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What are your main industries of focus? What is your core expertise?

Every industry is important to us, and our extensive team of over 500 analysts means that we are able to give equal focus to all of them. Our expertise lies in emerging technology and markets, so that we can provide you with cutting-edge information and predictions with which to make important business decisions.

How do you select your report topics?

We listen to feedback from the thousands of clients we work with, and draw on our knowledge of industries and trends to determine what topics will create the most value for them. We consider market trends over the course of several years and examine which topics have been continuously relevant to our users. We pay particular attention to emerging markets, new technologies, and the latest innovations and research.

Why doesn’t your report cover this segment/competitor/topic?

While we try to anticipate our clients’ needs, we are unable to cover every possible angle of a market in an off-the-shelf report. However, we are more than happy to customize any report to suit your needs. Examples of content we have added for clients include in-depth competitor analysis, additional market segments, and a detailed assessment of market regulations. If you would like to know what information we can provide about a particular topic, please get in touch.

What content do you typically cover in a report?

We provide insights on a variety of qualitative and quantitative topics. Every Technavio report contains the following:

  •  Market landscape
  •  Market size
  •  Market segmentation (in terms of parameters such as end-users and geography)
  •  Market drivers, challenges, and trends
  •  Vendor landscape

For more detail on what a specific report contains, see the snapshot on the report page or request a sample. Depending on your needs and interests, we can provide information on additional subjects as well.

Is there a newer/older version of this report?

We frequently revisit markets with new data and updated predictions. We also have reports dating back several years. Check the related reports section on the report page, or try searching the site for the report title or keywords. If you need help, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How often do you update a given report? What percentage of your reports receive updates?

On average, reports are updated once every two years. In the case of particularly popular or fast-moving markets, they may be updated every year. About 1/3 of our reports receive updates.

Do you use primary sources for your reports?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of researchers constantly updating our database with primary research. Our sources include interviews and surveys from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers, strategic decision makers, and other industry experts. This allows us to specialize in niche markets that others may overlook.

How do you validate your data?

Information presented in Technavio reports has been verified from multiple sources. We draw from our in-house database of research, as well as primary and secondary information from a wide range of sources. Our experienced analysts conduct interviews and surveys with key industry players and experts, allowing us to gather a variety of perspectives on the market. When our approaches provide widely disparate results, we use sensitivity analysis to understand which assumptions are most critical.

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