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Format: 2016-10-22
Format: 2016-10-22
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Overview of the adult vibrator market

The adult vibrator market is expected to witness impressive growth and will post a staggering CAGR of more than 15% over the forecast period. The sex toy industry in China is proliferating with the presence of over 1000 manufacturers producing a variety of sex toys including vibrators. Approximately 70% of the global sex toys production happens in China owing to the easy availability of raw material and low labor costs. Moreover, with the rising popularity of online shopping, several manufacturers have invested in online websites to tap into the potential of e-commerce. Additionally, several key players in the market are setting up their operational bases in China to leverage the advantage of economies of scale that the country has to offer through its low-cost manufacturing inputs, which, in turn, will boost this market’s growth over the next four years.

One of the latest trends gaining significant traction in the market is the growing popularity of vibrators for therapeutic purposes. Several women experience vaginal dryness and changes in firmness and elasticity of the vaginal muscles, as well as an imbalance in hormonal levels that affect vaginal moisture. This leads to reduced levels of pleasure during intercourse, resulting in sexual dissatisfaction. In such cases, the sex and wellness experts encourage individuals to use sex toys such as genital vibrators for therapeutic purpose as they

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Global outlook of the pregnancy detection kits market

Technavio’s market research analysts predict the global pregnancy detection kits market to grow steadily during the forecast period and post a CAGR of almost 5% by 2020. This industry research report identifies the rise in popularity of midstream format to be one of the major factors having a positive impact on the growth of the pregnancy test kits market in the coming years. Due to constant product innovation, enhancement in accuracy, value-added benefits, and improved marketing, the recent years have witnessed a rising popularity of the midstream format of pregnancy testing.  Unlike other pregnancy tests, the midstream pregnancy test is fast, safe, convenient, and can be used to run pregnancy tests at any time when pregnancy is suspected. These benefits will attract more customers to purchase mid-stream format products even at premium prices, in turn, driving the market’s growth prospects.

The use of social networking websites as an essential part of the online retail revolution will be one of the major trends that will gain traction in this market in the coming years. It has been observed that the Internet users spend more than 25% of their total time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. As a result, retailers have started using these websites to market their products and also in providing customer support. With the number of internet users registering at social networking sites only increasing, there will be a significant increase in the number of vendors using social media to promote their brand and connect with customers.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

This global pregnancy detection kit market is highly concentrated, where four major vendors such as Alere, Church & Dwight,

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Overview of the intravenous (IV) fluid bags market

According to the market research analysts at Technavio, the global intravenous (IV) fluid bags market will witness steady growth and post a moderate CAGR of more than 6% over the forecast period. The increasing number of premature births in the recent years is one of the major factors driving this market’s growth. As per the WHO statistics of November 2015, every year nearly 15 million babies are born before completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy, and about 1 million infants die annually because of complications arising from preterm births. Factors such as increasing maternal age and underlying maternal health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, greater use of infertility treatments leading to increased rates of pregnancy, and changes in obstetric practices such as more C-section births before term, lead to the increased chances of premature births. Feeding intolerance is a common complication seen in preterm births and these infants are unable to control and coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing, and subsequently require life support and critical care. This leads to an increasing need for parenteral nutrition to provide the much-needed nutrition for growth and development of new-borns, propelling the demand for IV fluid bags during the forecast period.

One of the recent trends gaining traction in the market is the rising popularity of IV vitamin C therapy in cancer treatment. It has been observed that by intravenously injecting Vitamin C into a patient, Ascorbate was able to generate a sufficient concentration of hydrogen peroxide and selectively kill cancer tissues through oxidative stress. Evidence

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Overview of the adult store market

According to the market research analysts at Technavio, the global adult store market is anticipated to witness steady growth and will post a moderate CAGR of close to 6% over the forecast period. With the customization of sexual wellness products, the adult store market is expected to have a positive outlook in the coming years. The majority of women do not get the right fit in erotic lingerie, which has started a new trend of customizing lingerie on the basis of size and body type. The customizable factor in the market includes custom-made lingerie from popular brands that gives consumers the liberty to design their own lingerie with the help of the manufacturer. The manufacturers provide the consumer with the choice of fabric, design, size, silhouette, and the additional final touches for a customized fit. For example, an online website for custom-made lingerie for women, Impish Lee, stocks up to 50 fabrics, 25 designs, sizes ranging from 0-20, and bra sizes ranging from 30A-40DDD. It has planned to resell any return orders through a different site, and donate the profits to the Robin Hood Foundation. Such websites help consumers find the desired fit in lingerie, which, in turn, will boost this market’s growth over the coming years.

One of recent trends gaining significant traction in the market is the growing acceptance for sex toys among the users. The increasing penetration of the Internet has led to growing exposure to TV shows and erotic fiction, leading consumers around the world to experiment with sexual practices like blindfolds and personal lubricants and using products like couple’s vibrators to heighten their sexual experience. Moreover,

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Overview of the tightening cream market

According to the market research analysts at Technavio, the global tightening cream market is anticipated to witness steady growth and will post a moderate CAGR of close to 4% over the forecast period. Nowadays, tightening creams and other niche skincare products are easily accessible in stores, as well as, online. With a proliferating e-commerce industry, most product categories have seen a surge in terms of availability and ease of buying. Moreover, leading vendors like Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble have a strong an efficient distribution network, which is likely to boost this market’s growth. Also, the growing popularity of specialty stores will ensure easy availability of skin tightening products from all over the world. The majority of manufacturers are also supplying to new distributors and retailers, and reducing the complexity of operations to attract more wholesale buyers. This will significantly simplify the supply chain, ensuring the easy availability of their products in the market.

One of the latest trends gaining traction in the market is the introduction of several new products in the market. Several big companies like P&G have ventured into the tightening cream market to make the most of a volatile market and create a brand presence using their brand awareness among the consumers. Domestic vendors entering the market have a strong knowledge of the market and can serve the customers’ needs better. The new entrants leverage this knowledge, combined with similar marketing claims as the global players, and succeed in gaining the larger players' market shares. Although these companies are new entrants in the market, their brand and marketing potential

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Overview of the heart rate monitoring device market

Extensive research carried out by the analysts at Technavio has shown that the global heart rate monitoring device market will witness tremendous growth and will post a CAGR of more than 13% over the forecast period. Heart rate monitoring devices enable individuals to obtain real-time data, thereby allowing them to track their heart rate from anywhere anytime. Most of these devices also monitor fitness levels and sleep patterns, which helps in keeping a tab on the regular fitness regime, without having to consult healthcare professionals. The increasing focus on quality care and disease management will lead to an increase in the adoption of portable, self-care, heart rate monitoring devices, especially in developed countries.

Initially, the heart rate monitoring devices were restricted only to providing data specific to the heart rate. But over the past few years, vendors are coming up with products that provide data such as tracking steps, floors climbed, distance covered, calories burned, and active minutes. Several vendors have also introduced products in the market that primarily act as a fitness device but also provide the basic functionalities of a smartwatch. For instance, FitBit launched a device called Surge that comes with calling and texting functionalities, integrating smartwatch features in fitness devices. This trend is likely to gain momentum in the coming years and will drive this market’s growth until the end of 2020.

mCompetitive landscape and key