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Format: 2017-02-23
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Overview of the lithotripters market

According to the market research analysts at Technavio, the global lithotripters market is anticipated to witness steady growth and will post a CAGR of over 2% during the forecast period. The growing demand for minimally invasive procedures is a primary factor driving this market’s growth. Minimally invasive procedures have several advantages over regular surgeries, such as minimal scarring, better surgical outcomes, reducing associated risks, and minimized procedure time without the need for multiple return visits. Moreover, since these procedures are mainly performed in ASCs, they offer greater comfort and have faster recovery time than conventional surgical procedures. The extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter (ESWL) percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedures commonly use MI techniques for kidney stone access, disintegration, and removal. Furthermore, MI techniques are increasingly used to manage cancer tumors that include tumors in the kidneys, lungs, liver, and musculoskeletal system. These minimally invasive surgical procedures reduce the risk of infection and are less painful compared to traditional open surgeries, which will propel the growth of the lithotripters market over the coming years.

One of the latest trends spurring this market’s growth is the growing adoption of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) devices for the removal of kidney stones that are more than 2-cm in size and present near the pelvic region. The PCNL technique removes certain stones in the kidney or upper ureter through a small puncture in the skin. The technique considerably minimizes incision size, pain, blood loss, blood transfusions and reduces hospitalization time. New stone retrieval and

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Overview of the global urology robotic surgery market

The global urology robotic surgery market is anticipated to grow at a steady rate and will post a CAGR of around 8% during the forecast period. The growing preference for minimally invasive (MI) surgeries over open surgical methods will drive the growth prospects for the global urology robotic surgery market during the forecast period. With the increasing preference for MI surgeries, the adoption of robotic-assisted techniques is also increasing. To enhance the overall surgical outcome by reducing the recovery time, hospital stay, and postoperative pain, most surgeons prefer robotics to perform complicated surgeries in areas such as urology and gynecology. Robot-assisted techniques allow precise movement of instruments and give a better view of the target area compared to other conventional techniques. Also, robotics is used to perform prostatectomies for prostate cancer and operations on the colon, bladder, rectum, and kidney for the treatment of chronic diseases. This recent rise in the number of surgical procedures is expected to drive the global urology robotic surgery market during the estimated period.

In 2015, the Americas accounted for the maximum market share and will continue to dominate the market until the end of 2020. It has been noted that the growing incidence of urology disorders is fueling the growth prospects for the market in the region. Another factor contributing to the market’s growth in the Americas is the emergence of nano-robotics. Moreover, to gain market shares, most vendors in the market are focusing on R&D activities that will lead to the development of advanced robotic systems. The availability of such advanced robotic systems

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Overview of the urinary catheters market

Extensive research carried out by the analysts at Technavio has shown that the global urinary catheters market will grow steadily at a moderate CAGR of more than 5% over the forecast period. The recent advancements and improvement in healthcare services have helped improve patient outcome and reduce expenditure by allowing people with chronic diseases to receive home-based medical care. Moreover, an increasing geriatric population will also lead to an augmented demand for home healthcare devices. It has been observed that a growing number of people prefer home care-based treatment over hospital care, and this number is likely to increase over time. This paradigm shift has helped people take an active role in managing their diseases by opting for devices that allow better treatment of diseases in the comfort of their homes. These devices are easily available online and are comfortable and easy to use, which will further contribute to this market’s growth until the end of 2020.

In this industry research report, the analysts have deduced factors such as the increasing preference for male external catheters among active athletes will spur the growth prospects of this market in the coming years. Active athletes with urinary incontinence opt for male external catheters over other types of urinary catheters. These catheters are non-invasive and reduce the risks of infections such as CAUTIs. For many men, external catheters are a great alternative to more invasive catheters, such as indwelling catheters that require insertion through the urethra. In the US, male athletes with urinary incontinence prefer Coloplast's Freedom Cath male external catheter, a one-piece self-adhering latex device with a

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Overview of the global colostomy bags market

 Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global colostomy bags market to grow at a CAGR of close to 6% by 2020. One of the primary drivers for this market is the increasing need for stoma care. The spillage of stool onto the stoma, sweating, dislocation of the colostomy bag, and unhygienic conditions can cause localized infections around the stoma resulting in a hard, reddened, and painful area. To counter the spread of stoma infections, several medical facilities are using colostomy care accessories. For instance, a colostomy belt can be worn with two-piece and convex ostomy bags to help prevent body waste leakage. Similarly, colostomy powders and cleaning wipes are used to maintain skin care and keep the area around the stoma dry.

As per this industry research report, the market is witnessing increased usage of a closed one-piece system for the management of diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and irritable bowel syndrome. In closed one-piece ostomy bags, the bag and the flange together form an inseparable unit and are fixed around the stoma. They are easy to dispose of as the whole unit can be removed. This minimizes the duration and effort required for routine ostomy care. For instance, ConvaTec’s ActiveLife One-piece closed-end pouch is lightweight, flexible, and easy to manage with the presence of a pre-cut stoma opening and a charcoal filter.

Segmentation by product and analysis of the colostomy bags market

  • Colostomy drainage bags
  • Colostomy care accessories

During 2015, the colostomy drainage bags segment dominated the market and accounted for more than 86% of the total market share. Rising number of chronic diseases across the globe, especially among people aged 60 and above have increased the usage of colostomy drainage bags. One-piece bag system is more popular in usage

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Market outlook of the global intrauterine devices market

Intrauterine devices or IUDs are examples of contraceptive medical implants that are used to prevent pregnancy for a long period of time. This market is estimated to show modest growth during the forecast period and is influenced by the diverse regional trends that characterize the market when it comes to the use of, preference for, and availability of different contraceptive devices. The growing popularity of IUDs and sterilization techniques among the patients is a critical factor that promotes growth in this segment and results in its modest market value of more than USD 4 billion by 2019.

Geographically, the EMEA region is estimated to be the largest market for IUDs during the forecast period. This region currently dominates the global market for IUDs and is estimated to retain its dominating hold over the market during the forecast period due to growing support from the government and the augmented formation of strategic alliances between global and local companies.

Segmentation by product type and analysis of the IUD market

  • Hormonal intrauterine device
  • Copper intrauterine device

Technavio’s market research analyst has estimated the hormonal intrauterine devices segment to dominate over the copper intrauterine devices segment during the forecast period. Since hormonal IUDs have fewer complications and risks compared to non-hormonal IUDs, its overall market share during the forecast period is envisaged to reach close to 75% by 2019.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

This market is extremely competitive and is vulnerable to various technical and research challenges, which facilitates inorganic growth within the market. Local and regional vendors in

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About ablation catheters
Arrhythmia is a condition resulting in an abnormal heartbeat, which occurs due to changes in electrical impulses. The electrical impulses can either be too fast or too slow, resulting in sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrhythmia is one of the leading causes of premature death and is characterized by the abrupt loss of heart function. Cardiac dysfunction results in the inhibition of blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.  

In Europe, approximately 11 million people are affected by cardiac arrhythmia, of which 6 million people are affected by atrial fibrillation. An ablation catheter aims to stop the irregular heart beat by removing the abnormal tissue responsible for causing the arrhythmia. It is a minimally invasive procedure usually performed under local anesthesia. The procedure involved one or more flexible catheters threaded through blood vessels into the heart. These catheters record the heart’s electrical activity and identify the tissue responsible for the arrhythmia.

Technavio's analysts forecast the ablation catheters market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 10.14% over the period 2014-2019.

Covered in this report
The report includes the present scenario and the growth prospects of the ablation catheters market in Europe for the period 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, Technavio uses revenue generated from the sales of ablation catheters.

Technavio's report, Ablation Catheters Market in Europe 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the landscape of the ablation catheters market in Europe and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key vendors
• Biosense Webster
• Boston Scientific 
• Medtronic