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Format: 2017-01-19
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Overview of the global sparkling water market

Sparkling water has gained popularity in several developed countries such as the US and Canada, especially among the health-conscious people who are opting for it as an alternative to carbonated beverages. Moreover, the growing incidences of obesity among children and associated health issues owing to the increased consumption of soft drinks and fast foods have also contributed to the growth of the sparkling water market. Also, the rising contamination levels in drinking water have propelled consumers to switch to bottled water, which is clean, purified, bacteria-free, and safe. Besides being a healthier substitute to soft drinks, sparkling water also provides benefits such as better digestion and immunity, energy improvement, and weight reduction. The growing preference for bottled water has prompted several vendors across the globe to come up with attractive branding and promotional activities to provide their bottled sparkling water brands with an individualistic identity. Such integrated marketing approach and growing sponsorships will be a key driving force for the sales of the sparkling water in the coming years. Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global sparkling water market to grow at a CAGR of more than 3% between 2016 and 2020.

The Americas is the largest market for sparkling water and occupied the highest share in the global market during 2015. The recent shift toward health awareness in the region has reduced the intake of carbonated soft drinks among consumers and has increased the consumption of sparkling water and bottled water, especially among the younger population. People are opting for both flavored and unflavored sparkling water to curb the growing incidence of obesity. Also, several bottled water manufacturers

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Overview of the global packaged soups market

The global packaged soups market is anticipated to grow at a steady rate and will post a CAGR of more than 4% during the forecast period. Increasing investments made by major players in start-ups will drive the growth prospects for the global packaged soups market until the end of 2020. It has been observed that a multitude of major players are investing in start-ups to introduce innovative and new products in the market. For instance, General Mills invested about USD 1 million in Tio Gazpacho, which manufactures chilled, ready-to-drink vegetable soups. Similarly, Campbell Soup Company formed its venture capital project to fund food start-ups and invested about USD 125 million in the venture capital fund. Similarly, a consumer products incubator and venture fund called Sonoma Brands launched its first chilled ready-to-drink soup product under the brand ZUPA NOMA, which is used as a liquid meal replacement. Such funding and investments by the manufacturers are expected to increase in the coming years.

In terms of geography, the Americas accounted for the maximum market share during 2015 and will continue to dominate the market for the next few years. In this region, the market for packaged soup products is growing rapidly as most consumers prefer products that can be consumed directly without any preparation. Other factors that are responsible for this market’s growth are the rising disposable income of the populace and increasing urbanization.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

The market is highly fragmented and dynamic due to the presence of a huge number of regional and international players. Since the market is highly competitive, vendors are competing against each other on the basis of new product launches, innovative packaging, and increased marketing activities to maintain their market shares. The growing prominence

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Overview of the global apple cider vinegar market

Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global apple cider vinegar market to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% between 2016 and 2020.  Apple cider vinegar is extensively used for its various health benefits. Besides its use in preparing salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, food preservatives, and chutneys, vinegar is also consumed as dietary supplements owing to its medicinal value. Apple cider vinegar drink comprises several essential nutrients that are critical for energy production, digestion, and food metabolism. It is also helpful for heart and health and reduces cholesterol levels. It contains polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid, which prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and helps in avoiding cardiovascular diseases. Besides health benefits, apple cider vinegar has extensive applications for household purposes, especially as a non-toxic household cleaner. Also, people are using it as a natural preservative as it inhibits bacterial growth in food products and averts spoilage. With the growing usage of apple cider vinegar, several manufacturers are also focusing on widening their product lines, which will play a significant role in boosting the growth prospects for the market over the next four years.

The market is witnessing growing consumer interest in using apple cider vinegar to boost pets’ health. Several pet owners are adding apple cider vinegar to their dog's diet to improve digestion, combat yeast infections, clear tear stains, recover joint health, and to provide relief from common allergies such as itchy feet or ears. The apple cider vinegar-based shampoo helps in enhancing the fur quality, skin, and odor of dogs. Also, it helps in alleviating muscle sprains, soreness, and fatigue in dogs. Apple cider vinegar is

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Outlook of the flavored milk market

Extensive research carried out by the analysts at Technavio has shown that the global flavored milk market is expected to witness steady growth and will post a CAGR of more than 4% over the forecast period. The inclusion of flavored milk as part of school meal plans in several countries such as the US and India will drive the growth of this market over the coming years. The increasing consumption of flavored milk by children has led to a significant decrease in the consumption of soft drinks and other beverages, which lack nutritional benefits. Moreover, several professional health organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry support the consumption of flavored milk by children as milk is a rich source of essential nutrients including calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

An emerging trend gaining significant traction in this market is the launch of products with new flavors. The majority of vendors are expanding their flavor portfolio to keep the customers interested in the market. For instance, in March 2016, Prairie Dairy Farms launched two new flavors for its Peeps flavored milk. The two new flavors offered by the vendor are strawberry créme and orange créme. The introduction of new flavors is likely to result in the increasing consumption of flavored milk during the predicted period.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

The global flavored milk market is highly dynamic due to the presence of numerous well-established global and regional vendors. Several vendors are coming up with new innovative products and are also investing heavily in research and development to remain competitive in the market. To cater to the changing consumer preferences, the players are launching products with new flavors. Also, new and innovative packaging are

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Overview of the global almond milk market

Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global almond milk market to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% between 2016 and 2020. The new-age consumers, especially millennials, are demanding high-quality, healthy, premium-brand dairy products, which has propelled the almond milk manufacturers to come up with several new premium products to meet the customer demands. Some manufacturers are re-inventing their products by offering premium almond milk with a unique creamy taste that is produced using artisanal practices. Several retailers are coming up with super-premium almond milk for consumers seeking premium and health beverage products. Moreover, the health benefits associated with dairy-alternative milk continues to be the key selling proposition with about 90% of the dairy-alternative drinks being launched globally in 2015.

Consumers are shifting towards organic variants of almond milk owing to the growing health consciousness. The organic almond milk is prepared without any thickeners or additives for the creamy texture. Organic almond milk is expensive compared to other non-dairy alternatives as the organic almonds used for making such milk, are comparatively high-priced. Moreover, over 10% organic activated almonds are used in the preparation of almond milk. For instance, Nutriops, a premium organic almond milk manufacturer has come up with several organic milk products like EcoMil Almond milk sugar-free Bio 1 L, EcoMil Almond milk sugar-free calcium Bio 1 L, EcoMil Almond milk sugar-free protein Bio 1 L.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

Characterized by high competition, vendors in the global almond milk market compete in terms of price, quality,

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Overview of the probiotics drinks market

According to the market research analysts at Technavio, the global probiotics drinks market is expected to witness fast-paced growth and will post an impressive CAGR of more than 7% over the forecast period. The various health benefits associated with the consumption of probiotics drinks is a major factor driving this market’s growth. Regular consumption of probiotic drinks prevents the growth of harmful bacteria inside the digestive tract, which leads to better nutrient absorption and bowel movements. Also, probiotic supplements increase lactobacilli count in women and prevent diseases like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and urinary tract infection. Moreover, these drinks improve interstitial microbial balance by lowering the pH levels, leading to their augmented adoption over the coming years.

One of the recent trends spurring the growth of this market is the availability of ready-made pack of functional drinks for on-the-go consumption. These products are easily accessible and faster to pick and drink. This convenience factor plays a significant role in encouraging favorable consumer purchase decisions. The growing customer base for these products has necessitated the increase in the availability of these products in a variety of retail stores such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and pop-up stores, making it convenient for consumers to purchase them. Additionally, customer-friendly web interfaces of probiotic drink brands like Yakult, Dannon Active, and GoodBelly on online platforms