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Format: 2016-12-09
Format: 2016-12-09
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Global outlook of the DM market in automotive industry

Technavio’s market research analysts predict the global DM market in automotive industry to grow steadily during the forecast period and post a CAGR of more than 8% by 2020. This industry research report identifies the benefits associated with the adoption of DM to be one of the major factors that will have a positive impact on the growth of this market in the coming years. The adoption of DM will help automotive manufacturers smoothen the flow of product and plant information during different processes. Additionally, digital manufacturing also helps in the validation of robotics and automation programs and speed up the factory manufacturing process. Furthermore, the adoption of DM provides real-time access to product lifecycle data which eases the production process and also helps companies achieve high return of investment and develop products of superior quality.

The automotive industry is currently focusing on the production of intelligent vehicles that include completely digitized vehicles equipped with infotainment systems and major automotive manufacturers such as Tesla have started increasing their R&D investments towards the development of intelligent electric vehicles. This will increase complexities associated with the manufacturing processes and will demand the need for additional facilities such as testing simulations in driverless mode. As a result, vendors will start focusing on the development of digital manufacturing software with advanced

Outlook of the global computer-aided design (CAD) market in the electrical and electronics industry

According to Technavio’s market research analyst, the global computer-aided design (CAD) market for the electrical and electronics market will experience moderate growth and post a CAGR of over 8% by 2020. The growing demand for CAD from the semiconductor industry is a key factor responsible for the strong growth of this market during the forecast period. The semiconductor industry is one of the major contributors to the overall revenue of the CAD market. Factors such as the continuous decrease in the size of semiconductors and an increased scale of integration have compelled semiconductor manufacturing companies to use the available CAD technologies. Since these technologies help decrease the complexity and difficulties involved in the design of semiconductor chips, its demand among the end-users will increase substantially over the next few years.

The recent shift from the perpetual license model to the subscription model is a key trend that is also envisaged to aid in this market’s growth over the forecast period. It has been estimated that by the end of 2016, the global CAD market in the electrical and electronics industry will phase out the perpetual CAD licenses and shift toward periodic CAD subscription or licenses. The high ROI on subscription will encourage CAD vendors to reduce the sale of perpetual CAD licenses gradually. Another major reason for this shift is the benefits of the subscription model over the perpetual license model. The subscription model is simple and provides a better user experience for the customers.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

This market is highly competitive and is expected to witness the entry of numerous key vendors until

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Overview of the global GIS market in the transportation industry

Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global GIS market in the transportation industry to grow at a CAGR of around 12% between 2016 and 2020.  The ability of GIS systems to gather, organize, display, and analyze information has made it a necessary tool for the transportation industry. The primary use of GIS in the transportation industry is for traffic management through real-time traffic data based on location and in the construction of new road networks based on traffic requirements. It is aided by techniques such as transport telematics and intelligent transportation systems for solving traffic issues. GIS helps traffic monitoring agencies to map factors like width and structure of the road and ongoing construction works and subsequently manage the traffic. With the growing need for road and rail construction in the transportation sector, the market for GIS will witness massive growth during the forecast period.

Vendors in the GIS market are offering customized GIS applications as per the industry requirements. They are also developing application-specific GIS solutions, which are in high demand among retailers as they are more cost-effective than the general purpose GIS solutions. For instance, TransCAD, a GIS software developed by Caliper Corporation, is designed to manage, analyze, and display displaying transportation data. The software also integrates GIS with transportation modeling to form a single platform. Also, many vendors are offering 3D GIS software in the market to improve the operational

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Overview of the mass notification systems (MNS) market

Extensive carried out by the analysts at Technavio has shown that the global mass notification systems market will witness staggering growth and will post an impressive CAGR of more than 15% during the forecast period. With the majority of organizations increasingly focusing on business continuity strategies, the market for mass notification systems is anticipated to have a positive outlook in the coming years. A fire or natural disasters like tornados or earthquakes can cause serious damage to organizations, apartments, and offices resulting in a prolonged power outage, and in worst scenarios a complete shutdown of an organization. With the help of a mass notification system, employees and organizations can be informed about these calamities via text, messages, voice message, or e-mails. As the primary objective of a business continuity strategy is to minimize financial losses, there will be an augmented adoption of MNS in the coming years.

In terms of geographical regions, North America accounted for the majority of market shares and will continue to lead the market over the coming years. The growth of this market in North America is attributed to the growing demand for message prioritization and fast delivery in emergency situations. The US is the largest market for MNS in North America due to the presence of a large number of vendors. Moreover, the growing need for public safety and increasing awareness about emergency communication solutions will lead to an augmented demand for MNS systems in the US. 

Competitive landscape and

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Overview of the personal protective equipment (PPE) market in the UK

The PPE market in the UK is anticipated to grow at a steady rate and will post a CAGR of more than 3% during the forecast period. The extensive adoption of PPE across various industries will drive the growth prospects for the PPE market in the UK during the forecast period. In the UK, the authority carries out inspections and encourages compliance with health and safety legislation to create awareness about imminent hazards and reduce work-related death and injuries. For instance, HSE had introduced Construction Management Regulations 2015 in April 2015 and its purpose is to notify the people working in the construction industry about health, safety and protection, and enforcing health and safety measures at workplaces such as factories, offshore installations, central and local government premises, gas, electricity, and water systems, mines, schools and colleges, and building sites. Another factor that drives this market’s growth is the increasing awareness among end-users, which promotes the adoption of PPE across various industries.

The increasing adoption of PPE dispensers will propel the growth prospects for the PPE market in the UK until the end of 2020. The PPE market in the UK is witnessing an increasing adoption of industrial vending machines, which offer a wide range of products such as helmets and boots. Many vendors are focusing on the deployment of such vending machines on-site that is beneficial for both employers and workers.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

The market is highly competitive because a vast number of vendors are competing with each other to capture larger market shares. Also, the vendors are focusing on strategic M&As to establish a strong presence in the market. Moreover, vendors in the market are focusing on meeting quality and safety standards set by national

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Overview of the global CAD market in the aerospace and defense industry

The global CAD market in the aerospace and defense industry is envisaged to grow at a steady rate and will post a CAGR of more than 6% during the forecast period. The growing need to produce quality products at a faster rate will drive the growth prospects for the global CAD market in the aerospace and defense industry during the forecast period. Since CAD software helps in the elimination of multiple prototype development, organizations are increasingly adopting CAD software to design products. This software helps to improve the time-to-market by reducing the product development cycle and testing time. The software also improves the speed of the product design cycle and produces reliable and cost-effective products by reducing the analysis time. Moreover, by reducing the product development cost, the operational efficiency can be enhanced using the CAD software. Furthermore, by using CAD software, organizations can develop quality prototypes that are tested under different environments.

The shift from 3-D to 4-D CAD will propel the growth prospects for the market. 4-D CAD models are increasingly gaining importance among many end users such as the aerospace and defense industry. Since vendors are incorporating additional features and functionalities in their solutions to improve the customer experience, they are developing more 4-D CAD solutions. 4-D CAD solutions enhance the operational performance and project execution strategies, which improves the constructability and sequencing of construction schedules using the granular level information.

Competitive landscape and key vendors

The market is highly competitive due to the presence of the established vendors and new entrants and are compelled to distinguish their product and service offerings through a clear and unique value