxation and lounging, and provides versatility to help with outdoor entertainment and decoration. This in turn is creating demand for outdoor power equipment such as power washers to maintain the backyards and outdoor furniture.
Electric Shovel search for term
An electric shovel is used in activities related to mining, digging, and loading of earth or fragmented rocks. It is a modified steam shovel and operates in a similar fashion. Though the main purpose of shovels is to excavate and decrease burden in open-pit mining operations, it may also be used for loading extracted minerals such as coal.
Electric Three Wheeler search for term
Electric three-wheelers include three-wheel cars, trikes, and rickshaws used as cargo as well as passenger carriers. Electric three-wheelers are powered by batteries instead of gasoline, and have a DC motor, controller, battery, and charger. The on-board battery used in these vehicles uses nickel metal hydride, lead-acid, and Li-ion technologies. Though electric three-wheelers are expensive, these vehicles are a viable long-term option, as they have a long lifespan and low maintenance costs. In addition, their ease-of-use makes these an attractive proposition for end-users.
Electric Toothbrush search for term
An electric toothbrush is rechargeable and has a replaceable brush head that should be replaced every 3 months. The handle, which is also called the outer case, consists of the motor and an on/off switch. Rechargeable electric toothbrushes can be classified in categories based on the type of action such as oscillating, rotating, sonic technology, and others. Electric toothbrushes come with value-added features such as different modes for sensitive teeth. Some are enabled with Bluetooth connectivity and notify users when the head of the toothbrush needs to be replaced. Some variants have sensors that inform the user about the pressure being used on the teeth to avoid abrasion and harm to the teeth.
Electric Transformer search for term
Electric transformers deliver advanced operating efficiency that results in minimal loss of energy. This market is experiencing the advent of new generation transformers with advanced features.
Electric Vehicle (EV) search for term
An EV (also referred to as electric drive vehicle) is powered by an electric motor. EVs use batteries to store energy, which is supplied to electric motors. A controller regulates the energy flow from the battery to electric motor based on the requirement gauged by the driver's force applied on the accelerator pedal. This torque is transferred to the wheels and propels the vehicle. High-performance EVs are generally regarded as sports vehicles (or BEVs) with top speed exceeding 100 mph. EVs are recharged using EV charging equipment. EV charging equipment, also called electric recharging points, or charging points, supplies electric energy for recharging an EV. The equipment is broadly divided into three segments based on the technology used to charge EVs: wired AC charging equipment, DC charging equipment, and wireless or inductive charging equipment. The performance of the equipment is measured in terms of charging time, input power supply, voltages, and maximum operating current.
Electric Water Heater search for term
A water heater is one of the biggest consumers of energy in households, often exceeding domestic activities such as cooking, refrigeration, and lighting. Electric storage tank water heaters are the most commonly used water heating appliance, predominantly in case of middle-income groups, as water is preferably heated using biofuel, coal, or other sources in low-income households. Households that are more affluent consume relatively lower energy units due to the number of other appliances and equipment that are water heater substitutes. Therefore, the share of electricity consumed for heating water is potentially the highest for middle-income homes. Fortunately, practical options exist to improve the energy efficiency of electric water heaters. Such options include insulation measures that reduce standby heat losses. Another method uses heat pump technology to boost average water heating efficiency over electric resistance heating.
Electroencephalography Equipment search for term
An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a technique used to detect electrical activity in the brain using electrodes that are attached to the scalp. Brain cells are active all the time and communicate via electrical impulses, even when individuals are asleep. These changes in the brain activity are recorded on an EEG as wavy lines, which are useful in the diagnosis of brain disorders. EEG is used as a diagnostic test for chronic brain disorders such as epilepsy, brain tumor, head injury, brain dysfunction, encephalitis, stroke sleep disorders, and dementia. EEG equipment is also used to confirm brain death in a persistent coma.
Electrographic Printing search for term
Electrophotography is a dry printing technique invented by Chester Carlson in 1938. The idea was acknowledged in 1947 by Xerox Corp., formerly known as The Haloid Co. Electrophotography is the most popular technology used in digital printing and is generally used in offices. Another common technology for digital printing is the inkjet technology, which is primarily for personal use. Though electrophotographic printing is popular for commercial use, the introduction of cost-effective, high-speed inkjet printing systems will increase the popularity of this type of digital printing among business customers.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding search for term
EMC is the ability of an electrical equipment to perform efficiently in an electromagnetic environment without being affected or influenced by other devices in its proximity. EMC shielding is a protection provided to electrical and electronic devices to protect them from EMI. EMI refers to the phenomenon where electromagnetic radiation affects the performance of electrical and electronic equipment. EMC shielding is used across many industries because of its capability to effectively neutralize the effects of EMI.
Electron Beam (e-beam) Wafer Inspection search for term
An electron beam (e-beam) wafer inspection system is a piece of semiconductor fab equipment used during the semiconductor wafer manufacturing process to find defects in the wafers before packaging. Apart from the production process, it is also used for R&D purposes.
Electron Microscope search for term
Electron microscopes use an accelerated beam of electrons as a source of illumination. They are used to study the nanostructure of a wide range of biological and inorganic specimens such as cells, tissues, materials, and organs at high magnification and resolution. Electron microscopes are large instruments housed in a separate room.
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Antennas search for term
An EAS antenna contains an RF electronic circuit board system, which detects any electronic security tags or soft labels that pass through it. An alarm sounds whenever a tagged merchandise item is taken out of the store without these tags being deactivated or removed at the checkout counter. EAS systems include EAS devices and EAS tags such as disposable, reusable, and benefit denial tags, as well as deactivators and detachers. EAS tags are one of the important security products used to prevent shoplifting or the theft of books from libraries. These tags are fixed to merchandise or books, and are removed or deactivated by clerks when the item is purchased or checked out. EAS installation for a particular store depends on factors such as the size of the entrance opening, type of door entrance, and merchandising plan. Three different types of EAS antenna installations are transceiver, single aisle, and multi-aisle.
Electronic Chemicals and Materials search for term
Electronic chemicals and materials are used significantly in the processing of electromagnetic shielding, sensor materials, and green materials electronics device packaging. Further, they are also used in photonic crystal fibers, nanomaterials and their applications, optoelectronic packaging, fiber communication, biophotonics, green photonics, special optical fibers, nanophotonics, polymers for photonics, and photonics sensors. The electronics industry uses a range of electronic chemicals in many processing steps. These chemicals are required for the manufacture of electronic products and components in ICs and silicon wafers, production of compound optoelectronics, and manufacture of flat panel displays.
Electronic Paper Screen in Education Sector search for term
An electronic paper display or e-paper display is a portable, reusable electronic display medium which has paper-like properties such as wide viewing angle, high flexibility, and no backlight. These displays reflect the incident light, thereby consuming less or no power to retain an image, but have low refresh rates. The displays are readable in direct sunlight, lightweight, and durable. Further, with new developments in e-paper displays such as increasing flexibility and ability to display all colors, the demand for e-paper displays is expected to increase in the future. Technologies that are being used in e-paper displays are electrowetting, electrofluidic, electrochromic, and interferometric modulators with electrophoretic e-paper displays being widely adopted by the education industry. Electronic paper screens also facilitate low energy consumption as they do not need frequent charging despite providing good image quality. This enhances the device battery life, which is crucial in educational institutions, many of which use this technology because of increasing digitization of content.
Electrophotographic Printing search for term
Electrophotography is a printing technique used in photocopiers, laser printers, and LED printers. The technique involves the use of electrostatic charges, dry ink toner, and light. Electrophotography or electrophotographic printing is a popular choice for commercial applications due to its cost-effectiveness, ability to print on a large scale, and high speed. Saturation in the printing market is one of the main factors contributing to the declining revenue of the overall printing market.
Electrostatic Precipitator search for term
Electrostatic precipitators are emission control units that are designed to remove particulate and acid mist residues from industrial exhaust gas streams. The global market for electrostatic precipitators is fueled by factors like its high efficiency, low operational cost, and flexibility to work in a wide range of gas temperatures.
Elevators and Escalators search for term
Elevators and escalators help move people and goods easily and efficiently within a building's premises. They are installed in commercial buildings, residential buildings, mixed-used buildings, IT parks, hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets. They are also installed in parking areas to help in optimum utilization of space.
Embedded Computer search for term
A computer system, which forms a part of a larger system deployed to perform a specific function, is defined as an embedded computer. An embedded computer is integrated with a microprocessor or a microcontroller as a processing core. The primary function of an embedded computer is to handle a particular task in the system. Embedded computers have applications ranging from portable devices such as watches and music player systems to large and medium-sized installations at various places such as traffic lights, defense-related devices, factory controllers, and nuclear power plants.
Embedded Processor search for term
An embedded processor is a type of microprocessor that consists of a variety of discrete chips embedded in one system to perform multiple functions. Embedded processors include dedicated computing cores, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals. They consume less power and are cost effective and compact in size. They are integrated into devices to handle multiple processes in real time for applications in consumer electronics, medical equipment, industrial machines, household appliances, and automobiles.
Embedded Software search for term
Embedded software is written on computer chips and integrated into hardware systems. Once embedded and implemented into the hardware, the software cannot be altered by users. This software is usually developed for special hardware that uses real-time OS such as LynxOS, VxWorks, Linux (with patched kernel), ThreadX, Windows CE, Fusion RTOS, and INTEGRITY. It is applied in real-time systems such as ATMs, missiles, and airplanes. It is designed to perform specific tasks and can be used in digital clocks, cell phones, and calculators as well.
EMV POS Terminals search for term
POS terminals are used to facilitate cashless transactions for sales of goods, and are used by retailers to manage information related to their inventory, customers, and cash flows. A POS terminal not only improves the shopping experience of customers by reducing the processing time for payments, but also helps companies obtain and centralize information pertaining to sale of their products. A POS terminal is used to process card payments at several sectors such as retail (supermarket, hypermarket, specialty stores, gas stations, drug stores, and mass merchandise stores) and hospitality (restaurants, hotels, takeaways, and pubs). EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. EMV is a standard for payment cards, payment terminals, and for ATMs. The EMV standard was developed to deliver a safe and secure payment transaction between chip-based payment cards and terminals. EMV POS terminals generate a dynamic code for every transaction, makeing it almost impossible for fraudsters to decode and retrieve customer's information. When any POS terminal performs all the above functions and is EMV compatible, it is referred to as an EMV POS terminal.
Endocrine Testing search for term
Endocrine testing system refers to a collection of tests that involve all the glands of the body and the hormones produced by those glands. The endocrine system together with nervous system regulates and controls many internal body functions. While the endocrine system uses chemical messengers called hormones, the nervous system uses nerve impulses as a means of control. The endocrine system plays a role in reproduction, growth and sexual development, responses to injury and stress, body energy levels, bone and muscle strength, and internal balance of the body.
Endocrinology Drugs search for term
Endocrinology deals with the study of the endocrine system, including the biochemical and physiological functions of the hormones, cells, and tissues of the endocrine glands. Endocrine disorders can be broadly subdivided into three categories: endocrine gland hyposecretion, which causes hormone deficiency, endocrine gland hypersecretion, which causes excess hormone secretion, and tumors in the endocrine gland. Endocrinology drugs exhibit novel mechanisms. For instance, the GAD-based diabetes vaccine by Diamyd and DV-100 by DiaVacs act by modulating the immune system.
Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Devices search for term
Endovascular AAA repair is one such surgery performed to repair the widened area in the aorta. This disease condition is commonly associated with degeneration caused by atherosclerosis; other conditions leading to it are trauma, cystic medial necrosis, arteritis, syphilis, and inherited connective tissue disorders. Endovascular aneurysm repair or endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) is a type of endovascular surgery performed to treat the swollen aorta, most often performed to treat an AAA.
Energy Drinks search for term
An energy drink is a type of fortified beverage with added dietary supplements that contain stimulants such as caffeine and is marketed as a drink that provides mental and physical stimulation. These drinks are either carbonated or non-carbonated and contain caffeine, sugar, amino acids, herbal extracts, and other sweeteners.
Energy Management in Railways search for term
An energy management system (EMS) consists of hardware, software, and services that provide energy information to users such as infrastructure managers, financial managers, facility managers, and power utilities. It is also a systematic process, which is used for continual improvement of energy performance. Consumers spend an enormous amount of their budgets on energy. This cost can be reduced with the use of improved energy management solutions. Thus, to improve managing and tracking of energy data, EMS is used. The energy management in railways is gaining popularity with increasing awareness among consumers regarding energy efficiency. The technological advances to minimize energy consumption in the sector have also paved the way for implementation of energy-efficient systems.
Energy Management Systems search for term
An energy management system (EMS) uses computer-aided tools to monitor, control, and optimize electrical loads. The EMS allows consumers to monitor and reduce the energy consumption of electrical and electronic devices and conserve energy. In this system, energy consumption can be easily monitored through cell phones, tablets, or other communication devices. It also helps in power management in which it tracks the real-time energy consumption of electronic devices and compares it with historical data. It aims at improving the communication between the tool and the consumer. End-users obtain a holistic view of the energy performance compiled by a wide array of sensing and control devices, data feeds, and analytics.
Energy Management Systems for Healthcare Sector search for term
Energy management system (EMS) is a comprehensive system that combines hardware, software, and services that are installed in buildings to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the GHG. These systems have the provision of feedback on electricity consumption patterns and power consumption data for individual appliances and different areas of a building such as common areas, cafeterias, data centers, and lobby areas, allowing for better energy management and improved profitability through efficient operation. These systems perform pre-programmed functions such as maintaining the temperature and lighting in different areas in real time, according to various preferential settings that are specific to different areas. The data generated is provided to users, and they can view their energy consumption patterns and compare it with historical data. The users can use this information to make necessary changes in consumption patterns to enhance the energy efficiency of healthcare facilities. The healthcare sector is highly energy intensive, and as constant power is imperative to power the life support systems, it plays a crucial factor in the industry.
Energy Storage in Microgrids search for term
Energy storage technology is used to store surplus electricity that can be utilized during power shortages, blackouts, and peak hours of demand. Electricity is stored using battery or any other energy storage system (ESS) when the amount of power generated exceeds demand. The surplus electricity saved in ESS is supplied to customers when demand surpasses generation. Various technologies such as advanced Li-ion and lead-acid, and flow batteries, as well as sodium-metal halide, and flywheels technologies are available for energy storage. Microgrids are remote grids that can operate independent of conventional grid networks. These grids have control capabilities, and are connected to the main grid at a point of coupling that maintains the same level voltage as the main grid. Microgrids are also capable of negating instabilities by allowing the deployment of renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy. The use of renewable energy sources in remote areas reduces T&D losses by boosting efficiency of the overall system.
Energy-based Therapeutics search for term
Energy-based therapeutics involves the use of an energy field to remove pathology and to modify tissues. Technologies used in energy-based therapeutics include microwave, radiofrequency, hydro-mechanical, cryotherapy, thermal, and ultrasound.
Engineering Services Outsourcing search for term
ESO refers to the outsourcing of specific engineering services. Engineering services were considered a critical part of different verticals. For instance, designing and development in the aerospace and automotive sectors were often considered to be the core business activities of the industries; but due to lack of expertise and increasing pressure to reduce costs, companies have started outsourcing their engineering services requirements.
Enternal Feeding Devices search for term
Patients who are unable to eat, digest, and absorb nutrients from the small intestine require enteral-assisted feeding. Enteral feeding devices provide nutrition via the gastrointestinal tract, which is the fastest, cost-effective, and preferred physiological method of feeding. Medical conditions that require enteral feeding include malnutrition, neurologic disorders, swallowing disorders, anatomical or post-surgical malformations of the mouth, eosinophilic disorders, cancer, and digestive disorders. Enteral feeding devices include feeding tubes placed through the nose or those placed directly into the abdomen of the patient. An enteral feeding pump is a medical device that provides controlled and timely nutrition to a patient during enteral feeding. Other feeding devices include giving sets that deliver feed from the ready-to-hang feeding container or bottle to a patient's feeding tube and pump. Premature babies are the major beneficiaries of enteral feeding devices. The enteral feeding therapy helps in shifting from parenteral to enteral-based nutrition therapy, and also shifting from acute hospital admissions to home care settings.
Enterprise Application System Integration search for term
Enterprise application system integration has become a key enabler for streamlining business functions. IT integration departments are ensuring measures and upgrades to smoothen their IT and business operations. As such, one of the key responsibilities of every CIO is to provide an integrated infrastructure that is agile, resilient, and secure, while keeping a closer eye on costs. However, ensuring a secured integrated infrastructure has become a top priority for business organizations.
Enterprise Cloud Services search for term
Enterprise cloud services involve delivery of cloud computing services that include software, infrastructure, and platform services to individual businesses and enterprises in a more secured environment. Enterprise cloud services allow companies to concentrate on their core activities rather than getting engaged in managing their IT environment. Also, enterprises can establish a rapid deployment model that enables applications to be scaled quickly to match changing business requirements. Enterprises are now shifting their IT resources from on-premises to cloud in a bid to minimize upfront IT expenditure and scale up IT infrastructure.
Enterprise IT Security search for term
Enterprise IT security focuses on the security of key parameters such as data protection, compliance, architecture, email and web security, governance, data loss prevention, and identity and access. Enterprise IT security provides several features such as encryption, endpoint monitoring, identity and access management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and application and messaging security. It is gaining importance among large enterprises, government organizations, and SMEs because it provides protection to critical business information from unauthorized access and data theft and protects computer systems from malware, virus, and other sophisticated threats.
Enterprise LBS search for term
Location-based services (LBS) track the location of users within a wireless network using location-enabled mobile devices. User-initiated LBS requires an Internet connection to obtain a user's location and provide search results. Location-enabled mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, personal navigation devices (PND), and certain in-dash devices fitted in vehicles. LBS are used to find places and routes, tracking, obtaining traffic updates and real-time directions, information regarding ongoing local events, and for location-based advertising, shopping, and searches. It is also used for location-based entertainment and infotainment. It helps users save time and money by providing effective and efficient services, and has a wide application range across industry sectors such as retail, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, and aviation.
Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence search for term
EMI is a framework of software networks that deliver real-time information about manufacturing processes. The system collects, reports, analyzes, presents, and synchronizes data between enterprises and plant floor systems. With the help of EMI software, manufacturers can reduce time-to-market and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plants by collecting and analyzing production data through a visualized summary.
Enterprise Media Gateway search for term
Enterprise media gateway is a device that converts voice communication into digital signals and carries signals over the internet protocol (IP) network. IP-based communications such as unified communication and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) are cost-effective solutions and offer quality communication service to end-users. Also, these devices require initial investments, which include the cost of the equipment and installation charges. In a later stage, when the enterprise expands, the cost is incurred only for the upgradation of the existing media gateways.
Enterprise Mobile Application Development Services search for term
The enterprise mobile app development market provides many opportunities for app developers. Enterprises are expected to deploy mobile apps in their businesses at an aggressive rate as mobile apps intended for office use are aimed at improving business productivity in addition to enhancing communication and faster exchange of data. Trend of enterprise mobility and the need to have a mobile workforce have proliferated the usage of mobile devices for business purposes. In addition, increased number of mobile app developers are focusing on enterprise mobile apps as the revenue generation is higher. The beneficial impacts of newer mobile enterprise apps for business are improved customer engagement, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction.
Enterprise Mobility solution search for term
Enterprise mobility solutions are used in managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services. These solutions translate or combine mobile computing into business context for organizational decision making. Enterprise mobility solution is a cloud-based technology that helps organizations to keep their employees connected.
Enterprise Social Software search for term
Enterprise social software (ESS) involves integration of various software platforms and social networking. It helps in improving productivity and communication and saving of cost and time. Organizations are increasingly employing social software to enhance workforce productivity and foster innovation through the sharing of knowledge and ideas. The decision-making process can be further enhanced and the ROI for businesses can be increased with the deployment of ESS.
Enterprise SSD search for term
Enterprise SSDs are SSDs put to use by business firms to support their daily operations, including cloud and data centers. Enterprise SSDs are seeing consolidation and tough competition. Large companies are making fast inroads in the enterprise SSD space through the acquisition of smaller players. Enterprise SSDs are highly sought in data centres. SSDs will continue to make inroads in the enterprise market, offering key improvements in performance and efficiency.
Enterprise SSD search for term
A SSD is a solid state disk or an electronic disk that is used for data storage and built out of semiconductors. It uses the same input/output interface design as hard disk drives (HDDs) and stores data electronically in a solid state memory. Enterprise SSDs are SSDs put to use by business firms to support their daily operations, including cloud and data centers. Technology is continuously being evolved and upgraded to meet the strict standards of enterprise embedded systems. The success of SSDs in enterprises will continue to motivate users to purchase these devices to seek lower-power consumption, reliability, endurance, and security.
Enterprise VSAT search for term
VSAT stands for very small aperture terminal. These are communication terminals that transmit and receive text, audio, and video data using satellite broadband Internet services. These terminals are operating toward geostationary satellites on Ku, Ka, and C bands. The size of the terminals lies in between 1.2 to 2.4 meters in diameter. A VSAT network comprises of a main station or hub and other sites located at remote places, which communicate with the geostationary satellite. These networks provide wireless broadband connectivity in remote and underserved areas that are not covered by wireline networks. They also provide value-added services such as LAN services, Internet access, and data transmission. There are three types of VSAT transmissions: TDMA, DAMA, and SCPC/MCPC.
Environmental Sensing and Monitoring search for term
Environmental sensors detect the changes in humidity and temperature that take place in the environment. The sensing and monitoring technologies are used in forest fire detection, air pollution monitoring, GHG monitoring, and landslide detection. Remote sensing of ecological patterns is the key component for new technologies being applied to environmental monitoring. Moreover, utilization of real-time and remote monitoring technologies by federal regulatory agencies and industries also allows rapid detection and responses to environmental threats. Enterprises are leveraging the technology to optimize the information life cycle. The foremost initiative is the automation of manual approaches to monitoring control gates, auto-classification tools, and automated detection of non-compliant sections. In addition, big data tools help discover value in different data pools. A robust and efficient information governance program is a prime requirement for modern enterprises that seek successful implementation of business actions such as customer relationship management, data mining, analytics, mobility, and workplace collaboration.
EPDM search for term
EPDM is a synthetic rubber composed of ethylene and propylene. It displays properties such as resistance to heat, weather, ozone, and polar substances, and is an excellent electrical insulator. It can be manufactured by three different processes: solution process, slurry process, and gas-phase process. EPDM is used in various applications in the automotive, molded goods, building and construction, lubricant additive, and plastic modification sectors.
Epilepsy Drugs search for term
Epilepsy is characterized by various brain disorders that can have symptoms ranging from benign to severe and be disabling or life-threatening. Various factors ranging from brain deformities and tumors to meningitis, birth trauma, and high-risk pregnancies can cause epilepsy. When the cause of the disease is unknown, it is known as idiopathic epilepsy. Epilepsy is characterized by frequent manifestations of generalized or partial seizures. An imbalance between the excitatory and inhibitory signals to the brain leads to the sudden onset of excitation, resulting in seizures. The occurrence of two or more seizures is an important criterion to diagnose a person with epilepsy.
Epitaxy Deposition search for term
Epitaxy is a method used to lay or grow a single crystalline film or layer over a crystalline-based semiconductor substrate or surface. The deposited substance must have a definite acclimatization with regard to the crystal-based semiconductor substrate. Chip manufacturers use either vapor- or molten-based foundations to develop such epitaxial overlayers. The two methods that used for epitaxial deposition are homoepitaxy and heteroepitaxy. Homoepitaxy deposition is a method of laying a film or layer on a surface or substrate of a similar level of conformation. Heteroepitaxy is a deposition method by which a film or layer is deposited on a substrate of dissimilar composition.
Erotic Lingerie search for term
The fabrics used to manufacture lingerie are mainly nylon, satin, silk, polyester, and lace. The term "erotic lingerie" is predominantly used for undergarments that are meant to be seductive and alluring. Online lingerie stores offer international and private labels under one platform, improving the growth prospects for the lingerie industry.
Erythropoietin search for term
Erythropoietin, also known as hematopoietin or hemopoietin, is a glycoprotein responsible for the production of erythrocytes in the body. It is produced in the liver during the fetal stage and in the kidneys during adulthood. The human body produces excess erythropoietin during anemic conditions to maintain normal levels of red blood cells. Diseases like chronic kidney disease and strong medications like chemotherapeutics can negatively affect the endogenous production of erythropoietin in the body.
Ethernet Backhaul Equipment search for term
The Ethernet is an effective and inexpensive technology used in corporate local area networks (LANs) to transfer data. Digital subscriber line (DSL), microwave, and fiber Ethernet backhaul enable communication between the core network and the Internet appliance at the consumer's location. In a wireless network, the Ethernet backhaul develops ring networks among the base transreceiver station (BTS) and base station controllers (BSCs).
Ethernet Switch and Routers search for term
Ethernet switches offer a central connection in an Ethernet network, where the connected device has a dedicated link with full operational bandwidth. Switches split LAN data into smaller data packets and send it to the destination. A router is a device, or in some cases software in a computer, that acts as a bridge for carrying data packets to different networks. Its major function is to determine the next network point to which a packet should be forwarded to in its destination, and to join multiple networks together. A router's operation is based on protocols that are independent of the specific networking technology, which allows it to easily interconnect various network technologies, both local and wide area. Routers are used at every level in the Internet where they manage data traffic efficiently. Every port on the switch and router represents a dedicated 10/100ME and 1/10/40/100GbE pathway.
Event Tickets search for term
Event tickets refer to a service provided by event organizers for booking a ticket for an event. The events include sports, concerts, theaters, seminars, festivals, and business events. The tickets for such events can be bought or booked online using devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs or through a ticket counter. Most sporting event tickets are sold through ticket counters, whereas the rest are available from both online and retail stores. The online ticket booking service aims to provide the customer with the convenience to book a movie ticket anytime anywhere with the help of the Internet. Websites and free mobile apps provided by the service providers enable the user to choose seats accordingly. They also update users with upcoming live events and reviews and feedback on ongoing events.
Excavator search for term
Excavators are used in construction activities to dig and scoop materials from land. The equipment primarily comprise a bucket that is attached to a boom, and a rotating platform that is usually mounted on crawlers or wheels. Excavators have many utilities in activities, such as levelling of land, digging of trenches, and sinking of wells.
Exoskeleton Robots search for term
An exoskeleton is a wearable robot that combines human intelligence and machine power. It is widely used for rehabilitation applications such as tendon therapy and physical exercise, and supports finger flexion and extension movements. People suffering from hip or knee weakness can use these robots to prevent common accidents, including slipping. In addition, exoskeletons provide efficient therapy causing minimal fatigue in individuals, and enhance the therapy beyond the practitioner's abilities. They are also used for military, industrial, construction, and personal use applications.
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Packaging search for term
EPS is a linear polymer made through a process called suspension polymerization. Its basic unit is styrene, which is derived from petroleum products. With unique properties like its light weight, rigidity, insulation, and formability, EPS can be used in many applications in different industries. Its unique properties are due to its structure that contains low-density polystyrene. The electrical appliances, food and beverage, healthcare, and other industries are the major end-users of EPS solutions for packaging applications. Since its invention, EPS packaging has become popular as it is a good replacement for paper and other natural packaging products.
Expansion Services search for term
Expansion services or MES refer to specialized services offered by a company to help its end-users grow in their existing markets and expand to new ones. This is one of the most promising sectors of the outsourcing industry. MES providers support companies at several steps of the value chain including sourcing, research, feasibility analysis, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics, and after-sales service. This helps the end-users to increase their market share and coverage, while reducing costs, operational complexity, and financial risks.
Express Delivery search for term
Express delivery is the accelerated delivery of items that are non-palletized and weigh less than 110 pounds, such as parcels, documents, and letters, to different types of customers, such as business customers, retail customers, and government agencies. Express deliveries are usually made within two or three days, depending on customer requirements. These services are offered by CEP (courier express parcel) vendors that provide various value-added services to customers to further enhance the delivery process, such as online tracking of parcels and couriers. The primary business of the express industry is to provide value-added, door-to-door transport and next-day or time-definite shipments.
Exterior Architectural Coatings search for term
Architectural coatings are applied to commercial and residential buildings. They protect a building from moisture, UV radiation, and microbes. Paints, primers, lacquers, varnishes, and stains are some of the primary types of architectural coating products. These are formulated using resins such as acrylic, alkyds, polyester, and polyurethane. The market can be broadly classified into two major types of coating technologies: solvent-borne and water-borne. Over the years, innovations in the exterior architectural coatings market has led to the introduction of eco-friendly products and products with functional benefits.
Eyewear search for term
Eyewear enhances vision and corrects eye defects such as myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Eye defects are widely prevalent and demand for corrective eyewear is on the rise.It is also used for protecting the eyes from sunlight or dust, as well as for aesthetic appeal. Eyewear can be categorized as prescription eyewear, non-prescription eyewear, and others.


F&B Coding and Marking Equipment search for term
Coding and marking equipment is used to print product-specific details such as date of manufacture, expiry date, and size and number of the packaged lot on product labels. The codes or marks printed on products help protect the brand and reduce the risk of counterfeit products from reaching the consumers. Counterfeit products not only affect consumers but also result in huge losses for manufacturing companies. Coding and marking helps companies reduce losses incurred because of counterfeiting and maintain their brand image. Governments of many countries have been taking strong initiatives to enforce the use of accurate coding and marking on food and beverage products.
Fab Material search for term
Fab materials are used in different stages of processes such as etching, oxidation, deposition, and planarization. The global fab materials market is dominated by APAC, owing to a strong base in fabrication materials. These countries provide cheap labour and have a large end-customer base. Moreover, increasing demand for smart devices, especially smartphones, is creating a huge demand in these countries for fab materials.
Fabric Conditioner search for term
Fabric conditioners, also known as fabric softeners, are easy-to-degrade cationic surfactants used to soften clothing. In addition to conditioning agents and emulsifiers, they contain coloring agents, artificial fragrances, and preservatives such as bronopol, formaldehyde, and chloride. Fabric conditioners also provide a long-lasting pleasant fragrance to garments, reduce static cling, and make clothes easier to iron.
Facial Aesthetics search for term
Facial aesthetics encompasses a combination of treatments that reduce wrinkles and glabellar lines and rejuvenate facial skin. Its product types include dermal fillers, Botox, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. These are injected under the skin or lips to plump up the tissues and gently lift the tissues to restore collagen lost due to aging. Collagen and hyaluronic acid provide essential support, volume, and elasticity to the skin.
Facial Care Products search for term
Facial care products have been developed specifically for the maintenance and enhancement of the face. They constitute the largest category in the Skin Care market and include product varieties such as facial moisturizers, cleansers, age-defying products, gels, toners, and scrubs. They are usually made of synthetic or natural ingredients combined with additional substances such as carrier agents, preservatives, emulsifiers, and surfactants. Facial care products include creams, serums, and masks with functional properties like skin brightening, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle. Consumers prefer to buy facial care products from specialist retailers, as they carry a large portfolio of products.
Facial Recognition search for term
Facial recognition is a biometrics software technology that is used for individual identification and authentication. The identification and authentication process is carried out by comparing an individual's facial features, which are extracted from an image, with those stored in a database. Facial recognition is used in the government, BFSI, and defense sectors for preventing unauthorized access to high-security areas as well as other private and public buildings.
Facial Recognition Biometrics in Consumer Electronics search for term
Facial recognition is a biometrics software technology that is being used for individual identification and authentication. The identification and authentication process is carried out by comparing an individual's facial features extracted from an image with those stored in a database. Facial recognition is being used by enterprises in the government; banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI); and defense sectors for preventing unauthorized access to high-security areas and private and public buildings. Facial recognition technology is being integrated in mobile devices to ensure authorized access to personal and enterprise data. Integration of facial recognition technology in consumer electronics can be used in different sectors such as BFSI and healthcare for identification and verification of individuals.
Factoring search for term
Factoring is an asset based financing in which the factor gives credit by looking at the credit worthiness of the borrower. The factor purchases the receivable, which is used as a collateral for the loan that is offered to the borrower, after which the ownership shifts from the seller to the factor. Factoring involves two services that include collections and credit services. The majority of the factoring business is owned by asset liability management companies and various financial advisories. This business can be a part of large industrial companies, or may function independently. Factoring involves providing finance to companies based on its sales growth, while the bank loans or overdrafts are given against tangible assets. For a growing MSME, investing in sales is often a priority compared to fixed assets.
Fantasy Sports search for term
A fantasy sport is a game, which allows participants to create a team made of players of their choice. These participants compete against teams that are owned by other fantasy players. The winning team is determined based on the performance of the selected players in real-world sports. The players engage in a variety of fantasy sports including fantasy football, cricket, baseball, hockey, and golf. The winners of these games are awarded money, gift cards, or other prizes.
FEA search for term
FEA, software used in engineering, aims to evaluate the functionality of a product design before its prototypes are produced. FEA software is used in manufacturing industries for the estimation of structural strength and behavior, modeling, simulation, and design optimization. The use of FEA software enables the end-user to produce high-quality products, reduce cost, provide better product design, and speed up product development time. It is mainly used across the automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, and industrial machinery industries.
FEA search for term
FEA, software used in engineering, aims to evaluate the functionality of a product design before its prototypes are produced. FEA software is used in manufacturing industries for the estimation of structural strength and behavior, modeling, simulation, and design optimization. The use of FEA software enables the end-user to produce high-quality products, reduce cost, provide better product design, and speed up product development time. It is mainly used across the automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, and industrial machinery industries.
FEA in the Aerospace and Defense Industry search for term
FEA is a software used in engineering that evaluates the functionality of a product's design before prototypes are created. FEA software is used in manufacturing industries for the estimation of structural strength and behavior, modeling, simulation, and design optimization. FEA software enables end-users to produce quality products, reduce costs, provide better product design, and expedite the product development time. It is mainly used across the automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, and industrial machinery industries. In the aerospace and defense industry, FEA software is used to design, build, and test hydraulic controls, turbo machinery, wing structure and deflection, jet engine nozzles, body and fuselage, and kinematics of landing gear and wings. The availability of high-performance computing systems has contributed to the increased adoption of FEA in the global aerospace and defense industry.
FEA in the Electrical and Electronics Industry search for term
FEA software is used in engineering to evaluate the functionality of a product design before its prototypes are produced. Manufacturing industries us it for estimating structural strength and behavior, modeling, simulation, and design optimization. The use of FEA software enables the end-user to produce quality products, reduce costs, provide better product design, and shorten the product development time. It is used across the automotive, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, and industrial machinery industries. An increase in R&D investments by electrical and electronics companies to produce new and innovative products contributed to the growth of the global FEA market in the electrical and electronics sector.
Feed Enzymes search for term
Feed enzymes help in improving the nutrient uptake and digestion of livestock such as poultry, swine, cattle, horses, and sheep. Animal feed has high fiber content, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional benefits, so it is extremely important that it is digested properly to the benefit of the animal and the meat producer. Feed enzymes plays an important role in ensuring safe, affordable, and abundant animal protein for human consumption.
Feldspar search for term
Feldspar is a set of minerals that are a combination of alumina and silica. Feldspar has a number of varieties comprising of the aluminosilicates of soda, potassium, or lime. Feldspar is known to be one of the most abundant minerals found on the earth's crust.
Female Contraceptives search for term
Permanent contraception methods for women include tubal occlusion or hysterectomy (female sterilization). Temporary methods can either be hormonal or non-hormonal. Hormonal methods include oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive transdermal patches, vaginal rings, hormonal intrauterine devices (IUDs), and vaginal implants. These methods use synthetic sex hormones - estrogen, progestin, or a combination of both - to prevent ovulation and thicken the cervical mucus. Non-hormonal methods include condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, non-hormonal IUDs, sponges, and withdrawal methods. The different types of female contraceptives are Female condoms, IUDs, Subdermal contraceptive implants, Vaginal rings, Non-surgical permanent contraception devices, Contraceptive diaphragms and Contraceptive sponges.
Feminine Hygeine Wash search for term
Feminine hygiene washes have been significantly gaining traction with increased awareness. The feminine hygiene washes typically contain water with a combination of antiseptic chemicals. It is also known as douching or vaginal irrigation or rinsing of the vagina. The most common usage of feminine hygiene washes is primarily to reduce the odor of post- menstruation and vaginal discharge. These washes are also used to aid during infections like leucorrhea, urinary incontinence, and bowel incontinence. Also, it is also widely used after sexual intercourse.
Feminine Hygiene Products search for term
Feminine hygiene products are personal care products that are used by women at the time of menstruation or vaginal discharge or bodily functions related to vulva. These products are available in both disposable and washable forms. These products include sanitary napkins/pads, tampons, panty liners, menstrual cups, douches, intimate wash and sprays, and feminine wipes.
FemtoCell search for term
The market is largely driven by the immense demand for online videos, emails, location-based services, online gaming, file sharing, and making video calls. In 2014, mobile data traffic grew by 69% because of increased usage of mobile broadband among consumers. To fulfill these demands, 3G and 4G mobile network operators are deploying femtocell to increase the signal strength for proper flow of data and voice services.
Fertility search for term
Couples with fertility issues are unable to conceive even after regular unprotected coitus (six months if the woman is over age 35). Female or male infertility factors account for one-third of the cases, where a couple is unable to conceive. In the rest of the cases, the cause is either unknown or a combination of both male and female infertility factors. In males, low sperm production, abnormal sperm function, or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm can lead to infertility. In females, hormonal changes, fallopian tube damage, endometriosis, and cervical abnormalities can lead to infertility. Diagnosing the cause of infertility can be difficult but people with fertility issues have many treatment options depending on the underlying problem. The rise in fertility complications worldwide due to an increase in sedentary lifestyle, stress, obesity, and pollution will fuel the demand for fertility treatments. Advances in fertility treatments will further help increase the overall success rate of childbirth.
Fertility Services search for term
Fertility services can lead to multiple pregnancies, internal bleeding or infection, and congenital defects. Costs related to the treatment of these complications can further increase the overall costs for people undergoing fertility services. Medical studies by different research institutes state that women aged 35 years and above face various complications related to fertility. These studies estimate that women in this age group have an infertility rate of over 35%. Aging causes decreased sperm motility in men. The presence of obesity adds to fertility complications in both men and women. Obesity is a known cause of infertility, as it leads to problems with ovulation and low sperm count. The rising demand for fertility services will require an increase in the volume of supply. Governments of various countries are establishing new fertility clinics to manage the demand for fertility services. Advances in technology have led to the development of innovative fertility solutions such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, and other ART services. Organizations worldwide are spreading information about fertility complications and the availability of services to treat them. This has increased public awareness levels, and has resulted in many individuals with fertility issues availing these services. Most of these fertility services, along with infertility drugs, raise the success rate of live births and decrease post-birth complications.
Fertilizers search for term
Fertilizers are organic or inorganic materials that are added to soil to enhance nutrients or replenish nutrients lacking in the soil. Such nutrients are indispensable for plant growth. These fertilizer nutrients may be available naturally or may have to be synthesized. The lack of nutrients in the soil may be due to a number of factors, for instance, soil erosion and inadequate rotation of crops. Also, the increased use of the same land for crop production reduces the nutrients in the soil. Though these nutrients can be replaced by crop residues or other organic matter over time, such replenishment does not provide optimal fertility.
FIBC search for term
FIBCs or bulk bags are standardized containers used in the industrial packaging of mainly dry, lose, or granulated materials. They are used for protecting, storing, transporting, and handling of goods in large quantities from manufacturing centers to distribution centers, where they are finally packaged for the customers. FIBCs are generally made of woven polypropylene or polypropylene fabric materials, with different basis weights and strength parameters. The containers are available in a wide variety of types and structural forms, and are suitable for numerous applications required in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Fibre Laser search for term
Fiber lasers are used for material processing applications like cutting and welding, marking, and fine and micro processing of components in the automotive, manufacturing, heavy industry, and consumer electronic sectors. They are also used extensively for medical applications and R&D purposes. The fiber laser market is experiencing intense competition from CO2 lasers as these are more efficient for cutting material of thicknesses above 5mm. Fiber lasers are made up of optic fiber that is doped with rare-earth elements like ytterbium and erbium.
Fibre Optics Sensors search for term
Fiber optic sensors have a light source, external transducer, photodetector, and optical fiber, and they measure the modulation of the properties of light, such as intensity, wave length, and polarization, to sense the surrounding. Changes in the properties of light are detected and used to infer change in the surrounding or target object. Fiber optic sensors help in measuring several physical, chemical and biomedical quantities by detecting changes in the following properties of target or sensing location. Further, fiber optic sensors are considered an ideal alternative to conventional sensing methods, due to their ability to measure temperatures and strain at different locations through a single fiber using multiplexing technology.
Fibrin Sealants search for term
Fibrin sealant, a two-component substance consisting of thrombin and fibrinogen, is used as a hemostatic or adhesive in various surgical solutions. In clinical practice, a fibrin sealant consists of a concentrated solution of fibrinogen and Factor XIII, which combine with a solution of calcium and thrombin to form a coagulum that stimulates clotting. Beriplast P and TISSEEL are some of the commercially available fibrin sealants.
Fieldbus Solutions for Process Industry search for term
Fieldbus refers to a two-way communication digital network that uses physical data and application layers of the open systems interconnection (OSI) model. It is a control network used for process automation, which connects field devices with controller. Process industries worldwide are increasingly using Fieldbus-incorporated measurement instruments and sensors. Especially, when a company uses automation solutions such as DCS or PLC, the Fieldbus solution provides the plant with streamlined communication protocol. This helps the company to carry out repairs on time and reduce downtime.
Fingerprint and Mobile Biometrics search for term
Fingerprint biometric technology matches a fingerprint scan of an individual with the database to identify and verify an individual based on various features such as arch, whorl, and loop. Pattern-based algorithms are used to match an individual's fingerprint against the database to provide him or her access into secure premises of an organization. With the implementation of bring your own device (BYOD) policy in enterprises and an increase in the adoption of mobile devices among individual consumers, maintaining security of enterprise and personal data is becoming of utmost importance. Thus, fingerprint biometric technology is being integrated in mobile devices, which will ensure authorized access to personal and enterprise data. Integration of fingerprint biometric technology in mobile devices can be used for law enforcement for identification and verification of criminals, which helps in maintaining homeland security. Further, government organizations are implementing the usage of mobile fingerprint biometrics to authenticate individuals for various government services such as ration distribution and electoral voting. In the education sector, mobile fingerprint biometrics can be used to maintain time and attendance of employees. Further, implementation of mobile fingerprint biometrics is also observed in cashless vending services to identify students.
Fingerprint Biometrics search for term
Fingerprint biometric technology matches the fingerprint scan of an individual with the database to identify and verify an individual based on features such as arch, whorl, and loop. Pattern-based algorithms are used to match an individual's fingerprint against the database. With advances in technology, AFIS was introduced in 1986, which is being used by a number of law enforcement agencies to identify a criminal.
FinTech Investment search for term
FinTech is a service based on financial applications. Over the years, the purview of FinTech has extended to include new and innovative front-end consumer products. Many FinTech start-up companies provide convenient solutions that are operable through hand-held portable devices directly to the customer through licensing, or white label them to existing financial service providers. FinTech innovators are collaborating with venture capital firms, including H2 Ventures, and FinTech investment firms. In such collaborations, companies, such as H2 Ventures bring in talented entrepreneurs as part of reinventing the financial services domain. FinTech ventures provide start-ups with fund as well as equity capital at an early stage so that the business can grow.
Fire and Gas Detection Systems search for term
F&G detection systems maintain the overall safety and operation of industrial facilities. These systems are used in offshore petroleum exploration and production (E&P), refineries and chemical plants, onshore oil and gas facilities, marine operations, tank farms and terminals, pipelines, power plants, mining, and paper mills. F&G detection systems comprise detection equipment such as fire and smoke detectors, logic controls and alarms, and mitigation functions that include fire dampers and suppression systems. The centralized unit logic solver acts as a brain on the F&G detection system that monitors and controls the abnormalities in plants related to fire. It receives status and alerts or analog signals from field monitoring devices, which are required to detect fire and gas leakage in a plant. The operator takes appropriate action, and mitigates the hazard situations.
Fire Extinguisher search for term
Fire extinguishers are active fire protection equipment used to control or extinguish small fires. A typical fire extinguisher consists of a pressurized metal cylinder filled with an extinguishing agent like carbon dioxide, foam or dry chemicals. The type of extinguisher that needs to be used depends on the nature of the fire hazard.
Fire Protection Systems search for term
Fire hazards are potentially detrimental to safety of employees and can cause loss of property, productivity, and equipment. These concerns can be negated by installing efficient FPS. Fire detection and suppression systems can significantly reduce the risks associated with flammable and explosive products. Therefore, oil companies are implementing FPS as an integral part of risk management strategies. Fire detection systems identify and control leaks and explosion. These systems provide on-time alerts of product leaks and smoke, as well as any rise in localized heat.
Fire-resistant Glass search for term
Fire resistant glass provides defense against flames and smoke and adds further protection by blocking the transfer of heat. Fire resistant glass is made by incorporating several layers of glass with fire resistive interlayers. Fire resistant glass is used in marine applications in areas such as lifeboats and bulkheads, separating the different fire compartments inside a ship. Glass manufacturers such as Saint Gobain are innovating special fire resistant glass that can be used for marine applications. Fire resistant glass improves the indoor light quality of the buildings. As glass can be used in various components of buildings such as external facades, internal partitions, staircases, and railings, fire resistant glass can be used as sustainable material along with safety norms for the construction of smart buildings.
Fish and Seafood search for term
Frozen fish and seafood products are generally stored at temperatures below 14.9 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the growth of microorganisms and to slow down the decomposition process and enable storage for longer periods.
Fish Oil Produts search for term
Fish oil is derived from the tissue of oily fish species and contains a high percentage of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA, which are essential nutrients for humans and animals. Fish oil is mostly used as an ingredient in animal and human nutritional applications, which include aquaculture feed, animal nutrition and pet feed, pharmaceuticals, and supplements and functional food. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are known to support general health and wellness as well as help prevent and cure numerous health conditions. With growing awareness of these benefits within the medical profession and the general population, governments have introduced recommended daily intakes of these fatty acids. The increased intake of fish oil supplements for their purported health benefits has contributed significantly to the global fish oil products market. Fish oil product manufacturers have intensified their marketing and advertising activities for fish oil-based drugs and supplements to consumers and healthcare professionals.
Fishing Tools Equipment search for term
Fishing tools are employed for fishing the stray equipment (also known as fish or junk) from the bottom of the well. The fish can be broken components of the drill string, bit breaks, or even a pipe or tool fallen from the rig floor. These tools are specially crafted with respect to the specific fish type or specific function. They are screwed to the fishing string, which is similar to the drill string, and lowered into the well.
Fitness Apps search for term
Fitness apps are mobile-based applications that allow consumers to track and monitor their fitness levels and sports activities using smartphones. These apps allow users to keep track of their heart rate and the amount of calories lost during a workout. Other features include tracking of sleep patterns, monitoring the amount of calorie intake, and a keeping a check on fitness goals. These apps motivate users to stay healthy and fit.
Fitness Bands search for term
Fitness bands are wristbands which are used for monitoring and tracking fitness related metrics. They help in tracking sleep, calories consumed/burned, and distance walked, and monitoring heart rate, and various other activities. These devices sync with the mobile device and provide statistics to the users thereby enhancing accessibility. Some of the fitness bands may also have additional features like notification of incoming call, messages, and other notifications.
Fitness Equipment search for term
Fitness equipment consists of machines for workout and devices which help in monitoring physical exercises. This equipment helps in weight management, improving the stamina, developing muscular strength, and also helps in the treatment of some medical issues. Some commonly used fitness equipment are treadmills, stair climbers, weightlifting machines, and stationary bicycles.
Flash Memory Card search for term
Memory cards, also known as flash memory cards, are storage devices commonly used in cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, digital camcorders, tablets, gaming consoles, PDAs, and printers. They have non-volatile memory that can be reprogrammed multiple times in the course of their lifecycle. High density storage capability, quick read and write cycle, and small size have improved their adoption in the digital domain.
Flavors and Fragrances search for term
Flavors and fragrances are a class of compounds comprising esters, alcohol, acids, lactones, aldehydes, and ketones. These are derived from natural and synthetic sources. They are used to enhance the appeal of consumer products, foods, and beverages. The flavors and fragrances market in Latin America consists of flavor blends, fragrance blends, essential oils, and aroma chemicals. The formulation of flavors and fragrances involves mixing and blending of different ingredients such as volatile oils.
Flexible Display search for term
Flexible displays are next-generation electronic display screens, which are thin, lightweight, foldable, and bendable. These displays can be rolled up without damaging their display capabilities, i.e., they can be manipulated without breaking. Compared to its counterparts, flexible displays are more durable. They are manufactured using plastic or other flexible substrate material. Currently many of the industry participants are working toward developing flexible displays for smartphones, tablets, computers, and advanced consumer electronic devices so that these devices are rugged and almost unbreakable. Also, the amount of content displayed can be increased with flexible displays. In the future, flexible displays will be an embedded part of a wide range of applications such as TVs, monitors, publications, fabrics, and medical equipment.
Flexible Endoscopes search for term
Flexible endoscopes consist of a flexible insertion tube equipped with fiber-optic glass rods, camera, and ports that allow a physician to access and visualize the internal diseased areas of the body, to collect tissue samples, and to insert devices that help stop internal bleeding. The equipment is relatively safe and can be used to view parts of the body that are otherwise difficult to access, such as the intestines. However, flexible endoscopes are expensive, fragile, and provide lower quality images than rigid endoscopes.
Flexible Packaging search for term
Flexible packaging products are made of flexible or easy-yielding materials that can easily change shape based on the nature of the product being packaged. Flexible packaging materials include plastic, aluminum, and paper. These materials undergo a detailed conversion process such as printing, lamination, coating, and extrusion to develop different types of flexible packaging products such as plastic bags and pouches, lidding films, foil bags, and sachets.
Flexible Paper Packaging search for term
Flexible paper packaging is gaining popularity in many countries, as it is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Different types of paper are used: uncoated, coated, sack kraft paper, and gift wraps. These packaging materials are used in different product applications such as paper bags, multiwall sacks, containerboard, and boxboard. Vendors in the market are continuously offering new packaging solutions that can prevent the contamination of products, especially food and beverages, and provide convenience to customers. Packaging also plays a major role in enticing customers to purchase a product.
Flight Management Systems search for term
Flight management system (FMS) is used to operate, control, and monitor the aircraft without continuous supervision by the pilot to enhance its capabilities. It is a specialized computer system that automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, reduces the aircraft weight and information-management workload, enables power saving, and allows easier interaction with air traffic control to avoid accidents. It reduces overall operating costs and results in the faster training of new pilots. FMS also improves the functionality and accuracy along with enhanced situational awareness and safety of both the pilot and the aircraft. An FMS comprises four main components: a flight management computer (FMC), automatic flight guidance system (AFGS), aircraft navigation system (ANS), and electronic flight instrument system (EFIS)
Flight Navigation System search for term
Flight navigation systems and equipment are used to control an aircraft. These systems include autopilot, sensors, flight management systems, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), automatic direction finders, and other equipment that helps in navigating an aircraft. Navigation systems depend on the instrument flight rules (IFR) or visual flight rules (VFR) while operating in the air.
Flip Classroom search for term
Flipped learning is a hybrid model that combines aspects of traditional learning and blended learning. This model encourages students to take technology-aided lectures outside of the classroom through videos and simulations. Lessons taken in advance by students allow the classroom time to be allocated for group activities and handling subject related queries, resulting in enhanced student performance. Educational institutions are deploying flipped learning models by installing lecture capture solutions and delivery solutions such as LMSs (learning management systems).
Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) search for term
FPSO is a type of floating tank unit used by the offshore oil and gas industry to collect the oil or gas produced from nearby platforms or subsea templates, process them, and store them until the oil or gas can be offloaded onto a shuttle tanker or exported via a pipeline. These systems come in a variety of sizes, shapes, production capacities, and costs. They range from relatively small units with 30,000 bpd processing plants to mega units capable of processing more than 250,000 bpd. Most units are ship shape, but there are few cylindrical FPSOs also. Capex for an FPSO can range from less than $200 million to more than $2 billion, depending on production plant capacity, design life, operating environment, and other factors.
Floor Covering search for term
Floor coverings can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The different types of floor coverings include textile floor coverings, tiles, wood and laminate coverings, and vinyl and rubber coverings. Floor coverings are used universally for residential purposes, commercial applications including healthcare, hospitality, leisure, corporate, education, retail, sports and other sectors, industrial applications including automotive industry, manufacturing plants, aviation hangars, refineries, and the like, and in other transportation equipment for purposes of comfort, safety, durability, and decoration.
Flooring search for term
Flooring is considered of high importance in home interiors, driving huge investment in terms of new customized design, color, texture, and size. Raw materials such as wood, lumber, ceramics, and vinyl are used in the manufacture of flooring components. The prices of these raw materials vary according to demand and supply factors. Fluctuations in prices of these raw materials, especially wood and lumber, directly affect the manufacturing costs of flooring components. Flooring waste is generated by both new installations and replacement procedures. With the advancements in construction technologies, structural designs of buildings are becoming complex. Since flooring is measured in linear dimensions, flooring in structural designs such as circular sections, trims, and transition pieces generate a considerable amount of waste.
Flour search for term
Flour is found in the form of powder, which is made by grinding seeds, roots, or cereal grains. White flour is an all-purpose flour derived from milling hard wheat or a blend of both hard and soft wheat. All-purpose flour is nutrient enriched and is available in bleached or unbleached form. Rapid expansion of the fast food industry has significantly increased the per capita consumption of flour products, such as sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, and bagels. Flour millers are the key link between farmers and food processors. A Combination of high technology and skills are adopted by modern flour millers to help them with their food production operations throughout the year.
Flow Battery search for term
A flow battery is basically an electrochemical energy storage system that is rechargeable. It converts the chemical energy stored in the battery into electrical energy, similar to fuel cells and conventional batteries. It is suitable for providing backup power to large-scale application systems such as grid scale power systems. A typical flow battery consists of two compartments, known as tanks. These tanks contain electrodes and are separated by a membrane. The flow battery is charged and discharged by chemical reactions between the liquid electrolytes.
Fluoroscopy and Mobile C-arms search for term
Fluoroscopy is a technique that uses X-ray imaging and is useful for guiding a variety of interventional and diagnostic procedures. It has the ability to display moving images, which is helpful for physicians to examine the internal structure and function of organs. The fluorescent screen of the fluoroscopy device is coupled with an image intensifier connected to a video camera to capture the images on a monitor. Fluoroscopy is used largely in orthopedic surgery, angiography, placement of catheters, and implantation of cardiac rhythm management devices. C-arm is a device that has radiographic capabilities and is used in imaging for various applications such as critical care, surgical, orthopedic, and emergency care procedures. C-arm is a precise and accurate device that reduces patient discomforting in various types of surgical and non-surgical procedures.
Flywheel Energy Storage search for term
A flywheel energy storage system is a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. In the flywheel energy storage system, a flywheel or rotor is accelerated at a high speed and the energy is maintained as rotational energy. The speed of this system is reduced when the energy is extracted from the system. Flywheel energy storage systems have a longer life, are more reliable, require less maintenance, and have increased efficiency when compared to other energy storage systems.
FMCG Packaging search for term
Fast-moving consumer goods are manufactured and purchased to satisfy consumer requirements in segments such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products. Food products, beverages, and pharmaceuticals need durable packaging to prevent any spoilage or contamination. FMCG includes non-durable, consumable goods such as soft drinks, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, and processed foods. These products have a short shelf life because of high consumer demand and rapid deterioration of these products.. Other goods like alcohol, toiletries, pre-packaged foods, soft drinks, and cleaning products have high turnover rates. FMCG products are usually purchased through loyalty or from impulsivity; decisions are made often because of brand recognition or price reductions. So it is an industry that is heavily supported through advertisements and promotional events by the manufacturers.
Folding Carton search for term
Folding cartons are paperboards that are cut, folded, laminated, and printed for packaging goods. They are available in various sizes and shapes and are often delivered as flat paperboards marked with folding lines to help in packaging. These cartons are made of virgin wood pulp, recycled paper stock, or other fibers. There are new technologies that give folding cartons aaesthetic appeal.
Food Additives search for term
Food additives are substances or ingredients added to food to enhance its taste, add extra flavor and color, enhance the texture, and preserve. Adding food additives helps food with the easy production, processing, treatment, packaging, transportation, or storage of food. Food additives help in protecting the food from spoilage, maintaining consistency in quality, adding and enhancing the taste of the food, providing texture and color to the food, and adding nutritional value to the food. The key end-users of food additives are food manufacturers, and the key applications of food additives include fast foods, packaged foods, and beverages. In terms of source, food additives usually come in two forms, namely, natural and artificial. Those that are synthesized from chemical compounds are known as artificial food additives and those that are naturally extracted from products are natural food additives.
Food and Beverage Metal Can search for term
Metal can packaging refers to containers made from materials such as steel and aluminum that are used for the storage and distribution of goods such as food, beverages, oil, and chemicals. Such packaging is usually made out of materials such as steel and aluminum. Consumers prefer metal cans compared to other traditional packaging materials because of benefits such as long shelf life, recyclability, UV resistance, excellent printability, and moisture and bacterial protection. It also has the ability to retain flavor.
Food and Beverage Metal Can search for term
Metal can packaging is one of the types of packaging. A metal can is a container for the storage and distribution of goods, and is composed of thin metal, usually steel or aluminum. These metal cans hold a wide range of products such as food, beverages, oils, and chemicals. The high recycling and recovery rate is a major factor driving the demand for metal cans.
Food Contact Paper and Board search for term
Food contact paper and board are used to package food products such as bakery goods, fruits, beverages, and take-out foods. On the basis of type, food contact paper and board can be categorized into two: non-poly-coated paper and board and poly-coated paper and board. While non-poly-coated paper and board are used to package dry food items, poly-coated paper and board are used to package liquid food products and beverages.
Food Container search for term
The food industry is the largest of all industries in the world and plays an important role in the economy of any country. As food products need to be preserved for a long period, they are packaged in extremely protective and durable containers. An increased demand for ready-to-eat food has brought about a transformation in the packaging industry. The food packaging market is witnessing the emergence of many new and innovative packaging containers and techniques that can increase the shelf life of a product.
Food Delivery Marketplace IT Spending search for term
A food delivery marketplace is a new business that has emerged from the on-demand economy. The on-demand economy is a new economic activity created and facilitated by tech companies through digital technologies to fulfill the goods and services needs of customers. The growth of the food delivery marketplace in this new economy is accelerating significantly and is causing a paradigm shift in consumers' transacting ways and procuring models. The food delivery market is gaining significant traction worldwide. Food delivery has gained popularity among the urban population as it offers hassle-free convenience in food ordering.
Food Intolerance Products search for term
Food intolerance is generally defined as negative physiological reactions to certain food products. Reactions are usually mild, but at times can be severe. In food intolerance, some people can tolerate a certain amount of food that affects them adversely; however, if this food is consumed in excess the body responds negatively. Some of the symptoms of food intolerance include fatigue, joint pains, dark circles under the eyes, night sweats, cramps, gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and gas, and heartburn.
Food Logistics search for term
The food industry uses logistics for the complete management of the way resources are acquired, stored, and moved to locations where they are required. The use of logistics helps the food industry have a continuous supply of durable and non-durable goods from the different prominent suppliers and distributors across various locations.
Food Packaging search for term
The food industry is the largest industry worldwide and plays a key role in the economy of any country. Food products need to be packaged in a durable manner to avoid spoilage. Containers such as cups, cans, sachets, bottles, and tubs are used to package food products. Increased demand for packaged food has transformed the packaging industry. Vendors in the global food packaging market are continuously introducing packaging materials that can prevent the contamination of food products. Packaging designs also have a significant influence on the purchase decisions of customers.
Food Packaging Machinery search for term
A food packaging machinery performs a significant function in the food packaging industry. It enables process control and efficiency in the overall food packaging process. It is widely used for filling, closing, wrapping, and coding food products. Proper packaging of food products ensures that there is no spoilage of packaged food products throughout the supply chain, and that it can withstand changes in temperature so as to maintain its quality and edibility.
Food Stabilizers search for term
Food stabilizers are added to stabilize and improve the texture, prevent crystallization (sugar and ice), stabilize foams and emulsions, reduce the stickiness of icings on baked products, and to retain moisture and flavor of food products. Polysaccharide gum, arabic gum, and guar gum are the most commonly used stabilizers and thickeners. Gelatin is another commonly used non-carbohydrate stabilizer obtained from several animal-by products.
Food Warming Trays search for term
Food warming trays are specialty kitchen appliances used for warming food and keeping it at an optimal temperature. With an increase in the availability of technologically advanced products and automation in all sphere, people in the high-income levels are switching from manual appliances to electric appliances. Further, with the growing preference for home-cooked food and organized gatherings at home, the market for such appliances is burgeoning. Electric food warming trays have pleasing aesthetics, and some variants are cordless for easy portability. In addition, vendors ensure that food warming trays are easy to clean and durable. Strong growth of smart kitchen appliances, which encourage better lifestyle and living environment, is triggering the demand for products such as food warming trays.
Foodservice Disposables search for term
Foodservice disposables are mainly made up either plastic, paper, or, aluminum. The demand for these materials are increasing with the growing demand for foodservice disposables by restaurants. Foodservice disposables are available in different forms, such as trays, plates, cups, lids, eating utensils, and more. Most foodservice disposables are used for takeout, which requires disposable plates and cups to deliver the food and beverages. Increased urbanization has put pressure on customers, who are left with less time for food preparation and hence prefer ready-to-eat food. The maturity of the food retail industry has provided companies with substantial opportunities to grow in the foodservice industry. This will also benefit manufacturers of foodservice disposables.
Foot Protective Equipment search for term
FPE, commonly referred to as FPE, is worn to minimize exposure to and protect against a variety of hazards. FPE may range from steel shoes to ankle covers and as well as toe covers. FPE is used in a number of industries such as mining and manufacturing, construction, energy and utilities, government, agriculture and others . FPE is used not only to reduce the risks to health and safety in the workplace, but also in sports and other recreational activities. The choice of FPE depends on what type of hazards the wearer is exposed to, the intensity of exposure, and the duration of exposure.
Football Apparel search for term
Football apparel includes shirts, shorts and pants, socks, jackets, sweatshirts, rainwear, tracksuits, training bibs, T-shirts, and sleeves. The intense popularity of football tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, and the UEFA European Championship is attracting many people toward this game. This leads to the demand for football apparel like jerseys and T-shirts. The growing number of football development programs being organized across the globe is another promising factor attracting people to this sports. The number of women participating in football is rising globally, increasing the demand for women's football apparel.
Football Equipment search for term
Football equipment includes balls, shoes, shin guards, gloves, and nets. There are many factors driving the global football equipment market, such as the growing interest in football worldwide. People across the globe are showing interest in sports activities, especially football, mostly due to the awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
Footwear search for term
The global footwear market consists of both athletic and non-athletic footwear. These days footwear is considered more as an important item of fashion apparel than as a necessary product that gives protection to the foot. The consumers are looking for both comfort level and appeal of the footwear. Brand name is another important buying criteria influencing the purchase decision of the consumer. Consumers, especially women, like to own a variety of footwear that consists of both inexpensive and luxury footwear brands.
Foreign Exchange search for term
Foreign exchange markets remained robust during the 2007 financial crisis. The advent of electronic platforms has significantly boosted day-to-day trading volumes, which generates higher levels of market returns, that have remained uncorrelated compared to the different trading markets across the world. Widespread electronic trading permits anonymous market practices; wherein market players do not reveal their identities or whether they harbor bearish or bullish sentiments. Modern forex markets have generated new opportunities in the retail forex space and also for institutional participants. Such developments have flowed from the use of electronic communication networks (ECN). The foreign exchange market is complex and unregulated, but the market may see the formation of partnerships by central banks. These may regulate the market by providing a global preamble, which may try to change trader compensation policies, among other objectives.
Forensic Technologies search for term
Forensic technology is an important part of criminal investigations and is used for the analysis, identification, and evaluation of physical evidence gathered from a crime scene. Law enforcement agencies and the legal sector are the major end-users of this technology as it is helpful for them to solve cases. The increased acceptance of technology, especially DNA testing technology, has contributed to the growth of the global forensics technologies market.
Forging search for term
Forging is a manufacturing process wherein a metal is processed through pressing, pounding, and squeezing under high pressure, thereby transforming the metal into a particular size and shape, as required by customers. Forged parts have higher strength than those manufactured using other metalworking processes. Applications that demand high reliability and safety include forged parts. Finished forged parts are usually assembled inside automobiles, aircraft, engines, ships, oil drilling equipment, and missiles.
Form Fill and Sealing (FFS) Equipment search for term
Form fill and sealing equipment are used in the packaging of F&B, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumer products. Each FFS machine forms the packaging material from a roll or a stack. Then the formed packaging material is filled and sealed.
Formic Acid search for term
Formic acid is a carboxylic acid that is used as a chemical intermediate in various end-use applications. It is a colourless liquid formed by the reaction of sulphuric acid with sodium formate. Formic acid is commercially available in concentrations of 78%, 80%, 85%, 94% and 99%, of which the one with 85% concentration is the most widely sought. The acid is also produced as a by-product during the manufacture of acetic acid.
FOTE search for term
Optical test equipment or optical measuring instruments are used to measure and characterize the physical attributes of light, which is the mainstay of fiber optic networks. Increased use of optical fibers by the telecom, oil and gas, and military and defense industries is driving the global FOTE market. Data transfer is a critical part of conducting business in these industries, which need information to design and develop business strategies. When a signal is sent through optical fibers, signal loss is inevitable. A simple measurement of output and input signal does not suffice because the coupling of signals into an optical fiber may also result in some unknown losses. This is the main reason for using multiple types of fiber optic test and measurement equipment. Fiber optic testers perform basic inspection and cleaning operations, help with troubleshooting, and include verification testers, certification testers, and advanced optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDR) testers.
Foundry Equipment search for term
A foundry is a facility where cast metal parts are manufactured. The metal is generally melted in a furnace and then poured into a mold and allowed to solidify in the mold to give the cast part the desired shape. The most commonly processed metals are aluminum and cast iron; other metals, including steel, brass, bronze, zinc, and magnesium are also used in foundries to produce cast parts. A foundry equipment is designed such that it reduces labor involvement as well as enhances process efficiency and profits for the foundries. Foundries cater to several industries that contribute significantly to the progress of many major economies. The foundry industry is greatly influenced by developments in the automotive, industrial machinery manufacturing, and construction industries.
Four Wheel Drive Vehicle search for term
FWD are the most commonly employed drive systems. In these systems, engine power is transferred to the front wheels. This system takes low interior space, when compared with other systems. Due to the employment of fewer components the overall weight of a vehicle employing a FWD is lower than a vehicle employing other systems
Frac Sand search for term
Frac sand is a proppant that is used in the hydraulic fracturing process of oil drilling. The hydraulic fracturing technique is used in extracting petroleum products like oil and natural gas trapped in rock formations with low permeability. The hydraulic fracturing process involves the injection of a large quantity of water, sand, and chemicals at high pressure into a drilled well. The pressurized mixture causes the rock layer to fracture. These fissures are held open by the frac sand particles, so that oil or natural gas can flow up the well. Frac sand is high-purity quartz with high durability and sphericity. On average, frac sand contains 95%-99% silica (SiO2). High silica content is very crucial to the successful execution of hydraulic fracturing.
Fragrances and Perfumes search for term
Fragrances are classified mainly into four types: Perfume, Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette and Eau de cologne. Perfumes are more concentrated than any other types of fragrances and are the most expensive. Perfumes have a slightly thicker, oilier consistency. Unisex fragrances and perfumes are the scents that can be used both by men and women.
Fraud Analytics search for term
Fraud can be defined as an illegal activity that is intentional and uses misrepresentation to produce a financial gain to an individual or an organization. Fraud is on the rise and has become a boardroom issue these days. Fraud happens in different parts of the world, and fraudsters use very sophisticated and technology-enabled techniques. Fraud analytics helps in analyzing various forms of stored data and gathered information and in converting them to actionable insights, thereby to detect fraud and take necessary actions required.
Freezer-on-bottom Refrigerator search for term
Freezer-on-bottom refrigerators offer more space, enabling the storage of larger items. As the condensers of these refrigerators are placed close to the ground (where temperature is comparatively cooler) in freezer-on-bottom refrigerators, they have higher cooling than top-mount refrigerators.
Fresh Baked Products search for term
Fresh baked goods are goods prepared in bakeries and include products such as bread, cookies, muffins, pastries, and others. Artisanal bread is made using traditional techniques. It is unlike industrial, wholesale bread that is produced in large quantities. While artisanal bread is mostly handmade, many artisanal bakeries use mixers. Breads and biscuits are the most consumed products, but the demand for other bakery items such as cakes, pastries, muffins, and cookies is also increasing. The demand for traditional bakery products has declined in mature markets, such as the Americas, and commercial bakers have expanded their portfolios with newer versions such as whole-wheat, gluten-free, and high-fiber baked goods.
Fresh Food search for term
Fresh foods refer to foods that are unprocessed and available in a raw state. These products have not undergone any form of thermal processing, have not been frozen, nor contain any preservatives. As more consumers are realizing the health benefits of fresh food as opposed to processed food, there is a high demand for such products across the globe. Fresh foods are not processed and contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that prevent or reduce the occurrence of health problems. Eating fresh produce also provides consumers with more energy, helps them maintain a healthy weight, and can reduce the effects of aging. Consumers are able and willing to spend more of their income on fresh food and groceries. To maintain the freshness of fresh food, especially to export products like fruits and vegetables, some manufacturers treat the products with a range of chemicals. These chemicals help maintain the color, texture, and fresh appearance of the product.
Fresh Food Packaging search for term
The global fresh food packaging market by flexible plastic is characterized by innovative offerings such as BoPET, which is made from stretched PET and has high tensile strength, chemical stability, and reflectivity. In addition, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and PA are commonly used as oxygen barriers in fresh food packaging. They are known for their weather, oil, and solvent-resistant properties. In addition, they exhibit flexibility, moldability, recyclability, and thermoform properties.
Fresh Milk search for term
Fresh milk products are those products that do not contain added preservatives to maintain the freshness of the product. Fresh milk consumption is believed to offer numerous health benefits. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the main channel of distribution for fresh milk products. The increasing global population is one of the factors for the increasing demand for fresh milk and other milk products.
Frozen Fish and Seafood search for term
Frozen fish and seafood products are generally stored at temperatures below 14.9 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the growth of microorganisms and to slow down the decomposition process and enable storage for longer periods. With frozen fish and seafood, consumers can avoid wastage as they can defrost only the required amount. With today's technology, frozen fish and seafood retain nutritional value and taste. As freezing slows down the decaying process, flash-frozen fish retains its nutritional value. Fish is a source of omega-3 acids, which are good for the heart. Fish frozen within a few hours of being caught have well-preserved vitamins (A, B12, and D). As fresh fish takes a week to reach consumers, frozen fish is considered healthier by many. The availability of frozen fish and seafood at the same level of freshness for months rather than days is an advantage. Also, frozen fish and seafood products offer convenience to consumers in terms of availability, choice, and cooking convenience.
Frozen Food search for term
Frozen foods is an essential part of meals prepared and served in both homes and restaurants. The variety of frozen foods in the global market reflects the extensive use of frozen foods in households. The use includes ethnic, vegetarian, fast foods, gourmet, dietary, and many others.
Frozen Food Packaging search for term
The global frozen food market is expanding by focusing on new freezing techniques that maintain the nutritional content of frozen fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits. The demand for convenience foods is another factor increasing the demand for packaging solutions. The demand for frozen food items containing premium ingredients, whole-grain ingredients, and ingredients with reduced calories is also contributing to demand for frozen food packaging.
Frozen Yogurt search for term
Frozen yogurt is made of milk, sugar, and other ingredients such as corn syrup, yogurt cultures, and non-fat yogurt powder. It is enriched with probiotics, and has low fat and sugar content. Therefore, it is perceived as nutritious and a healthy alternative to desserts like ice cream.
Fuel Additives search for term
Fuel additives are used in the blending, shipping, handling, marketing, and consumption of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and HFO because they deliver value. Additives make fuels work better for customers. They add properties not available from fuels alone. They also make them more profitable for refiners and marketers. Refining starts by separating crude oil into usable parts or streams. Those parts are processed further to create blend components. The components are put together to make the most profitable products. Customers use those products in two wheelers, passenger cars, light trucks, farm equipment, freight vehicles and vessels, mass transit systems, airplanes, and industrial boilers. Fuel additives give customers more power, less fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs when they are blended with the fuel. Fuel additives also reduce harmful emissions at every step along the way.
Fuel Cell search for term
A fuel cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy through an electromechanical reaction. It is similar to a battery. A fuel cell consists of two electrodes, anode (positive) and cathode (negative), and an electrolyte that carry electrically charged elements from one electrode to another. A catalyst is required in the fuel cell, which speeds up the reaction taking place in the electrodes. Fuel cell creates little pollution because it uses hydrogen as the fuel. The hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water, which is a harmless by-product. This pollution reduction is one of the major reasons for the increased adoption of fuel cell. Various fuels that can be used in a fuel cell are methanol, biogas, hydrogen, natural gas, and hydrocarbons.
Fuel Cell Market in Automotive Industry search for term
A fuel cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy through an electromechanical reaction. A typical fuel cell consists of two electrodes, the anode and the cathode, which react to generate electricity. While liquid electrolytes carry electrically charged elements from one electrode to another, a catalyst is required to speed up the chemical reaction inside the fuel cell. Methanol, biogas, hydrogen, natural gas, and hydrocarbons are various fuels used in fuel cells. Fuel cells generate less pollution as hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water, a harmless by-product.
Full-Service Carrier search for term
FSCs operate on the hub-and-spoke business model, with major airports in key cities serving as hubs. These carriers offer services like meals and in-flight entertainment as part of the ticket cost. They also provide additional services as add-ons for an extra cost. The majority of FSCs cater to the passenger services segment. These airlines primarily operate in a hub-and-spoke structure, with central airports acting as their respective hubs.
Fumaric Acid search for term
Fumaric acid is a white crystalline trans-butenedioic acid widely available in nature. It is more economical than other food acids (on a cost per unit weight basis); hence, it has potential to replace other acidulants such as citric and malic acids. In addition, its anti-microbial properties coupled with non-hygroscopic character makes an ideal choice for dry mix products and gives flavor stability to food products.
Functional Drinks search for term
Functional drinks are being marketed as drinks that have additional ingredients to provide a range of health benefits. The presence of ingredients like minerals, vitamins, herbs, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and bacteria help provide beneficial effects to the body such as improved mental strength, enhanced immune system, improved heart rate, hydration and electrolyte replenishing benefits post exercise, improved digestive health, and intestinal flora and gut function. The focus is now on disease prevention due to rising healthcare costs. Functional beverages are a segment of non-alcoholic beverages that contain vitamins, herbs, pre- and probiotic live bacteria and yeasts, non-digestible fiber, amino acids, or additional raw vegetables and fruits. Functional beverages also include RTD teas that have functional benefits, as well as non-dairy beverages that provide nutrition for lactose intolerant individuals or those who are looking to cut down on dairy fats.
Functional Food and Nutraceuticals search for term
Functional food, as opposed to ordinary food, includes components or ingredients that provide a specific medical or physiological benefit, in addition to the primary nutritional benefits. A functional beverage is a non-alcoholic drink made with non-traditional ingredients like herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, or raw fruits or vegetables. It provides specific health benefits such as improving joint mobility, boosting the function of the immune system or heart, increasing energy and satiety, and creating a sense of well-being. The substitutes available for functional food and nutraceuticals are natural and healthy food, better-for-you food, organic food, and food intolerance products.
Furniture search for term
Furniture is a term that refers to any kind of movable object that is built to support most human activities such as sleeping, eating, and seating. It can also be used for decorative or symbolic purposes. Furniture is made from materials such as wood, plastic, glass, and metal. The Global Furniture market is a low-tech industry, and it has been growing since the days of non-nomadic cultures. Furniture is meant for specific functionality.
Furniture Logistics search for term
The furniture industry uses logistics for the management of the way resources are acquired, stored, and moved to different end-users. The use of logistics provides the furniture industry with a continuous supply of various furniture from suppliers and distributors in different locations. At times, a company might choose to outsource its logistics operations if it is deemed cost effective. Furniture logistics providers benefit the SCM needs of shippers by customizing services as per their requirements. Hence, the shipper can partly outsource the logistics needs and carry out the remaining functions in-house. The furniture logistics service providers have a range of services such as GPS-enabled transportation trucks for tracking, RFID for inventory tracking, bar coding, and MIS-related services.
Furniture Wood Coating search for term
Furniture wood coatings are wood coating products applied in the furniture industry for home decoration and enhancement of aesthetic appeal. MDF is a composite panel manufactured by combining wood fiber and resin. Many solvent-borne and water-borne MDF coatings are available in the furniture wood coatings market. The performance of wood coatings for exterior applications has remained a burning issue in the global furniture wood coatings market.


GaAs Devices search for term
Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of gallium and arsenic. It is generally referred to as compound III-V semiconductor and is used in devices such as microwave frequency ICs, monolithic microwave ICs, solar cells, infrared light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, and optical windows. GaAs is increasingly used as a replacement for silicon because of its enhanced electronic properties. GaAs has high saturated electron velocity and electron mobility, which allow GaAs devices to function efficiently at frequencies above 250 gigahertz (GHz). Due to the wider band gap, GaAs devices are less sensitive to heat compared to silicon-based devices. In addition, GaAs devices emit less noise than silicon devices, especially at higher frequencies. GaAs devices are used in mobile phones, satellite communication equipment, microwave point-to-point links, and high-frequency radar systems due to these properties.
Gait Biometrics search for term
Gait analysis is the study of human motion by using instruments to measure body movement, force, and pressure. It is used to identify, track, and treat individuals by understanding their body movements and pressure. It is widely adopted in the healthcare and sports sectors for orthopedic treatments and training athletes. Gait analysis generates multiple variables such as movement angles, which can be used to compute factors that are not or cannot be measured directly through computer modeling of gait analysis. These models are used in the R&D process to facilitate a deeper understanding of the behavior of the musculoskeletal system. Gait biometrics is mainly prescribed for patients diagnosed with cerebral palsy or stroke, as it helps in diagnosis. Gait biometrics also plays a significant role in the advanced development of rehabilitation engineering of patients. It is used to analyze patients after orthopedic surgery. In the sports sector, gait biometrics is used to analyze and train athletes and to identify correct sports accessories, such as running shoes, for athletes.
Game Based Learning search for term
Game-based learning or serious games refer to all digital applications that impart learning through games. Psychological susceptibility of humans to engage in gaming encourages learning while playing games. Game-based learning includes digital products such as e-learning courseware, online audio and video content, social games, and mobile games. It is primarily used in educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and the military. It is also used by corporates for their employee training programs.
Gamification search for term
Gamification is the process of implementing game mechanics into a nongaming context to drive user engagement and problem solving. Points, badges, a leader board, challenges, and rewards are some examples of game mechanics. It is not about creating real games but using game techniques to engage users. From loyalty programs of businesses to educational video games and rewarding school children for homework, people have always been trying to merge work with play.
Gaming search for term

The popularity of PCs and electronic devices have led to the development and commercialization of gaming. Electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms. The different types of platforms are TVs, consoles, mobile devices, PCs, and others. There are various types of games available for different gaming platforms. Video games are available in two major formats, physical and digital.

Gaming Console search for term
Gaming consoles are the most popular devices among the various gaming platforms available in the market. These specialized computers are designed for interactive video gaming and are built with similar components, such as a central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), and random access memory (RAM). Peripherals such as joysticks, mouse, keypads, and others are used as input systems. Video and audio outputs are enabled by plugging the console into a TV or similar audio-visual system. Handheld gaming consoles are compact, mobile versions of gaming consoles and have inbuilt displays, speakers, and controls.
Gaming Headset search for term
The introduction and popularity of PCs and electronic devices and the rise of the Internet have led to the development and commercialization of gaming. When a headset is plugged into an electronic device, an alternating electric field force is generated, which forces the electrons already existing in the coil to oscillate to and fro, creating an amplifier around the coil. The magnet that is present inside the coil is affected by the amplifier, because of which the magnet also moves to and fro. A sound wave is generated by this movement of the magnet of the required frequency in the air. The gaming headset market is fast growing owing to the increasing popularity of the e-sports league.
Gaming Peripheral search for term
With the advent of PCs and electronic devices, gaming has achieved a new dimension compared to board games and electronic devices. The gaming peripherals market is growing with the rapid adoption of gaming as a profession. The rise of the global gaming market provides a great opportunity for the global peripherals market. An increasing number of gamers are investing in peripherals that are exclusive for gaming.
GaN Semiconductor Devices search for term
GaN is a wide bandgap semiconductor material that is fast emerging as a popular choice for replacing silicon, especially in power electronics. Adoption of GaN substrates in radio-frequency (RF) semiconductor devices fuels its demand. GaN devices can operate in higher voltages and temperatures. High-powered RF semiconductor devices require substrates that can endure high temperatures. Silicon substrates that are conventionally used in the semiconductor industry do not possess such high thermal conductivity. For high-power RF semiconductor devices, high-density substrates that can withstand high temperatures during high-frequency oscillations are needed. To cater to these requirements, high-power RF semiconductor companies are adopting non-silicon substrates such as GaN.
GAO search for term
General and Administration Outsourcing (GAO) is defined as the process of outsourcing a set of activities such as Finance and Accounting Outsourcing(FAO), Human Resource Outsourcing(HRO), Procurement Outsourcing(PRO), Training Outsourcing and Payroll Outsourcing services to manage general and administrative expenses. ThMany leading global service providers are recognizing this current growth and significant future potential and are strategizing to capture this untapped market.
Garden Tractor search for term
Garden tractors are heavy-duty equipment used in domestic gardens or in small estates for ground-engaging tasks and garden work. They are compact in size and have sturdy engines that usually have a power of 11kW and above. Unlike lawn tractors, garden tractors have wide cutting decks of up to 60 inches and can handle ground working tools such as tillers, tine cultivators, plow blades, discs, and snow throwers. They can also be mounted with a wide variety of front, belly, and rear attachments.
Gas Compressors search for term
Compressors are equipment that can compress air and gas. They convert mechanical energy into pneumatic energy through compression. They use pistons, vanes, and other mechanisms to compress air and gas and elevate them to higher pressures from their low initial pressure. Compressed air and gas is a source of energy, which find applications in the manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, power, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.
Gas Engine search for term
A gas engine is essentially an internal combustion engine that generates motive power by using a variety of natural gases as fuel. The basic components of a gas engine generator include a heat exchanger, an engine, control panels, and a generator. Natural gas, used as fuel in gas engines, is a versatile, clean-burning, and efficient fuel that is used in a wide variety of applications spanning the power generation sector, the residential and commercial building sector, and the industrial sector.
Gas Generator search for term
Gas generators are widely adopted as an auxiliary power source in various industrial sectors including construction, mining, chemical plants, and semiconductor fabrication. With the rapid global industrialization, especially in developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil, the need for uninterrupted power supply has become of paramount importance. As every construction site may not have access to an electricity grid, there is greater demand for gas generators essential to run the required construction equipment on these sites. The mining industry is also another major end-user industry for gas generators, especially portable generators. These units are required to operate various equipment related to the industry.
Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) search for term
Switchgear is a protection device and is a combination of different types of components such as circuit breakers, current transformers, potential transformers, lightning arrestors, protection relays, and disconnectors arranged in a logical manner. They are used in transmission and distribution of electric power and effectively protect equipment and circuits from unregulated power spikes. On the basis of material used for arc quenching, switchgears can be classified as gas-insulated switchgears, air-insulated switchgears, oil-insulated switchgears, and vacuum-insulated switchgears.
Gas Meter search for term
A gas meter is primarily used to measure the volume of gas consumed at residential, commercial, or industrial premises. Gas meters can be categorized into basic gas meters (analog type) and smart gas meters (digital type). Basic gas meters use the analog technology to measure the volume of gas consumed, and need a meter reader to record the measured data. Smart meters, on the other hand, are capable of wireless communication, and transmit all the necessary information at the utility end. Smart meters give accurate readings and measurement, and hence, remove any discrepancies while billing.
Gas Turbine search for term
Gas turbines are used mainly in gas-fired power plants; these plants have an internal combustion engine wherein the fuel is mixed with air, leading to ignition. The resultant high-temperature gas is directed toward a gas turbine through a nozzle, which results in rotation of the turbine. Gas turbines are an essential part of distributed power technologies product portfolio along with diesel and gas reciprocating engines, solar panels, fuel cells, and small wind turbines. Natural gas is a major fuel used to drive gas turbines, mainly due to its emission and efficiency benefits. Natural gas is being increasingly preferred in new power generation capacities in sync with the growing demand for gas turbines. Gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) and integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) are the two technologies using gas turbines to meet the requirement for greener power.
Gas Turbine Engine search for term
Aircraft are either powered by piston engines or gas turbine engines. Gas turbine engines are further classified as turbojets, turboprops, and turbofans. Commercial aircraft are mostly powered by turbojets or turbofans. Turbojets are primarily used in small transport aircraft. Turbofans are more efficient than turboprops and are found in many modern commercial aircraft.
Gaskets and Seals search for term
Seals and gaskets play a vital role in any assembly process. These components are widely used to fit two mating surfaces to prevent leakage. A seal is used to control leakage of liquids or gases in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, electrical and electronics and petrochemical industries. Seals help in reducing problems associated with pollution due to leakage of contaminants, corrosion, and fatigue, which can destroy equipment leading to reduction of efficiency; increase in cost; and product loss. The gasket is a type of static seal, which is specifically used to provide a barrier between mating surfaces of mechanical assemblies. Gaskets are used to retain internal pressures and prevent liquids, gasses, and contaminants to escape from assemblies. Gaskets are made from a wide variety of materials, often used in combination. Gaskets can be molded or cut from a sheet. With process and discrete industries shifting their focus on enhancing the production process to develop high-quality products while complying with standards and environmental regulations, the use of gaskets and seals is gaining prominence.
Gastric Cancer Drugs search for term
Gastric cancer is also called as gastric adenocarcinoma, in which malignant cells form inside the stomach. It is the fifth most common type of cancer worldwide and mostly affects men over the age of 55 years or older. H. pylori bacterial infections are a major risk factor for gastric cancer. Some of the other risk factors include an unhealthy lifestyle, age, male sex, family history, and low socioeconomic status. Some of the symptoms of gastric cancer include indigestion, dysphagia, hematemesis, weight loss, inanition bleeding in the stomach, and intrahepatic and extrahepatic jaundice. It is treated with targeted, chemotherapeutic, surgical and radiation therapies.
Geared Motors and Drives search for term
A geared motor reduces the cost of designing complex power tools, machines, or appliances that need high torque at relatively low-shaft speeds. Growing awareness about environmental issues has driven global initiatives to promote the use of non-conventional sources of energy, such as wind, with regulations designed to save energy and reduce carbon footprints. Geared motors and drives help to meet these regulations. Geared motors, operating in harsh environments, can increase the life span of the equipment by reducing its wear and tear. However, they have a set term of life and end-users will have to replace these despite periodical maintenance.
Gems and Jewelry search for term
Gems and jewelry fall under the broad category of luxury retail goods. Irrespective of having various physical appearances and shape, gems and jewelry can be categorized into four different variants based on the metal and stones used for production. These categories are: gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, and other gems and jewelry. The other category includes silver, palladium, imitation jewelry, colored gems, and precious stones.
General Lighting search for term
General lighting includes incandescent, fluorescent, LED, and tungsten photonic lighting. LED lighting devices have advantages such as high-intensity brightness, low voltage and current requirements, low radiated heat, high reliability, negligible UV rays, and a long lifespan. With such advantages, LED lights are easily adopted, thus, increasing the penetration of LED in the general lighting market.
Generator for Military and Defense Sector search for term
Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The source of the mechanical energy varies from an internal combustion engine, a hand crank to compressed air and a reciprocating steam engine. An internal combustion engine uses either diesel, gasoline, propane gas, or natural gas to produce mechanical energy, which is converted into electrical energy with the help of a generator assembly. Generators are designed to provide temporary AC or DC power. They serve as a source of backup or emergency power for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. A fuel engine powers a typical generator. Generators are also important sources of electric power in the marine division. There is one significant difference between generators used in this division and that in the military division. In the marine division, generators are specially designed to operate in wet or amphibious environments and foul weather. From communication and navigation equipment to the installed tactical weapons systems, all depend on electric power for operating. Although the vessels used in this division have a primary provision for generating electric power inside them, they still require generators for backup.
Generator in Data Centers search for term
Generators convert mechanical energy into electric energy. The source of mechanical energy can vary from internal combustion engine, hand crank, and compressed air, to reciprocating steam engine. Internal combustion engines use diesel, gasoline, propane gas, and natural gas to produce mechanical energy; this energy is converted into electric energy with the help of gensets. Generators are backup devices designed to provide temporary AC or DC power. They can be used as a source of backup or emergency power for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. A typical generator is powered via a fuel engine. Data centers are centralized facilities used for data computing, processing, and storage. These centers utilize high-performance servers, networking equipment, storage arrays, and supporting services such as powering and cooling solutions. Based on their purpose in data centers, generators are classified as optional or code-required standby power source and emergency backup generator. Operating costs associated with generators can be reduced as per the fuel option, i.e., diesel or gas. The deployment location is carefully examined while constructing a data center. Though UPS systems can act as alternative options for generators, they can last for only a few minutes; therefore, for enterprises seeking long backup periods, generators are an ideal deployment option. However, the backup time of the UPS systems can be increased, and they are more cost-effective than generators.
Generator in Railways search for term
Generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The source of mechanical energy can be varied, ranging from an internal combustion engine or a hand crank compressed engine to a reciprocating steam engine. An internal combustion engine uses diesel, propane, gasoline, gas, and natural gas to generate mechanical energy, which is converted into electric energy by using a generator assembly. Generators in railway locomotives are used both as a source of electric power for the traction motors as well as a backup source of electric power required to operate air conditioners, lights, and fans inside a coach; they also provide the power required by the electronic and communication equipment installed on the locomotives. A typical generator is powered via a fuel engine.
Generic Drugs search for term
Generic drugs have the same chemical formula, dosage form, potency, route of administration, quality, and intended use as that of patented branded drugs. They cost 80%-85% lesser than their branded counterparts and are available soon after the patent expiries of original drugs. However, they are similar to original drugs in terms of safety, quality, and effectiveness. Manufacturers need to apply for an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approval to receive approval of generics. The acceptance of generic drugs by consumers has increased due to their low cost compared to branded drugs. Although generic drugs have numerous benefits, they may cause certain side effects such as gastritis, stomach ulceration, ulcerative colitis, gallstones, constipation, and liver dysfunction.
Genset Battery search for term
Genset batteries are usually sealed and maintenance free. At times, these batteries are required to be float charged for long durations as they need to deliver high power. Gensets cannot rely on rechargeable batteries in standby situations at all times, especially, in case of gensets with engine-mounted alternators.
Geopolymer search for term
A geopolymer is a chemical compound or a mixture of compounds that consist of repeating units of compounds like silico-aluminate (-Si-O-Al-O-), silico-oxide (-Si-O-Si-O-), alumino-phosphate (-Al-O-P-O-), or ferro-silico-aluminate (-Fe-O-Si-O-Al-O-). These mineral compounds, prepared through geopolymerization, are formed at room temperature by the usage of industrial waste or with the help of by-products of other compounds. These materials, on account of their environmental friendliness, are increasingly being used in various construction and industrial applications by organizations and institutions that are actively seeking to reduce the carbon footprint, without much compromise in performance.
Geothermal Heat Pump search for term
Geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground source heat pumps, are energy-efficient and cost-effective devices used for the heating and cooling of the interior of an entire building. The technology used in geothermal heat pumps is based on the fact that the ground temperature is always relatively constant, warmer than the air in winter and cooler than the air in summer. These pumps transfer the heat stored in the ground into a building during the winter season and transfer the heat out of the building during the summer season. They are used for applications such as heating or cooling of an interior of a building and heating pool water.
GERD search for term
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the stomach and esophagus. It occurs when acidic stomach juices, or food and fluids flow back up into the food pipe (esophagus). The backwash irritates the lining of the esophagus and causes GERD. It affects all ages from infants to older adults. The symptoms of GERD include difficulty while swallowing (dysphagia), heartburn sensation, regurgitation or acid reflux, dry cough, sore throat, and chest pain. GERD is believed to be caused by the overuse of certain medications, such as calcium channel blockers, nitrates and antihistamines. Unhealthy lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, slouching, consuming caffeinated drinks, eating large meals, and sleeping immediately after eating are some other typical causes for the occurrence of GERD. Pharmaceutical agents that are used to prevent complications and reduce morbidity in patients with GERD include antacids, H2 receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), and prokinetic agents.
Geriatric Care Devices search for term
Geriatric care services are holistic, involving a client-centered approach for planning, professional assessment, supervision, coordination, healthcare management, and quality of life services for the elderly population (aged 65 years and above). The products used for geriatric care include mobility assistive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers and adult diapers for easing daily activities of senior people. It is a proactive, preventive approach to healthcare that reduces hospitalization risks, nursing home admissions, and healthcare expenditure. The services are provided by geriatric care managers and companies involved in the development of products that enhance the quality of life for senior citizens.
Germination Kits and Tray search for term
Germination kits and trays help grow bigger and healthier seedlings. They are easy to set up and require little maintenance and less frequent watering. Manufacturers of germination kits and trays are moderately dependent on suppliers for raw materials such as plastic and rubber.
GIS search for term
GIS is a set of tools used to interpret business and geospatial data. It integrates hardware, software, data, and services for processing business and geographically referenced data. This system digitizes the received geospatial data and processes them to provide the desired output. Its other uses include disaster management, finding location details, viewing digital maps, marketing, and designing facilities. Sectors such as government, transportation, natural resources, military, utilities, and telecommunications are the major end-users of GIS.
Glass search for term
A mixture of high-quality sand (silica), limestone, soda ash, and cullet (crushed recycled glass) is blended, melted, and refined to manufacture glass. The glass industry was severely affected by the economic crisis of 2008-2009, as it is highly reliant on the financial condition and growth of the construction and automotive sectors, both of which had slowed down significantly as a result of the crisis. The glass industry is a capital-intensive one, and requires heavy investment for operations and raw material acquisition.
Glass Lens search for term
Glass lenses are the preferred choice for effective eye care among end-users worldwide. A glass lens is an optical lens used in eyeglasses to correct visual impairment problems like myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia. A glass lens is a commonly used product to correct vision problems. The main types of glass lens available in the market are single vision lens, bifocal lens, and progressive lens. A single vision lens has only one optical power and is used to correct myopia or hyperopia. A bifocal lens is divided into two parts by a distinct line with two separate areas of vision correction. It is prescribed for people with both myopia and hyperopia. A progressive lens is an improvement on the bifocal lens and the transition between two different powers is gradual and seamless, allowing users to see at various distances without image jump.
Glass Packaging search for term
Glass is used in the packaging of foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics. Glass bottles and jars can be molded into a variety of shapes and dimensions, making them highly applicable for packaging. The inert nature and ability to preserve products for a long period of time makes glass a popular choice for packaging in the food and beverage industry.
Glass Packaging for Food and Beverages search for term
Glass can be molded into different shapes and dimensions such as bottles and jars, making it highly applicable for packaging. The inert nature and ability of glass to preserve products for a long period makes it a popular choice for packaging in the food and beverage industry.
Glucoma Surgical Devices search for term
Glaucoma surgical instruments such as laser devices, forceps, scissors, needle holders, calipers, and lens manipulators are used during eye surgeries. They also include disposables and surgical systems that aid during the surgery. Surgeons use these devices to insert an implant, remove the sclera of the eye, or make a small incision. These instruments are used to release the aqueous fluid in the eye through the incision to reduce the IOP. Laser surgery is an effective method to treat low IOP in people with glaucoma. Laser trabeculoplasty is an early treatment for open-angle glaucoma. The surgery is of two types: argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) and selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT). The latter is used to treat open-angle glaucoma. Laser beams help unblock the drainage systems of the eyes.
Gluten-free Food search for term
Gluten is a protein composite primarily found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. Gluten-free food is either free of ingredients that contain gluten or does not contain grains that are gluten rich. A gluten-free diet is the only medically recognized diet for patients suffering from celiac disease. Also, gluten-free food is healthy to consume and good for the digestive system. Consequently, demand for gluten-free food is increasing among the health-conscious population across the globe.
Gluten-free Packaged Food search for term
A gluten free diet is a necessity for celiac and gluten intolerant consumers, and there is a growing trend among health-conscious customers preferring a gluten free diet. However, the benefits for going gluten free are often debatable with respect to non-celiac patients. Although it claims to reduce weight, there are instances where high fat content is found in a gluten free diet. For instance, Thomas's plain bagel contains 7 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fat, and 270 calories while Glutino bagel has 14 grams of sugar, 7 grams of fat and 340 calories. There is also perception among consumers that a gluten free diet is heathier, but it often lacks the necessary nutrients such as folic acid and iron content. Gluten free food is a necessity for patients with celiac disease and people who are gluten intolerant. Although gluten free packaged foods are a healthy alternative for gluten intolerant and celiac disease patients, the pricing of the food is a major concern among consumers.
Gold Nanoparticles search for term
Gold nanoparticles are a colloidal suspension of nanometer-sized gold particles in water or some other liquid. The liquid is generally either red (for particles under 100 nm) or blue/purple (for particles over 100 nm). The gold nanoparticles are the subject of extensive study due to the varied sub-atomic properties of gold nanoparticles. The gold nanoparticles have varied applications in the areas of nanotechnology and materials science. The properties and the applications of gold nanoparticles depend unequivocally upon their size and shape.
Golf Apparel search for term
Golf apparel as the name suggests comprises clothing, footwear, and other accessories, which are worn while playing golf to provide the wearer comfort and style. T-shirts, shorts, and tracksuits are typical golf-specific apparel used while playing golf. Golf apparel is designed to be lightweight and is made using advanced fabrics, which remove the wearer's perspiration away from the body to the outer surface of the apparel so that it can evaporate. It is also available in various fashionable designs. The crossover between fashion and exercise has propelled the demand for golf apparel among women.
Golf Cart Battery search for term
Golfers use golf carts to carry heavy golf clubs and related equipment during game play. These carts are also used by people living in retirement communities or workers on large sites, such as construction and landscaping projects. Such vehicles can also used for daily commuting involving short distances. Golf carts are gasoline-powered or electric-powered. However, these days, solar-powered golf carts are gaining in popularity. Electric golf carts are gaining in popularity as well. Golf carts use deep cycle lead-acid batteries for motive propulsion and are different from the ones used in cars and trucks.
Golf Clubs search for term
Golf is a popular sport that is generally played across the wide age group of 12-65. A golf club has a slender shaft with a grip and a club head made of metal or wood. It is an integral part of golf equipment. Various types of golf clubs used by golfers are woods, used for long-distance shots; irons, used for a variety of shots; putters, used to roll the ball into the hole; and wedges, a category of irons used for short-distance, highly-accurate, and high-altitude utility shots. These clubs primarily differ in their loft (the angle) between the vertical plane of the club and the club face. Generally, a set of golf clubs is a combination of different clubs so that the players can select a club appropriate for the required shot.
Golf Equipment search for term
Golf is a popular sport and is highly popular among business individuals and amateur players. The game as apart from being an exercise also facilitates socializing. The game has relatively little physical requirement in comparison to other form of exercise and sports. Golf has not featured in the Olympics since 1904; however, with rapid expansion and globalization of the sport, the International Olympic Committee has recommended to add it to the Summer Olympics that is to be held in the year 2016.
Golf Push and Pull Cart search for term
Golf push and pull carts are used to carry golf equipment on golf courses. Apart from manually operated golf carts, some are also equipped with a small motor for extra power. Golf push and pull carts offer a wide variety of storage features. In addition, some models include beverage holders, coolers, storage nets, bag straps, and umbrella holders. Golf push and pull carts are available in ergonomic designs and high-strength materials.
Golf Rangefinder search for term
Golf is a popular sport that is generally played across the age group of 12-65. Although it has not been featured in the Olympics since 1904, due to its increasing global popularity, it is making a re-entry in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Modern sports are incorporating advanced technology and devices to help players in improving various aspects of the game like speed, effectiveness, and accuracy. Golf has also followed this trend by introducing technology to improve the overall experience of golf. A rangefinder is one of these technologies. Golf rangefinders are of two types: laser rangefinders and GPS rangefinders. Golf rangefinders are very effective in assisting golfers in making the right decisions during the game. Calculating distance is an important task in golf. This requires accuracy and sense of direction, which are very critical for a golfer. Golf rangefinders calculate the distance between the club and the flag using different technologies. Laser golf rangefinders use laser beam technology, whereas GPS rangefinders use GPS technology.
Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform search for term
Governance, risk, and compliance constitute three essential dimensions for an organization, as they help it meet its business objectives. The top-level management of a company sets up a corporate governance paradigm through the implementation of structural policies and reforms. Risk management involves the identification and management of various types of risks, including operational risks, financial risks, and fraud. Compliance encompasses policies, procedures, and rules and regulations framed by regulatory bodies in a given region. It is essential to ensuring that the products and services delivered by companies are of a standard form. The GRC platform is an organized and cohesive solution that helps organizations implement a framework that minimizes the risks associated with corporate operations.
Grain and Cereal Crop Protection search for term
The global grain and cereal crop protection chemicals market is dependent on farmland and crop yield. The development of chemicals to protect grain and cereal crops is one of the most important activities in the chemical industry. Without these chemicals, most farmers would suffer significant crop losses. Although the environmental and toxicological properties of these chemical compounds have improved substantially over the last few years, research aims to produce chemicals that are not just potent but have a specific activity and do not have any harmful effects on the environment. Energy plays an important role in the manufacture of grain and crop protection chemicals, and it can be affected by the chemical composition of petroleum products. Presently, chemical compositions of petrochemicals are altered to manufacture different grain and crop protection chemicals, which require less energy such as electricity and natural gas for heating and drying processes.
Graphic Add-in Board search for term
The graphics AIBs are components that can be added to a computer or other devices to increase its memory or graphics and communications capabilities. These are used to generate output images to a system's display and can decode MPEG-2/MPEG-4, render 3D scenes and 2D graphics, and connect multiple monitors. They also enhance the visual quality or picture clarity of a system.
Greek Yogurt search for term
Greek yogurt is a type of yogurt prepared by traditional techniques practiced in Greece, which is the place of origin of this product. The preparation of Greek (strained or drained) yogurt is similar to that of regular yogurt but with an additional step in which the liquid whey (containing water, lactose, some protein, and minerals) is allowed to drain out of the yogurt mass. This results in the formation of yogurt that is thicker and of a more consistent texture. The taste is similar to that of unstrained yogurt but slightly more acidic. Strained yogurt contains a higher percentage of protein than unstrained yogurt owing to the removal of a significant portion of the whey (mostly water).
Green and Bio Solvents search for term
Green and bio solvents are derived from agricultural sources, including corn, sugar cane, refined glycerin, soybean oil, lactic acid, bio-succinic acid, and other similar products. These solvents emit less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are environmentally friendly, and less toxic compared to petroleum-based conventional solvents. This is the primary reason for manufacturers to shift toward adopting green and bio solvents. Green and bio solvents are being consumed by a wide range of industries such as paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, printing inks, and cleaning products.
Green and Recycle Mobile Phone search for term
Recycling is the appropriate solution to reduce the mining of virgin materials. Recycling mobile phones is advantageous to the environment. Reusing or recycling saves energy, conserves natural resources, and ensures the materials are out of the waste stream. A mobile phone contains heavy metals and POP (persistent organic pollutants). Recycling is highly important today. Environmentalists around the world are encouraging people not to throw away their used and retired electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops and instead to try to recycle them. Mobile phones are improperly disposed of due to lack of awareness among consumers.
Green Building Materials search for term
Green building materials are manufactured using recycled construction waste. Since they are made from existing waste materials, they consume less energy when used in building construction, thus making them highly energy-efficient. Therefore, owing to such properties, many construction companies have started implementing green building materials in the construction process.
Green Cement search for term
Green cement is a material that shows better functional performance over traditional cement. It is viewed as a maintainable construction material as it requires less natural resources and releases less CO2. In addition, the use of green cement reduces water use by 19%-21%. The concept of green cement emerged with the discovery of geopolymer cement in the 1950s. Geopolymer cement is manufactured using aluminosilicates instead of the more environment damaging calcium oxide used in Portland cement. These silicates are also obtained from industrial waste materials such as fly ash, which makes it a viable green resource.
Green Packaging search for term
Green packaging is produced from sustainable, renewable, and recyclable raw materials. Green packaging technology uses materials such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass, which can be easily bent or molded as needed. One of the major advantages of green packaging is that it produces less toxic emissions. With increased environmental concerns worldwide and the need to reduce toxic emissions, green packaging is increasingly being adopted by the food and beverage (F&B), healthcare, and personal care industries. This has resulted in high demand for green packaging.
Greenhouse Horticulture search for term
Greenhouse horticulture is the production of horticulture crops within a structured shelter in order to provide customized growing conditions for the crops. The majority of greenhouse structures are made from plastic, followed by glass and other materials. Greenhouses facilitate the protection of crops from diseases, pests, and various negative weather conditions. Greenhouse horticulture production has many benefits over conventional crop production techniques, providing safer and healthier food. This is one of the major factors leading to an increase in demand for greenhouse horticulture.
Groceries Transportation search for term
Grocery transportation is the movement of various F&B commodities, raw materials, and other household supplies from one place to another. It helps the grocery industry maintain a continuous supply of durable and non-durable goods from different suppliers and distributors across various locations. Grocery companies use four modes to transport groceries, namely, roadways, railways, sea routes, and airways. Technological advances have resulted in innovations such as ICT, computerized vehicle routing, active traffic management, online freight exchange, GPS monitoring, and satellite trailing.
Ground-based Augmentation Systems search for term
The goal of a GBAS is to provide an alternative to the instrument landing system (ILS), which would support the full range of aircraft approach and landing operations. The GBAS consists of two integrated systems: four DGPSs and one LAAS.
Grow Lights search for term
Grow lights can be efficiently used to grow crops and vegetables even if they are out of season. However, these plants would require supplemental lighting for photosynthesis, which may not be available naturally in a particular location or season. Vertical farming uses grow lights as an artificial light source designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. An increase in the demand for food grains has increased the demand for vegetable factories, which use grow lights. Grow lights are mostly used in agricultural universities, biotech companies, and agricultural research centers. The plant growth chamber manufacturing companies give warranty for up to 10 years for the products. However, they can be used for up to 15-20 years.
Grow Tents search for term
Grow tents provide optimal lighting conditions, temperature, and humidity for quick and healthy plant growth. Growers can manipulate the growing environment and increase the production of crops. With the current low availability of arable land, the demand for indoor gardening tools like grow tents will increase. Suppliers of grow tents are highly dependent on component suppliers. Natural sunlight is a direct substitute for grow tents, but does not offer the added benefits of the product.


Hadoop search for term
Hadoop is a provisioning model offered to organizations that incorporates a hosted implementation of the Hadoop platform. Apache Hadoop is an open-source software platform that uses MapReduce technology in order to perform distributed computations on various hardware servers.
hair Care search for term
Hair care falls under the broad category of beauty and personal care products. Hair care contributes more than 15% of the global beauty and personal care market revenue. Irrespective of having various compositions, ingredients, and color availability, hair care can be categorized into five different variants based on its usage. These categories are shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair styling products and other hair care products. This other category includes serums, hair spray, hair growth products, and hair accessories. Hair color is generally used to cover gray hair. However, consumers are now using hair color to enrich their hair style and fashion.
Hair Color search for term
Hair color products, also known as hair colorants or hair dyes, fall under the broader category of hair care products. Hair color products contribute more than 20% to the revenue of the global hair care market. These products are available in various compositions, ingredients, and colors. They are of four types: permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, temporary hair color, and hair highlights and bleach.
Hair Shampoo search for term
Emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Russia, and China offer significant opportunities for hair shampoo product vendors. The disposable income of the working class in BRIC countries has increased significantly over the last decade. The female populations in these emerging economies are now spending much more on hair care products including shampoos, thus contributing to the growth of this market.
Haircare search for term
Hair care falls under the broad category of beauty and personal care products. In 2015, hair care contributed more than 15% of the revenue in the beauty and personal care market in the US. Irrespective of composition, ingredients, and color availability, hair care can be categorized into five variants based on usage: shampoo, hair color, conditioner, hair styling products, and other hair care products. The others category includes serums, hair spray, hair growth products, and hair accessories.
Halal Food search for term
Halal foods are prepared following a set of Islamic dietary standards that determine what is permissible, lawful, and clean and can be consumed by Muslims. As the number of Muslim consumers is increasing and awareness of their religious obligations is also increasing, this is creating higher demand for halal foods. Moreover, the global halal food market has drawn significant contributions from non-Muslim economies as halal food products are now internationally recognized and accepted as safe and hygienic food products by all communities.
Hand Blender search for term
Blenders, used for mixing and blending food ingredients, are of two types: hand blenders and standard or countertop blenders. Hand blenders, which are also referred to as stick or immersion blenders, are extremely versatile. Hand blenders have an immersion design, which enables on-the-spot blending of foods in a bowl or a pot on the stove. This eliminates the tedious task of transferring contents to a bowl just to blend it. They can also blend smaller amounts of food than a regular-sized countertop blender, making them very handy kitchen tools.
Handicap Assistance Robots search for term
The global handicap assistance robots market is mainly governed by technology developers. These stakeholders form a major part of the value chain mainly due to their increased involvement in innovating and developing custom specific applications. The development of handicap assistance robots starts with the prototype designing of components and establishing a complete technology for the system. Traditionally, conventional type of handicap assistance robots played a vital role in the rehabilitation of people with disability. Robotic parts in the global handicap assistance robot market refer to robotic arms, legs, fingers, or any other body parts, which are equipped with sensors. Advances in gripper and sensor technologies have made it possible for humans to use robotic arms or legs as substitutes, which are intelligent and safe to use. The handicap assistance robots are used to improve the day-to-day life activities of patients suffering from severe or degenerative disabilities. Thus, they are used by patients for a longer period or permanently.
Handicrafts search for term
Each country's handicrafts are the result of unique cultural and historical conditions. The history of handicrafts spans 5,000 years; today it is a major form of employment as well as a source of foreign exchange revenue in developing countries such as China and India. Internet retailing has emerged as an important distribution channel for selling handicraft items. Home textiles, houseware, bamboo goods, furniture, glassware, fashion jewelry, lamps, and lighting are the key product categories sold online. The increasing penetration of the Internet and growing access to smartphones and consumer banking systems have led to the rise in demand for handicrafts through the e-commerce medium.
Handling and Lifting Equipment search for term
Handling equipment is used in the transportation and storage of materials and assemblies. Material handling activities start from the unloading of goods to the transfer of these goods into storage, assembly, packaging, and finally loading for transportation. Handling equipment must be designed based on the various stages of production. Lifting activities consider factors such as lift radius, machine capacity at a given range, wind speed, and ground conditions. Lifting equipment has developed in terms of carrying capacity. Advanced equipment can perform complicated tasks with relative ease of movement, especially when compared to the traditional handling and lifting equipment. The handling and storing of materials involve various processes like hoisting a large number of steel with a crane, transporting a truck loaded with concrete blocks, and piling stacked bricks and other materials such as drums, barrels, and lumber.
Haptic technology for Mobile Devices search for term
Haptics is a tactile feedback technology through which end-users are able to perceive touch sensations when using electronic devices. Immersion currently monopolizes the global market for haptic technology in mobile devices and generates revenue by licensing their patented solutions to mobile device OEMs.
Haptics Technology search for term
Haptic technology involves the generation of touch sensation while interacting with computer applications through a tactile feedback technology. Touch sensations can be in the form of applied forces, motions, or vibrations, and can be felt by users through devices. For example, vibrations felt in a video gaming console joystick are a haptic sensation. This stimulation enhances user experience and can also be used to create and control virtual objects.
Haptics Technology search for term
Haptic technology deals with touch sensation while interacting with touchscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and infotainment systems through a tactile feedback technology. Touch sensations can be in the form of applied forces, motions, or vibrations and can be felt by users through devices. This stimulation enhances the user experience and can be used to create and control virtual objects. Haptic devices are deployed with tactile sensors that measure the force exerted by a user on the interface. Actuators or motors produce the haptic sensation, which is managed by software incorporated into the device interface through an application programming interface. Haptic technology has huge potential in the smartphone sector mainly because of the rise in smartphones equipped with large touch screen interfaces.
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Haying and forage machinery are equipment used for the production of plant-based feed for animals. With increasing mechanization of farming worldwide, the agriculture industry is relying on equipment to enhance forage quality, output, cost-effectiveness, and processes such as the rate of drying. The market encompasses a variety of machines such as mowers, balers, forage harvesters, rakes, and tedders. The global haying and foraging market is growing in congruence with the global livestock industry as hay is an important component of feed for livestock.
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Head and neck cancers, also known as squamous cell carcinoma, originate in the squamous cells that line the moist mucosal surfaces of the mouth, throat, and nose. Head and neck cancers affect the oral cavity, nasal cavity, larynx, salivary glands, pharynx, paranasal sinuses, brain, thyroid, esophagus, and eyes. Diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, biopsy, and dental diagnostic methods are used to diagnose these cancers.
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An HUD is a display indicator that displays the key flight information onto a transparent screen positioned in front of a pilot's line of sight. HUD finds its applications in the automotive and aviation sectors. It helps increase the situational awareness and enhances safety margins in these sectors. The following are the primary components of an HUD: combiner, projector unit, display panel, and video generator.
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An HUD is a display indicator that displays the key flight information onto a transparent screen positioned in front of a pilot's line of sight. HUD finds its applications in the automotive and aviation sectors. It helps increase the situational awareness and enhances safety margins in these sectors. The following are the primary components of an HUD: combiner, projector unit, display panel, and video generator.
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Health and wellness food products can be defined as foods and beverages that are specially formulated and distinctively marketed to provide food with health or functional benefit to the consumers. The health and wellness food category is different from the standard food products but related to a number of other product categories that include functional foods, nutraceuticals, and condition-specific nutritional supplements, as well as the FDA-defined categories of foods for special dietary use and medical foods.
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According to the FDA, "a health supplement is a product intended for ingestion that contains a 'dietary ingredient' intended to add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet. Health supplements may be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, gelcaps, liquids, softgels, or powders. Some dietary supplements ensure an adequate dietary intake of essential nutrients while others help reduce the risk of diseases.
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Healthcare information software is a system that is designed for capturing, storing, managing, and transmitting information related to the healthcare system. The software collects the data from the healthcare departments and other relevant sectors, analyzes the data, and improves quality. The solution converts the data into actionable advice related to the healthcare decision-making process, which in turn helps in improving efficiency for the end-users. The aging population is driving the demand for healthcare information systems.
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Healthcare information systems capture, store, manage, and provide access to information which is directly or indirectly related to medical services, through software- and web-based solutions. It is an integrated effort to connect standalone units of hospitals and clinics to provide enhanced patient care services and minimize expenditure.
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IT outsourcing in healthcare is still in its nascent stage compared to other industries that have traditionally chosen to outsource their processes. The global healthcare industry is highly fragmented with enormous pressure to reduce the cost of healthcare services. Hospitals are increasingly looking to outsource core IT functions to service providers and experts in the business of IT application and infrastructure maintenance. Outsourcing is likely to witness widespread adoption in the healthcare market as it is immensely beneficial to hospital managements. Its growing prevalence is expected to help executives focus on patient care systems and cut down on the many costs involved in having an in-house IT department.
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Healthcare enterprises worldwide have become increasingly dependent on technology-based solutions and services to run their businesses and drive revenue growth. IT systems improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services delivered and reduce errors in the industry. The application of IT in healthcare is essential to develop and maintain a secure environment for patient data storage and to ensure a uniform flow of information. These services help reinvent organizations by facilitating the development of more cost-effective structures and boosting the centralization of various information-driven processes. Both private sector and public sector healthcare organizations are engaging in projects that depend heavily on IT.
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The healthcare industry is undergoing a transition and witnessing increasing competition among healthcare service providers. Currently, healthcare providers in the industry are more focused on providing quality care at a lower price to their patients. The increasing cost of providing healthcare is a major concern in this industry there is growing awareness of the need to find ways to reduce expenditure. In order to achieve cost savings, industry players have introduced significant innovations in non-clinical solutions such as simplified administrative processes. The administrative components range from front-end to back-end services. The process starts from gathering information from patients and compiling documentation or records to submitting, analyzing, and eventually paying medical bills. This whole spectrum of administrative services is considered as healthcare RCM.
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Healthcare service providers had deployed automated systems to address the RCM processes and to fill the payment gap, resulting from the complex processes of medical billing and collections. IT applications such as hospital information system and EHR have outdated technology platforms that lack the advanced functionalities needed to address RCM issues. The inefficient manner of medical billing and collections resulted in revenue loss for many healthcare organizations. Given the issues pertaining to revenue cycle processes and workflows, hospitals and health systems considered outsourcing their RCM services. This outsourcing of RCM services can ensure maximum collections in the face of growing challenges and reduce the potential revenue leakage for different RCM processes. Healthcare RCM solutions provide web-based analysis and reporting capabilities and help healthcare organizations manage and monitor payer contracts in a better manner. Healthcare RCM solutions help optimize the revenue flow and streamline the billing and collection processes with direct entry of Medicare claims, electronic claim processing, remittance posting, automatic secondary billing, document image retrieval, contract and denial management, and financial analysis.
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Healthcare robots are robots that are used in a wide range of applications in the healthcare sector like drug manufacturing, moving inventory in medical supply facilities, and dispensing drugs to patients. Healthcare robots are also used in monitoring patients' vitals and in carrying out surgeries. Healthcare robots used in patient care are made sustainable as well as affordable. Healthcare uses robotic systems in rehabilitation and surgery. Robots are used in healthcare in functions such as food service, medication distribution, infection control, and diagnosing patients. They can reduce labor costs, add operational efficiencies, increase precision, offer better clinical outcomes, and replace human assistance in critical conditions.
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Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the fundamental aspects of the healthcare industry that requires strategic material management and distribution systems to cut costs and boost efficiency to attain quality patient care. Supply chain systems in the healthcare industry ensure the delivery of medical supplies of drugs, surgical kits, and medical devices at an accurate location on time. The distribution of medical products in the well-run value chain system results in high-quality patient care. Rising healthcare costs have encouraged healthcare providers and manufacturers to make medical services affordable to everyone. But the costs inherent in healthcare supply-chains are rising due to disconnected manual processes, counterfeiting of drugs, lack of visibility in the supply chain, and hidden costs. The process of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and the entire supply chain system in the healthcare industry is becoming more complex. Such complexities are exacerbated by differences in culture, language, and organizational structure. Regulatory compliance is one of the major concerns in the SCM systems of domestic and international healthcare businesses. Adherence to compliance and healthcare law
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Hearing aids are devices that amplify sound. Hearing aids cannot restore the normal functioning of the ear, only improve the perception of sound in people with hearing impairment. Untreated hearing loss causes embarrassment, social stress, tension, and fatigue. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, hearing loss is associated with conditions such as dementia. The majority of the people with hearing impairment can be treated with hearing aids.
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An HRSG captures the exhaust heat and uses it to form steam, which is then supplied to a steam turbine to generate additional electricity. HRSG is a heat exchanger where the heat from the exhaust gas of a gas turbine or a combustion engine is passed through a series of heat exchanger tubes to create steam for the steam turbine. HRSG can be operated at multiple pressure levels. The additional pressure level increases the amount of heat recovered from the exhaust gas and improves the net efficiency.
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HDMO includes motor oils for diesel engines including highway vehicles, mining, and agricultural equipment. The main function of HDMO is to reduce friction and wear and tear of the moving engine's crankshaft, connecting rods, bearings, pistons. It also serves as an effective coolant. It helps in inhibiting formation of deposits and in the prevention of rust and corrosion.
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Garden tools like hedge trimmers and power lawn mowers are used to maintain a healthy lawn and garden. Proper mowing, cutting, irrigating, and fertilizing result in a healthy, dense, and high-quality lawn. Battery-powered hedge trimmers and lightweight gardening equipment have contributed to people becoming more interested in gardening. The simplest kind of hedge trimmer is the manual hedge trimmer, which is designed as a large scissor. This hedge trimmer does not require a motor to operate and is eco-friendly. Hedge trimmers with a 2-stroke are compact or lighter in weight. These are preferred because of ease of operation and because they are cheaper than a 4-stroke. However, a 4-stroke still has some advantages. Gardeners using a 4-stroke engine hedge trimmer do not have to go through the time-consuming process of mixing fuel and oil since the engine has separate oil and fuel chambers, unlike in the 2-stroke hedge trimmer.
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Helicopter FCS is an integral part of a helicopter, and it is used to operate, control, and monitor the flight without the continuous supervision of the pilot. They can be mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems that automate a wide variety of in-flight tasks. They also reduce the aircraft weight and information-management workload, save power, allow easier interaction with air traffic control systems to avoid accidents, reduce overall operating costs, and speed up the training of novice pilots. They play a critical role in enhancing the situational awareness and safety of both the pilot and the aircraft.
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Helium is the most widely produced and traded noble gas on account of its diverse end-uses and ease of production in comparison to other noble gases. The majority of helium is sourced through the natural gas extraction route, while almost all the other noble gases are produced through atmospheric air separation involving cryogenic distillation. Helium is second most abundant element in the universe, constituting an elemental mass share of 25%. The gas is found to be the least water soluble and most inert after neon.
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Hematology analyzers are diagnostic analyzers that are employed for counting blood cells in a blood sample. They are typically integrated systems that incorporate automation for the processing analysis and presentation of results. Flow cytometers, coagulation analyzers, and slide strainers are some of the types of analyzers. Blood samples can be processed as a single entity, continuously, or in batches in a hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents are used in conjunction with the analyzers. Hematology instruments are indispensable diagnostic tools and will continue to hold a strong position in the global healthcare industry.
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The Hemodialysis Market is immensely fragmented observing an intense competition among international and local vendors. Vendors adopt innovative strategies and various technological advancements to boost the market growth. Increased emphasis to develop hemodialysis equipment that offers maximum comfort to the patient. The focus is on increasing the number of dialysis centers, advanced treatment modes and incorporating novel technologies in hemodialysis services that can improve the patient's quality of life.
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Hemophilia A, which is due to the deficiency of clotting Factor VIII, is more prevalent than hemophilia B and von Willebrand disease. It is also known as classical hemophilia or factor VIII deficiency hemophilia. People with hemophilia A suffer from excessive loss of blood during any injury or trauma, which leads to fatigue or can also be fatal. Individuals with hemophilia A are administered with recombinant clotting factors or plasma-derived clotting factors, which can help curb the excessive bleeding. The administration is either prophylactic or therapeutic.
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Hemophilia B, also known as Factor IX hemophilia or Christmas disease, is an X-linked recessive disorder caused by the deficiency of the blood coagulation Factor IX. Though it is an inherited disorder, about one-third of cases occur due to spontaneous gene mutation. Factor replacement therapy is a popular treatment option for hemophilia B. It is of three types: prophylactic or preventive, on-demand, and inhibitor-based therapies. Gene therapy could be a potential treatment for hemophilia B in the future.
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Heparin is an anticoagulant or blood thinner produced by basophils and mast cells. Though it has no effect on already formed clots, it enables the body's natural clot lysis mechanisms to function and dissolve clots. A porcine intestine or bovine lungs extract of heparin is used pharmaceutically in conditions such as DVT, pulmonary embolism, acute coronary syndrome, and atrial fibrillation to prevent clots. It is also used during surgeries to prevent clot formation.
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Hepatitis is a medical condition where the liver is predominantly affected. It can also affect the digestive system and brain. The most common hepatitis is viral hepatitis, which can be caused by one of five hepatotropic viruses: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E. Non-viral hepatitis can be caused by autoimmune diseases, alcohol, prescription medications, and toxic substances.
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HER2-negative breast cancer is a subtype of breast cancer and is characterized by the lack of HER2 expression in the tumor. The HER2-negative breast cancer can also be hormone receptor positive (HR+), i.e., it has detectable hormone receptors. The HER2 protein is found on the outer surface of the breast cells while HRs are found inside the breast cells. The preferred treatment for this type of cancer includes chemotherapy or targeted therapy. It can also be treated with platinum-based drugs, and other drugs such as capecitabine, eribulin, gemcitabine, ixabepilone, and vinorelbine. These drugs attack the healthy as well as malignant cells, resulting in severe adverse effects on the patient's health.
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A power cable is an insulated strand of wires used to transmit electricity at variable voltage levels. It is mainly used in overhead lines, buildings, and underground wiring applications to transmit electricity. It is available in different sizes and shapes according to the requirements of industries such as telecommunication, electrical equipment, construction, and motor vehicle industries. This cable can be classified into four broad categories depending on their operating voltage applications: low-voltage, medium-voltage, high-voltage, and extra high-voltage.
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A switchgear is defined as a combination of electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, protective relays, and other components such as disconnectors, busbars, enclosures, and fuses. The use of switchgear enables the continuous transfer of electric current and protection against current overload, short circuit, and insulation failure. It is designed to protect, control, and isolate electrical transmission and distribution networks, substations, and other electrical equipment. A high-voltage switchgear, used in power utilities, is installed in high-voltage substations. This switchgear is classified as air-insulated switchgear and gas-insulated switchgear.
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High-barrier pouches are made up of high-performance films and barrier resins, which have unique properties such as high or low heat conductivity, barrier properties, special surface properties, high purity, and mechanical properties. These high performance films are thin films made from various polymers such as polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate, ethylene vinyl alcohol, and polyester. High-barrier pouches ensures safety of contents inside it, and are primarily used for non-retort food products.
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HIPPS are a series of components, specifically engineered to isolate the source of hazardous high pressure instead of relieving excess flow in case of an over-pressure event. These are independent and reliable safety systems designed with high integrity as per ANSI/ISA and IEC standards to equal or exceed the safety performance of conventional safety valves. HIPPS mainly include two or three final elements in series and are required to shut down within 6-8 seconds for liquids and 2-3 seconds for gas, which depends on the pressure of pipeline, flow rate, and class and diameter of the pipeline.
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A capacitor (also known as a condenser) is an impassive dual-terminal electrical component used to store energy electrostatically in an electronic field. The arrangements of capacitors differ widely, but each one of them contain at the least two electrical conductors detached by a dielectric, which is also known as the insulator. The conductors can comprise of foils, thin films, or sintered beads or electrolytes that are conductive.
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Higher education institutes have been continuously developing and improving the education system with the help of devices such as interactive displays, tablets, adaptive devices, and various other learning software. The growing employment opportunities for graduates are encouraging governments across the world to digitize the education systems. Through the digitization of learning and teaching methods it is easy for teachers to impart knowledge to students anytime and anywhere, which has been proven to improve students' efficiency and prepare them to face the job market. Digitization of the education system has led to the development of speech and recognition technologies, digital student performance assessments with regards to students' strengths and weaknesses, and other areas complemented by related interactive software. This has significantly enhanced the learning and teaching experience.
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Learning analytics software uses tools and applications for collecting, managing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data. The tools and applications improve learning and content development processes, achieve strategic goals, and enable better decision-making. The most widely used learning analytics tools are content analytics, adaptive learning analytics, functional support analytics, social media analytics, and predictive analytics. Learning analytics provide educators with an opportunity to explore various improvement methods and information-backed decisions to ensure sufficient return on investment in various aspects of institution. Learning analytical tools help institutions analyze the raw student and staff data and convert them into useful information. The statistics are used by the institutions to attain appropriate guidance and logically support their competitive strategies. Learning analytics are being adopted to analyze trends and create new opportunities in all phases of the education system, ranging from school administration to content delivery.
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M-learning provides education-related content on smartphones and tablets. Education-related content refers to all the digital learning content available on personal devices. M-learning service providers deliver learning solutions through latest tools and technology, which impart users with rich media and graphics-based learning. This method of learning is cost-effective and helps to enhance employees' efficiency and productivity. This factor has replaced the traditional form of education in many educational institutions to increase their geographical presence. Also, it incorporates rich media experience by supporting different types of formats such as video, audio, and simulation.
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HIV is a type of retrovirus that can cause serious or fatal infections in human beings. The virus can spread among individuals through infected semen, vaginal fluid, and pre-ejaculate during unprotected coitus or through contaminated needles and transfusion of infected blood and blood products. The virus can spread from mother to child during pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding. HIV inhibits the functioning of CD4 cells or T cells of the human body, compromising the immune system. The virus can stay dormant in the body for a long period. AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection characterized by the body's inability to ward off infections. HIV has no known cure. The antiretroviral drugs used to treat HIV help the immune system to keep the levels of the virus to a minimum and prevent infections, prolonging the life expectancy of individuals.
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Home audio equipment refers to electronic audio devices such as home theaters, soundbars, Blu-ray and DVD players, Hi-Fi systems, and speakers that are used at home for entertainment purposes. These audio devices have advanced technological features and are intended to enhance the audio experience of the users. Home audio devices are equipped to support televisions, projectors, and music systems. With advances in technology, home audio equipment has travelled a long way from cassettes and VCRs to the USB and Bluetooth enabled home theaters and soundbars.
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Home automation involves the deployment of automation technologies, which include HVAC, appliance automation, centralized controls of lighting, security mechanisms, access control for gates and doors, and devices and mechanisms, in a residential facility to enhance comfort, optimize operational costs, and prevent energy wastage. Home automation can be managed with user-friendly and convenient interfaces, such as tablets and smartphones. The technology has gained recognition and acceptance worldwide. Convenient interfaces allow the control of household activities with a single button, even from remote locations. Home automation technologies reduce energy consumption, protect valuable assets, and offer assistance to the end-user.
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Home furnishings comprise furniture, household textiles, and floor coverings. Furniture is a term that refers to any kind of movable object built to support most human activities such as sleeping, eating, and sitting. It can also be used for decorative or symbolic purposes. Furniture is made from materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. Household textiles are woven cloth that is used in the home for various purposes such as carpeting, table covering, window shading, and bedding, as well as for decoration, while floor coverings are materials that are used to cover the floor.
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Home furniture includes chairs, tables, and sofas, as well as furniture for storage purposes and that offers a convenient design aesthetic. These products range from small storage boxes and tables to beds and sofas. The number of products under this segment is on the rise, with new products being introduced every year. Retail stores are brick-and-mortar outlets that sell home furniture. They include department stores, furniture retailers, lifestyle stores, and speciality furnishing stores.
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Home healthcare refers to a wide range of medical products (include heart rate monitors, blood glucose level indicators, and nebulizers), services, and solutions that provide health monitoring, treatment, and physical support to patients or customers at home. People do not need to visit a hospital or any other healthcare facility to benefit from these offerings; they can be accessed in the comfort of homes. The home healthcare market offers complete solutions that include the product as well as software and support from consultants and physicians.
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A home theater system consumes a fair amount of space, resulting in consumers adopting compact speakers such as Hi-Fi systems and soundbars. . Home theater systems provide better sound quality compared with other audio units. However, home theater systems expensive, deeming them unattractive to price-sensitive customers. The latest home theater systems can connect to portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
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Baby movement monitors are gaining traction across the world due to the introduction of new smart formats with additional functionalities. New parents adopt baby movement monitors to ensure the safety of their child. Tech-savvy consumers, especially parents who use baby care apps, are also the key end-users of baby movement monitors. These devices transmit details about the baby's activity levels, health, and environmental parameters. Several products in the market offer holistic solutions including audio and video monitoring, in addition to baby movement monitoring. A baby monitor is a device that transmits sounds, videos, and other details about the activities of a baby to a receiver at the parents' end. Baby monitors form an integral part of baby care products.
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Hormone replacement therapy is mainly used to alleviate the conditions associated with menopause and growth hormone deficiency. It entails the replacement of the hormones in the body whose levels have become low, in the case of women nearing menopause or patients with growth hormone deficiency exhibited by conditions such as dwarfism. Hormone replacement therapy is known to have side effects such as fluid retention, bloating, breast tenderness or swelling, headaches, indigestion, and depression.
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Hosiery is also referred to as legwear as it is a garment directly worn on the feet and legs. This term is also used for the type of its knitted fabric, its thickness, and weight. The major segments of hosiery included in this report are socks, tights, pantyhose, and nylons. Consumers look for quality, durability, fit, style, and glamour when purchasing hosiery products.
Hosiery search for term
Hosiery also referred as legwear including the garments directly worn on feet and legs. The term is also used for the types of knitted fabric, its thickness, and weight. The segments of hosiery included in this report are socks, tights, and pantyhose and nylons. Consumers look for the quality, durability, fit, style, and glamor for the purchase of hosiery products.
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Hospital-acquired infections are also known as nosocomial infections. Patients may contract these infections while they are in hospitals or healthcare facilities. Urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea, and pneumonia are the most commonly observed hospital-acquired infections. Anti-infective drugs are used to treat these infections. However, the spread of such infections can be minimized through proper infection control measures in hospitals and healthcare institutions.
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Hot dogs, which are also called frankfurters, originated in the 15th century in various parts of Germany. The concept was commercialized in 1871. Then, in 1893, hot dogs were served for the first time at a baseball park in the US, after which their popularity grew till they became the most popular snack of all time. Sausages, on the other hand, are more than a 1,000 years old. The term is derived from a Latin word "salsus" which means salted. In olden days there was no method to refrigerate meat, so salting meat was the most viable option for preserving it. However, the term for sausage first came to light around 500 B.C. when it was used in a Greek play named "The Orya". Nowadays, the taste and flavor of sausages differs from country to country.
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Hot drinks such as coffee and tea are the most diverse retail categories with products sold in numerous outlets. While most consumable products have a dominant retail outlet, coffee, and tea products can be sold anywhere. Coffee, tea, and other hot drinks registered an increase in the share of K-cup pods sold, as consumers continued to opt for them. Even companies not associated with coffee, like Krispy Kreme, now have coffee offerings of their own.
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Household cleaning products fall into the broad category of home care products. Household cleaning products are also known as household cleansers. Irrespective of having various compositions and ingredients, household cleansers can be categorized into four different variants based on their usage. These categories are: surface cleaners, dishwashing products, toilet cleaners, and other cleaning agents. As the name suggests, household cleansers are generally used to maintain family hygiene and aid in cleaning and washing the household and in removing germs and odors.
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Housing mortgage is a highly competitive market and with the improving global scenario, all players want to take the opportunity to capture market share by innovating products and improving lending practices. This creates a highly competitive environment. Changes in the housing mortgage landscape will have substantial implications for the investment community. Technology innovations that ensure alpha in housing mortgage sector will be crucial in driving housing prices. Alpha in the housing mortgage sector will help in measuring the risk adjusted measure of the excess return on an investment. With the help of alpha the housing mortgage sector can set up a benchmark index on the fluctuating housing prices so that customers can make risk-free investments.
Human Machine Interface search for term
HMI is a tool that helps machines and humans communicate. HMI systems are widely adopted for plant automation; they help operators interact with automation systems and understand the plant floor automation process. This system helps feed inputs, and monitors, controls, and checks the parameters connected to the control system. It enhances operational efficiency, and reduces cost associated with industries.
Human Resource Outsourcing search for term
HRO refers to the practice of contracting enterprise functions to an external service provider to handle some or all of HR duties and tasks such as recruitment, payroll, training and development, employee policies, compensation and benefits administration, compliance management, pension and health benefits administration. Organizations outsource one or entire HR-related services to reduce costs and improve business productivity.
Human Vaccine search for term
Human vaccines are of two types: preventable human vaccines and therapeutic human vaccines. Preventable human vaccines are used both for adults and children. Pediatric human vaccines are used to immunize children against various infectious diseases such as diphtheria, influenza, hepatitis, pneumococcal diseases, and meningococcal diseases. Therapeutic vaccine is a biological entity developed for inducing attack against a diseased cell or tissue. There are two approved therapeutic vaccines namely Provenge and Oncophage.
HVAC search for term
HVAC systems ensure high air quality in residential and commercial establishments through ventilation and filtration, thereby ensuring thermal balance. These systems use heat exchangers, pumps, and fans to control and regulate humidity and temperature levels. Parameters such as heating and cooling, along with the air quality of the outdoor or indoor environment in question, determine the type of HVAC system required.
HVAC Refrigerant search for term
HVAC equipment encompasses all equipment used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning purposes. A refrigerant is a substance or a mixture, usually a fluid, which is used as a medium to carry heat in HVAC equipment. Refrigerants undergo a transition phase from liquid to gas and back again. The various substances used as refrigerants have evolved over a period, and they are classified into different categories based primarily on their composition.
HVAC Rental Equipment search for term
HVAC equipment guarantees high air quality in residential and commercial establishments by ventilation and filtration, ensuring thermal balance. These systems use heat exchangers, pumps, and fans to control and regulate humidity and temperature levels. HVAC equipment is widely used in the telecommunication sector and data centers where there is a constant need for air conditioners and coolers, especially in server rooms. The equipment is also needed to maintain a proper environment inside these facilities. For reasons of maintenance and repair work, commercial units such as hospitals, hotels and resorts, SEZs, malls, and recreational buildings also make use of HVAC rental equipment services. Basic rental products come with ancillary supplies, including cables and related fittings that help in cost-effective and timely installation. The HVAC rental equipment market has a huge demand for its services from indoor skating rinks and arenas, car racing events, circuses, and national and international games events, such as the Commonwealth Games or the Olympic games.
HVAC Systems search for term
HVAC systems maintain air quality in residential and commercial establishments by adequately ventilating and filtering it, thus ensuring thermal balance. These systems use heat exchangers, pumps, and fans to control and regulate humidity and temperature. Parameters such as heating and cooling needs, along with air quality of the outdoor and indoor environment, determine the type of HVAC system required for a building.
HVAC Valves search for term
Valves are devices that regulate, direct, or control the flow of fluids (gases, liquids) by opening, closing, or partially opening various pathways. The three most commonly used types of valves in HVAC systems are ball valve, globe valve and butterfly valve. Valves play a significant role in fluid distribution in HVAC system. They are mostly placed at the outlet on the top of the cooling/heating coils. They also act as a shut-off mechanism to enable servicing of the HVAC equipment. The demand for valves used in HVAC applications essentially stems from high-rise buildings, which incorporate sophisticated automation systems, and use modern sensors and software systems and services in their construction to ensure overall energy management of buildings.
Hybrid Cloud search for term
Hybrid cloud is a combination of on-premises, public, and private cloud computing, where applications can switch between private and public cloud depending on the workload. Enterprises are increasingly using the hybrid cloud model, as critical applications can be hosted more securely on private clouds compared to public cloud. Hybrid cloud computing helps enterprises achieve maximum usability while minimizing the shortcomings, without the need for constant internet connectivity.
Hybrid Commercial Vehicle search for term
A hybrid commercial vehicle combines two energy sources: mechanical (ICE) and electrical. The engine in a hybrid vehicle is smaller than that in a traditional vehicle. The combination of the two power sources helps the vehicle achieve better fuel economy and on-road performance. Hybrid commercial vehicles use efficient technologies (such as regenerative braking) to charge the battery by converting kinetic energy into electric energy. Hybrid commercial vehicles are engineered with start-stop systems that shut down the ICE when idle, and restart it when needed, thereby reducing idle emissions. In hybrid electric vehicles, the batteries are charged inside the vehicle with the help of the electric motor that acts as a generator. Regenerative braking occurs when the vehicle is idling or slowing down. The energy stored from both direct drive and recaptured energy propels the vehicle.
Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) search for term
HEVs combine two energy sources: mechanical (ICE) and electrical. The size of a gasoline engine in HEVs is smaller than that in traditional vehicles. The combination of the two power sources helps achieve better fuel economy and performance. HEVs use efficient technologies such as regenerative braking that charges the battery by converting kinetic energy into electric energy. Many HEVs have start-stop systems that shut down the ICE when idle and restart it when needed, thereby reducing idle emissions.
Hybrid PC search for term
A hybrid PC is a 2-in-1 device that functions as a tablet as well as a laptop. This refers to primary means of input; in tablets this is done through the touch screen and virtual keyboard while in laptops it is done through the keyboard. Hybrid PCs have a detachable screen that turns the laptop into a tablet. In addition, hybrid PCs, or laptops, come with superior quality hinges; this allows a laptop to convert into various display modes such as tent or can be used as a standalone display.
Hydraulic Equipment search for term
Hydraulic equipment use pressurized fluid to perform various machinery operations. Different types of fluids, including synthetic fire-resistant, phosphate ester fire-resistant, and petroleum-based fluids are used in hydraulic equipment. An engine is used to drive the pump to pressurize the hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic equipment steps up the operational efficiency of machines. It comprises pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders. It is used in various industries such as the automotive, construction, agriculture, plastic, metallurgy, and oil and petrochemical. Hydraulic equipment is mainly used for two major applications, mobile and industrial. Mobile applications include off-road vehicles and equipment such as tower cranes and forklift trucks. Industrial applications include hydraulic equipment used by various industries such as the automotive, construction, oil and petrochemical, and agriculture.
Hydrualic Actuators search for term
Hydraulic actuators convert hydraulic energy into mechanical force or motion. These actuators are characterized by high load operating capability and suitability for application in hazardous environment. They impart large forces at high speeds, and are used in many industrial motion systems, including machine tools, rolling mills, materials test machines, aviation, active suspension systems, road and building machines, transport, mining machinery, and agricultural machines. Based on the movement of the valve arm, hydraulic actuators are either rotary or linear actuating valves. Rotary hydraulic actuators facilitate the actuation of butterfly valves, globe valves, and ball valves. Linear actuators enable the operation of gate valves. Hydraulic actuators are extensively used in heavy-duty machinery in the oil and gas, construction and earthmoving, and aerospace industries due to their higher power to weight ratio.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Devices search for term
The hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive technique that is used to increase the rate of healing of damaged tissues. This technique involves the delivery of pure oxygen to the bloodstream under high-pressure conditions.
Hypertension Drugs search for term
Hypertension, or high blood pressure (BP), develops when there is too much pressure against the inner walls of blood vessels. Depending on the pressure exerted, hypertension can be classified as PAH and Systemic hypertension (commonly referred to as hypertension). PAH, high BP in the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the lungs, occurs when blood vessels narrow, making blood flow difficult. This creates pressure on the heart's right ventricle, which increases in size and becomes weaker due to the excess load, leading to heart failure. The normal pulmonary arterial pressure at rest is 14 mmHg and increases from 25 mmHg to 30 mmHg. Systemic hypertension occurs when blood vessels that supply oxygenated blood to the body become narrower, creating pressure on the right side of the heart. Hypertension can lead to damaged organs and illnesses such as renal failure (kidney failure), aneurysm, heart failure, stroke, or heart attack. The prevalence of hypertension is high among the older population with close to 70% of the patients with high BP above the age of 60. Enhanced patient awareness results in an early diagnosis of the disease followed by treatment. For instance, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of National Institutes of Health launched the High Blood Pressure Education program which is a cooperative effort among professionals, voluntary health agencies, and state health departments with a goal to cut down death and disability related to hypertension through several professional programs, patient interaction, and public education.


IC search for term
Integrated chip (IC), also known as a microchip, is consists of interconnected electronic components such as capacitors, transistors, amplifiers, oscillators, computer memory, and timer. The IC market is dominated by the telecom and communications segment because of the increase in demand for smartphones.
Ice Cream search for term
Ice cream is a popular frozen dessert. It is made from milk and cream and is combined with fruits and other flavors. Non-dairy ice cream varieties made from soymilk and almond milk are also available. Ice cream was introduced in America in the 1700s, and the first ice cream parlor opened in the US in 1776. Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream around the world.
Ice Flaker search for term
An ice flaker is a continuous-type ice maker that freezes and dispenses irregular bits of ice simultaneously. Flake ice can be either scale or granular. Most flake machines use a stationary evaporator. Flake ice is constantly scraped from the evaporator walls of the ice making machine by a slowly rotating auger. As it is highly moldable and has a large surface area with no hard edges, it is used for a variety of cooling purposes across healthcare, industrial, and commercial applications. Ice flakers are ideal for displaying food; preserving blood, organs, and drugs; holding test tubes and samples; filling ice bags and ice baths; and other such applications. Over the years, the reliability and durability of ice flakers have increased along with advances in design, technology, and manufacturing.
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis search for term
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis belongs to a group of lung diseases known as interstitial lung diseases. It affects people in the age group 50-70 years. Diagnosis is effected by the exclusion of other interstitial lung diseases. High-resolution computed tomography (CT) is often employed to confirm the presence of the disease. There is no permanent cure for this disease; therefore, treatment involves relieving underlying symptoms. Nintedanib and pirfenidone are the two approved drugs for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs are also used for the treatment.
Immunodiagnostics search for term
Immunodiagnostics is a class of in vitro diagnostics that utilizes antigen-antibody reaction as its primary means of detecting infectious diseases, tumors, diabetes, proteins, therapeutic drugs, and allergens. Immunodiagnostics tests are analytical methods that require different immunodiagnostics instruments and antibodies as reagents against the desired antigens to be detected. The test results are used to diagnosis diseases, and they have widespread clinical applications. Immunodiagnostics tests are also helpful in the field of forensic science, environmental science, and food analysis.
Immunoglobulin Products search for term
Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, are proteins that help neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. They help recognize and bind to particular antigens. Based on the difference in the amino acid sequence in the fragment crystallizable (Fc) region of the antibody heavy chain, they can be categorized into the following isotypes: IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, and IgM. In 1952, immunoglobulin products were used for the first time to treat immune deficiency. They can be administered by either the intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous (SC) route. Immunoglobulin products given intravenously usually contain IgG. Immunoglobulin products are used to treat primary antibody deficiency, complex immune deficiency disorders, and life threatening infections. Immunoglobulin therapeutic products help prevent infections, improving the quality of life and increasing life expectancy.
Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing search for term
Immunoprotein diagnostic testing is a type of in vitro procedure that implements antigen-antibody reactions for the detection of infectious diseases, proteins, and allergens. These analytical methods have widespread applications and involve the usage of various immunoproteins such as immunoglobulins, C-reactive protein, and complement system protein as reagents against the desired antigens and diagnostic instruments to obtain results that help in diagnosis.
Immunotherapy Drugs search for term
Immunotherapy enhances the innate powers of the immune system. The properties of the immune system to fight abnormal cells give immunotherapy drugs the chance of successfully fighting diseases such as cancer, respiratory, infectious, and autoimmune disorders. The rising prevalence of cancer and autoimmune diseases has led to innovations and technological advancements, which have helped develop immunotherapy drugs that are more effective than available drugs. The manufacturers of immunotherapy drugs are moderately dependent on suppliers as they carry out most of the R&D themselves.
In Flight Entertainment search for term
Globally, airlines are seeking to retrofit their aircraft with the latest technological upgrades for cost-effective operational efficiency and increased life span. Different upgrading, retrofitting, and modernizing functions are performed on avionics, IFEs, and aircraft cabin interiors (food storage equipment, seats, galley, windshields and lavatory, windows, and aerodynamic retrofit) depending on the aircraft type. One such upgrade is the installation of in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems that provides entertainment facilities to passengers during their air travel. Although primarily equipped in full-service carriers, these systems are being adopted by budget carriers due to increased demand from passengers.
In-app Advertising search for term
In-app advertising refers to advertisements incorporated into mobile applications and games. It is a relationship between app developers and ad networks, where the former has been paid by the latter for incorporating the network's code into the developer's app. In-app advertising is a recent trend that is being adopted by most brand managers, as it is an effective means of advertising due to its high visibility. In-app advertisements are displayed through both freemium apps and paid apps.
In-built Microwave Oven search for term
In the built-in microwave oven market the company needs to add more distinguishing features and advertise the product as it is essential to increase promotions about the new features and technologies used in the product. The company also needs to strategize to combat price wars and improve profitability. It is difficult to replace a built-in microwave oven after it is installed in the cabinetry. If there is a need to increase capacity of the microwave oven, the consumer finds it extremely cumbersome to replace the appliance. In the case of a double oven, if one part of the oven stops working the entire unit needs replacement. To replace the existing equipment, an appropriate replacement of similar size is required.
In-built Storage Set-top Boxes search for term
STBs are used to improve picture quality, store videos, and to enhance the viewing experience. They also provide interactive services such as video-on-demand, and the freedom to pay only for specific channels. STBs, when attached to a TV, receive unencrypted subscribed channels through an addressable system for viewing encrypted channels. They connect a TV to an external signal source and convert the transmitted signal into video content, which is then displayed on the screen. However, the adoption rate of inbuilt storage STBs is gradually increasing. An important factor influencing this increased penetration rate of inbuilt storage STBs are the governmental mandates that encourage STB installation. The aim of such directives were to bring a greater level of financial transparency to the cable TV industry, which was largely an unorganized sector.
In-vehicle Entertainment and Information Systems search for term
Conventional in-vehicle entertainment systems consisted of radio, cassettes, and CDs. The advances in technology and growing demand for personalized entertainment, navigation, and connectivity have redefined these systems. In-vehicle entertainment and information systems are a combination of software and hardware devices installed in automobiles that provide audio and video content. These systems are embedded with in-vehicle navigation devices, internet and Wi-Fi connectivity, audio and video systems, display screens, and telematics systems.
In-vitro Diagnostics Packaging search for term
In vitro diagnostic (IVD) products including reagents, systems, instruments, and consumables are used in diagnostic tests for the diagnosis or detection of diseases. Consumables such as vials, tubes, and Petri dishes are used for the collection, preparation, and examination of biological samples. Glass and plastic are mainly used as the raw materials for manufacturing IVD packaging products.
Indoor Air Quality search for term
The quality of indoor air is decided based on the amount of pollutants, humidity, and temperature. Maintaining it is important because the poor quality of air can negatively impact the health, performance, productivity, and well-being (both physical and mental) of the occupants. Breathing stuffy, stale, or even damp air can cause discomfort, illness, and even trigger behavioral conflicts. The factors that determine the quality of the indoor air include buildings with inadequate ventilation, locality of the structure, its design and construction, the number of occupants, and lack of maintenance. Poor ventilation and design flaws, such as inappropriate roofing, are primary reasons for the low quality of indoor door air. The improper use of HVAC systems results in the presence of outside air pollutants, radon, and moisture incursion in the indoor air. Besides, various cleaning and disinfecting supplies and aerosol products can contaminate the indoor air with the chemicals present in them. IAQ management and monitoring processes incorporate technologies that can improve the quality of indoor air by accurately monitoring the moisture level, detecting pollutants, and improving ventilation of the buildings.
Indoor LBS search for term
Indoor LBS tracks the location of objects or people within a building. As this technology is confined to a limited region, it can only use wireless networks such as Wi-Fi and WLAN that cover a small area. In addition, it requires high accuracy on the positioning of the object or device. It is primarily used in universities, hospitals, stadiums, shopping malls, convention centers, hotels, and parking areas.
Industrial Automatic Data Capturing and Identification Systems search for term
Data capture is the mechanism of identifying and extracting data from scanned products for further processing. Automatic data capture refers to collecting data using automated data capture equipment, such as barcode readers/scanners, magnetic stripe readers, and cameras, or by using RFID technology. It requires no manual typing or punching in of data. The technologies used currently for automated data capture include barcode scanners, sensors, machine vision systems, laser trackers, integration systems, and identification systems.
Industrial Automation Control search for term
An automation control solution helps organizations optimize their business operations, especially those in the process and discrete industries. This is achieved through the efficient control of various processes. The five major types of industrial automation solutions improve organizational efficiency by facilitating uninterrupted system operations. They also generate real-time information, which improves efficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership. Process industries are major end-users of industrial automation control products. There has been a growing need to reduce operational costs and increase productivity in process industries. This stems from the high capital expenditure inherent in these industries and the long turnaround time before a return on investment is viable. Some of the immediate requirements of process industries include a reduction in the number of errors, amount of process re-engineering, use of raw materials, and higher quality. The use of automation control solutions can help solve these problems and improve process efficiency by enabling continuous monitoring and control.
Industrial Automation in Food and Beverage Industry search for term
An industrial automation solution helps organizations, especially those in the process and discrete industries, optimize their business operations through the efficient control of various processes. There are five major types of industrial automation solution: DCS, MES, SCADA, APC, and PLC. These automation solutions improve organizational efficiency by facilitating uninterrupted system operations. In addition, they help companies by providing real-time information, which improves the efficiency of the entire plant and reduces the total cost of ownership.
Industrial Automation in Life Sciences Industry search for term
The life sciences industry is characterized by expiring patents, rising cost of R&D, shorter time to market, aggressive marketing, and growing number of strict legal regulations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are thus embracing flexible methods to optimize the entire supply chain and reduce the time to market. The major types of industrial automation solutions such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, and MES are used on a large scale in the life sciences industry. These technologies can be applied to a range of processes, starting from the procurement of raw materials to the distribution of the finished goods. The life sciences industry is always under close scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Automation technologies offer a range of solutions that are designed to control and monitor, and document the manufacturing and distribution process of drugs according to the standards set by the different government health agencies worldwide. In addition to increase efficiency, these systems offer intelligent command capabilities that allow life sciences firms to control and supervise plant operations. The use of automation technologies also reduces the safety threats in hazardous operating environments, and ensures smooth functioning of plants and machineries.
Industrial Barcode Scanner search for term
Barcode scanning is one of the most highly used automatic data capture (ADC) technologies in the market. The original forms of barcodes are known as 1D barcodes. In 1D barcodes, data is represented in the form of parallel lines of varying widths and spaces between them. These have evolved into dots, rectangles, hexagons, and other geometric patterns in two dimensions and are known as 2D barcodes. These barcodes are attached to objects to accurately retrieve data. Barcode scanners are used to retrieve data from barcodes. Barcode scanners are being increasingly adopted for the industrial sector because of their ability to capture data accurately and at high speed. As barcode scanners have to function effectively in the extreme conditions of manufacturing plants, the demand for rugged industrial barcode scanners is increasing worldwide.
Industrial Casting search for term
Industrial casting is a manufacturing process in which molten or liquid metal is poured into a mold that contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape to form geometrically complex parts. A mold can be of various materials such as sand and ceramic plaster, and it is like a cup on which the molten metal is poured. The most common metals used for casting are iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, steel, and copper-based alloys.
Industrial Chocolate search for term
Industrial chocolate is produced primarily from a cocoa liquor/paste and butter, which are combined with other ingredients such as sugar and powdered milk and undergo conching. However, the formulations vary depending on their applications. Industrial chocolate is used in-house by vertically integrated manufacturers or sold to third parties to create finished chocolate products. Food service providers, including chefs, artisans, and food manufacturers who create end-consumer products such as chocolate confectionary, bakery products, ice-cream, and beverages, are the primary consumers of industrial chocolate.
Industrial Cloud search for term
The industrial cloud is all about using information technologies to manage end-to-end production processes in heavy industries and manufacturing units. Industrial cloud solutions are designed and developed to aid the manufacturing process in the shop floor. The data generated during manufacturing and production processes should be efficiently managed and can yield insights that can be fed into key decision-making processes. Industrial cloud systems provide an integrated platform that helps implement numerous industrial applications designed to enhance operational visibility and industrial automation.
Industrial Coatings search for term
Industrial coatings are paints and coatings used in industries for protective and aesthetic purposes. Industrial coatings are used in a wide range of industries such as automotive, construction, and electronics, and are available as liquid, powder, and pre-treatment and electrocoat products.
Industrial Control Switches search for term
Industrial control switches used to vary in size from 6-8 mm. This size has reduced significantly on an average by 20%-30% due to continuous demand for small boards. Limit switches constitute nearly half of the global industrial control switches market, as they are being increasingly used in industries for their precision and accuracy. Expansion of infrastructure requires wider use of power control switches, such as disconnect switches, cam switches, and push buttons. Industries such as automotive and machine manufacturing have started pruning production lines, as they are using a single machine for machining a variety of products in the same production facility. Such machines need to operate at variable speeds; industrial control switches are in great demand from these industries.
Industrial Control Valves search for term
Industrial control valves are devices that are used to regulate the flow of fluids and gases. They are also used to regulate pressure within the system. Control valves monitor flow, temperature, and pressure by utilizing signals and partially or fully open or close as per the requirement. Sensors provide changes in conditions which are then compared to a set point.
Industrial Controls and Factory Automation search for term
The industrial controls and factory automation market is adopted by all process and discrete industries. Major industries like the oil and gas in the Middle East, chemical in Europe and China, automotive in China and the US, and water treatment in Europe have all shifted toward streamlining their processes through real-time data gathering and control. This requirement has created demand for industrial control solutions like DCS, SCADA, PLC, protective relays, electric drives, sensors, and MES.
Industrial Emergency Shutdown Systems search for term
An ESD (emergency shutdown) system is a safety-instrumented system that protects a manufacturing plant from explosions or leakages in oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, and other industries. It activates the curative outputs to alleviate the hazardous consequences. The ESD solution consists of sensors, logic solver, and final control elements. Level, temperature, or pressure sensors are used to continuously detect the various conditions of the processes and help determine emergencies. The information gathered is transferred to logic solvers such as a programmable logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS), where the condition is matched with the predefined threshold limit. If the logical solver finds any abnormalities in the process, the shutdown command is passed to the final control element such as a pneumatically actuated on-off valve, which comes down to the safe mode position from its static position. ESD valves are the ultimate protection option for any process abnormality. In advanced systems, ESD systems are connected to a PLC with sensors that form a safety loop.
Industrial Gas Generator search for term
The need for an uninterrupted power supply during power outage caused by natural calamities or faults in electric networks has boosted the adoption of gas generators in the industrial sector. Engine manufacturers are key suppliers in the global industrial gas generator market. Most engine manufacturers are generator vendors. Industries such as mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, data centers, telecommunications, manufacturing, and automotive are gradually adopting gas generators as an auxiliary power source.
Industrial Gearbox search for term
Gearbox is a mechanical method to transfer energy from one device to another. It is located at the junction of power shaft and motor, and is commonly used for creating right angle change in direction. It is classified into precision and standard. Gearboxes mainly differ based on the construction and arrangement of the gears. Operational characteristics of gearboxes significantly differ based on these configurations. The growing demand for gearboxes in the automotive transmission market will boost the global industrial gearbox market. Repairs and replacements in the manual transmission segment also has a crucial role in boosting the demand for industrial gearboxes.
Industrial HVAC search for term
Industrial HVAC systems ensure high air quality in industrial establishments through ventilation and filtration, which lead to thermal balance. Heat exchangers, pumps, and fans used in these systems control and regulate humidity and temperature levels. Air monitoring systems in industrial HVAC equipment help in detecting and removing allergens, harmful particulate matter, stale air, and virus-causing contaminants. They also clean and regulate moisture levels for optimal indoor air quality. This minimizes the wear and tear in industrial HVAC systems, thus reducing the need for regular repair and maintenance. The concept of IoT has been implemented in industrial HVAC systems to gather data to perform preventive maintenance.
Industrial Lead Acid Battery search for term
The low cost and long life cycles of lead acid batteries have generated demand for industrial applications. The developing markets of telecommunications and data centers are also propelling the growth of the industrial lead acid battery market. Lead-acid batteries can store excess power that can be used during peak hours of demand. The rapid surge in renewable power generation has propelled demand for lead-acid batteries for energy storage systems (ESS) projects.
Industrial PC search for term
Industrial PCs are high-performance computing solutions that offer a flexible I/O (input/output) interface and display options. These machines are used for data acquisition and process control systems. The need to automate production facilities has increased the demand for industrial PCs globally. High R&D investments have helped develop innovative industrial PCs. A sharp focus on improving flexibility without compromising on productivity has resulted in the adoption of industrial PCs. Industrial PCs enhance an organization's decision-making processes and boost productivity through faster and effective data analysis. The industrial PC market is seeing innovation, such as multi-core Intel atom processors, AMD processors, high-definition 3D graphics, and multi-display systems with rotation support.
Industrial Refrigeration Systems search for term
Industrial refrigeration systems find application mainly in the food processing, oil and gas, and chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Though industrial refrigeration systems are very similar to commercial and residential refrigeration systems, certain parameters are defined, which qualifies them for industrial use.
Industrial Robotics search for term
Industrial robots consist of a robotic arm, control cabinet, control panel, and other peripherals. They are used for various manufacturing applications, including welding, painting, pick and place, palletizing, cutting, assembly, and product testing, and inspection. They are often used to perform tasks that are repetitive, laborious, and dangerous. Industries such as food and beverage, rubber and plastic, and pharmaceutical use industrial robots in their manufacturing operations to reduce labor cost and increase competitiveness.
Industrial Robotics in Automotive Industry search for term
Industrial robots were first adopted in the automotive industry in 1960 by GM and were called Unimate. These robots could weld and handle huge payloads. Wider adoption of robots started in 1980 in response to a need to automate applications such as welding, painting, and assembling in the automotive industry. Although robots were expensive, companies were encouraged to use them more frequently in automation processes because of the faster ROI and cost-effectiveness over the long run. Since then, the field of robotics has evolved with the invention of advanced sensors, computer programming, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Robots are now being designed to communicate with humans effectively using cloud technology and can be controlled by applications in smartphones.
Industrial Robotics in Automotive Industry search for term
Industrial robots were first adopted in the automotive industry in 1960 by GM and were called Unimate. These robots could weld and handle huge payloads. Wider adoption of robots started in 1980 in response to a need to automate applications such as welding, painting, and assembling in the automotive industry. Although robots were expensive, companies were encouraged to use them more frequently in automation processes because of the faster ROI and cost-effectiveness over the long run.
Industrial Robotics in Food and Beverage Industry search for term
Usage of industrial robots in the food and beverage industry is not a new concept, and they have been used for palletizing and packaging since 1995. However, the advances in technology, including grippers and sensors, have enabled the adoption of robots in upstream applications too. For instance, GTRI, a nonprofit research institute in the US, developed robots for deboning meat in 1999. Similarly, DeLaval developed the world's first robotic rotary dairy in 2006. Since then, there has been an exponential increase in adoption of robots in the food and beverage industry in countries that include Australia, China, Mexico, Germany, and the US. Industrial robots have increased their presence in grading fruits and vegetables and in the dairy industry for automatic milking.
Industrial Robotics in Rubber and Plastic Industry search for term
Robots execute multiple complex tasks with high speed, precision, and accuracy. The rubber and plastic industry has many complex processes, such as molding, stamping, pressing, cutting, dispensing, and painting, which can be done with the help of industrial robotic solutions. The robots have application in handling finished products in injection molding, wherein the environment is hostile for human labor. They also help in assembling and disassembling products in the rubber and plastic industry.
Industrial Robotics Market in Automotive I search for term
Industrial robotics can be defined as the use of robots in the manufacturing processes of industries such as food and beverage, electronics, and automotive. Industrial robots are programmed to control and automate manufacturing processes in industries. They are classified according to various technical parameters such as number of axes, degrees of freedom, working envelope, kinematics, payload, acceleration, accuracy, and repeatability. Industrial robots are used to automate various functions such as welding, painting, assembly, product inspection, testing, and packaging.
Industrial Robotics Market in Electrical and Electronics I search for term
Industrial robotics can be defined as the use of robots in the manufacturing processes of industries such as electronic and electrical, food and beverage, and automotive. Industrial robots are programmed to control and automate manufacturing processes in industries. They are classified according to various technical parameters such as number of axes, degrees of freedom, working envelope, kinematics, payload, acceleration, accuracy, and repeatability.
Industrial Robotics Market in Heavy Industries search for term
Industrial robotics refers to the use of robots in the manufacturing and assembly processes in the automotive, heavy industries, and electronics industries. Industrial robots are programmed to automate and control manufacturing processes such as welding, painting, assembly, product inspection, testing, and packaging. There are several types of industrial robots, such as articulated robots, Cartesian robots, SCARA robots, and cylindrical robots. These robots are used in the heavy machinery industry for different purposes, including welding and soldering, handling of materials and processing, assembling and disassembling, dispensing and painting, cutting, milling, and other processes.
Industrial Safety Integrated Components search for term
The processes as well as the machines in industries are becoming increasingly dynamic due to customized demand from the customers. Therefore, the need to increase productivity, safety, and flexibility in the production plants of the power, food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical, and oil and gas industries becomes necessary. The demand for integrated technology and safety components that can easily interchange information is high to avoid any downtime of the plants and maintain high productivity. These factors are pushing manufacturing industries worldwide to accommodate safety relays, safety PLC, safety switches, and transmitters in their facility that can be integrated with other systems such as control systems of the plants. The just-in-time production environments across the automotive industry have heightened the need to respond to demand promptly with high-quality production. Such environment requires a steady stream of parts in the plant from outside suppliers and all production equipment, associated utilities, and assembly lines that are available and that work efficiently. This has necessitated the demand for safety-integrated components such as safety PLC and safety switches in the production plant to ensure minimized production downtime and high-quality production.
Industrial Sensors search for term
Industrial sensors are transducers that convert physical quantity to electrical signals. The signals are processed through an electronic automation system and depict physical variation or error signal in the device or instrument. Industrial sensors are classified as position or velocity sensors, proximity sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and vibration or acceleration sensors. These industrial sensors have high degree of accuracy, reliability, range, and sensitivity and provide better control and automation of industrial processing units. Industrial sensors are widely used in all industrial applications for measuring, monitoring, testing, and automation.
Industrial Tapes search for term
Industrial tapes stick to substances when pressure is applied, without any need for solvent, heat, or any other activator. Many variants of these tapes are available in the market, such as single-sided, double-sided, adhesive transfer or transfer adhesive, single-coated, double-coated, carton sealing, masking, electrical and electronics, and others. Adhesive tapes are used for joining materials. The primary application of these tapes include bonding, sealing, packaging, and masking.
Industrial Trucks search for term
Industrial trucks are also used in places where there is a reduced flow of cargo and deploying conveyors are comparatively expensive. Industrial trucks also deliver more flexibility in movement than conveyors and cranes, and a few trucks have lifting capabilities that can provide vertical movement.
Industrial UPS search for term
Industrialization is key to economic growth, and continuous power plays a major role in the growth of the industrial sector. Frequent power fluctuations and power outages worldwide and, in consequence, the growing demand for industrial backup power to maintain uninterrupted workflow have led to increased demand for industrial UPSs. The strong focus on next-generation power-storage technologies is positively influencing the market. Also, the focus on environmental sustainability will promote market growth.
Industrial Vacuum Pump search for term
Vacuum pumps are used to remove gas molecules from a sealed space or enclosure or a package. Despite the emergence of solid state electronics, vacuum pumping technology has evolved and its application has grown significantly. This technology plays a central role in at least 70 general manufacturing uses such as compression and drying that cover a wide range of industries. The global industrial vacuum pump market caters to key end-users such as the semiconductor, solar cell manufacturing, flat-panel display, and scientific instrumentation industries. Rising demand for computers, laptops, and cell phones has resulted in extensive use of industrial vacuum pumps in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The global industrial vacuum pump market is divided into five categories based on the different types. They include dry vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, turbomolecular vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, and steam jet ejectors.
Industrial Valves and Actuators search for term
The oil and gas industry is one of the major users of industrial valves and actuators. The rise in exploration and production of oil and gas in North America, MEA, and APAC will be the major contributor to the steady growth of the global industrial valves and actuators market. The market will be dominated by EMEA, followed by APAC and the Americas. APAC is expected to witness better growth rates than other regions due to the growth of emerging markets such as India and China.
Industrial Waste Recycling and Services search for term
Industrial waste management involves the monitoring, collection, transportation, recycling, and disposal of wastes generated during industrial activities. Industrial wastes are materials that are rendered useless during manufacturing processes in factories, mills, and mining operations. Most of these materials can be recycled and reused. Industrial waste recycling and services include the dumping, reprocessing, and recovering of waste.
Industrial WasteWater Treatment Equipment search for term
Industrial wastewater is one of the largest sources of pollution in aquatic environment. During the last century, a huge amount of industrial wastewater was discharged into water bodies, resulting into serious pollution issues and hazardous effects on ecosystem and human life. Industrial wastewater may differ depending on various industries and discharged contaminants; each industry produces different combination of pollutants. Therefore, depending on various characteristics of industrial wastewater, the treatment equipment must be designed specifically for particular type of effluent produced. Water treatment equipment helps in removing impurities found in water bodies. Sea water, groundwater, municipal water, and wastewater are treated using water treatment equipment. Given its huge benefits, water treatment equipment can be used to address the issue of water scarcity in various parts of the globe. Moreover, wastewater that is treated can be reused for other purposes, thereby preventing groundwater depletion.
Industrial Welding Robots search for term
Industrial robots used specifically for welding applications are known as welding robots. These machines include arc, spot, and laser welding robots. Arc welding robots are used in the steel and manufacturing industries. These machines use an electric arc between the electrode and a metal base, using consumable or non-consumable electrodes. Arc welding robots improve consistency, reduce cycle times, and enhance process efficiency. Spot welding robots are used in resistance welding, mostly in manufacturing industries, to join two thin electrically resistant metals. Laser welding robots comprise a servo-controlled, multi-axis mechanical arm geared with a laser cutting head. These robots improve repeatability and provide high-quality welds. The automotive industry is investing heavily in welding robots to boost efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. In addition, a reduction in the total cost of ownership of welding robots has boosted the commercial prospects of the market.
Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) search for term
An inertial navigation system (INS) helps in determining the position, orientation, and velocity of a moving object. It consists of an inertial measurement unit (IMU), such as an accelerometer (measures linear acceleration) and gyroscope (measures angular velocity), which tracks the position of the object. INS is widely used in commercial aviation (in aircraft), defense (ground vehicles, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and aircraft), naval (ships and submarines), and space research (spacecraft). There are two types of INS: gimballed and strap down systems. Gimballed systems use mechanical gyroscopes in the device to keep the platform level while strapdown systems use a platform on which sensors are mounted. Currently, strap down systems are prevalent, as the device has fewer moving parts and provides accurate navigation. INS is a vital component in an aircraft for accurate navigation. Therefore, the rising demand for aircraft has had a profound impact on the INS market as well. Apart from its commercial applications, INS is used by the defense and space sectors for operations in extreme weather conditions and for the generation of accurate motion, position, and orientation data. It also finds application in unmanned systems such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for efficient navigation.
Infectious Disease Testing search for term
Immunodiagnostics tests, including radio immunoassay, immunofluorescent test, and immunoelectrophoresis are widely used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and influenza. Chagas disease, lymphatic filariasis, leishmaniosis, onchocerciasis, malaria, schistosomiasis, African trypanosomiasis, and dengue are some of the tropical infectious diseases. Many equipment, primarily analyzers, are used to diagnose infectious diseases. These are used to detect the metabolic and immunological markers, perform tests to assess liver function and blood counts, and check for viral and microbial infections. Disease management through regular patient monitoring during treatment plays a vital role in the treatment and control of infectious diseases.
Infectious Disease Treatment search for term
Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, or viruses. They can be transmitted from one person to another through direct or indirect contact. Anti-infective drugs are used to kill (cidal) or stop the growth (static) of infectious agents. Based on target organism, anti-infective drugs can be categorized into antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic. Anti-infective drugs can act via host defence system or can directly target the causative agent.
Information Governance in Social Business search for term
Information governance is the application of policies and practices that are designed to manage information from its inception to its final disposal. The life cycle of information governance includes creation, protection, value creation, preservation, and final placement of the information. Information governance has become a business imperative to reduce costs, extract value, mitigate risks, and boost revenues. Leadership is focused on integrating record information management and risk assessment and compliance to determine business continuity and quick disaster recovery actions. Information management also includes storage optimization and metadata management. Enterprises are leveraging the technology to optimize the information life cycle. The foremost initiative is the automation of manual approaches to monitoring control gates, auto-classification tools, and automated detection of non-compliant sections. In addition, big data tools help discover value in different data pools. A robust and efficient information governance program is a prime requirement for modern enterprises that seek successful implementation of business actions such as customer relationship management, data mining, analytics, mobility, and workplace collaboration.
Infrared Sensors search for term
IR sensors, which sense radiation, are commonly integrated with surveillance, automotive, testing, detection, and measurement devices. IR sensors, such as cooled and uncooled detectors, are extensively used in the residential, commercial, military, and industrial manufacturing sectors. Uncooled IR detectors are widely accepted across these sectors, because of their low price, lightweight quality, and low-power consumption. Since IR sensors are not affected by electrical noise, they are increasingly being used in industrial applications. They measure the thermal radiation emitted from powerful motors and equipment, without being in contact with them. IR sensors are also being increasingly used in military and in-home surveillance systems. Based on technology, IR sensors can be classified by thermopile, pyroelectric, microbolometer, InGaAs, and MCT.
Insomnia search for term
Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a common sleep disorder wherein an individual has difficulty falling or staying asleep. Insomnia results in poor-quality or lack of sleep, and the disorder is either acute or chronic in nature. Acute, or primary, insomnia is due to factors such as work stress and is the most pervasive type of insomnia, whereas chronic insomnia is due to medical conditions, such as arthritis, or amphetamines. Substances such as cocaine can also cause insomnia.
Inspection Robots in Oil and Gas industry search for term
Inspection robots play an important part in the oil and gas industry by taking the invaluable role of inspection, monitoring, and surveillance of complex structures and, thereby averting any disasters that may occur otherwise. The use of these robots helps in reducing human intervention, increases operational efficiency, reduces cost and improves safety. Oil and gas assets are multifaceted and are composed of multiple components, and each process requires inspection and supervision. These assets are used for drilling, storage, and transport of (oil and gas) products. The oil and gas industry is broadly categorized into three major business streams: upstream, midstream, and downstream.
Instant Coffee search for term
Coffee is a commodity widely produced, traded and consumed in the world making it the second most consumed drink after water. Instant coffee is derived by vaporizing brewed coffee beans. It is available in the form of powder and differs from freshly brewed coffee in terms of flavor and aroma. The primary advantage of instant coffee is its convenience to prepare and it requires less equipment.
Instrument Landing System and Visual Landing Aids search for term
Instrument landing systems (ILSs) and visual landing aids (VLAs) are ground-based instrument approach and flight deck lighting control systems that provide precise guidance to aircraft approaching or landing on a runway. The systems provide visual cues to pilots, enabling safer flight and landing operations.
Insulation search for term
Insulation in buildings regulate the heat generated inside the building. The insulation materials used control the heat that is dissipated through conduction, convection, and radiation. Apart from their unique thermal properties, insulation materials also provide protection against sound, fire, and impact.
Insulin search for term
Insulin, a peptide hormone, is first produced by beta cells as preproinsulin, which is then broken down to obtain proinsulin, and then insulin. Under normal physiological conditions, insulin and glucagon act in a manner to regulate blood glucose levels. Insulin interacts with insulin receptors located on cell surfaces and helps absorb the glucose present in the bloodstream. Inhibition of glucose absorption into the cells increases blood glucose levels, triggering progressive damage to nerves and blood vessels, as well as resulting in the starvation of cells. Different types of insulin products, such as human insulin and insulin analogs, are available for insulin replacement therapy.
Insurance Brokerage search for term
Insurance brokers or agents play a vital role in the insurance industry because they offer professional and technical advice about different insurance products. Such agents act as an intermediary between insurers and policyholders. The primary insurance products sold by insurance brokers include property and casualty and health and medical insurance. The revenue generated by insurance brokerage firms depends on demand for policies or the popularity of brokers being used as channels for distributing and purchasing insurance. The emergence of other insurance distribution channels, such as the Internet, has encouraged brokers to re-invent their trade as advisory service agents who offer risk management and insurance consultancy services, instead of acting as a liaison in the policy process. Insurance brokerage firms are highly competitive. Social media platforms offer insurance brokerage firms a number of benefits such as large customer reach and effective disclosure of information, which improves the transparency in the system. Insurance brokers are tapping into social media technologies in a bid to generate higher revenue and educate customers about various policies.
Insurance IT Spending search for term
Insurers are expected to create a platform for receiving and storing these insights, which will aid insurers in exploiting opportunities. The advantages of analytic insights for insurers include agency management, reporting, effective product design and pricing, and improved customer targeting processes. In addition, increased adoption of cloud, mobility, and social business will play a significant role in increased IT spending by insurance companies. The growing deployment of diverse banking solutions will lead to increased demand for IT services, such as IT consulting and system integration.
Integral Horsepower Motors search for term
Integral horsepower motors have a horsepower of 1 HP or more. These motors are primarily used in automotive industries, HVAC segments, mining and utilities, and food and beverage industries.
Intelligent Electronic Devices search for term
The intelligent electronic device (IED) plays a significant role in automating substations and in the efficient monitoring of power delivery systems. IED is a term used in the power system to define devices that have electrical protection and monitoring functionalities with an advanced intelligent control system and can perform two-way communication with the SCADA system. Moreover, an IED has IEC 61580 protocol to communicate directly with the SCADA system, which makes it a unique device for active control in T&D of power delivery systems to the users.
Intelligent Transport System search for term
An intelligent transport system (ITS) is a sophisticated application that provides solutions relating to different modes of traffic and transport management. The traffic management process is rationalized with the optimization of quality and reduction of the costs incurred and the time of implementation of decisions. The different types of ITSs include advanced traffic management systems (ATMSs), public transport ITSs, freight and commercial ITSs, road user charging, ETC systems, security and crime reduction ITSs, road safety systems, ITS communications, and automotive and infotainment telematics. These solutions are used for many applications, especially by governments, and the construction sector municipal authorities. They are also used to prevent accidents, detect the location of vehicles, handle congestion, and control vehicle emission levels.
Intelligent Video Analytics search for term
Video analytics is a technology that is used to identify, record, and analyze video streams via electronic media. IVA helps end-users to detect events of interest and recognize a range of behaviors on a real-time basis, without a human operator having to view the video. It also helps users with advanced monitoring capabilities that conduct highly advanced video surveillance. IVA recognizes objects in motion based on various parameters such as size and shape. In addition, users can use the insights collected through IVA to analyze the behavior of these moving objects based on built-in rules. Government organizations, large enterprises, and SMEs worldwide use IVA solutions to better monitor their resources.
Intelligent Virtual Assistant search for term
An IVA is a computer-generated character like an avatar or a 3D animated persona that delivers text-based or voice-based information and service assistance to customers via a kiosk, mobile, or website. It incorporates NLP and domain knowledge that change according to the content of the dialog between the VA and the customer. An IVA provides the user with vital information on topics like company details, including financial and investor-related details, product portfolios, and technology-related information. For a company, an IVA acts as a company representative to interact with the customer to address his queries specific to the company.
Interactive Display search for term
An interactive display is a touch-enabled device that enables people to seek information and access services of their choice. It is a technology used in malls, educational institutions, meeting rooms, airports, hotel lobbies, and airports. Interactive displays are used in monitors, whiteboards, digital signage, and projectors.
Interactive Flat Panel search for term
Interactive devices (interactive projectors, interactive whiteboards, and interactive flat panel displays) have become the most important part of classrooms. Students find them engaging, and teachers consider them to be a vital classroom aid. Apart from the education sector, the corporate sector finds interactive devices to be useful for presentations and other purposes. Though interactive devices have comparable functions, each of these devices is unique. Interactive flat panel displays allow teachers/facilitators to present content in a more dynamic, comprehensive, and engaging manner than traditional methods of teaching. Their effective content delivery helps improve learning, increases interactivity between students and facilitators, and generally enhances the information-sharing experience.
Interactive Kiosk search for term
An interactive kiosk is a customized computer terminal that is either standalone or networked, and is used to access information and services round the clock. It is a self-service technology installed in malls, airports, hotel lobbies, cafeterias, airports, and other places that witness high footfall. An interactive kiosk consists of a monitor that is usually touch-enabled. Interactive kiosks enable service providers to cater to a large number of customers with fewer support staff.
Interactive Projector search for term
Interactive projectors are similar to interactive whiteboards, but in this case, the projectors are the interactive devices and can be used on any surface. There is no need for a whiteboard and the computer's display can be projected on any surface, wherein users can control the computer through a stylus, pen, or fingers. Low cost is the selling point of interactive projectors when compared to other interactive devices (interactive flat panel displays and interactive whiteboards).
Interactive Response System search for term
Interactive response systems are combined packages of software and hardware. These systems integrate IT with everyday classroom activities to ensure consistent and seamless interactions during lecture sessions. The key advantage of interactive response systems is their ability to enable students to submit answers into the system directly during classroom quizzes and assignments. The system receives the answers in the form of radio frequency, instantly analyzes them, and presents them in spreadsheet form. This enables real-time evaluation and tracking of student performance. These features will have huge implications on the education industry.
Interactive Tables search for term
Interactive tables are also known as multi-touch tables. They are used to deliver collaborative learning in the education sector. Since the emergence of BYOD policies and the advent of touch screen devices in the education market, the practice of direct group interaction with a given subject matter at the touch of a finger is becoming more rampant. The younger generation especially has become accustomed to the use of technology in their daily lives. Interactive tables support individual activity while allowing all participants in the activity to exchange resources.
Interactive Whiteboard search for term
An interactive whiteboard is a large display connected to a computer to display computer images and data. IWB allows users to drag, click, and copy items using a pen, finger, or stylus. IWBs are rapidly emerging as one of the most popular and successful technologies in classroom environments because they allow users to write or draw on surfaces, print images, and save or distribute documents over networks. This technique makes teaching easy and interesting compared to conventional whiteboards. IWBs are also gaining popularity in other sectors, such as the corporate and government sectors.
Intimate Apparel search for term
Intimate apparel is considered as the second skin of consumers, as it is the second layer of all other clothes. The success of the global intimate apparel market lies in understanding the right trend, deciding the appropriate time of launch, and selecting the right distribution store. Specialist lingerie retailers should keep in mind the price band and the average sales cycle of intimate apparel before deciding the restock rate of any intimate apparel. By selecting the appropriate restock rate, the specialist lingerie retailers can manage their supply chain logistics in a better manner.
Intraoperative Neuromonitoring search for term
Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) technology helps assess the function of the nerves and spinal cord during vascular, ENT, orthopedic, cardiac, and genitourinary operations; neurosurgery; interventional radiological procedures; and other general surgeries. The technology provides immediate feedback and warning to surgeons before permanent nerve injuries can occur, helping in reducing intraoperative injuries and mortalities. IONM employs modalities such as somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP), transcranial motor evoked potential (TcMEP), EEG, and EMG to monitor the function of nerves and the spinal cord. Surgeons widely use SSEP to measure the transmission of sensations below and above the area of surgery. MEP helps measure neuroelectrical signals generating from the spinal cord and peripheral muscles. EMG helps detect the electrical potential produced by muscle cells. EEG helps detect defects associated with the electrical activity of the brain.
Intrathecal Pumps search for term
Intrathecal pumps are a category of analgesic infusion pumps that deliver medication into the individual's body for pain management. The intrathecal drug delivery pump is a method of giving medication directly to the spinal cord to stop pain signals from being perceived by the brain. These pumps are small-sized implantable infusion devices. The intrathecal pumps delivery method can minimize chronic pain and trauma caused by several chronic diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. It consists of small pump or reservoir that is surgically located under the skin of the abdomen and transports medication through a catheter to intrathecal space or subarachnoid space.
Intrauterine Devices search for term
IUDs are long-acting reversible contraceptive devices. The device is T-shaped and made of flexible plastic wrapped in copper wire around its stem. They are a safe and highly efficient sterilization procedure for females but are not permanent. The IUD is inserted into the uterus, and its primary aim is to prevent the fertilization of the egg by causing changes such as thickening or toxicity of the cervical mucus, disallowing fertilization of the ovum by the sperm. There are two types of IUDs: the copper IUD (containing copper) and hormone-releasing IUDs (containing the progesterone hormone). Mirena and ParaGard are some of the prominent brands available in the market.
Intravenous Access Devices search for term
Intravenous access devices are used to deliver nutrients, fluids, and drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics, and antipyretics. They are also used for blood transfusion and the correction of electrolyte imbalance in patients. These devices use the intravenous route of administration that allows rapid delivery of medication and fluids. The intravenous access devices include CVCs and peripheral intravenous catheters. CVCs are devices inserted into the central venous system to administer medication or fluids, draw blood, and measure central venous pressure. PICCs and implantable ports are the common types of CVCs. Peripheral intravenous catheters are introduced into the peripheral vein using a needle and are fixed to the patient's skin with adhesive tape. The needle is then removed, leaving a small tube of the cannula at the insertion site.
intrusion detection systems search for term
IDS is a passive monitoring system that warns the system administrator of any suspicious activity, while IPS provides the next level of security by allowing the administrator to take action upon the alert generated by the IDS. In 2014, IPS had a higher market share than IDS.
Ion Exchange Resins search for term
Ion exchange resins belong to a category of polymers that have the ability to replace ions present in solutions with their own. This ability is commonly exhibited by naturally occurring substances such as proteins, celluloses, soil particles, and live cells. However, this exchange of ions does not alter the physical structure of the material. Ion exchangers belong to a class of insoluble salts containing acids or bases. These salts facilitate the exchange of positively charged cations and negatively charged anions.
IOT search for term
IoT is the communication of multiple devices over a network that enables data transmission between devices including thermostats and sensors. It is a network of physical, tangible objects interconnected through the technology, which can communicate among themselves through connections within the internal and external environment. It connects hardware, embedded software, communication services, and IT services. In addition, it enables the creation of smart homes, shopping, transportation, and healthcare with the help of connected devices in a network.
IoT Devices search for term
IoT is a network of physical and tangible objects or devices interconnected through various network technologies. These objects or devices can communicate among themselves and with the external environment when required using the Internet as a medium. The IoT devices market is calculated from the contribution of six IoT devices. They are smart refrigerators, smart AC, smart thermostats, smart glasses, smart watches, and smart lighting.
IoT Market in the Industrial Sector search for term
IoT provides objects with unique identification systems and has the ability to transfer data through a network without human interaction. Wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and Internet are merged to form the IoT. The use of IoT in manufacturing industries is called IIoT. It involves the integration of machinery with a network of software and sensors. IIoT plays a major role in improving profitability by reducing human intervention and eliminating risks associated with machine failures. The IIoT provides better insight regarding equipment used by companies, combining machines with analytics. IoT with asset performance management software can provide details regarding the importance of each piece of equipment to avoid failures. It helps reduce downtime and improve efficiency. It also provides a clear picture of effective equipment maintenance that helps optimize maintenance schedules and cycles.
IoT Security search for term
IoT involve the communication of multiple devices within a network, which enables data transmission between smart devices such as thermostats and sensors that are further connected to mobile devices. In IoT, embedded software, hardware devices, communication services, and IT services are interconnected, which helps in remote monitoring and managing of numerous interconnected devices efficiently. IoT plays a major role in smart homes, smart shopping, smart transportation, and smart healthcare. With an increase in the number of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, threat to data has increased. Increase in sophisticated and complex threats and hacking activities are expected to affect IoT security. IoT security solutions comprise hardware, software products, and managed security services that are used to monitor, detect, and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or malfunction, or to disable/destroy a computer network. This provides end-users with a secure platform that will help them perform critical tasks.
iPaaS search for term
IPaaS is a cloud integration platform that assimilates applications to organizational database to improve efficiency. An iPaaS solution attends to the development, execution, and governance of the integration process for on-premise or cloud-based applications, and it includes batch and real-time integration services, an application programming interface (API) framework, master data management (MDM), data quality tools, and security measures. In addition, most iPaaS vendors provide maps and other necessities to boost the development process and help organizations with related requirements.
IPIN search for term
IPIN technologies use sensors, magnetic positioning, and BLE to precisely track people indoors. IPIN helps people navigate hospitals, museums, and university campuses. The indoor positioning system relies on three parameters: the dynamic positioning system platform, beacons that broadcast signals to smartphones, and the apps that make the systems indispensable to consumers. BLE beacons that assist in indoor positioning are inexpensive and easy to install and maintain.
IPTV search for term
Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is considered the next generation of communication and entertainment. It can receive and display video streams encoded as IP packets and enables viewing TV shows on-demand with interactivity between additional services and viewers. IPTV provides a refined and rich content delivery in a seamless manner, enhancing user experience. IPTV has a smart box connected to a broadband router and can interact with other electronic devices. This enables viewers to select channels from a pre-bundled package of content. The operator receives content from broadcasters or content producers, which is converted into an appropriate format and distributed on-demand or live for consumption. It also provides value-added services that are not provided by conventional TV. The operator utilizes the same network resources to deliver all the services to the user. IPTV also provides value-added services that are not provided by conventional TV.
Iris Recognition search for term
Iris recognition is one of the most secure, and accurate biometrics modality that is used for security and surveillance purposes in sectors such as government, military and defense, healthcare, banking and finance, consumer electronics, travel and immigration, and automotive. This biometrics technology came into existence in 1994 and many countries across the globe have deployed this technology for cross-border control and national ID initiatives. Iris biometrics-enabled smartphones help identify, verify, and authenticate an individual for critical data, servers, and networks.
Iron Castings search for term
Iron castings can be produced at low costs, with less specialized equipment. Further, CI can be molded into complex shapes as it shrinks less while solidifying. The widely used types of CI are GI and DI. Iron is the most commonly cast metal because of its relatively low cost, ease of casting, ease of machining, and desired physical properties. Therefore, iron foundries are highly integrated into the supply chain for a broad range of products, particularly for the automotive, machinery and equipment, and pipe and valve manufacturers.
Iron Ore search for term
Iron ore is a mineral from which metallic iron is extracted and is available in primary forms of magnetite and hematite. Approximately 98% of iron ore is used in steel making. Steel is the foremost engineering material used in the manufacturing process of the automotive, transport, construction, power, mechanical machinery, domestic appliance, and metal goods industries.
IT Assessment and Optimisation search for term
IT assessment and optimization represent IT consulting services that aim to reduce IT costs and optimize IT assets in a bid to drive better utilization value. These services are driven by fast paced developments in IT infrastructure globally across enterprises. Such services discard redundant IT infrastructure and standardize existing IT assets and processes. These initiatives boost system integration processes, reduce the costs of doing business, strengthen business and security risk mitigation procedures, and help identify potential revenue opportunities. In the first phase, IT assessment and optimization services evaluate the current infrastructure, business needs, and future plans of the organization. This is followed by the IT optimization phase that makes IT more efficient by eliminating duplication and complexity.
IT Management as a Service search for term
ITMaaS is delivered through SaaS and helps companies manage application monitoring, service desk management, and infrastructure management to achieve cost-efficient IT operation. The complexity of IT management solutions has increased significantly in the last two years. Customers' expectations and needs have evolved into a complex mixture and are no longer addressable by the traditional IT management practices. Vendors are continuously developing solutions to enhance customer experience at a reduced cost. ITMaaS vendors are coming up with comprehensive management tools through the cloud that helps users monitor and evaluate performance, access and view an IT environment, and smoothen functions of IT environments. ITMaaS is a part of SaaS: the adoption drivers and market characteristics of the ITMaaS segment are similar to those of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).
IT Outsourcing search for term
IT outsourcing is the process of subcontracting the IT functions of an organization to a third-party vendor that has expertise in the required domains. It is an effective strategy to build a high-performance IT organization. IT functions such as application development and infrastructure management are frequently outsourced by client companies for cost reduction and superior operational efficiency. IT outsourcing services are helping organizations to manage their IT functions through giving them access to an IT expert team and innovative technologies.
IT Security Spending in Government sector search for term
IT security focuses on the security of key parameters such as data protection, compliance, architecture, e-mail and web security, governance, data loss prevention, and identity and access. IT security provides features such as encryption, endpoint monitoring, identity and access management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and application and messaging security. It is gaining importance among government organizations because it provides protection to critical business information from unauthorized access and data theft. In addition, it protects computers from malware, worms, and other advanced threats. IT security has been gaining prominence over the years because of the increasing instances of hacking. The number of complex and sophisticated threats that cannot be addressed by traditional defence mechanisms has also increased. Therefore, many organizations in the government sector have started investing in IT security to proactively manage risks that are beyond their ability to handle independently. These systems can also increase workforce productivity and reduce costs.
IT Services search for term
IT services help organizations create, manage, and optimize information and business processes. IT services also aid in managing IT systems and are process focused. These services focus on providing a framework to structure IT-related activities.
IT Services and BPO in Government Sector search for term
IT services help government agencies in creating, managing, and optimizing information and business processes. They also aid in managing IT systems and providing a framework to structure IT-related activities. These IT services will ultimately help in streamlining processes and integrating systems. In addition, these services help organizations to reinvent themselves and develop a more economical cost structure. On the other hand, BPO is a segment of outsourcing which consists of subcontracting the business processes of an organization to a third-party vendor that has expertise in the required domains. It is an effective strategy of delegating one or more business activities to external companies (vendors), which, in turn, administer and manage the selected activity, based on defined and measurable performance criteria. It helps client firms to increase their operational efficiency, concentrate on their core competencies, reduce time to market, obtain access to fresh talent and experience along with the latest technologies, and build an organization with an economical cost structure in the long run.
IT Spending search for term
IT services spending is one of the fastest growing segments in the global IT market. IT services spending is usually less affected by economic uncertainties, such as inflation and recession. However, certain sectors such as IT outsourcing are largely affected by economic crises. IT services spending is primarily fueled by the as-a-service revolution, such as platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and data-as-a-service (DaaS).
IT Spending by Audit Firms search for term
An audit is an objective examination of accounting records and financial statements to ensure that they are free from errors and comply with regulations and standards. Audits are done both internally by the employees of that organization and externally by an independent audit firm. Many audit firms still follow the traditional method of conducting audits which involves collecting audit data manually using spreadsheets and sharing it through email. There is little differentiation in the audit work done by one firm from another and this has led to the need for audit quality improvements, allowing firms to gain visibility among the clients. In addition, audit firms are facing a shortage of qualified audit personnel and lack of scalability in audit operations resulting in loss of clients.
IT Spending by Cab Aggregators search for term
Cab aggregators provide app-based taxi-hailing services that can be accessed through a smartphone using GPS technology. Cab aggregators do own the vehicles or employ the drivers. They provide a platform to connect customers with cab drivers. Customers pay the fare through an in-app payment system that is integrated with the cab aggregator's app. Cab aggregators generate revenue by charging a commission for this service. IT spending on services from cab aggregators will grow at a fast pace. These are under pressure to reduce costs of in-house software and hardware solutions. The increased use of cloud-based solutions by cab aggregators will fuel more investments for the implementation of IT support and services. Cab aggregators require IT services for speed, flexibility, and scalability to deliver superior cab services.
IT Spending by E-Groccers search for term
Digital channels greatly influence purchases, as shoppers are using smartphones to read product reviews or compare prices. Smartphone usage and improved bandwidth is leading to increased internet penetration, which in turn is accentuating e-commerce. As online commerce increases it will have a cascading effect on the online grocery business. As grocers are moving toward the omni-channel approach for reaching out to customers, integration of online and store systems is becoming a business imperative for grocers. The challenge posed for creating a single platform for inventory, customer data, suppliers, distributors, and order management poses a business opportunity for IT vendors. Another opportunity lies in creating multi-functional POS systems, which should be flexible and accept in-store orders and online orders for home delivery. Current POS systems are not offline- and online-mode integrated. IT vendors are also providing e-commerce tools having in-built substitution management capability to provide alternative product options in place of the sold-out product to mitigate the risk of inventory clearance.
IT Spending by Investment Banks search for term
IT spending in investment banks is likely to increase as these firms are moving from siloed trading platforms toward centralized banking systems that would improve and integrate operations. Investment banks aid governments and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by raising capital through issuing and selling securities of debt and equity in capital markets, and providing advice on M&A. These banks prove to be helpful for medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and emerging establishments seeking innovation in business development. The global IT spending in investment banking comprises three segments: hardware, software, and IT services.
IT Spending by Mobile Payment Service Providers search for term
IT plays a very important role in the mobile payment market. Mobile payment service providers such as PayPal, MasterCard, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet are increasingly investing in IT to enhance their technological capabilities. The technology expenditure made by these companies is across the IT infrastructure but mainly aimed at two key agendas, ensuring smooth operations and keeping pace with the growing customer base to drive revenue growth. The investments made in IT are mainly focused on procuring hardware, software, and services. The mobile payment service providers are also acquiring IT players and building in-house capabilities. Another way of procuring IT is to collaborate with IT players. This results in spending on procuring analytics and BI tools by third-party service providers which in turn helps mobile payment service providers to better understand the needs of their customers and offer customized services.
IT Spending by Online Service and Application search for term
Online services and applications have become an inseparable part of daily life. On-demand economy is revolutionizing commercial behavior worldwide. Instead of goods and services coming from businesses to consumers, companies can now be carried at the consumer levels. On-demand economy's growth is the result of growing consumer appetite for convenience and speed. Technology companies fulfill consumer demand through immediate provisioning of goods and services. IT service spending includes software testing, database maintenance, IT support, payment services, and cloud services. Online service providers require IT to deliver on-demand services with speed, flexibility, and scalability.
IT Spending in Remote Healthcare Delivery search for term
With rapid technological advancement and increased penetration of the Internet across the world, telehealth and mHealth technologies have emerged as alternate ways to provide treatment remotely. Telehealth provides remote delivery of healthcare-related services by using telecommunication technologies. mHealth is another cost-effective solution that delivers quality healthcare remotely, giving patients access to healthcare through their mobile devices. Despite healthcare providers being aware of the potential benefits of these technologies, the adoption rate of these healthcare services is still slow, especially in developing countries. Yet, the adoption rates of telehealth and mHealth have risen over the past few years. The rising number of people afflicted with chronic illnesses worldwide is prompting governments to take necessary action. They require regular monitoring and follow-ups, which can be costly. Telehealth is cost-effective and greatly enhances the quality of treatment for these illnesses, as it facilitates remote patient monitoring at all times. Growing investments in remote healthcare delivery technologies has driven IT spending from healthcare providers and patients alike.
IT Spending in the Oil and Gas Industry search for term
The oil and gas industry includes processes of hydrocarbon exploration, extraction, refining, and transportation. The oil and gas industry has exerted significant efforts to boost operational ef?ciency and reduce costs. To that end, information technologies have emerged as a core component of almost all industry operations, from extraction to logistics and sales. Many oil and gas companies use cloud computing and big data analysis in their operations. The use of such technologies may help them gain better knowledge and improve efficiency. However, the steadily decreasing oil prices have depressed the profitability of many oil and gas companies, lowering the industry's capital expenditure in the last couple of years. This in turn has also led to a slight dip in the overall IT spending of the oil and gas companies. Businesses operating in any sector or in any region are exposed to macroeconomic risks such as fluctuations in raw material prices, currency depreciation, investment deficits, and recession. During a global economic and financial crisis, the situation turns from bad to worse. The demand for technology-based solutions falls significantly, which depresses spending on software and IT services in industries. The oil and gas industry is no exception, and IT spending depends on various economic factors prevailing in the country or region.
IVD search for term
IVD tests help diagnose, monitor, and assess medical conditions, diseases, and infections in a controlled environment. These tests help in early diagnosis of diseases by enhancing control on test procedures and provide accurate results, leading to quality treatment and shorter hospital stays. They are also minimally invasive and help in lowering treatment costs. Manufacturers develop reagents, analytical instruments such as automated analyzers, and accessory products including software to measure the quality and parameters of samples.


Jet Fuel Additives search for term
Jet fuel additives are aviation fuel additives that are meant to be used along with aviation fuels to provide enhanced lubricant performance of jet fuels. They are meant to be used in aircraft that are powered by gas-turbine engines. Some of the most commonly used fuels for commercial aviation are Jet A and Jet A-1.The only other type of jet fuel that is commonly used in civilian turbine engines is Jet B, which is used during extremely cold temperatures.
Joint Repair Devices in Sports Medicine search for term
Sports medicine refers to a division of the general medicine that concentrates on physical fitness, treatment, and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries. This division helps in assessing and understanding the performance of athletes. It has been estimated that, each year, around 14% of all medically treated injuries are related to sports. Sports medicine devices can be classified into surgical devices and therapeutic devices. Joint repair surgery is considered as a treatment for the severe joint pain and dysfunction of joint related with sports injury. The joint repair procedure is, in general, performed through keyhole surgery. The minimally invasive procedure allows speedy recovery of patients.
Juice search for term
Juices are consumed due to their health benefits, for instance, they aid in digestion, provide better immunity power, and help in eliminating toxins from the body. Different juices have different health benefits associated with them. For instance, orange juice is rich in vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid and prune juice is associated with digestive health benefits. However, in recent times consumers have been reducing their consumption of juice drinks due to the excess sugar content present in juices.
Juice Extractor search for term
Globally, juice extractors have been purchased primarily through electrical goods retailers and hypermarkets. The main advantage of a juice extractor over an ordinary juicer is the power in its motor. Juice extractors are primarily targeted at residential applications. Though there are food-service chains offering various cuisines and experiences to consumers, there is an increase in the influx of small independent restaurants and juice centers. These small restaurants offer guests the advantage of more personalized service. Many such enterprises invest in appliances such as juice extractors to prepare fresh juices and drinks for their customers.


K-12 Gamification search for term
Gamification uses game mechanics or techniques for non-recreational purposes, from imparting lectures to enhancing the student learning process. Points, badges, leader boards, challenges, and rewards are some examples of game mechanics. The use of games to facilitate learning in the classroom has become one of the latest trends in the K-12 segment. The type of games developed for this segment (ages 5-16) enhance students' learning capacity, creates a strong base for higher-level studies, and develops specific skills. FilamentGames is offering a game that helps K-12 students in learning engineering concepts and tricks for solving problems.
K-12 IT Infrastructure Spending search for term
K-12 education in the US is witnessing significant structural reforms, and technology is the key to providing next-generation education systems, which can prepare students for the future. The US government is providing enormous support in the development of ICT infrastructure in public schools. Public and private schools in the US are investing significantly in cutting-edge technology to implement state-of-the art IT infrastructure. The US Government is spending nearly half of its overall education budget on K-12 education. In addition, the US government is currently focusing on emerging markets in K-12, such as e-Learning.
K-12 Technology Spend search for term
K-12 technology spending is divided into the hardware segment and the software and services segment. The hardware segment comprises interactive whiteboards and other interactive displays, educational PCs, projectors, and other devices, as these tools are crucial to successfully carrying out digital learning. The software segment comprises document management systems, classroom management systems, classroom collaboration systems, classroom assessment scoring systems, student response systems, CMSs, and LMSs. Software services comprise interactive digital resources such as digital texts, audiovisual aids, and simulation laboratories.
Kaolin Mining search for term
Kaolin, also known as china clay or kaolinite, is a soft, white, and plastic clay. It contains fine-grained plate-like particles. It is non-abrasive, chemically inert, and has low heat and electric conductivity. The paper industry is the largest end-user of kaolin. It is used for filling and coating of paper. Kaolin is also used in many other industries such as ceramics, paints, fiberglass, and rubber. Kaolin is used for the production of ceramic products such as sanitary ware, wall and floor tiles, and tableware. It provides plasticity and strength in the shaping of these products. Kaolin is used in many construction applications such as in spray-applied concrete and swimming pool plaster. Kaolin mining faces many issues in terms of production and quality. For instance, the kaolin reserves in Georgia and England have depleted, leading to the downsizing of production.
Ketchup search for term
Ketchup is a good source of lycopene, an antioxidant. It helps in preventing prostate and colon cancers. It is popular in urban regions and has huge growth potential in rural markets as well. Tomato ketchup, also known as catsup, is gaining popularity. The major raw materials used for making ketchup are ripe tomatoes, vinegar, sweetener, salt, spices, and other additives. Granulated cane sugar or beet sugar is generally used as a sweetener in ketchup. Other sweeteners like dextrose or liquid sugar in the form of glucose syrup can also be used. Ketchup is thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men because tomatoes are high in lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant with anticancer properties.
Kidney Cancer Drugs search for term
Kidney cancer also known as renal cancer affects the kidney cells. RCC is the most common form of kidney cancer in adults and Wilms' tumor in children. Kidney cancer can be triggered by a number of factors including both lifestyle-related changes and genetic changes. The surgical removal of affected cancerous cells from the kidney provides a complete cure of the disease. A number of drugs are also available, which also help in the treatment of the disease when it is diagnosed at earlier stages.
Knowledge Process Outsourcing search for term
KPO refers to outsourcing activities that require significant domain expertise, high analytical skills, and frequent client interactions. The global KPO market is growing at a steady rate with the majority of the demand for KPO coming from the Americas, with a contribution of 59% of the market in 2014. India and China are among the largest service delivery countries that are primarily catering to the demand for KPO services in countries like the US.


Lab Glassware and Plasticware search for term
Laboratory glassware and plasticware include a variety of equipment and instruments that are commonly used for scientific and industrial applications in laboratories. These are usually made of borosilicate glass rather than conventional glass. Borosilicate glass is preferred because of its low weight and resistance to thermal shock. Laboratory plasticware has been gaining popularity over the past decade owing to the replacement of various glassware with plastic alternatives, which have low cost of fabrication and longer lifespan.
Label search for term
Labels are printed pieces of paper, film, polymer, or other materials affixed to a product or imprinted on the package or the body of a product. Labels are used to provide important information about the product and the respective company. There are different types of labels available in the market with features such as pressure-sensitive, in-mold, and heat-shrink labels. Digital labels are currently gaining popularity in many retail outlets.
Laboratory Analytical Instrumentation search for term
Laboratory analytical instruments are used in research processes to measure, analyze, and verify the unproven quantities, properties, and phenomena of an element or material. Compared to other instruments such as scales and chronometers, these are more specialized and sophisticated in terms of their usage.
Laboratory and Handheld Raman Instruments search for term
Laboratory Raman instruments include all the Raman spectrometers and microscopes that are usually used inside a laboratory or testing facility. These instruments are often placed and used on a benchtop and are rather bulky instruments. Portable Raman instruments also fall under this category. These are much bigger than handheld Raman instruments but can be moved easily from one place to another. Handheld Raman instruments offer the advantage of on-site sample identification. These instruments have changed the way quality control for incoming raw materials is handled in industries. It proves to be advantageous over other methods such as infrared spectroscopy as it does not require sample pre-treatment. It is also capable of testing samples through transparent packing materials. However, these instruments can only operate in reflection mode and are less accurate than laboratory Raman instruments.
Laboratory Cabinet search for term
Laboratory cabinets are used for storage of chemicals, equipment, and samples, and they provide a safe, contamination-free work space. Laboratory cabinets fall into the category of laboratory furniture, and they can be classified depending on application, size, and end-users. General purpose and chemical cabinets are used in laboratories for storing various materials and equipment, whereas biosafety cabinets and laminar flow cabinets are used to provide a safe working platform for handling delicate materials or contaminants that require a clean, secluded, and dust-free space.
Laboratory Cart search for term
Laboratory carts fall into the category of laboratory furniture and provide easy transportation of equipment and samples within the laboratory. There are different types of laboratory carts based on the processes involved and the materials that need to be transported. The most commonly transported materials are glassware, equipment, chemicals, books, and instruments. Some of these carts also provide storage space for supplies and consumables.
Laboratory Consumables Primary Packaging search for term
Laboratory consumables primary packaging is used during technological research and experiments. Different laboratory products such as burettes, pipettes, beakers, flasks, bioreactors, and centrifuges are used while conducting these experiments. Laboratory consumables are used in many verticals such as the government, academic, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. Laboratory consumable includes chemical reagents, laboratory instruments and equipment, kits, and other consumables.
Laboratory Shaker search for term
Laboratory shakers are devices that are used in chemistry and biology laboratories to mix or stir liquid samples or solutions. A typical laboratory shaker consists of a base that contains an electric motor and a table board above it that oscillates with the help of the motor, and mixes the sample. The samples to be mixed or stirred are stored in beakers, jar, test tubes, or vials and placed on the table board. Laboratory shakers can accommodate a great range of sample sizes, from a few microliters to several liters.
Lactose-free Food search for term
Lactose-free foods are designed to cater to individuals who are lactose intolerant. These products are formulated with reduced lactose content or zero lactose content to provide consumers with the nutritional benefits of the product without any negative reactions. Lactose-free food can be segmented into three types: lactose-free dairy, lactose-free milk formula, and lactose-free ice cream. With the increase in awareness among consumers of the health benefits of these products, the sales of lactose-free food have increased.
Landing Gear search for term
Landing gears are one of the most important subsystems installed on an aircraft. They support the entire weight of an aircraft during takeoff and landing, and also during ground operations. The commercial aircraft landing gears are highly advanced and sophisticated systems, and comprise modern control and steering mechanisms. Landing gears also consist of shock-absorbing equipment, brakes, and sensors.
Language Learning Development Software search for term
Language learning software packages are designed to help content development for language learning programs. The software incorporates various features, which enables the creation of course content in multiple formats, such as video, graphics, and audio. Vendors are offering language learning to customers from both the corporate and the education domain. Language learning software enables the development of language course framework in line with industry requirements. For instance, FluentU has English language courses for various industries, such as aviation, hospitality, and finance. Language learning programs can be delivered through both online and offline methods.
Laparoscopic Devices search for term
Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves making single or multiple small incisions in the abdominal cavity. Endoscopes are then inserted into the body through the port access system made via the incisions. These devices transmit images of the internal organs to the screen, enabling the surgeon to view the operative area in real time. Surgeons prefer laparoscopy to open surgeries because of reduced blood loss and scarring, shorter hospital stays, and rapid recovery times. Laparoscopic procedures involve the use of a laparoscopic device, needle driver for suturing, trocar, bowel grasper, and surgical mesh. The abdominal region of an individual is inflated using inert gases such as carbon dioxide. This helps obtain a distance between the organs and the abdominal wall, enlarging the surgeon's operating field view. Laparoscopic devices are made of high-quality stainless steel and durable modern materials such as polyEtherEtherKetone (also known as PEEK). These raw materials provide durable insulation to the devices for handling and operating within the body. Laparoscopic devices have narrow shafts ranging 3-10 mm, enabling them to fit inside the laparoscope ports.
Large Area LCD Display search for term
An LCD display panel consists of a number of layers containing different components such as a polarizer, a color filter, and an LCD glass substrate. LCD glass substrates used in display devices are thin (0.3 mm to 0.7 mm). LCD panels that use TFT LCD glass substrates are known as TFT LCDs. TFT LCDs provide improved optical properties such as contrast and image quality. TFT LCDs form the display area for products such as LCD TVs, desktop PCs, and mobile computing devices. The advantage of TFT LCDs over other display technologies is the relative ease of displaying content according to need. The large area TFT LCD display manufacturers are developing displays with focus on aspects such as energy-saving, enhancing image quality, improving costs, and compact form factor.
Large Format Printer search for term
LFPs or wide format printers support print roll widths in the range of 18-100 inches. LFPs are used to print banners, posters, backdrop for theaters, constructional designs, and various other large format artworks. Most LFPs are based on the inkjet printing technology. LFPs utilize aqueous, solvent, dye sublimation, UV, and pen/plotters technologies to transfer ink. Advances in technology across various components of LFPs such as ink and ink-level monitoring software have enhanced their efficiency and productivity. The global LFP market is experiencing substantial demand from sectors such as advertising, textile, and vehicle wraps.
Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion search for term
LLIF is minimally invasive surgery recommended for treating lumbar spinal disorders such as spondylolisthesis, lumbar degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and recurrent lumbar disc herniation. However, LLIF surgery is associated with several complications such as persistent pain, pneumonia, and clotting. Fear of these complications prevents many people from opting for this surgery. Minimally invasive LLIF surgery utilizes advanced, innovative technology to treat back and neck pain caused by various spinal disorders.
Laundry Care search for term
The global laundry care market is divided into five major categories: laundry detergents, fabric softeners, specialty products, bleaches, and fabric protectors/static control. The global laundry care market is being challenged by environmental issues caused by biodegradation due to the use of detergent. In addition, price wars have also become an issue for manufacturers, impacting how they price their products. The major trends in the global laundry care market include eco-friendly laundry care products and green laundry, the introduction of laundry pods, and the increasing sales of products through organized retail chains.
Law Enforcement Biometrics search for term
The law enforcement sector gradually replaced Bertillon's anthropometric system of criminal identification, which includes the physical measurements of body parts especially components of the head and face of an individual, with biometric technologies. Fingerprint identification, facial recognition, iris recognition, and DNA analysis biometric technologies are widely accepted by this sector. The adoption of law enforcement biometrics is gaining prominence in several application areas such as identity checks during routine traffic violations, criminal investigations, border control, jail management, and drug and human trafficking.
Lawful Interception search for term
Lawful interception refers to legally authorized surveillance of circuit and packet-mode communications. It is an important tool for law enforcement agencies worldwide for investigating and litigating criminal activities. Lawful interception is applicable for all networks delivering voice, data, and Internet services. It simplifies the investigation process by collecting evidence for better inspection.
LBS search for term
LBS use location-enabled devices to track the location of users within the range of a wireless network. This is done with the help of GIS and the Internet. Location-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PNDs; and location-enabled in-dash devices can search for places and routes; obtain traffic updates and real-time directions; provide information on current local events; find friends; assist in location-based advertising and shopping; enable location-based social networking and searches; and provide location-based entertainment and infotainment.
LCoS Projectors search for term
LCoS projectors are a hybrid of DLP and LCD technology where they combine the features from both technology, i.e., use three panels as used in 3LCD projectors and use reflective principle of light as implied in DLP projectors. Initially invented by JVC in the late 1990s, the technology was brought into the market commercially from 2006 onwards by Canon and Sony. Canon LCoS projectors have the brand name REALis projectors, Sony's are called SXRD while JVC's are called D-ILA.
Lead Acid Battery search for term
Lead-acid batteries consist of plates of lead oxide or pure lead. These plates act as electrodes and diluted sulphuric acid acts as the electrolyte. Chemical reaction in these batteries produces a difference in voltage between terminals. A typical lead-acid battery contains pure lead, which acts as the negative electrode, and lead dioxide, which acts as the positive electrode. A combination of multiple electrodes is known as a cell. Two or more cells connected together form a battery. These batteries discharge when no current flows between the cells. This discharge follows a chemical reaction that converts both positive and negative electrodes to lead sulphate. The average working life of these batteries, under normal working conditions, is 3 to 4 years.
Leaf Blower search for term
Garden tools or equipment like leaf blowers and power lawn mowers are used to maintain a healthy lawn and garden. Proper mowing, cutting, irrigating, and fertilizing result in a healthy, dense, and high-quality lawn. Leaf blowers are of three types: Backpack, handheld (petrol), and handheld (electric). The backpack leaf blower is designed for gardens with a larger area and is more powerful than other leaf blowers. This kind of leaf blower finds more acceptance in the commercial segment. The handheld leaf blower is lightweight with a lowered power capacity, and is more suited for residential users. It comes in both petrol and electric versions.
Learning Analytics search for term
Learning analytics software uses tools and applications for collecting, managing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data to improve educational processes and activities. This software also helps in achieving strategic goals and enables better decision-making. In the years to come, learning analytics software will significantly benefit the global education industry by helping educational institutions make informed decisions about strategic initiatives. Learning analytics software analyzes trends and creates new opportunities in all areas of the education system, ranging from school administration to content delivery.
Learning Management Systems search for term
LMS applications help customers create, store, and manage content efficiently based on the course requirements. The content management application of LMSs is widely used in the education and corporate sectors globally. Many LMS providers offer content development services to customers. Student management bodies are increasingly adopting LMS applications with a rise in emphasis by governments on digitization of education. Many organizations are also using LMSs to manage their online courses and libraries. LMS is providing extensive benefits to the companies by reducing the costs incurred in organizing remote face-to-face training sessions. Talent and performance management, collaboration, and administration are areas of application that LMSs can be used for. LMSs can also be used in corporations and firms for talent retention. Here, LMSs can play a critical role by monitoring performances exhibited by employees and helping companies design their reward policies accordingly.
Leather Goods Industry search for term
The global leather goods industry is highly fragmented due to the presence of both top vendors and local players operating across the globe. The products of the global leather goods industry are segmented on the basis of 'bags, wallets, and purses', 'luggage', and 'leather footwear'.
Lecture Capture Solutions search for term
Lecture capture solutions refer to technologies that capture, create, manage, broadcast, and archive lectures. These technologies record the presenter's content, synchronize it with a visual aid, and either stream the content live or archive it for future on-demand viewing on a computer or mobile device. In addition to these features, interactivity and the technology's ability to add colors any presentation content with the trainer's audio and video facilitates its use in the academic, corporate, government, healthcare, and education sectors.
LED Backlight Display Driver ICs search for term
LED backlight DDICs are semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) providing power management and display solutions for display panels. These act as an interface between a liquid-crystal display (LCD) and a microprocessor, microcontroller, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or general-purpose peripheral interface to control display systems in mobile phones, desktops, and other devices. DDICs are a significant component of display devices, generating a video signal. LED backlight DDICs receive image data and deliver current to activate the pixels on the LCD. When the liquid crystals receive voltage, they bend, changing the light intensity and combining with the color filter on the glass substrate to produce the whole image on the display panel.
LED Backlight Display Driver ICs search for term
LEDs are light sources that operate at a low voltage and require a constant DC voltage or current. To function efficiently, the light sources must be protected from line-voltage fluctuations. LED backlight DDICs provide these solutions for the backlighting unit (BLU). DDICs are a significant component of display devices, generating a video signal. LED backlight DDICs receive image data and deliver current to activate the pixels on the LCD. When the liquid crystals receive voltage, they bend, changing the light intensity and combining with the color filter on the glass substrate to produce the whole image on the display panel.
LED Industrial Lighting search for term
LED lights are used in different application segments such as residential, architectural, industrial, office, retail, hospitality, and outdoor. As these lights are highly efficient and moderately priced, they can address key issues such as energy crises, resource scarcity, and climate change. Light consumes 20% of total power worldwide, and people can save, on average, up to 40% on energy every year just by using LED lights. In industrial facilities, manufacturers of LED lights face the challenge of providing sufficient illumination because industrial units such as warehouses, factories, and underground parking facilities have varying mounting heights. Also, the presence of substantial levels of fumes, oil vapors, moisture, and dust in these places tend to impair the optical performance of any given lighting system. Industries using LED lighting systems benefit from these systems' energy efficiency.
LED Production Equipment search for term
LED production equipment is required to facilitate mass production of LEDs while maintaining quality. Thus, LED production equipment has a great significance in the LED supply chain. Technology transformations such as node size reduction, large-diameter wafers, and increasing epitaxy capacity need to be supported by LED production equipment. Therefore, the demand for LED production equipment depends on the demand for LEDs.
Left Atrial Appendage Closure search for term
The left atrial appendage (LAA) is a small ear-shaped sac in the muscle wall of the top left chamber of the heart. LAA controls the electrical impulses during atrial fibrillation. During atrial fibrillation, blood clots are pumped out of the heart, and this blood can form clots in the atria and LAA. This medical condition can cause a stroke. An LAA closure device is an interventional device used to prevent stroke in atrial fibrillation. An LAA closure device helps in reducing the risk of secondary stroke and emboli because of atrial fibrillation.
Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) search for term
LVADs supplement the pumping of blood by weak hearts. Surgeons implant this mechanical device as a treatment option for severe heart conditions such as acute or chronic deterioration of cardiac functions and heart failure. Surgeons also use the device for BTT, BTR, BTD, and destination therapies. LVADs increase risks such as bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and brain, as well as coagulation of blood in arteries and veins, which prompts people to opt for alternative treatment options. A heart transplant is the gold standard of treatment options for advanced-stage heart failure and the primary alternative to LVADs. LVADs are sighted to become a great success in contributing to support individuals globally and enhance their quality of life. Some of the LVADs which are under development may be more appealing to patients. For instance, fully implantable LVADs, which are currently under investigation, will eliminate the need to carry portable drivers required to charge current-generation LVADs for patients. These wireless LVADs will increase the quality of life, and therefore, minimize uncertainties among patients when considering LVAD implantation as a treatment option.
Li ion Battery Market for All Electric V search for term
Li-ion batteries are extensively used as a power source in AEVs. They are used as an alternative source of power in HEVs, and as a primary source of power in BEVs and PHEVs. BEVs and PHEVs use electric motors, powered by Li-ion batteries, for propulsion. The application base of Li-ion batteries is higher in BEVs and PHEVs because of their high energy density and long lifespan.
Li-ion Battery Market f search for term
HEVs use duel source of energy for propulsion, one is gasoline (ICE) and the other is battery power source; li-ion battery is used as an alternative power source in HEVs. The combination of the dual mode of power sources helps achieve better fuel economy and performance and makes HEVs expensive, efficient, and preferred choice among end-users. HEVs use both IC engine and electric motor for propulsion. The use of battery-operated vehicles helps reduce carbon emissions and dependence on other fossil fuels. The battery used in HEVs is automatically charged during transportation through a regenerative braking mechanism. Many leading HEVs manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi are introducing advanced HEVs.
Li-ion Battery Market for Consumer Elec search for term
A Li-ion battery is a rechargeable battery with the highest electrochemical potential. It is mostly used in consumer electronics such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, and notebook PCs. It is also used in EVs and finds application in the medical, power, and defense sectors. Li-ion batteries have high energy density, are more compact and lightweight, and do not generate any harmful metal on disposal when compared to lead acid or any other rechargeable batteries. Hence, these are more preferred in comparison to other rechargeable batteries.
Light Commercial Vehicle search for term
LCVs play a crucial role in the delivery of time-critical goods, high-value goods, and support services. They are mainly used in space-strapped urban areas. LCVs vary by use, size, and type. LCVs are considered ideal for the logistics industry due to their compact nature, which is ideal in urban areas. LCVs are replacing HCVs, as they are more fuel efficient and can reach urban destinations more easily. They also have lower emissions and operating costs. The demand for LCVs is higher because such vehicles can access areas that cannot be accessed by bigger vehicles.
Light Projection Systems search for term
Light projectors have become an essential business tool in today's corporate world. While large enterprises are fast replacing their projectors in favor of technologically advanced projectors like laser projectors, SMEs have a financially viable option in the form of Pico projectors. The increasing number of startups and the growing potential of SMEs have significant prospects for the global light projector market.
Light Projector search for term
Light projectors have become an essential business tool in today's corporate world. While large enterprises are fast replacing their projectors in favor of technologically advanced projectors like laser projectors, SMEs have a financially viable option in the form of Pico projectors. The increasing number of startups and the growing potential of SMEs have significant prospects for the global light projector market. The emergence of light projectors has ensured that even small portal projectors can display images and videos with increased clarity.
Light Rail search for term
A light rail transit (LRT) is a medium capacity mode of mass rapid transport that uses equipment and infrastructure, which is less massive than the heavy rail modes such as commuter and metro rail systems or subways. These systems can be integrated into any city due to their operating flexibility. The light rail market is capital-intensive in nature and requires high initial investment in starting up a project or initiating the manufacturing process.
Lip Care Products search for term
Brand image and customer loyalty are very important to the global lip care products market. Demand for natural lip care products is increasing worldwide, mostly owing to rising awareness among consumers about the benefits of natural ingredients. Medicated lip care products help prevent dryness and chapping, and sooth irritated dry lips. They contain ingredients such as allantoin, camphor, and phenol, and are in higher demand during the winter season when lips are more susceptible to dryness. Non-medicated lip care products include lip butters, lip conditioners, and lip balms that provide moisturizing benefits and shine.
Liposuction search for term
Liposuction is a procedure that surgically removes fat deposits from specific parts of the body such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, and neck. The procedure can be both invasive and non-invasive. The invasive method involves the use of a small, hollow tube called a cannula that removes the excess fat present in the body. The non-invasive method uses devices that are applied to the skin over the treatment areas. The invasive liposuction procedures employ laser assisted, twin-cannula assisted, and ultrasound assisted techniques. The non-invasive treatments include radio frequency, laser energy, ultrasound, and cold-based techniques.
Lipstick search for term
Lipsticks are one of the most commonly used cosmetics by women. Lipstick is considered an affordable luxury among consumers worldwide, with sales of these products registering considerable demand even during economic downturns. While demand for most other cosmetic products, apparel, and accessories register significant declines during recessive economic conditions, consumers tend to still buy less expensive luxury products like lipsticks. Although lipsticks are not essential products, consumers buy premium lipsticks as they are luxury goods that can be purchased without affecting their budget significantly. Millions of women apply lipstick on a daily basis. Constant exposure to the small amounts of chemicals, metals, and other components in the lipsticks may have adverse effects on the health of consumers. Lead, which was a common ingredient in lipsticks until recently, is a neurotoxin that is hazardous even in small doses.
Liquid Analytical Instrument search for term
Liquid analytical instruments are used for evaluating the characteristics and assessing the chemical composition of fluids. Liquid analytical instruments are extensively used for numerous applications such as measurement of hydrogen, dissolved oxygen, oxidation reduction potential, and the conductivity/resistivity of a liquid. They aid in measuring the safety and purity of drinking water in the water treatment industry. The major end-users of liquid analytical instruments are the water, oil and gas, power, chemical, and pharmaceuticals industries.
Liquid Detergent search for term
Liquid detergents contain high concentrations of phosphates and phosphorus compounds that cause an adverse impact on the environment. . Urbanization has brought with it a shift in consumer lifestyles. Consumers today look for ease and convenience in all spheres of daily living, and laundry is no different. The demand for time-saving and efficient laundry solutions has led to the popularity of liquid detergents. Apart from product efficacy, consumers pay importance to the brand name and price before buying the liquid detergent. Awareness about the advantages of liquid detergent and rising disposable incomes have led to the penetration of liquid detergent in households globally.
Liquid Waterborne Inks search for term
Liquid waterborne printing inks have found extensive usage in the printing industry for use on paper and paperboard substrates through the flexographic printing process because of these substrates' absorbent nature. This characteristic of these substrates helps in increasing the efficiency and quality of the printed end product and helps immensely in its recycling.
Lithium search for term
Lithium is recovered from brine, pegmatites, and sedimentary rocks. It is extracted from brine in the form of lithium chloride. Lithium is derived from spodumene, a commercially exploited hard rock mineral, through acid fusion. Lithium and its derivative compounds are used in many end-use segments such as batteries, ceramics and glass, lubricants, metallurgy, air treatment, and polymers. In addition, lithium compounds are used as psychiatric medication.
Lithography Systems search for term
Lithography systems are used during the manufacturing of semiconductor ICs and PCBs. Therefore, semiconductor device and PCB manufacturers are the principal customers of lithography system vendors. The global lithography systems market is highly dependent on the growth in the sales of semiconductor ICs, which is in turn dependent on the sales of electronic devices.
Liver Cirrhosis Therapeutics search for term
Cirrhosis of the liver (or liver fibrosis) is a serious condition in which the liver stops functioning properly due to damage and irreversible scarring of the liver tissue. The scarring of the tissue is often caused by long-term exposure to viral infections and toxins such as alcohol. Chronic viral hepatitis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis can also cause liver cirrhosis. Alcohol-related medications, antiviral medications, and metal chelating agents are used in the treatment of the causes of liver cirrhosis while antibiotics, vitamins, corticosteroids, diuretics, beta-blockers, and laxatives are used for the treatment of the complications of the disease.
Liver Diseases Therapeutics search for term
Hepatitis, liver cancer, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and liver cirrhosis together comprise liver diseases. Among these, hepatitis is the most prevalent type of liver disease. Hepatitis can be of types A, B, C, D, or E, but hepatitis C has the highest prevalence. These hepatitis types are preventable by the use of vaccines and indicated drugs. Viral infections, alcoholism, obesity, and diabetes are some common causes of liver disease. Diseases such as liver cirrhosis and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease cannot be diagnosed early and are incurable. These diseases cause substantial damage to the liver, which is life-threatening.
Location-based Search and Advertising search for term
Location-based search and advertising involves integrating advertisements with location-based solutions. It is basically used to differentiate a set of customers based on their interests and location. People use their mobile devices to search for local events in their vicinity related to dining, movies, travel, children, or home decor. Location-based search and advertising is the best way to communicate the right message to the right set of customers at the right time in a meaningful and engaging way. It is a method of direct communication between consumers and marketing companies, and it helps companies figure out the right set of target customers based on their likes, interests, and geographical locations.
Location-enabled Platfrom search for term
An LBS platform consists of software and hardware extensions and components in the network infrastructure that can calculate the position of a mobile. An LBS platform involves location platform and infrastructure providers, location middleware providers, location technology developers, GNSS chipsets and assistance server providers, location platform aggregators, and database providers. The platform is also used commercially for LBA, location-based searches, indoor positioning, and location-based analytics. A location platform is also used by public safety services, national security, and law enforcement.
Logistics search for term

Logistics is an important element of SCM. The logistics of physical items involves processes such as information integration, material handling, manufacturing, packaging, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, and security. Transportation is an integral component of logistics, which plays an important role in making goods available at consignment points. Transportation modes include air, sea, rail, pipeline, and road.

Logistics Robots search for term
The logistics robots market is being revolutionized with the development of new concepts such as drone-powered delivery and connected cars. Amazon, DHL, and Audi are collaborating to introduce a revolutionized delivery system where the packages will be delivered into the trunk of the customer's car. The customer will specify the location of the vehicle while purchasing his wares. Armed with such information, the robot-carrier will receive access to place the packages. The passcode is active for a short period and is cancelled as soon as the trunk is closed. An alert message is sent to the customer to track the operation's progress.
Lottery search for term
Lottery, also called as a game of chance, is a type of gambling that involves drawing of lots. The lots are generally in the form of tickets, and the prizes are mostly cash or highly priced goods. Lottery is banned by governments in many countries, whereas in other countries, governments favor lottery to promote fundraising for charitable organizations. As lotteries are governed by local, state, and national laws in different countries, the regulations differ among countries as well as states.
Low Capacity Portable search for term
Low-capacity portable generators are mainly used to provide backup AC power to basic home appliances. Apart from residential use, low-capacity portable generators are widely used in commercial buildings as well as industrial and infrastructure sites for small applications.
Low Voltage Motors search for term
Motors are widely used across industry verticals to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motors are used for applications such as industrial pumps, machine tools, power tools, and household appliances. The HVAC industry is one of the major end-users of low voltage motors, contributing a significant portion of the revenue to the global low voltage motors market.
Low Voltage Power Cable search for term
Low voltage cables are used to supply power at low voltage. These cables form essential parts of the electrical and electronic systems in a broad range of applications. The cables have prime importance in the power sector, and thus, are important components in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity by power utilities. With electricity consumption rising globally due to growing population and industrialization, it is necessary to map and analyze the demand for and supply of electrical components such as low voltage cables.
Lubricant Viscosity Grade Improvers search for term
Lubricant viscosity improvers are polymer components that are added to lubricants to prevent rapid viscosity fluctuations with changes in temperature. The three classes of VIIs are OCP, methacrylates and styrenics. Most PCMOs and top grade HDMOs use VIIs in their formulations.
Luggage search for term

Luggage and related luggage products are increasingly moving away from having only utilitarian value to actually functioning as fashion accessories. Luggage products have been gaining consumer interest with the growing popularity of outdoor sports and adventure travel, apart from a burgeoning rise in the global travel industry during the last few years. Luggage products typically have a long product replacement cycle.

Luminaire search for term
The luminaire market includes lighting applications for residential, commercial, industrial, architectural, and outdoor purposes. The commercial and residential segments are the major drivers for the luminaire market. The luminaire comes in two types: traditional and LED. The traditional lightings are categorized into CFL, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent. The traditional lighting market will see a decline in the sales because of the rising popularity of LED technology.
Luxury Furniture search for term
Luxury furniture is made from raw materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, where wood is considered the most popular raw material. They are movable pieces that showcase the best of an elite quality and design associated with a certain era. The luxury furniture market has been undergoing rapid changes; ongoing innovations have resulted in the creation of new designs.
Luxury Massage Chair search for term
Luxury massage chairs are increasingly being used in hotels and workplaces. Luxury massage chairs have incorporated control mechanisms that massage anywhere over the back of the user as per their wish, moving up and down. There is an increasing trend among the working professionals of working from home and people would prefer sitting comfortably and relaxing while working. A massage chair is a good option as they can work and relax simultaneously.
Luxury-etailing search for term
Luxury e-tailing involves the sales of luxury items from the vendor or retailer to the customer using the online medium. With the rapidly changing market dynamics, the vendors are required to adapt to the users' tastes. Customers have moved to Internet purchasing to find better product fulfillment and convenience. Many brick-and-mortar retailers offer multi-channel retailing so that shoppers also have the option of placing orders conveniently online. This has given rise to e-tailers, which include the vendors that operate online and some brick-and-mortar businesses that operate websites to reach consumers.


m-Education search for term
M-education provides education-related content on smartphones and tablets. Education-related content refers to all the digital learning content delivered on personal devices. M-education service providers deliver learning solutions using modern tools and technology, thus providing users with rich media and graphics-based learning. This form of learning is cost-effective and aids in the improvement of employees' efficiency and productivity, hence many educational firms are replacing traditional forms of training with m-education to enhance their geographical presence.
M2M in Homeland Security search for term
M2M in homeland security systems deliver enormous benefits such as intruder detection, explosion and narcotics detection, access control, continuous video surveillance, and cyber security. Deployment of M2M technology is related with high budget that can be invested mainly by the developed nations. M2M solutions in security systems helps to improve reaction time from detection to interception, match the diversity of threat's nature and severity level, and optimise deployment and usage of the different human and technical resources. M2M security systems are effectively monitored through extended cloud network, failing to resolve the bugs would lead to virtual environmental disaster. Cloud network has to be always closely monitored to have effective disaster management.
M2M Network Security search for term
M2M network security solutions comprise hardware, software products, and managed security services that are used to monitor, detect, and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or malfunction, or attempts to disable/destroy the M2M network. M2M network security is concerned with protection at the device level in the form of embedded SIMs and at the network level in the form of gateways. Securing an organization's network is of paramount importance as cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated with time. The adoption of M2M connections is set to grow rapidly in the coming two to three years, witnessing an increase in network security investments.
M2M Platform search for term
An M2M platform is a programmed unit on which M2M applications and services are built. Due to the growing adoption of the IoT and M2M services, the demand for innovative M2M platforms, to enable several new M2M services such as connected cars and smart homes, is increasing. Many small players are entering into the global M2M platform market, as entry barriers are low. The devices are connected to each other via M2M modules, smart sensors, and software. The number of M2M connections across various industry verticals such as automotive, healthcare, and retail been increasing as this platform helps enterprises improve their operational efficiency and revenue generation.
M2M Services Market in Retail Industry search for term
M2M communication plays a vital role in numerous business activities such as warehouse management, logistics, fleet management, supply chain management, parking control, security and surveillance, and inventory tracking. Wireless service providers have service revenue opportunity in the M2M space to provide connectivity to endpoints. In addition, mobile operators can generate more revenue by offering marketing and distribution services and support. Retail M2M includes specialized connected solutions or devices that are used for service vending, reporting, transaction processing, authentication, and authorization. The devices that are deployed in the M2M retail space are POS terminals, vending machines, kiosks, ATMs, connected coffee brewers, laundry machines, and other self-service appliances. The use of digital signage is increasing in the retail segment. M2M devices, sensors, and applications are widely used in the retail industry. Many established retail players and financial institutions are adopting M2M services and big data analytics to improve their overall business efficiency and gain better insights on consumer preferences.
Machine Tools search for term
Machine tools are used to cut and shape metals and nonmetallic materials based on the specifications of a product. They enable manufacturing of critical components with utmost ease and accuracy. These tools include metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, and machine tools accessories. Companies extensively use them across sectors such as automotive, general machinery, precision engineering, transport, aerospace, and dies and molds.
Magnetic Stirrer search for term
A magnetic stirrer is a device that uses a rotating magnetic field to cause a stirrer bar immersed in a solution to spin and stir the solution. Magnetic stirrers are primarily used in chemistry laboratories and clinics. Overhead stirrers are used in the place of magnetic stirrers for high volumes and more viscous samples.
Malic Acid search for term
Malic acid is used in skin care products as it helps in cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. It is also used for the treatment of fibromyalgia and heart diseases. Use of malic acid in packaged food and bakery items enhances the shelf life of products. Also, approval from regulatory bodies such as Food and Drug Administration, European Food Safety Authority, and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India will further spur the use of malic acid in the US, Europe, and APAC.
Malt Ingredients search for term
Malt ingredients impart flavor and color to end products. These ingredients are also used to help modify or stabilize the texture of food and beverages. These ingredients are used in a wide range of beverages, especially in the production of alcoholic beverages. They are chiefly used for brewing alcoholic beverages such as whiskey and beer, and for manufacturing malt vinegar, malt shakes and flavored drinks such as Bournvita, Milo, Horlicks, Boost, and Ovaltine.
Mammography Equipment search for term
Mammography equipment for the early detection of breast cancer. Mammography can be used for either screening or diagnosis. Diagnostic mammogram is used to determine the evolution of abnormalities in either men or women. Doctors recommend that women undergo mammograms at regular intervals for the early detection of breast cancer.
Man Portable Military Electronics search for term
Man-portable military electronic systems include the mobile communication products and micro air vehicles (MAVs) that are used for the transmission and reception of video, voice, and data signals to provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), which are essential in military operations. Man-portable electronics have become effective means for defense authorities to enhance the safety and capabilities of their units. Defense authorities invest heavily in C3ISR systems to improve national security and extract data from potential threats. The defense industry is shifting to a new generation of sophisticated electronic systems that enable faster, secure, cost-effective, and flexible communications.
Manganese Mining search for term
Manganese is widely used in steel production for desulfuration and deoxidization. It enhances tensile strength, wear resistance, weldability, and hardness of steel. In 2015, out of the total manganese alloys produced, 90.06% was used in the production of steel. It is also used with aluminum, copper, and other elements to make different alloys. Manganese is found as braunite, pyrolusite, psilomelane, and rhodochrosite. Pyrolusite is the most important manganese ore. Manganese is used in metallurgical applications to enrich physical and mechanical properties of alloys. The manganese mining industry can be divided into three levels: ore mining, alloy production, and steel production. Manganese mining ore industry can be further based on the ore grades.
Manufacturing Execution Systems search for term
Manufacturing execution systems (MES) had become popular in the mid 1990s, mainly in the semiconductor industry. These systems proliferated in other industrial applications that required improved shop floor control and visibility through real-time data collection and data analysis. MES help to manage and monitor work in a plant and on the field. These systems track all production processes through real-time data intelligence, improving efficiency and productivity, and ensuring quality products in a cost-effective and timely manner. They track minute-by-minute record of production, maintenance, distribution, quality, and labor operations irrespective of the physical location of the manufacturing units.
Marine Lubricants search for term
The global marine lubricants market is critical to the overall marine shipping industry as the operations of the massive marine vessels is impossible without these lubes. It is also important for the petroleum refining market as the production of base oil is one of the key operations that helps maintain the overall profitability. The desired properties of any marine lubricant are highly specific, considering the harsh environment the equipment are subject to in the seas. Considering the energy efficiency aspect of transportation of goods, the marine transport is one of the most efficient means. For the marine lubricants industry, the demand dynamics are directly related to the prevalent trend in the shipping, as it is the single-largest consumer of marine lubricants. Synthetic marine lubricants are the lubes chemically engineered as per the requirements of the consumer.
Marine Propulsion Engine search for term
The global marine propulsion engine market is dependent on the performance of the global shipbuilding industry, as marine propulsion engines are essential for water-borne vehicles such as boats, cruise ships, merchant and passenger ships, tankers, floating, production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) units, and bulk carriers to move on water. Therefore, a greater need to build new ships would lead to a higher demand for marine propulsion engines. The first kind of mechanical marine propulsion engines was the steam engines that came into inception during the 19th century. With time, steam engines have been increasingly replaced by two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines and gas turbine engines from the 20th century onward. The use of LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a fuel in the marine propulsion engine is gaining popularity because of the low-emission advantages it offers over diesel. High mechanical reliability and easy operability have made diesel engines the most extensively adopted propulsion method in the marine industry.
Maritime Security search for term
Maritime security agencies protect nations from threats such as smuggling of illicit cargo, drug trafficking, piracy, human trafficking, and terrorism. These agencies also provide port facility and vessel security.Greater international sea trade is raising serious concerns for maritime security agencies due to the growth of illegal activities. The growing defense budget in various nations has led to an increase in R&D investments and more contracts for maritime security systems.
Maritime VSAT search for term
VSATs are communication terminals that transmit and receive text, audio, and video data using satellite broadband Internet services. These terminals operate using geostationary satellites on Ku, Ka, and C bands. VSAT networks have a main station and other sites located at remote places. These networks provide wireless broadband connectivity to remote and underserved areas that are not covered by wireline networks. A typical VSAT provides data speeds of up to 6 Mb/sec. The adoption of maritime VSAT equipment among marine vehicles is rising rapidly. Commercial vessels and ships need to stay connected with land-based operations. They also need high-speed broadband connections for vessel management, running businesses on board, and providing Internet and VoIP connectivity to the crew. Maritime VSAT has become one of the most dependable modes of maritime communications in recent years. Many vessels are now adopting maritime VSAT for varied communication purposes while previously it was used by niche sectors such as energy, oil and gas, maritime survey, and cruise.
Marketing Automation Software search for term
Marketing automation is a part of digital marketing software, which focuses on streamlining, scheduling, segmentation, and tracking of marketing campaigns. It helps to reduce repetitive tasks associated with the process. It also provides better user experience and help customers make better purchase decisions. Marketing automation software has features such as email marketing, campaign creation and management, data collection and storage, data analysis, and reporting. Marketing automation connects various marketing channels such as social media, email, and content marketing to collect data and analyze them.
Mass Spectrometry search for term
Mass spectrometry is a technique commonly employed in chemistry to ascertain the amount and type of chemicals present in a test sample. This is done by measuring the mass-to-charge ratio and the abundance of gas phase ions in the sample. The estimation of the mass-to-charge proportion is made on the premise of a mass range, which is a plotted form of the particle signals. Mass spectrometry is a method, which is rapidly gaining popularity with several applications spread across industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage testing, forensics, and environmental analysis. Mass spectrometry is used in food and beverage testing to identify traces of various harmful additives in these products; whereas, in the field of environmental testing, mass spectrometry is used for water quality monitoring.
Material Handling Equipment search for term
Material handling equipment refers to a diverse range of products that aid the transportation and storage of materials. The equipment enhances the efficiency of the workflow in manufacturing, streamlines the supply chain distribution channels, and efficiently manages the warehouse for optimum utilization. Material handling equipment provides an efficient, accurate, and a cost-effective method for the easy and swift movement of goods across an organization. The equipment runs on hydraulic, mechanical, or automated systems.
Material Handling Robotics search for term
A robot is a machine designed to perform one or more complex tasks with high speed, precision, and accuracy. Robots are broadly classified into two types: industrial robots and service robots. Industrial robots are again segregated into many types based on their area of application such as material handling, welding, assembling, painting, and for other purposes. The material handling applications include application of robots for a variety of purposes like packaging, pick and place, and palletizing/depalletizing. The main use of material handling robots is the convenience they offer apart from the significance cost reductions. The types of material handling robot used are:
Material Testing Equipment search for term
Material testing covers a wide range of application and materials that include metals, concrete, composites, and ceramics. Material testing is primarily used to determine the physical properties of materials such as tensile strength, torsion, and elasticity. This process can be carried out through four types of equipment: hardness testing machines (HTMs), impact testing machines (ITMs), servo hydraulic testing machines (SHTMs), and universal testing machines. Each equipment serves a different purpose and involves testing materials for specific physical properties. End-users of material testing equipment include construction, automobile, and aerospace industries, and heavy industry equipment such as mining excavators.
Maternity Intimate Wear search for term
In recent years the maternity intimate wear has seen a number of innovations in comfort and style. Choice of clothing, especially intimate wear, during pregnancy witnessed a drastic change in the 1960s after the launch of the first nursing bra in 1943. The demand for nursing bras rose after World War II, especially from the baby boomer segment.
Maternity Personal Care search for term
Personal care products for the maternity market are a sub-segment of the overall personal care market based on product use by a specific target audience. It includes six product categories: skin care, hair care, oral hygiene, bath, sun care, and depilatory products. Oral care products typically targeted at the maternity market address key issues that are common during the pregnancy period.
Maternity Personal Care Products search for term
The personal care products for maternity market is a sub-segment of the overall personal care market based on product use by a specific target audience. This sub-segment includes six product categories: skin care, hair care, oral hygiene, bath, sun care, and depilatory products. In the maternity market, this is important as women who find a product safe for use during their pregnancy are likely to continue their use even after the birth of their babies. These customers are also more likely to prefer products of the same brand for their children. With growing awareness of the ill-effects of the chemicals used in many personal care products, pregnant women are increasingly preferring natural and organic products.
Mattress search for term
The global mattress market is experiencing significant changes in business dynamics. In recent years, the market has seen an increase in sales volume and profitability, owing to the rising product differentiation and introduction of new technologies in mattress production. The use of new technology in manufacturing mattresses and bringing about product innovations has altered the market dynamics. It has transformed from a slow pace, low-growth market to a relatively fast-growing market. The market holds a range of products for consumers across all income groups and demographics.
Mayonnaise search for term
Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy sauce made from egg yolk, oil, vinegar, and lemon juice. It is used as a spread in sandwiches and as a salad dressing. Mayonnaise was a niche product limited to people with an interest in a variety of flavors and cuisines. Along with ketchup and mustard, mayonnaise has become one of the most widely used dressing types. Today it is used worldwide across households and restaurants. Mayonnaise is a staple in dishes like potato salad, coleslaw, and egg sandwiches. It is also used as a binder in cold salads like chicken or seafood salads. It is also used as a dip for chips and French fries.
MDI search for term
MDIs (methylene diphenyl diisocyanates) are fundamentally utilized as crude materials for PUs, which are the most adaptable polymers that exist in myriad structures going from rigid foams to dense solid compositions and from flexible foams to elastomers. PUs occur in two structures: PU foams and PU non-foams. Rigid PU foams are mostly utilized as insulators in construction, industrial, packaging, and other consumer applications, and flexible PU foams are utilized as padding materials in transportation, furniture, bedding, floor covering underlay, and packaging applications. Thermosetting elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers are fundamental PU elastomers.
MDM search for term
MDM is software that manages, secures, supports and monitors mobile devices, deployed across service providers, mobile operators, and across multiple mobile OS being used in enterprises. It allows distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for devices such as tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, and other mobile computing devices. An MDM solution is software to deal with security issues as well as to monitor and manage personal devices in the workplace. MDM helps in the distribution of applications within the organization.
Meal Replacement search for term
Meal replacement products provide 200-250 calories per serving and are fortified with more than 20 vitamins and minerals; they do not contain fat or sugar. They are mainly intended for weight control and act as a substitute for a solid meal containing all the major nutrients. They are designed to replace one or two meals per day. An increase in the health-conscious population and changing lifestyles have increased the demand for naturally healthy food options. Meal replacement products have high nutritional value and hence are perceived by many as ideal to address their health concerns. A major motivating factor behind the increased sales of meal replacement products is that these aid in significant weight loss if used once or twice a day.
Meat Snacks search for term
Meat snacks is a very small segment of the global savory snacks market. The meat snacks market consists of various products such as jerkies, sticks, sausages, and others. The convenience of meat snacks such as portable packaging and smaller pack size, which enables on the go consumption is also increasing the demand for meat snacks. The other category includes meat snacks such as sausages, steaks, strips, and nuggets. Meat snacks shipped from food service distributors to restaurants and other food retail outlets have increased in leading countries such as the US and Germany. Restaurant chefs are experimenting by making their own flavored jerky and other meat snacks to meet consumer demands. The majority of consumers prefer meat snacks as a source of high protein content, and the low calorie content is an added advantage to meat snacks, most prominently jerky products.
Mechanical Seals search for term
Mechanical seals prevent leakage of fluids by maintaining pressure flow. The plumbing systems of manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, electrical