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Automotive Industry in APAC - IT Market Assessment

Automotive Industry in APAC - IT Market Assessment

Published on: November 14, 2008 | | SKU: ITTNRSP04

23rd October 2008, Pages - 19
According to TechNavio, growing consumer demand coupled with improving purchasing power and increase in exports of small cars are driving automakers and OEM suppliers in the region to expand production facilities to meet these demands. In addition, with a large base of skilled workforce, favorable tax incentives offered by governments, lower costs and technologically advanced R&D facilities, large international OEMs from mature markets of Europe and the US have begun to outsource critical design and engineering services and increase their investments in the region further driving domestic automobile manufacturers to expand production facilities.
Further, changing customer demands coupled with rising costs are driving automakers and OEM suppliers in Asia-Pacific to reduce the time-to-market new products, plan inventory, order management and supply chain management activities.
The report forecasts the IT spending of the automotive industry in APAC over the period 2007-2010. It is meant for IT vendors and intends to help them identify selling opportunities in the automotive industry in APAC. The report identifies key business issues being faced by the automotive industry in APAC.
Further, the identified sales drivers can be used to penetrate these accounts or increase current share of the customer's wallet. Also, the report lists leading IT buyers and provides their brief company profile, along with their IT spending.

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1. IT Spending and Forecast

2. Criticality Score

2.1 Evaluating Criticality Score

3. IT Sales Drivers

3.1 Capacity Expansion

3.2 Collaborations & Partnerships

3.3 Customer Service

3.4 Faster & Better Product Development

3.5 Geographical and Facilities Expansion

3.6 Global, Integrated Supply Chain

3.7 Maintaining Quality Standards

3.8 Product Mix Expansion

3.9 Time-to-Market

3.10 Understanding Customer Needs

4. Key Customers

4.1 Toyota Motor Corporation

4.1.1 Business Overview

4.1.2 Key Figures

4.1.3 Corporate Headquarters

4.1.4 IT Spending

4.2 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

4.2.1 Business Overview

4.2.2 Key Figures

4.2.3 Corporate Headquarters

4.2.4 IT Spending

4.3 Suzuki Motor Corporation

4.3.1 Business Overview

4.3.2 Key Figures

4.3.3 Corporate Headquarters

4.3.4 IT Spending

4.4 Mazda Motor Corporation

4.4.1 Business Overview

4.4.2 Key Figures

4.4.3 Corporate Headquarters

4.4.4 IT Spending

4.5 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

4.5.1 Business Overview

4.5.2 Key Figures

4.5.3 Corporate Headquarters

4.5.4 IT Spending

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List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1.1: Asia-Pacific Automotive IT Spending and Forecast 2007-2010 (In $ million)

Exhibit 2.1: Calculations for Estimating Criticality Scores

Exhibit 2.2: Criticality Scores for Various Software Applications

Exhibit 2.3: Criticality Scores for Various Hardware Products

Exhibit 2.4: Criticality Scores for Various IT Services



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