Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market 2017-2021

February 27, 2017

Despite rising concerns over data security, accessibility, and data privacy, the increasing need for remote patient monitoring and the need for better storage at a reduced cost will boost the need for cloud computing services from medical institutions. The upcoming industry research report from Technavio on healthcare cloud computing for the forecast period of 2017 to 2021 will help clients develop effective growth strategies. Market research experts from Technavio analyze factors that will play a considerable role in the overall growth of the cloud computing sector and provide detailed insights into the market landscape of various products and services. Analysts also identify major factors that will drive and challenge the growth of vendors in both the global and regional markets. Additionally, Technavio’s reports also provide detailed information on all the major vendors including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Oracle, Canovate, Emerson Network Power, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Instant Data Centers, Rittal, and Schneider Electric, who have established a significant presence in the global ICT industry.

To meet the client’s specific requirements, this upcoming market   research report on healthcare cloud computing also takes into account the growth of similar markets such as healthcare IT and storage as a service, which are expected to grow at a CAGR of about 7% and almost 30%, respectively by 2020. Analysts predict that despite the need for high initial investment, the increasing adoption of IT in healthcare that will result in the need for procuring storage devices to save huge amounts of data. This in turn, will spur the adoption of cloud computing by healthcare institutions since cloud services aid in significantly reducing organizations’ IT expenditure. To help businesses identify new growth opportunities, Technavio also offers customized reports that provide detailed information on various parameters including the shift in customer preferences and the overall market performance.

The upcoming report for healthcare cloud computing also identifies the major factors driving growth, the emerging trends, as well as the eminent challenges currently experienced by the cloud computing sector. To offer a realistic picture of the future direction of the hardware and ICT industry, the market study also offers insights into the changing supplier landscape and the products and services offered by vendors in the market and their presence across different geographical regions.